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    Oh BW, I can't believe that about your MIL! Does she not live close by? Good luck for Monday, I had mine out in hospital when I was 14.

    No, we are just going to Ascot. DH is into horses, he's owned a couple over the years. Wish we were in Melbourne! Pre-Baxter days we'd go over for Spring Racing Carnival, I have a lovely collection of beautiful dresses and matching milliner-made headpieces. Might dig one out for Tuesday.

    Okay, I take back what I said about not much happening here. Baxter was grunting and screaming in his sleep at 4.45am, I thought he was constipated, checked nappy, nothing. Night terror perhaps? He's had one before. So we woke him completely, change nappy and he went back to sleep til almost 8.

    At the breakfast table this morning, my parents are staying the night, my Mum spotted teeth! Yes, we have teeth! 2 little ones on the bottom. I was preparing myself for sleepless nights and days of hell, but he's been far....


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