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Thread: Babies Born December 2005 #20

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    Morinig all

    Happy birthday Danielle I hope you had heaps of fun and that the next day wasnt to hard for you. I know what that is like!!!

    Welll Callum had the biggest stack last night. He was walking with his two fav balls, and dropped one and then fell over and hit his head on the corner of the book self. He screamed and DH ran to pick him up and when he turned him around he had in dint in the side of this forhead. Then light blue bruise came and then lump. He was soooooooooo upset and just cried.
    We put him to bed about 1hr later and he didnt settle. So I said to DH he might have a head ache so we gave him some panadole to settle him and he did for about 10 mins then was up again. So after hitting his head, bottle, trying him put him to bed, up again and some pandole, then bed and up again for another bottle and cuddles he finally went to sleep. 3 times trying. The poor little thing.
    Well I can hear him now waking so I better go but hope you all have a nice day!!!!


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    new thread time girls


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