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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #4

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    Happy 6 month Birthday, Kobi!!!

    I keep meaning to ask, Lisa, how you decided on the name Kobi. It is very unusual but quite beautiful in its simplicity. Great to hear the little one had a good night's sleep.

    I am still thinking, thinking, thinking about whether to study next year/ what to study. I feel that I am crazy to do more study and am also panicky about making sure that I choose the right thing. I think I just need to take the plunge. I keep coming back to Primary School teaching because it is something that can take you anywhere - city, country, volunteering overseas. I think I've identified that my main worries are 1) I'll be a cr*p teacher and 2) I won't have enough energy to cope with all these kids each day. Hmmmm....

    Dianna - the endless housework continues to drive me crazy. I was just groaning and moaning to my mum on the phone today.

    Sal, I think the legs up thing is another stage toward crawling. But I'm sure that Clarrie needs to roll more before crawling, so I think I'm safe for a little while longer.

    cheers, Julie

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    Hi everyone!!

    Well today is Luxxe's Happy Half Birthday!!!

    It's kinda cool how most of our babies fell on either today or yesterday.....I so remember it vividly.... sitting around so very pregnant checking our belly buddies thread for news of who was about to pop....

    I CAN'T BELIEVE IT HAS BEEN 6 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:

    LIsa - you're right about the 6 months mark being a significant marker....

    I just can't beleive my tiny baby girl is now not so tiny and turning into her own person more and more.....

    it's so exciting!!!

    Well- my mum dad and nonna have been visiting for the last week and they left yesterday.

    I told mum that next time they come it will have to be for 2 weeks.... the first week so that I get used to having them in the house and then the 2nd week to actually enjoy them. I think I was sufferering from 'your-in-my-face-itis' :P

    anyway - it was really great to have them here... they seem to bring all this energy and get so much done...I need that kind of energy....I just have baby energy but no house maintenaince energy.

    speaking of houses.... we are thinking of enclosing our deck and making it into a sunroom. A place where we can put a rug down for the babies and they can play or ride their trikes around etc.

    It should be really cool.... I have a guy coming over tonight to give us a quote.... I just hope it doesn't cost squillions.

    and speaking of squillions.... I have had a bit of a spend up this week. Bought a new gro-bag for Luxxe. she's quickly outgrowning the newborn size... I bought it on-line from the Red nose day website. it was the same place pretty much as baby bunting.... but this way I don't have to leave the house and also part of the profit goes to SIDS research.

    I also bought 2 new snug-as-a-bug wraps. also online. I totally LOVE their wraps. they have a little hood and then little feetparts, like pants, but the middle just velcroes around them so their arms are free but their tummy is covered... perfect for the HAB or the car seat coz they stay warm but have their feet seperated so you can put the seatbelt on or get their legs throught he HAB.

    THEn I finally put in my order of books on Amazon. I've been putting together my wishlist of books for about 3 weeks. Got 8 books in total and including postage it came to $138. I totally doubt that 8 books from borders would have been so cheap.... I don't know how they do it.

    Anyway -i got 3 books about HOmeopathy, 3 books about Montessori and 2 books for luxxe. The kids books are in a series and are called - Everyone eats bread, everyone eats rice . it's about how in diffrent cultures there is different ways of cooking rice and bread and it even has recipes!! how cute is that!

    Now for the Luxxe news.

    well- she's almost sitting up all on her own.... she can sit in a half forward lean and kinda rests on her feet.... but in a proper full upright.... only for a short stint before tipping over.

    Her eczema is practically completely gone. Just a bit of redness becuase she's gotten into the habit of rubbing her neck when she's tired or hungry. I've noticed though that now it's cleared up, she will rub either side of her I don't think it's itchy.... just habit.

    OH - I've also signed up for an on-line correspondance type short course on homeopathy. just very basic stuff... but I wanted to just get a taste for it and see if I'd like to do a full on course. PLus I don't have to leave the house or worry about MAtt finding time to watch Luxxe etc... plus it wasn't too expensive.

    The pro-biotics that the naturopath gave me for Luxxe are totally brilliant!! You know how she was constipated and as a result the wind pains were keeping her up at night and in turn keeping me awake... so for everyone's benefit, the probiotics are tops!

    Her daytime sleeps are getting longer and longer. we are now doing 2 somtimes 3 naps rather than 4.

    first sleep is about 1-1.5 hours and the afternoon nap can go from 1 to upto 3 hours. then sometimes she will have an early evening nap at around 6pm...but i'm trying to discourage those as they lead to alter bed times.

    Oh the ants!! well DH and I finally have sucumbed to the poison and got thestuff that theants take back to the nest. it was getting truly ridiculous. They had set up a nest of sorts in the nappy drawer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FCOL another in the cupboard over the fridge.

    i hate the little buggers.

    well..... Luxxe is down for her morning nap, so I'm going to start my on-line course.

    Hugs to everyone!! hope you are all having beautiful day with your baby/babies! it looks like it's going to be a blue sky day here in Melbourne.... finally!


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    Akeesha Guest



    Julie - We came up with the name Kobi becuase it was the name we had chosen rain hail or shine for a boy. Though for a boy it was Kobe. We really wanted to name our son that. When I was pg we liked Imogen and Jada for a girl. But when she was born we knew she wasnt either of those and we thought well if we change the spelling then it could suit a girl. In this society nowadays anything goes. And we wanted something slightly different to fit with Tyra. So we made it a bit more feminine with the i and the end and thats it. So Kobi Jade it was.
    Also re study...I think it's great that you want to do it. I reckon if you have a desire or a passion then you should go for it. I procrastinated long enough. It took me ags to decide exactly what it was that I wanted and I went through alot of different ideas. But this is one I have had for a while and come back to it. It was either this or counselling. And with Midwifery I can combine my passion for childbirth and pregnancy and babies with that counselling in the same job. So I went for that. If you want to do the teaching then look into it. If its what you want to do I beleive you will be able to acheive it and nothing will stand in your way. Good luck with whatever you decide!

    Thanks to everyone for the support re study. I need it cos it will be a hard slog..but well worth it.
    I wont be able to start studying Midwifery next year becuase I think it's better if I do a pre course first. So most likely I will complete my VCE which I didnt do way back when and work as hard as I can and get a good score..and then the following year apply at a few uni's and then get into my course. So I will probably be studying fopr the next 4 years!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But the final outcome and goal is well worth it. I guess until the time of applying to the degree I should get as much experience as I can..and maybe might end up doing some work with babies/kids whether paid work or voluntary and maybe even try to sit in on some labours lol. I dont know about that one..but maybe the preggers ppl around me might help out. lol. I have enquired about enrolling in Victoria University to do my VCE and I am getting sent out all the forms and can start next year. They will help me get into all the subjects and get the higest scores to get into the course. But I was chatting to a Mum at the school today who also studies and she has suggested going to the local community college (which I didnt know existed) and speaking to them. So will call them or visit them today.

    In other news...Kobi was good last night. She went down at 8:30...and woke at 1am for about 5 minutes. Then went back to sleep til 5am. I fed her and put her back..and she was awake again at 6:40. I figured it was too late to CC so I put her in bed with me..gave her a teeny feed and let her sleep with me for a bit. I woke to her laying in my arms blowing rasberries in my ear. God she loves doing that lol.

    Anyone elses bubbas constantly blow bubbles and make loads of noise lol??

    Also another question..for those who breastfeed. When you feed long does he/she stay at the breast for? Would you say a good 20-30 minutes? Or would you say more lke 5, 10 or 15 minutes? Kind of takes what they need and thats it?

    I just wonder cos Kobi doesnt feed all that long at the breast and overnight my boobs arent filling up and getting engorged like they used to..and I am worrying whether my supply is low or just used to what she takes.

    Ok better go. We are having a sooky I dont want to sleep morning. We throw one of those in for good measure now and then lol.

    Have a good day.

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    Akeesha Guest


    sorry I didnt mention you Laura but you posted while I was typing mine out. hehe

    HAPPY HALFWAY LUXXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sounds awesome about the homeopathy. Very interesting and I hope to hear all about it.
    Maybe down the track you should look at studying it at the Australian College of Natural Medicine. And if you have previous study experience then you won't have any problems getting in. The girl that lives accross the road from me is studying it there. Actually maybe I should chat to her about Kobi and her sleeps and see if she has any ideas?? Never even thought about speaking to her til just then lol
    I can ask her about the course if you wanted??

    Ok back to Kobi who I am STILL cc. I know it's simply a case of wanting to get out and have me hold her cos if I go in and kiss her and get really close she tops crying and same if I get her out to cuddle her. I know she is tired and needs her sleep. I have to be strong.

    See ya

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    Happy 6 months Birthday Luxxe!!!!!

    Laura, hope you get those ants under control soon. EEEWWWW! In the nappy drawer! We hate to use poisons but in the end it does come down to us and them and if the other things aren't working, we have just had to bite the bullet.

    The homeopathy online course sounds fantastic. I was thinking about naturopathy just recently as part of my 'what in the world am I going to do study-wise' quest. Even though this would be something I would LOVE to do, the job prospects up here are not as good. There are already a couple of really good ones up this way. I've spent so long doing study that hasn't got me a job that I'm really fixed on doing something practical this time!!!

    Lisa, good luck with all the hunting re. your study! We might all end up studying next year. With one year olds. :eek: Hey, it's all achievable. We should all just go for it. And thanks for your positive vibes re. my study.

    I've got pumpkin boiling away on the stove top. A huge saucepan full. I thought I'd make a pumpkin dip too. So domesticated. I'm not normally like this, I can tell you!!! Cooking before 5pm is usually never heard of! But Clarrie was happy on his futon with the sun coming in the window, playing with Gus the Guppie.

    Laura, a sunroom is excellent! We have a room facing north with lots of glass and it is beautiful in the winter afternoons, especially.

    Okay, better go and do some stuff. I thought I'd log on while Clarrie is asleep instead of doing some cleaning up. Gotta get the priorities right.

    Forgot to say, Laura, that those books sound great. Have you got a Montessori school near you? Up this way, we have nothing. A friend of mine in Adelaide is fixed on Steiner school and there are only 3 in Adelaide. She is looking to move house so she is closer to one. I just couldn't give up living in the country! Love it way too much.


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    julie - why don't you study montessori teaching? there was some info about it i found when looking for info on the schools.

    you could totally be a teacher and open your own shcool!! even if you just did early primary.... like start with 3 year olds....and by the time clarrie is 3 you should have completed most of your studies and would be ready to open your own classroom!!!

    that would be totally cool!!!!!!!!

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    Sal Guest


    Happy halfway Luxxe

    Miles' happy halfway is tomorrow - where does the time go? My mum is staying with me, so when he gets his shots I will have moral support from her YAY.

    Julie, just wanted to mention, in my pg buddies thread there is a woman there who's DP really wants to call their baby Clarry if it's a boy, well she thinks it's a weird name so I told her about you and Clarrie and how it suits him. She's not telling her DP though LOL in case that gives him more bargaining power. She has 2 girls already and really wants a third :eek:

    OK as mum is here I can't natter for too long. Someone asked me about whether I'd be studying next year: NO WAY! Not with a newborn and a 13.5 month old running around. I will get to it, but perhaps a few years down the track.

    Cool that heaps of you are studying/going to study!

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    Oh god, Sal, that was me who asked about whether you would be studying again next year!!! Didn't quite have the brain in gear!!

    Laura, i've been checking out the Montessori sites. What a cool idea! I love a challenge.

    Lisa, forgot to say before that Clarrie is often finished b/feeding in about 10 minutes. He's so quick nowadays. Good luck with the sleep tonight!

    cheers, Julie

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    Sal Guest

    Default one posted today and it's Miles' Happy Halfway

    Just kidding girls, where are you?!!?!

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    Happy half birthday Miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how was your 6 month mark celebrated?

    we got a cake was so delicious ( see the blog for photos)

    anyway... gotta go have to disinfect everything.

    had the mums from mothers group and one of the babies had a really yucky chesty cough and was all snotty...I have such a germ phobia....

    I seriously worry i'm going to end up obsessive compulsive.

    hugs to all the half birthday babies!!!! (esp Miles )


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    Happy 6 months Birthday, Miles!!!!! Sorry, Sal, I just never know the date anymore... Hope you all had a fun day, and enjoying your mum's visit.

    Laura - that cake looks so yummy. And so does your soup, but not quite as yummy as the cake. Cute photos of Luxxe! You gave me the idea of hand and foot prints - I think maybe I should start suggesting that our mum's group be a little more active rather than sitting around and talking and looking at our babies. I would love to do a few more things like this.

    Hope you all have a good night. I've just been out to my book group - first time I've been since Clarrie. It was good fun and we also watched a movie of a book - Girl with a pearl earring. I'd already seen it and her (Scarlett?) pouty looks get a bit much, but it was still an okay movie.


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    Sal Guest


    Hehehe thanks girls! Well I didn't celebrate it. Miles was out of sorts, what with having his injections yesterday, his routine was thrown out as I had to wake him from his morning's nap to take him to the clinic.

    I'm officially knackered. Miles' sleep is ...OK...not great, but I think pg is starting to impact me. Just want to lie in bed all day. *sigh* to think that I could actually do that when pg with #1... Not that I'm complaining!

    OK off to check out your blog, Laura...

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    Sorry guys haven't been myself lately so I've just been keeping a low profile.

    Long story short I just feel YUK - but then again I suppose alot of us do -(Laura just read some of your blog and I feel like we are living very similar lives at the moment especially the emotional/lack of family support part we'll be OK - but you don't need me to tell you that part you already know it)

    Well anyway just wanted to say hi and to see how you are all doing....especially you Sal (fingers crossed for no morning sickness)

    I'll BBL when I've got something more exciting to talk about

    ciao girls

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    PS - get the MOHAWK LAURA!!

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    Akeesha Guest


    Hey Ladies,

    HAPPY HALFWAY MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Di - I hope that everything is ok. I have been up and down since having Kobi feelings wise and hit a very rough spot a while ago. It was rough and I had family support. So i can only imagine how it feels to not have that support network. You have us here and we will always be here to listen and you can vent here whenever you need. Hope you feel better soon. :hugs:

    Laura - In answer to your question...we didnt really celebrate Kobi's halfway. We told everyone it was her 6 month birthday and I kept saying Happy Birthday but that was it.

    Julie - Cannot remember if I told you but Wednesday night at the course was awesome. We did some meditation and some group bonding. It was a bit confrontational because we had to do a little exercise where we had to hold hands and stare into the other persons eyes (eyes are the window to the soul hence the purpose of the excercise). Everyone was nervous because when you think about it..staring into someones eyes without making jokes/talking or laughing for 45seconds to a minute is not that easy. But I got alot out of it and I felt so wonderful after the class. I am loving it.

    Well we had sleep school last night! We just got back this morning at 8:30. It was good. There was another Mum there but she ended up getting upset and taking her baby home becuase she couldnt do the program. She didnt try for very long but said it felt like someone was ripping her heart out. I just told her not to feel bad and she would know when she would reach that point when she was ready. Then she could always come back.
    Anyhow it worked out fine cos I got the program and the nurse to my self (and the comfy bed hehe)
    Kobi went down after a feed (wide awake ) and fussed for about 10 minutes..though it was a strange environment. But with a little bit of CC she went to sleep on her own.
    They have suggested rollover feeds and together we worked out a rough plan. I put her down awake at night about 8 ish. Then at about 10:30 give her a small rollover feed. Not get her wide awake and dont interact but when I put her back down make sure she is awake enough to know where she is and she resettles herself. Then we talked about how long I am happy to cc for til I want to feed her. I said if she can go til at least 5 I would be happy. So anytime before 5am I cc and anytime after that I feed her. Well after the rollover she slept til 5:15!!! So I fed her and put her back and she slept til 7:15. So that was good. Then we had a play, I changed her etc and then gave her a bit of a feed. When I got home I fed her a bit more (she didnt have much st the hospital) and then let her play a bit longer and put her down about 9:20. She talked and made a small amount of fuss. A bit sooky but not crying. Then she settled.
    So I am very proud of her cos she did so well. So when she starts to get a bit older and starts eating more solids she will be able to go longer between feeds and then I can stamp out that rollover.
    I feel great. I mean I am still a little tired cos I have alot of catching up to do..but heres hoping of a night I am getting about 5 or 6 hours straight sleep before needing to feed again.

    Ok well just wanted to update you all and say that things are great here.

    Hope you all have a great day.

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    hi everyone!

    how was your day? it was a lovely day here again! I even turned off the ducted heating!! haven't done that for weeks!

    I did some reading of my homeopathy course and I think i'm ready to start working on the tutorial case studies.

    Di - I'm so totally wanting the mohawk....I will have to go see my hairdresser and see what he thinks.

    Luxxe is so totally like her dad!

    Dh doesn't eat fruit..... he reckons he doesn't like it

    anyway - now that I've started giving Luxxe solids, so far all she will eat is pumpkin. totally screws up her face at apple and pear and sweet stuff. BUT pumpkin!!! well apparently it's the best thing ever!

    what does everyone have planned for the weekend?

    we are just hangingaround at home mostly.. with a visit to the Up-markets on sunday... and maybe yumcha on sunday too.

    OHOOHOH the most exciting news!!! you know that holiday I was going on about/? the one with white sand and crystal clear blue water and total relaxation?!?

    WELL WE'RE GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can't beleive it!

    but finally after 7 years together, DH and I are finally going on a proper holiday.... this might even count as our honeymoon!

    my folks are going to come and watch the dogs and we will take luxxe with us.

    haven't decided on a final destination... but I found a package that has 2 days at Ayer's rock and then 3 days at Bedarra island (which is somewhere off the QLD coast) staying at pretty fancy accomodation.

    other option is Hayman island resort.... or fiji,

    my passport has expired so I'm thinking that coz i can't be bothered re-newing it maybe we will stay in Oz. PLus I've never been to QLD or NT and there are so many amazing places here in australia that I've love to visit.... like Ularoo and great barrier reef.

    I'm totally open to suggestions BTW.... so please let me know if you've been to a place that's totally brilliant!

    I haven't done it yet, but I'll put links on the blog to the places i'm thinking about visiting.

    OMG - this means I'll have to wear a bathing suit in public....oh well....i'll just have to go to somewhere with a private beach

    Luxxe had lots of sleep today!! YAY!!!! and I swear she grew taller while she was sleeping.

    well, that's about all for today!

    Hope you all have totally wonderful, sunshiney, fun filled, gorgeous, tasty adventures this weekend! :throw_computer:

    heheheee I just wanted to use some icons!

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    Hi all, hope you're having a raging Friday night - hehehe.

    Sal feel free to grumble to us about how tired you're feeling! You'll be sure to get sympathy here. I can remember how tired i was the first 3 months The worst was no-one else knowing that I was pregnant (except John of course) and so having to 'appear' normal when I just wanted to lie down and go to sleep on the office floor

    Dianna - hope you feel better soon. ditto what Lisa said - drop in here even if you have nothing exciting to tell.

    Lisa so glad things went well at sleep school. good on you, kobi, for doing so well!

    Your course sounds great. this sort of thing sounds good for getting back on track or on a new track... whatever the case may be! I could do with something like that myself. I think being a new mum is such a big shift in EVERYTHING that it can sometimes make you feel like you've been dumped adrift in the ocean and there are no familiar landmarks around. But it's also nice and warm in the ocean with beautiful views and you just have to be in the present moment or else you might just get overwhelmed. Okay, enough of the metaphors . Getting a bit carried away with myself.

    Laura your holiday plans sound fantastic. A couple of years ago a friend and my niece went to Agnes Water in Qld. There was a great caravan park right on the beach - the beach was just gorgeous. We went in July and it just wasn't too crowded or anything. The town is very small. Anyway, the caravan park may not be your scene (esp if it is belated honeymoon!) but check out Agnes Water websites anyway!

    I've had such a nice week - stayed at home 3 days out of the 5 and just had fun with Clarrie. We've had a ball and he has been so happy (me too!)

    He just adores our dog and cat and keeps trying to 'pat' them - a few animal hairs come out in his fists in the process. The animals are very patient. I gave Clarrie a bath in a little tub in front of the fire and he was not happy about coming out and cried and Saffy, our little dog, came over to him on the rug and tried to lick him as if to say 'it's okay'.

    We have nothing planned for the weekend except maybe going for a nice walk somewhere if the weather holds out and doing the usual bits and pieces around home. Very boring.

    cheers, Julie

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    Akeesha Guest


    Morning everyone.

    Happy Saturday!! lol

    Well I went to the rugby last night. I know nothing about it...well maybe one or two things...but I went cos a friend had free tickets so it was a night out. Afterwards we went out for coffee. It was actually a great night. Cant beleive I went to watch a game of sport without being dragged there by DH lol.

    Kobi did well last night. DH had her til I got home at 11. Dh put her down no worries at 8. I gave her a rollover feed at 11 ish. She woke at about 1:30 sooking so I followed the advice of the nurses and let her go for a few minutes and she just put herself back to sleep after about 3 minutes. She woke again at 4:30ish. I decided to feed her at that point. Then she went back down about 20 mins later and slept til 7:45. So give it a few nights and she should be missing those little wake ups in between hopefully. They say it takes 3 days to break old habits and begin learning the new tonight will be night 3!
    Well I figure this all counts towards practical experience toward my Midwifery anyway. Who better to give advice on babies and their sleeping than us mums who know what it's like from genuine life experience.

    Laura- Sounds fabulous about your holiday. Good on you!! You will have a lovely time. When will you go? My cousin and her boyfriend went to the Whitsundays in January and they had a brillian time. White sand, clear water and plenty of sun. Maybe its worth looking into that area too? Whatever you decide on I am sure it will be perfect and you will have a lovely time.
    Sounds great about the Homeopathy too. Let us know how you are going with it won't you.

    Julie - Sounds like you have had a good relaxing week. Thats great. Too cute abotu the animals. Isnt is funny when babies/kids have that connection with animals. Animals are so protective over them. It's like an unspoken rule of friendship. Amazing.

    Ok better go. Got a few things to do today.

    Hope you all have a great weekend.

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