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Thread: Babies Born in January 2006 #6

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    Hey everyone,

    Have to be quick, need to do some last minute things around the house while DA is asleep.

    Tam - congrats on the + - very happy for you, and so happy it was all natural and no stress this time

    Lisa - Hope Kobi is better, that must have been such a scare

    Sal - I would be so freaked out with the spotting.. i had some bleeding from using the epi-no a few weeks before i had DA, i was a mess, so i don't know how i would cope with spotting early on.. So how many weeks did you jump by?? Is your ticker right not?

    Julie - hope Clarie is going well

    Laura - Glad your enjoying the book, keep telling us stuff ok??

    Dianna - Hope things go a bit better on the attachment front, it must be really really hard and i really feel for you. Can maybe your husband take a day off work so you can get a break if he is ok with him?

    Jillian and Jo and everyone else - hope you are all well

    Well, i've had basically the worse week ever... Its just so hard, and the funeral was very difficult, and to make matter worse my mother just can't help herself being horrible at the funeral, saying "just pull yourself together, you didn';t even cry this much at your own uncles funeral" (which is crap i did)

    But its not just about me losing (not loosing hey Sal) Michael, I'm also so upset because somebody i love is devasated at losing his father, and i'm sad that my children will never know their papa. I eventally broke down and told DH that night what she said (after smashing the sterring wheel the entrie way home from the funeral out of anger to her.. DH said later he thought i ws just really upset about his dad), and DH thinks she just feels threatened, that if i love my PIL that i love them less that kinda thing....

    But not talking to her wont teach her anything, and i've finally accepted that i can't change her so i don't bother anymore, i just normally tell her i can't talk to her if she is being like that.. but mainly i called her a few days later because DH wanted me to, her said after losing his father suddenly he didn't want there to be any rifts in the family, so i did it for him...

    Anyway, he gave a beautify eulogy, which i helped write... But it was very hard and very sad.. Michael was only 65, he would have been 66 this week... And also it was my DH 24th birthday on Wednesday, he had to spend it eulogizing his father which i guess i found very tragic...

    Anyway, he was a process where there is this intense mourning for 7 days.. The mouners (his mum, bro, sisters & aunt), don't really leave the house at all, and people come for prayers 3 times a day so they can say a special prayer in memory of his father (he will have to say it 3 times a day for the next 11 months), and there are lots of other restrictions:

    some last only these 7 days (sit on low chairs, basically just talk about their dad the whole time and try and remember them, tear their clothes, can't talk froviously, can't hug or kiss or have marital relations, can't wear leather shoes)

    some last for 30 days (don't shave, only bath in cold water)

    and some will last the entire 11 months (no music, don't go to celebrations)

    There are plently of others but i can't think of them all off the top of my head..

    Anyway, i'm in some kind of limbo, i'm not a mourner, so i can do anything, but at the same time its very hard cos i don't get a chance to sit down and talk about my feelings (basically bpeople come to the house all day long to try and consol the mourners, and tell about positive experiences of the deceased), and i really have to be in charge of stuff, like all the food everybody in the community has bought us, but i'm still very sad and cos DH is at his mothers house all day long I don't really get a chance to talk to him..

    I feel really guilty about all the things i should have done or said, and that i just should have involved them more in our lives.. I've been quite selfish not going over there, justifying it by they weren't up to it, which maybe they weren't but i also preferred to go to my mums, and i always thought he was going to get better, that he would beat this, and there would be more time... Makes you appreciate what you have got!

    At least we all went to see him the night before, but none of us said goodbye as we thought he was going to be fine, i just said, "bye Michael, see you after the operation", i never told him thankyou for being so wonderful and for always dropping everything to help me when i needed it! I really regret that, and just hope he knows now..

    Oh, and the strange thing is that every since the funeral, DA has been incredible at sleeping..slept through 3 nights in a row (for like 10 - 11 hours), last night he did wake up after 6 hours for a quick feed, and has also been having at least a 2 hours nap in the morning (sometime even 3 hours), and if anything he has been more disrupted (and we haven;t changed a thing about his rountine) with what has been going on.. Its hard for him to sleep in the afternoon as we are at my MIL, and my SIL is here from Israel with her baby, so she has the port-a-cot... We tried to put him to sleep on my MIL bed surrounded by pillows, but he woke up and rolled off, got such a fright and i felt shocking! Adn for the first time ever he has falled asleep like 4 times in his strolled and slept there for 1 hr!!

    I said to Rob, you dad my be watching out for us from heaven, and helping me to get DA to sleep finally!

    Oh, and he is crawling around like crazy, touching and trying to break everything.. he is such a distructo child.. why couldn't my boy be nice and gentle?? seriously, rob and I are like nice quiet people, and DA likes to touch power points and rip things up and throw thinsg everywhere...

    Don't wish for them to crawl to early, its really hard cos they get everywhere!

    Good thing he is so cute!

    Anyway, i must go, need to do some washing and then when DA is awake (has been down for 2 hours now), have to go to my PIL

    Sorry about my long selfish post...

    Speak to you later


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    Sal Guest


    Yael, that's not a selfish post at all. Firstly sorry once again for losing Michael, it must be nice in your religion to have such structured ways of mourning, I think it must really help the grieving process. Your mother was way out of line saying that, I really hope she feels badly for it, what a thing to lay on you at a funeral.

    YAY for DA sleeping so well (hey, after 6 months you deserve some sleep!) and also for crawling. Oh, and I know what you mean about destructive boy babies...Miles loves to absolutely bash his toys together. DH and I are really peace-loving, too, so I just laugh and think 'well that is nature, not nurture'. Boys will be boys!

    Hi to everyone, hope lovely weekends were had

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    Yael, firstly, I hope DA continues sleeping so well. It makes such a nice change, doesn't it?

    Death brings up such strong emotions. Good on you for trying not to take on board what your mum said. Sometimes it is just not worth it.

    We had a good weekend visiting John's dad and brother yesterday and today his mum and partner dropped by on their way back to Adelaide. So Clarrie has had some 'quality family time'. And my sister will be here again next month and we are going down to my mum's.

    Sal, re. the swing - I'm afraid I am quite the Luddite (sp?) in not having a digital camera. I keep thinking that it will mean that my trusty old SLR Canon will have to go into permanent retirement and I feel sad about that! Of course, if I was a Luddite I probably wouldn't have a camera at all... LOL. So, to cut a long story short, photos have to wait until I finish a roll of film and get it processed. Stay tuned...

    How has Miles' sleeping been going? Also, congrats on getting past the 12 week mark of your pregnancy.

    And re. the study - I am suddenly in a dilemma about it all. I am following up again on the same sort of course at other universities but I am not sure if the teaching is actually what I want to do. I thought I had it all decided and probably would have gone along quite happily if the Charles Darwin uni hadn't changed the course on me. But sometimes these things happen for a reason! Stay tuned for further relevations on this one, too.....

    Lisa, how did the angel readings go that you did ages ago (terrible grammar, sorry).

    cheers, Julie

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    Sal Guest


    Thanks Julie! According to my u/s scan I was 12w last Wednesday, but I don't think I'm that far along. I got back the results from the NT testing (1:4957) so pretty happy with that, given my age! I'm still experiencing spotting, so have niggling worries, but what can you do...

    Yep, you're a Luddite! Still, will wait for pics from antique camera

    Miles' sleeping is getting pretty good, although we do sort of swaddle his arms, so he has some way to go. Is Clarrie still in his hammock?

    Ooh further revelations on what you will study, sounds very interesting! Yep, if the course being changed makes you rethink what you want to do, perhaps that's a good thing?!?

    Argggh, I have my annual head-cold, so feeling sorry for myself. Being preg I can't nuke myself so will just have to put up with it. Still, can't complain too much, Miles has not yet been sick in his life, what a plus! Hope he doesn't get this cold...

    How's everyone else doing?

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    Akeesha Guest


    Morning Everyone,

    I have not been around the past few days. Just been having some issues.

    Kobi is getting better so thats one good thing. She is going through a bit of a sooky clingy phase but we are getting through it. Surprise surprise her sleeping is down the gurgler again. Thanks to her getting sick she is back to old tricks. So now I just do what I need to do to get through each night.

    She is sitting up really well now so I am pleased about that. She spends alot of time sitting now. She also did something really cute yesterday. She was eating a rusk and i went up to her and opened my mouth and said "Ahhhh some for mum" and you know what she did??? She took it out of her mouth and put it in mine with a huge grin on her face. She shared!!!! She does it all the time now. Its absolutely adorable.

    I went to the ACU (australian catholic university) open day on Sunday. I came away depressed!!!! The course itself looks unreal. But very very involved. But the lecture was absolutely chocca block with ppl so it looks like about 400 or more will apply for a course that has 40 places
    Also when talking to the lecturer afterwards it looks like they will not even bother looking at my application. They said that with mature age students they tend to take those with uni degrees first, then partial degrees and then go on to the tafe degrees. But usually by the time they get to those applications...they have got their quota so they don't go any further. So basically with me having no other education..I am not even going to be given a chance. It actually makes me angry becuase thats discrimination but what can I do???
    Anyway I came away from the open day feeling deflated. Also becuase they had ladies there with a stall talking about the STAT and she was saying how hard it is and how it is very difficult to get over 90% in the STAT (which is what I need to get in to this course) She said to get over 90% in the STAT is like the equivalent of getting a 99 TER (high school score) So I feel pretty annoyed now. It's like all the things I have been told is crap.
    I am still applying to the courses though and I dont care. It's worth a shot becuase how do I know if i don't try right! But I am aware that its going to be slim. I will just have to study other things in the meantime.

    Julie - Like you, they have changed all their stories on me and I am officially confused. It's ****ed me off but I am applying and going with the theory that whatever will be will be. I am also more afraid of the actual application process rather than the course! I have been told to make sure I draft my application first and then make sure when i apply I have heaps of time to myself. Just put all of my focus on that one thing at that time.
    I hope that you sort out your course soon and hope that you can figure it all out.

    Well in other news DH and I almost split up last week! Things are still a bit sketchy but hopefully they will all go ok. I just hit the roof last week cos he told me he was most likely not going to Tyra's school concert and he wasnt going to be attending my Mothers surprise 50th I am organising becuase he had football committments and that he needed to put that first! Now I realise they are in the finals but I dont give a toss. I am his wife and his kids and me should come first. So I let him have it. It is not just that one comment though. It is stuff that has accumulated since we began dating. Football has always come first and he really needs to sort that stuff out and get his priorities right. I am also sick to death of having to speak to him before I spend a cent and yet he can buy whatever he wants whenever he wants. He admitted that he feels that is ok becuase he is the breadwinner and I stay home with the girls. So he has more right to the money than me. And that will change when I work full time!! I know I know ladies!!!
    I told him that he is totally un realistic and ridiculous and that either all that stuff has to change or I am out the door. We argue over these issues constantly and we have done for the past 7 years. I feel frustrated that if he cannot learn and these issues keep repeating after 7 years....then when will they ever get better if they will ever get better at all. I told him I cannot keep him afloat in this relationship anymore and that he has to start being an equal part or he cant be in it! There is much more to it but we would be here for a week.
    I am not interested in being the kind of woman who says "This is the last time" about 500 times. I am saying it once and thats it. I told him it cannot happen again and I cannot do this one more time. I am too tired to keep doing it.
    So he knows things have to get better or our marriage is over.
    Things are ok for we will just see how it goes. This time he has to make a conscious effort to help and compromise otherwise he looses us.
    Dont get me wrong..I am not saying I am perfection and he has to change himself..he just needs to stop and re assess his priorities and put me and the girls before himself and footy. He is not a bad person either. Dont let me paint that picture. A huge part of why he is like he is is due to his upbringing. I am just refusing to let that be his excuse now. He is 28 years old and can learn!
    He doesnt want to lose me or the girls and so he said he is committed to making it work.

    Ok I better go cos I am going to pass out from needing to eat.

    Enjoy your day and I am sorry for a selfish post.

    I hope everyone is ok and that all babes are healthy and happy.

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    Sal Guest


    Lisa, firstly YAY on Kobi doing a lot of sitting and also how gorgeous that she shares her rusk with you!

    I'm glad you are not going to be cowed out of applying for that uni course. That is a load of [email protected] (STAT 90% = TER 99%) that is just not possible.

    I hope you and your DH work through those issues. I just want to put in one little grrrrr at him thinking he can spend on whatever he wants but you have to submit forms in triplicate to spend a cent. That is not fair, and doesn't help with building a fair marriage relationship. That issue, plus the not putting you and the kids first, is something that really does need to change. I hope he realises how important they are to you.

    OK gotta go, I too am about to pass out from needing to eat (pregnancy, what can you do other than eat all day ).

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    Congrats Sal on passing the 12week window

    Well what can I say?? I have had a crappy couple of days emotionally - Brodie is doing OK and I am not going to get upset with him anymore at this point as I have come to the realisation that life is just far to short to be upset and being a baby is a yukky time for them - lucky they don't remember too much if any.

    I received a phone call last Saturday from my Doctors asking me to come back in to see my doc - this is the phone call that most of us dread - i had, had a full blood count down on the Monday before as I have been feeling so poorly for such a long time that I thought it was time to have it investigated.

    Unfortunately i have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism- my thyroid is running 3 times slower than it should be- i nearly fell off the chair when they gave me the news.

    I have put on 12kgs since having Brodie and have been really conscious (sp??) of what I have been eating and doing and this has been getting me down - NOW I KNOW WHY!!!

    My sister was diagnosed with Graves/Hyperthyroidism after the birth of her first child and it seems that I have the flick of the coin of the same disease as her - thank God she has now overcome this dreaded feeling and is giving me hope to stay positive - however our symptoms as similar as they may be are still quite different - she lost 45kgs in 10weeks after child birth and her weight got down to 45kgs - this depressed her however society places so much pressure on us to be slim that I can now see the benefits of having that version of this disgusting disease, putting on weight is very rarely something people aspire too.

    There are many other complications with this disease that i have started to research and the penny has finally dropped - i have felt like this for many many years however it has taken a birth to finally register with my bloods - the thyroid works in a crazy way but I am not going to bore you all with symptoms etc.

    I am trying to stay positive as difficult as this may be - besides weight gain the main consequence of Hypo is depression and fatigue which I am fighting against - i am trying to stay strong but as you can well imagine - NO ONE WANTS TO BE SICK and least of all when you have a young child.

    I have started my medication already and have to go back to the doctors in 6 weeks for another blood test hopefully this will show some changes...fingers crossed that the medication works and that i am on the correct meds as that is another story in itself - sometimes it can take many years to regulate the hormones and the medication is more a trial and error situation....

    on a happier note - we have found a HOUSE - finally - we are moving in on the 2nd September so i have to start packing NOW - but need to find some boxes first - oh well if it doesn't rain it poors.

    sorry for the selfish post just needed to get that off my chest - i can't believe my rotten luck but I refuse to give into this dreaded disease - wish me luck on my journey.....

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    Sal Guest


    Dianna, YAY on finding a house!

    Thank goodness you have been diagnosed (though I am very sorry to hear that you have this disease). Putting on weight when you are looking after what you eat must be depressing, and BJ's difficult spell must be many times harder for you when your body is running well below the level it should. My closest friend has the same thing. Luckily her meds have stabilised it and she lives a normal life (I think pg becomes higher risk with hypo though - sorry to scare you, though I'm sure you've been reading about this). I hope you are lucky and your meds just work immediately for you. No wonder you've been feeling poorly; it must be a relief (in a way) to find there is definitely something wrong with you. Sorry that comes out wrong, I hope you know what I intended

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    Akeesha Guest


    Sal - I totally agree with you. I think he does realise the importance and value of changing those thought processes because otherwise he will be single!
    Hey do you know anything about Student Learning entitlement and what it is?
    I have to apply this month (well am going to apply..have til the end of Sep) and need to choose whether I am CSP (supported place) or full fee (which I still get hecs for if I apply) Thinking of the CSP option but it goes on about SLE and I dont really get it. Thought I would ask you before I call them myself.

    Di - Yay on the house!! Also I am glad you have some answers on what is going on within you. I am sorry to hear that you are going through it all and that you have to be on the meds...but I really do hope they are the right ones and you start to feel better asap. Big hugs to you.

    My head is about to explode trying to find all the courses I want to apply for and putting them in preferencial order!
    I so can't wait til the application is done with and all I have to do it wait. It's going to do my head in lol.
    I am applying for a few TAFE courses too as back up that are related to the future goal so I can work towards it failing getting in to the actual course. Heres hoping I dont need to accept them though.

    Have decided to put VU as my first preference..and thats as far as I have gotten lol.

    Oh well..wish me luck. Finishing it off this week!!

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    Sal Guest


    Lisa, glad that your DH does realise!

    Re the SLE, it is just a limit on how much commonwealth support you can get for studying in your lifetime. It is 7 years of full-time (or equivalent) study. Basically it is there to stop people being perpetual students on the government's tab. So you wouldn't have to worry about that until you start your third degree LOL. As to full fee, places that are full fee cost a HEAP more than CSP places, or that's my understanding. Even if you get HECS it will cost you more (but you need to check this, I could well be wrong).

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    Akeesha Guest


    Sal - No you are right re the full fee. It means a course will go from $12,000 as a csp to at least $33,000!! So that is not an option.
    At least I know the SLE is something I have no need to concern myself over.
    If I do 7 years of uni study I will probably kill myself anyway lol. Nah at most uni study wise I am probably going to do 4.5 - 5 if I do nursing along with midwifery.
    Anything else I will do through TAFE (pre uni only) and foot the bill myself.
    I am only interested in studying the nursing/midwifery at uni anyway.
    That helped and made me feel better anyway. Now I know which code to use when applying!! Phew! Thanks.

    Oh and for those that watch AUSSIE IDOL...please vote for Ricky Muscat when it comes time to vote. Me and DH know him and we want him to do really well!!!

    Puh - leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

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    hi guys!

    boy oh boy.... we have all been in the wars lately haven't we

    Lisa - sorry to hear about your Dh troubles. it's so hard being a wife ... but it is also hard being the Dh/bread winner.

    DH and I had a big talk about our new roles and how we feel about them and what we need from each other now in order to maintain happy healthy family a few months back.

    seriously we sat down and wrote stuff down.

    WE weren't coming from a place of anger though... just realising that things had changed and that things could very easily get to a point where we were isolating ourselves from each other.... IYKWIM.

    maybe you can try something like that.

    the modern family is a tough thing to get right. As many pressures and responsibilities that we have as SAHM's our dh's have lots of pressure too.

    Di- glad you found a house!!!! Yay!!!
    sorry about the thyroid thing. but like the others said, at least now you can get your health back in order and feel good and healthy and stuff...

    My friend had twins today! a boy and girl. Gabriel and Sophia! I'm so unbelieivably clucky you have no idea!

    well - I have so much stuff going on I guess I'd better get back to it.


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    Just a real quick one - Lisa, I know what you mean about doing your head in with all the information about courses, prioritising, applications, and the ACRONYMS!!! OMG. I've been trawling through things tonight and am fed up with the computer. Keep on being positive about doing midwifery and you'll get there.

    :eek: The whole man/woman thing! Sometimes it is so hard when it seems like men and women do look at many things so differently. Sounds like your DH is listening to you, Lisa - hope things go well over the next few weeks.

    Laura, that sounds very wise to sit down and seriously discuss roles. It gets things pretty clear. We've sort of done that but not in a formal, write-it-down way so I might suggest doing that as well.

    Hey, Jillian - good to hear from you!

    Oh, gotta go as Clarrie is waking a bit tonight.

    Dianna - so happy for you that you found a house and a big hug for you and Brodie. So much going on for you at the moment. Hope you can find a little peace for yourself amongst all the packing and time to digest the news about your health.

    Sal, take it easy (hard when Miles is around, no doubt!!). Glad to hear the scan was all okay.

    Julie xx

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    Akeesha Guest


    Morning All,

    Just got back from the gym. Kobi is in bed (timed it well today) and am having a late breaky and a cuppa and doing my daily computer tasks.
    It was just my assessment today but was good. Very thorough and so now I will know if I am losing weight and inches quite easily cos he weighed me and measured and but also did these pinch tests and bike tests and stuff. I only have 4 kilos to lose til I am at my pre pg weight and thats a weight I am more than happy with. So thats good. I actually thought it would be more like 7 or 8. But I want to gain strength and tone as well as just weight loss. I reckon in 3 months I will be well ahead of my goal!! (heres hoping) I want to be looking good for the trip in November.
    Kobi was good in the creche. She was being cuddled when I left and was still being cuddled when I went back lol. They said she was good so at least now I can cope knowing she can! I think she loved all the kids and noise and stuff going on. I think I need to look into a playgroup now. Just a couple of hours a week of interaction with some other kids. It will be good for both of us.

    Julie - I hear you on being sick of the computer. Phew am I ever. I think I am taking it all too seriously. I mean I know it's all vital and important but I think me being a perfectionist means I am stressing over every little detail. I think I just need to bite the bullet and get it over with then forget it.
    Have my course tonight so I will get some time out from it all as well. Oh I have to do those meditations for you too. Its just simple stuff so will do that ASAP. Sorry I havent done it yet. You asked how the reading went. It went well. I was there for a few hours. It was more playing around with the cards but it was good. Very relevant stuff came out and we chatted for ages. She gave me a little gift as a thank you and it was a gorgeous little angel with wings. Have you seen those faceless angels in the gift shops?? It's one like that. It's beautiful.

    Laura - We have done the discussion thing on and off for so long it just hasnt seemed to sink in. I think this last time he has realised that its very important and things cannot keep slipping cos I no longer have the energy to pick them up again. He said he is committed to making it am lets just see how it goes. But your idea made me think that I should write a list myself of what I need and want out of him/the relationship so that we can work out what is realistic and whats not y/k. Thanks for the suggestion and advice
    Dont get me wrong..I know he works hard and I am not's just that there are too many flaws that keep re-surfacing and he previously was not phased about letting them slip and go back to the old ways. He heard me but didn't listen and still stayed stuck in his ways yet expected me to comporomise. So now I am standing in my power saying...NO...fix your stuff or I am not dealing with it. But I think it's going to be ok.

    Ladies please tell me I am not the only one still lacking motivation towards the housework?? I am getting worse I reckon. I get so frustrated it's messy and stuff yet dont have the gusto to get it done. Though it's funny. I tend to have my energy bursts late avo early evening. Why cant I have them between 10 and 12 so the house is clean then lol.

    Ok well better go do something.

    Have a good day.

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    hi Lisa, yeah, I reckon that now is the time to stop thinking about being a perfectionist! If you try to keep that up you'll wear yourself out!! That's just my 2c worth. I think it's easy to try that when you're studying without a family, other commitments, and A LIFE!

    I know those faceless angels and they're gorgeous. Glad to hear the reading went well. I'm a bit of a sucker for those angel cards. Thanks for the meditations. I'll let you know how I go with them.

    Well, I'm with you on the housework front. I do the bare minimum.

    cheers, Julie xx

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    hey dudes

    I was just wondering if anyone had been feeding their babe Quinoa? (pronouced Keen-Wah apparently)

    I found a recipe for millet, quinoa and mashed banana porridge in my baby food book called "boost your child's immunity" - great book BTW. heaps of recipes and ideas.

    Anyway - i haven't been able to find any millet ANYWHERE!!!! apparently there is a shortage and no one has any....but i'm still looking. I did find some quinoa though. It looks kinda like cous cous but when you cook it it goes flat and has a little tail that looks like a 'c'.

    I googled it this morning, coz I was making the quinoa and banana porridge and I thought I should know a bit more about this grain I'd never seen or heard of before...turns out its some kind of super food.

    The annual plant is one to two metres high with large seed clusters at the end of the stalk, similar to millet. In fact, the most popular strain of Quinoa is pale yellow in appearance, and does resemble millet in colour and size, although quinoa is more flattened than spherical.

    So far as its food value is concerned, one researcher has said, while no single food can supply all of the essential life-sustaining nutrients, it (quinoa) comes as close as any other in the vegetable or animal kingdoms. It contains more protein than any other grain: an average of 16.2 %, compared with 7.5 % for rice, 9.9 % for millet, 8.2 % for barley, and 14 % for wheat. It has a good balance of the amino acids that make up the protein and is high in lycine, an amino acid not overly abundant in the vegetarian diet.

    Quinoa is easy to cook, and like rice, blends well with other grains or whole-grain pilafs. The cooked consistency is light, with a texture resembling caviar.

    I didn't even know it existed!!! but i reckon that i'll be using it more. Luxxe didn't seem very interested in her breakfast... but food doesn't seem to interest her at the best of times... so i ate it and it was delicious!! is it bad to eat your babies food?

    anyway- i thought i'd share... in case anyone else hadn't heard of it and wanted to try the most complete food known to man.


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    Just a quick update on Jo and Brigid.

    Brigid has bronchiolitis, and is getter better now, but stopped breathing earlier in the week.
    Jo had to administer CPR, and Bridie had her first (and hopefully only) ambulance ride.

    I don't know whether she stayed in or any further details, but she is at home now and doing well.

    Also to Sal, goodbye & I will miss having u around on BB

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    Hey Girls

    Did you know that Sal has left the site?? - Did I miss something in my stunned mullet world??

    Hey RayRay send my hello's to Jo and Bridie - I'm sorry to hear Bridie hasn't been well

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