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Thread: Babies Born January 2008 #3

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    Default Babies Born January 2008 #3

    This thread is for parents whose baby was born in January 2008.

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    welcome home jen! lol get used to no sleep

    Jaylens been crying since 5.30... fed him then and then again at 6.30... put him in his bassinette just then so hope he settles, i have this wind up peter rabbit thing that plays a lullaby thing, that seems to have worked! nooo actually hes stirring.. ah its so hard to know whats wrong...

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    My milk has not come in yet. Amber will not sleep at night by herself.She has to be on me.... Every time we put her down she will cry and cry.... I dont know what to do.

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    Jess- to you, at first its hard to know why bubs is crying but there can only be so many things wrong with them. I think your doing a great job, how longs your mum staying with you for?. So was my news what you thought it would be?? haha

    Jen- sorry to hear that Amber wont sleep unless shes on you, hopefully once your milk comes in she will settle better.

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    jen - yer Jaylen wouldnt sleep at night unless he was on me for the 1st few days either! will settle when ur milk comes in ! even now he loves being on me, they just love being close i think, cuz they have been that close for 9 months!

    jo - mum hasnt been staying, i told her not to cuz i have to get used to being by myself lol! she comes over every day though. LOL yes ur news is what i thought it was, CONGRATS

    well Jaylens asleep yay... dont know whether to sleep as well or do some housework or what lol..

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    WARNING: My longest ever post... birth story!

    OMG - why do they scream? pmsl (not really)

    I just finished texting you girls (Jen and Jess) asking how you were going and telling you BTK was settled. RIGHT! Just lying there screaming his head off. He was fine in his bouncer, in the bathroom with me while I was sitting on the loo expressing (oh dear, what a sight) then I put him down and bang - WAH WAH WAH WAH! One of those painful cries. Then I start crying. I think Mum is in there with him. I had to walk out and get a coffee.

    Jess, good for you for managing on your own. Mum helps me heaps during the day but then at night it's just Ocean, BTK and me!

    How about a birth story to cheer everyone up?

    I pretty much went into labour on my EDD (Wednesday) but it was mainly back ache all day. The next morning I woke at 6am with contractions. They weren't that bad. Called the hospy and they told me to monitor them etc.

    Called Belinda (mate who was coming with me) later in the morning and she said she'd drop her kids off and come over at lunchtime. Called my best friend in Perth and told her - she then called me back 10 minutes later telling me I had to hang on until 7pm as she'd booked a flight and wanted to be there! (She?s the best - they both are)

    By the time Belinda came over, the contractions were about 2 minutes apart and fairly painful (or what I THOUGHT was pain at that ignorant stage of my life). We stayed at home until 4pm then called the hospy and they said to come in.

    Mum drove me, Belinda followed and we got to the family birthing centre at about 4.30pm or so. Had another couple of hours of contractions and finally lost some of my plug. My godmother came over and had a coffee with us (it was all pretty chill at this stage and we were having a lovely "girls only" time! ) - so it was Mum, Belinda, GM and me. Contractions started to get worse and the midwife (also called Belinda - a legend!) suggested time for a bath. As I sat up, I thought I was going to be sick and then my waters broke. I got such a fright I burst into tears. Midwife then told me there was a lot of meconium in the waters - I knew that meant I had to be transferred into the "normal" clinic bit. She felt really bad but I was cool with it. I knew all along that this was a reason to be moved. Whatever's best for bub and me.

    So, got transferred at about 6.30pm. Contractions were increasingly worse. I sucked on the gas and couldn't quite work out what to do with myself. I was moving around on the bed and couldn't get into a good position. The monitor kept falling off so they put one of those monitor's inside me, into his little head! At the time, I freaked about it. I remembered them showing us those in the classes and I thought "holy sh*t... that's scary". It wasn't so bad though and much better for me as I could move more.

    Before I had left the FBC, the midwife had said I was about 7cm. At 8.15pm, they did another internal told me I was only 6cm!!! I?d had it. At about the same time, my best mate arrived from Perth. I looked at her and said, very firmly, ?GET ME AN EPIDURAL!? (She now tells me that the look in my eye was one of ?I?m going to kill someone if they don?t make this pain go away?)

    It felt like forever waiting for the anesthetist. He came in eventually and the epidural was in by 9pm. (Sam, the anesthetist, nearly ended up with a little boy named after him ? I was so thankful for the pain relief! My best mate was also eyeing him off ? he was pretty hot!)

    I must say, having an epidural was something I absolutely didn?t want. Not only did I want a natural birth but I was scared of becoming paralysed! (I know, doesn?t happen) After it kicked in, everything was cruisy. We were all sitting up chatting (god mother had long gone), eating lollies and generally having a great ?girl?s night out?. The OB had put in a drip of Syntocin as the contractions had slowed down after the epidural and said to us that she would come back in at 2am and check on me so at 10.53, Belinda called her husband and said she?d be a while. At 10.58pm I was speaking with her husband on the phone, laughing and telling jokes and at 11.03pm, I had Billy on my chest briefly before they whisked him away.

    Somewhere around 11pm, we noticed Billy?s heart rate dropping on the monitor. The girls (who both have children) said it was nothing to worry about but I found out later, they were both extremely concerned and it was Belinda who had pushed the emergency button on the wall. His heart rate dropped from around 120, down to 80 then back up briefly and the last time I looked, it was dropping below 60. Before I knew what was going on, there were doctors everywhere. They had put an oxygen mask on me (which is when Mum said she knew something was wrong), put my legs up in stirrups and people were calling out ?CODE BLUE PEDIATRIC? and then someone else said ?call a code on the patient?. (I can?t recall the colour)

    I don?t think I quite realized what was happening, nor did Mum, which was probably good because we both remained quite calm. Both of my friends had to leave the room but they said Mum could stay.

    The OB was so good and calm. She just told me we had to get the baby out, now. She asked me to push once (not that I could feel it) and she pulled Billy out on that push with forceps. They briefly touched him on my chest, which is when I saw a huge set of testicles and said to Mum ?it?s a boy ? or a girl with a big problem!? My friends told me they heard that and burst into tears.

    The next few minutes were spent checking Billy and apparently trying to stop my bleeding before they calmly told me I had to go the theatre to get the bleeding stopped. Still I was calm and everyone reassured me that Billy and I were going to be fine. So they topped up my epidural and off I went. Sam the hot anesthetist came with me and talked me through the whole thing. I couldn?t stop shivering and he gave me warm blankets (do you see now why Billy was nearly named Sam? )

    In recovery, they brought Billy in to me ? all wrapped up in his gorgeous little clothes with his funky star hat on. Mum came in, Dad turned up, my mates came in and then Billy?s dad came in with his sister. It?s all a blur really. I think Mum finally left my room at about 3am and went home. Billy spent the night in the nursery with a high respiration rate and I stayed awake, texting everyone! (sorry!!!)

    What I found out later was that the Syntocin drip had made me dilate too quickly ? I?d had some reaction to it ? and Billy came down too fast, rupturing the placenta and tearing me internally. He made it out ok, as did I but I lost 1.5L of blood and that?s why I?m having milk production issues now. (or so they tell me) The doctor?s also later told us that them coming back at 2am to check on me would?ve actually been to take me off for a Caesar if nothing had happened. I?m so glad I didn?t know any of that at the time.

    All the hospital staff members who saw us over the following days said, ?oh, you?re the two that caused the codes?! Famous already! Hell, even the hearing test lady knew. pmsl

    So, that was that. I didn?t post this earlier as I didn?t want to scare anyone. I think that was the scariest moment of my life so far. I hope they aren?t any more ?moments? like that one. Of course, it was all worth it to have my gorgeous little Strawberry in my arms.

    Dammit, now I?m crying?


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    omg what a story kate! well done, how stressful!

    i will post my birth story once Jaylen is settled, hes been feedin every hour since 11... n not sleeping in between lol...

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    Holy sh*t Kate, that is an awesome birth story. :hugs: to you for all you went through. I have tears in my eyes from that too. I bet you think about it at times, I think of my birth all the time, and wonder what if.. things had been different and I had kept going and had a 'natural' should I say vaginal birth.

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    Jess-Thanks for the congrats. Cant wait to get my ring back from the jewellers so i can wear it and ward off all the filthy looks i get walking around with Sophie Thats fair enough about your mum not staying your right you need to get use to being on your own but i hope that if you need her you'll ring her.

    OFMG Kate, i knew some of what you went through as Belinda messaged me but i had no idea of the full extent, you did reallywell to keep calm & collected through it all you deserve a medal.

    I might get around to posting my birth story except i dont know everything that went on before Sophie came out i was high as kite on the gas and didnt have my eyes open alot, so will have to get around to asking SIL what happened as Chris wouldnt know.

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    yer i had tears in my eyes too, dropped on Jaylens head rofl...

    yer jo mum said to call her at ANY time if i need her, but i think im coping pretty well, gets a bit frustrating when he wont settle but thats babies 4 ya!

    well birth story... prob wont be that long as he came out pretty quick!!

    Got to the hospital at 5pm thursday to get the gel, went to my room and we waited there for about 2 hours for the ob to come! Midwives said that they might not do the gel 2night because there was already 2 or 3 girls in labour and there might not be a room for me lol.. Finally she came in, and put the gel in... Mum stayed for a while and then went home at about 11pm, i just watched TV, was having a few niggly pains but nothing bad.
    Thought i should try to get some sleep so i turned the light off, then a few hours later the pains started getting quite bad (well what i thought was bad at the time LOL) so i buzzed for a midwife and she gave me 2 sleeping tablets and 2 panadene.. did ABSOLUTLY nothing! Couldnt beleive it! So about 2 hours later she gave me a shot of pethadine, BEST stuff ever lol, didnt really take the pain away but took my mind off it cuz my head was so WOA high LOL...
    Got a few hours sleep and then at about 7.45am on friday the midwife came in and said that we were going to go into the labour room and put the drip in...i was thinking why do i need it when im having contractions but off we went anyway, rang mum and told her to come up, she got there at about 8.30am, i had the drip thing in my arm but nothing going into it yet, when mum got there the contractions were getting worse, she checked to see how dialated i was and i was 3-4cm... i was thinking omg i have like 6 hours to go...
    Then my gyno came in (hes hot may i add ) hehe, and he broke my waters to see if that would make things get going even more... WELL contractions started getting REALLY bad, no matter how i put my body it was uncomfortable, tried leaning over the bed, over a bean bag, over a fitball on the floor, nothing was working, so at about 9.45am im like, I NEEEED an epidural, i dont care lol, so she checked to see how dialated i was, and shes like, im afraid we have no time for pain releif, ur going to have this baby very soon... i was 10cm dialated! well nearly, there was still a tiny little bit to go, so after a few more contractions i felt like pushing, started off ok, then it was the most painful thing ever lol... then when the head was nearly out she told me to pant so i wouldnt tear, YER RIGHT, i knew in one push he would be out so i just pushed lol, i dont think i could have handled holding his head there, was so painful!
    And so he was born at 10.17am! The midwife put him onto my chest and all the pain went away, i was just so amazed that this little baby just came out of me! They wiped him a bit and he didnt cry so they gave him some oxygen and wrapped him up and gave him back to me, we had some time together, he had a bit of boob lol and then the ob came in and did my stitches...
    And thats about it lol!

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Ahhh... crying again. What a cool story Jess! You did so very well!

    Jo, look forward to hearing yours if you can piece it together!

    Mary, yeah, I think about it often. I found it very upsetting for the first couple of weeks actually. It kind of only hit me afterwards, iykwim. I think if they had've had any idea what was going to happen, I would've had a C too! I don't think they had time.

    Hey, my post has all question marks in it... I typed it in Word then copied it over. Sorry! pmsl

    I'm going to lie down, or something. I wanted to go and get a Hug a Bub (who has one of these out of you girls?) as he HATES the sling I have now. It seems to swallow him up and he doesn't like that. He also prefers to be upright. I have a Bubba Moe one. What a shame... Can't really be bothered going out though. My bits still hurt and I noticed I can feel a stitch - like as in the stuff they stitched me with - there is some hanging out. God, that's so gross. pmsl

    I'll be back later with far less information.


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    Billy Ocean Guest


    ps. Girls, if we clocked up 33 threads in the belly buddies thing, imagine how many we're going to have here!

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    Hi ladies,

    Kate - I totally understand how you feel about the whole breast feeding thing. I've been trying to get Amy's feeding sorted ever since she was born. My milk was late coming in and because she was premmie and jaundiced she was really sleepy for the first three weeks so my supply was almost non existent. I've now spent the past three weeks trying to get my supply up. I tried maxalon which didn't really work. I then went to a naturopath and the herbs that she put me on took 2 weeks to kick in. My boobs are sort of full now. I've been expressing after every feed (3 hourly feeds) for the past three weeks too. I'm just starting to wean off because it's doing my head in. I'm hoping that Amy can keep my milk supply up on her own. we are also supplementing with EBM and formula as one of my boo'bs isn't capable of producing enough milk for her. At the moment, judging from the supplement she's taking, I'm providing 3/4 of a feed for her. We'll see next Tues at the clinic appointment whether this plan is working. If it isn't then we go to full time formula as I don't really have any other choice. A week ago I thought I had post natal depression, as everything was getting me down, I didn't want to leave the house and all I could do was cry. The only thing that was getting me through was looking at my little angel, so I knew I didn't have post natal depression. It was just lack of sleep, stress and the stupid expressor. So this is a long winded way of saying if you need to chat, just pm me. I TOTALLY understand how stressful breast feeding can be. They say that it's the most natural thing.....yeah right. Hope you are feeling better now though xx

    Jo - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!

    Jess - Amy is going through a phase this week of feeding every 2 hours. I'm hoping it's a growth spurt. Either that or she's becoming a little piglet! Hehehe. She's had a couple of these episodes since she was born. It's nothing to worry long as he's putting on weight and all those other healthy signs are happening. Don't stress about the amount of milk you have until you have to. If he's putting on weight you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

    well better go. my sister has just popped in. Hope you are all doing well xx Luv Nik and Amy

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    Jess thanks for sharing your birth story, you must be so proud of what you achieved! I so wish I had less interventions!

    Kate, I still get occasionally teary about my birth. I feel disappointed that I went to caesar and cant help but think I may never have a 'natural birth' in the future either. I know I can try VBAC but if the same probs occur i wont be able to. I get teary that maybe I was too hasty to say yes to the caesar like that I chickened out because of the pain I had been experiencing. I always come back to the same conclusion that it was for the best for me and Addy, and maybe prevented all sorts of further complications, but it still just niggles at disappointment in myself. IYKWIM.
    I have a hug a bub but having a few probs with tying it tight enough or properly. I am going to meet someone to see if they can help me tie it properly. (see my thread in the baby wearing and slings forum)

    Jo, LOL on your DP 'proposal'!! or lack of. men a re funny arent they! My Sister got 'proposed' to with being given a ring on Christmas day and he said 'well how about it?' I was lucky, or should I say i 'coached' my man into a good proposal, cause after 7 years together I had given him so many hints on exactly what ring I wanted and had told hime it had better be romantic when he proposed! When he finally did (with champagne on the top of a mountain at sunset) I actually stopped him and told him he was supposed to be on one knee when he asked!! How cheeky was that!!

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    Nik, hope you are still going well. The breast feeding sounds very promising at last. Maybe you will improve so much you wont need to formula feed. I am sending strong wishful thinking your way. Just so you can have the least complicated feeding routine possible!

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Hi girlies and bubs!

    Nik, you poor thing. I feel much better now knowing it's not just me. I was beginning to think I had PND as well but I'm with you, I think it's just tiredness and stress and all the cr*p that goes with bf for those of us not lucky enough to have a huge milk supply. I haven't been very vigilant about expressing. Like, we went out yesterday for the whole day - I didn't take the pump. Where was I going to do it? I ended up giving him mostly formula. I sort of feel like I haven't tried hard enough but I'm doing what I can. To me, it's more important that I get back to sleep sometimes straight after a feed instead of sitting there expressing because I know if I don't get my sleep, I'll be depressed as anything the next day and do nothing!

    He is only 3 weeks old and it took you that long to sort it out so maybe it might increase. It's just so disconcerting to find that a WHOLE DAY of expressing isn't even enough for one feed.

    You guys sound like you're doing so well now though. I am with you on making the decision after your appointment. You can't go on like this forever. It takes away from the enjoyment of being a mummy!

    I'd like to keep putting hun on my bb's before each feed - even if he only gets a little bit, it's just a nice experience, now that it's not bl00dy hurting me!

    Mary, I felt like a bit of a wimp asking for the epi etc. but now I realise it was all meant to be. Imagine if it hadn't already been in? That would've taken even more time prepping me and who knows what could've happened. I think we make the right decisions for ourselves. As you said, you did what was best for you and Addy. I also think it's normal to feel a bit teary about it all. After all, it's not what we expected and had in our heads all that time. You certainly realise that it might not go exactly to plan but you never think it's going to turn totally upside down.

    As for the hug a bub, yes, it looks a little complicated. I thought the Bubba Moe would be ok but he just gets lost in it and looks kind of bent out of shape. I didn't really want a baby bjorn but hell, they look the easiest out of the lot of them! You just about need to go to school to learn how to wear the silly things and they are MEANT to make life easier!

    Nanny has just taken Billy and Ocean (grrr.. every time I write their names like that, the song Caribbean Queen comes into my head!!! ) for a walk. I wonder how she's coping...

    Off to Moo Moo land for a bit. Back soon!


    ps. Thanks for making me feel better - AS ALWAYS! You girls rock!

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    Ok while I have a quick few minutes while Amber is sleeping I will do my birth story....
    Last Sunday night I was getting niggly pains and thought we were about to start. They got progressively worse. I told DP I wanted to vacuum! So he did it for me. The pains got steadily worse. We started timing the contractions and they got down to 4 minutes apart and what I thought as painful. We rang the hospy and they said I could come in if I wanted to. So I went to emergency, couldnt go to the FBC as they were understaffed. We finally were taken to a ward where I was to be monitored. They put the CTG on me. About an hour later an obs came in and examined me. I was only 1 cm dialated so she gives me a panadeine forte and sends me home. This was 4am Monday morning.
    DP and I try to get some sleep and end up with about 3 hours. We had an obs appointment Monday arvo. She examines me and says I am now 3cm dialated. She does a stretch and sweep and reckons I could go naturally into labour over night. She did book me in for an induction the next morning. That evening the contractions started again. Quite painful but 10 minuts apart. I couldnt sleep at all. DP went to bed. I was pacing up and down the halls. Finally it gets to 5 in the morning, DP gets up and feels helpless in doing anything.
    We go to the hospital at 7am to be admitted for induction. There were a few other women in there for the same purpose. I was in quite a bit of pain so I managed to go through emergency. I then went down for another CTG. After this, I had to wait in the waiting room for a bed to become available. The hospital was chock a block.
    My contractions were getting worse and worse. DP gets up and tells the people that I cannot be there in a waiting room full of people having intense contractions. They ring around the labour wards but there is still no bed. They eventually decided the pregnancy monitoring unit was for me. So we get down there in pain and are seen by an obs who says I am 4cm dialated and need a bed. She rings around and finally there is one. I get to the labour ward at 10am.
    The contractions are getting worse. I am now wanting some pain relief. We try the gas. It goes straight to my head and I feel sick. I cannot have this anymore. My midwife is at lunch when I ring the buzzer. Another midwife comes in and I ask about an Epi. I had been going for quite some time and felt I could not get through this labour without rest. She starts to tell me the cons of an epi. Perhaps I should try the gas. Eventually she says she will wait til my midwife gets back from lunch.
    When she finally did she does another internal. I am still 4 cm dialated. They are going to have to start the synotocin drip to get things going and they will have to break my waters. She breaks them, they are meconium stained but ok. She then says perhaps an epi will be good because my labour will be quite sometime yet.
    The aneithatist finally comes... and oh the relief! So I am now bed confined, hooked up to the epi and the drip. I start to get an intense pain in my side which will not go away. They call the anethesit back, they fiddle and do a top up. The relief again is amazing. I even start to doze off. During this time there is a midwife shift change.
    Some time down the track the pain comes back again. Another epi top up... The relief! The obs comes and does another internal. I am now fully dialated but need to wait a bit more for the baby to descend down the canal a bit more.
    We now are coming up to midnight and the pain comes back in my side. Every time this pain comes, my whole body shakes. My third midwife of the day thinks I can use this now to try and push seeing as the epi had worn off some again.
    Into the stirrups we go and when I feel the need I push. The midwife keeps leaving the room which ammoys me no end.
    After about an hour of pushing, I finally tell them I am going to need help as I was utterly exhausted after 3 days of virtually no sleep and pain. She tells me to keep pushing but now the obs keeps coming back in. I again ask for assistance and they tell me they will use the suction cup to get this baby out.
    All of a sudden the room fills with docs and other people and machines. There were 2 obs there. They attach the suction to the babies head and the next contraction while I push they are pulling and pulling hard. I feel the burning of the head crowning. The next contraction is excruciating in pain and I feel this cannot get any worse. They all of a sudden I feel this major pull and out she comes. My contraction pains are gone. I hear a loud cry.
    Now they obs are at my business end. I ask how badly did I tear. They said they would have to wait until the placenta comes. I get the urge to push it out. I ask again about the tear. They sort of skirt around the issue. I find out later I tore 3rd degree.
    Amber arrived at 155am Wednesday morning. 3 days after my initial labour. She was a big 10 pound 4 ounce. The pulling on the suction cap and her size contribute to my tearing...

    If you get this far then you are a champ!

    My girl is stirring again.....

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    great birth story jen!

    well 2days been terrible, like i said b4 Jaylen was feeding every hour, well i think i said that lol, baby brain haha... and hes just been unsettled all arvo, feed him and he cries till the next feed lol.. slept on me for a few hours b4, but thats no use, i cant eat or sleep or anything lol, just fed him then and will have to let him cry in the bassinette for a bit, i havent eaten all day!

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