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Thread: Babies Born January 2008 #4

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    well we're all quiet in here 2night! getting some sleep i hope lol...
    Jaylens been pretty unsettled all day, not wanting to go to sleep after a feed... o well i cant complain, hes good 90% of the time hehe!

    omg has anyone seen that speeding ad, where they show pics of people who have been killed by speeding and its got their parents ect crying and a sad song ect? omg i just seen it then and balled!!

    well i might go lie on the couch, jaylen usually goes to sleep at about 9 or 10 but hes starting to settle now i think, and i wont get to sleep if i go to bed now...

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    Jess- yeah very quiet in here. Ive been spending quality time with Chris he's on night shift until Wednesday night and Sophies been sleeping between feeds so we've been watching House DVDs AGAIN haha, thankgod theres only 2 more discs to go and then he'll have to wait for season 4 to come out on DVD. Whincup [email protected]!, Holden cant seem to shake him haha, RIP to the driver that died and hopefully the other drivers that are in hospital get well soon.

    Nik- vent away dont hold back. Mark needs to understand why you cant keep BF, you need to make the best decision for both you & Amy. Chris hasnt been pushy with me BF he just wants me to Sophie for as long as i can and has agreed we should give her formula if i'm not full enough or if she needs a top up.

    Jen- Sounds like Amber has had a better day today i hope she kept it up over the afternoon and that she has a good night for you. Bummer that you cant give anything to Amber to help with the wind, hopefully she passes it all as Sophie was bawling the night she had bad wind. Today when ive fed Sophie and gone to burp her shes brought it up herself and ive tried to burp her anyway incase there was more but nope shed done it herself. Last night she pushed the bottle out of her mouth and to my suprise tried to put it back in.

    Where's Kate, Tiff, Mel and several other lovely ladies i havent seen in here today.

    Sophie's asleep now so going to try and have my chops & Mash potato that i managed to cook while she was dozing off and Chris was still home. Will bbl.

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    Hi ladies,
    Sorry, cant stay long...
    Feel like crap. I wonder if I have the start of mastitis? I had lumps and heaps of pain for a few weeks with ducts that were blocked and although I drained both sides with the pump I still have a sharp stabbing pain when feeding and a dull ache when not. I feel all tired and achey.

    I think Celeste has had a little cold already. She has been sneezing for a few days and had snotty sneezes plus she has a rattly chest and phlemmy spews sometimes. Although she is feeding fine and quite happy most of the time, she has been sleeping longer the last few days. I have had to wake her to feed cause she will go too long sometimes and I worry. She is also a bit unsettled. She will sleep lightly for ages, waking and crying on and off for an hour or more before settling into a deeeeeep sleep. Poor thing.

    Just wanted to let you know Jen that you can give Brauers Colic relief before 4weeks. I did when the chemist said so. It takes a day or two of doses before you notice a difference but it is more natural too. I think it really works. She is still windy but it does come up in big burps now.

    Well, I have a screaming headache stabbing me in the back of my eyes so I'm off for the evening.
    Good night all.

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    jo - yer a holden driver came 2nd, cant remember his name... yer whincup won it on sat AND sunday...
    was msging kate yesterday, shes all good! billys being good for her!

    sazz - aww hope u havent got mastitis i have them pains when i feed and when im not feeding, but i dont feel crap...
    Jaylen seems a bit phlemy when hes sleeping and after he feeds...he seems fine otherwise though so yer not sure... he has sneezed everyday since birth though, so if he starts doing it more we might go to the docs, he only sneezes like 2 or 3 times a day

    omg my skin is soooo horrible atm! i thought it would get better ater birth but think its gotten worse! got some pimple cream stuff but it doesnt seem to be working... ah i cant wait till i start looking nice again... get my hair done, nice clothes ect lol...

    WELL i dunno what to do with myself lol, went to bed when jaylen went to sleep last night at about 9.30 but just couldnt get to sleep, i still cant go to bed that early... jaylen will prob wake up at about 11 for a feed i reckon so hopefully he will settle after that feed and i can go to sleep..

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    Hi lovelies!

    Had a busy day today - hence not being around. Accidentally went to Baby Bunting and bought lots of stuff including a Baby Bjorn - which he hates so far - and a bath/change table thing. I had a change table and a bath but the bath I am having to put in the tub and the ensuite is too small and it's a bit dangerous getting him out with the glass shower screen etc. So, got this one where a bath pulls out from under the change table. You can wheel it around etc so I can take him into Mum and Dad's bathroom and bath him there where it's warmer. (no heating vent in mine) They had baby Bonds "racer" tees on sale from $15 something to $3! Bought lots. pmsl Had a good day.

    Jen, sounds like Amber might be settling a little better now. I hope so. As Sazz said, you can give the Brauer Colic Relief now. Billy's had it since the first week. My dr said it was fine also. Go for it. They love the taste and it's really worked for me. Billy is hopeless with wind too, mostly. How did the pram outing go?

    Jess, gorgeous pics! Sad about that driver dying hey? I haven't seen that ad yet. I will cry my as* off for sure.

    Sazz, I hope you're alright mate. Sending get well vibes to you.

    Nik, I got angry after I read your post. I know EXACTLY how you feel with the whole b/f thing. I didn't have pressure from anyone - I felt bad enough, as you know. You do what you think is right - which you had already decided - which I think was good, by the way - and maybe talk to Mark's mum. Seriously, people don't understand how stressful it is when it's all turning to cr*p and how it makes you feel. You've worked your butt off with it. Oh, and PLEASE don't apologise for venting - that comes from the queen of venters! Let us know what happens. Be strong and do what makes you and Amy happy mate.

    Jo, I want quick reply back too. BADLY! What is my problem? Clearly I have nothing better to complain about. PMSL!

    Girls, I can't remember what everyone else wrote and I'm so tired. Sorry. Hi Mary and Bindy and Karen and everyone else I missed.

    I'm having a day at home tomorrow - well, I think I should or I'm going to be really broke, really soon... so, I'll catch you all then.

    Good sleep to all.


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    Billy Ocean Guest


    ps. Jess, I love that pic of you and Jaylen.

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    oh, pps... girls, you know how I've been using lavender oil in the bath for BTK... apparently you need to mix it with baby oil first. OOPS!

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    kate - LOL 'accidently' went into baby bunting hahah! sounds like me, 'accidently' going into too many shops hehe!
    yer im sure all my money will be gone the min i get it, already have about $3000 spent already... 1500 for my credit card, paying chris back fo fixing my car which is about 1200, and paying off some fines ect.. GRR
    yer i need to get a changetable/bath thing, hurting my back having the bath so low down and changing him so low down
    yer the ad is sad as, im usually fine with stuff like that but omg its actually really sad, the longer one they play is sader, it goes for like 2 mins i reckon
    oh yer mum took that pic of me and jaylen on her phone! sooo cute haha! i love the pic u got in ur ticker!

    well i better go get ready for bed, jaylens starting to stir... hes been feedin every 2 hours sometimes 2day, ahh my bb's are sore!

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    ps. im SICK of not having the quick reply! haha

    pps. i took my belly ring out when i was bout 20 weeks preg i reckon, went to put it back in yesterday thinking i might be able to push it through or something, went straight through!! i was amazed lol

    ppps. u know how i was saying my skin has gone yuck? WELL my skin must be going through funny changes cuz the sleepers in my ears have gone black!? and they arent crap quality ones, they are from the jewellers LOL, very weird..
    ok im definetly going now, hope everyone gets sleep! including me lol, jaylens been a bit unsettled 2day and hes been sleeping noisily all day


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    ohhh jaylens been awake since 5am, im so tired! he just wont go to sleep and have fed him like 3 times since then! and when he cries its a different cry... but i dunno what he wants...
    he has a little blister on his top lip... will this just go away and does it affect feeding?
    ohh bbs, hes crying again

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    Hmmm Amber slept from like 1030 til 5 this morning. The health nurse said it was ok for me to let her sleep like that through the night but then she went back to sleep at 630 and is still asleep. I am going to wake her for a feed very soon because I feel like an amazonian woman. Now I will begin to worry that she is sleeping too much..... It never ends. She had a great day yesterday too with 3 2 hour sleeps. I hope she isnt coming down with anything either because she is congested a bit.

    Nice on the shopping Kate. When the baby bonus comes through I will be tempted to do the same. Plus Amber being a bigger girl, doesnt fit into 0000 and I have only really been dressing her in singlets and nappies, she will soon outgrow her 000. I have so many cute girl outfits too. I am going to try Amber in the baby bjorn today too. Our stroller outing yesterday was good. She didnt get too grizzly.

    Sazz- If you are feeling unwell, get straight to the doctors. If the wind gets any worse I might try her on the colic relief.

    Jo- You must be so over house right now. It will end soon. Luckily Sophie likes the noise. Is the weather any better there for you today?

    Jess- I hope Jaylen settles a bit better for you. Your baby bonus will come through very soon and you can go shopping again!

    Well I am going to attempt an outing today and be very brave. I will take the baby bjorn. Ben and I have to go to bunnings so we will see what happens.
    I am going to go and wake my daughter for a feed now.

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Jen, YAY!!! Go Amber. Nice work on the big sleep. Mate, you can't win. You worry when they cry, you worry when they don't. I think it's normal. With waking her for a feed, I had to do that with Billy - they said to give him one side, then change his bum, then the other. Maybe that will work for you. Just thinking out loud.

    I hope your outing goes ok today. PLEASE let me know how you go with the Baby Bjorn. Billy didn't seem to like it yesterday. Maybe I ought to persist though.

    Jess and Jen - seeing as you both had bigger bubs - are they fitting into the newborn nappies? At first they were huge on Billy but now, when I take them off, they are leaving marks like they are too tight. I put an infant (I think that's the next one up) one on him today and it looks kind of high up and big but much more comfy. He's only little so shouldn't he fit into the newborns?

    Jess, must be the hormones and changes in your body making your skin change and your body react to the earrings etc. It's funny hey.

    They pulled my tongue ring out before I went into surgery and by the time I went to put it back in, I couldn't. I'm not getting it done again. I LOVED it but can't be a**ed with all the pain etc and maintenance. Don't have time.

    That bath/table I bought was $169, which I don't think is too bad. It's kinda got brown colours, which I hate but who cares. The grey one was another $50! Bathing him in the bath is killing me so there was no way I was going to keep that up. Plus the room is so small in there, it's kind of dangerous taking him out. I can't wait to get this. They didn't have any in yesterday but said maybe today or Friday!

    Oh yeah, I'm getting a new phone today. I called 3 the other day to find out how much it was to pay my contract out as I HATE them and have had lots of problems etc. Anyway, they called me the next day and sucked me into a new contract with a new phone. At least I don't have to pay for the handset. Just the contract bit. They are also letting me out of my contract cheap - I am paying off TWO handsets because my ex (not Michael) smashed one and I had to get another. LOSER!

    I have organised for the Foxtel people to come tomorrow to put another point in the other lounge room for Mum and Dad. It's right accross from their room so that will be good. Then BtK and I can have the back part of the house and it won't matter if he's screaming - like now! pmsl

    I am going to Officeworks this morning (I think I better just take what money I need - I seem to be spending lots otherwise) to get some red envelopes to send my thank you's out in. Then going to take the bb pump back.

    Oh, speaking of spending, I bought stuff on ebay last night. Some of those wooden letters that spell out kids names etc. I got 30... all to make up BILLY, MUMMY, DADDY, NANNY, POPPY and OCEAN! I also bought a blue non toxic ink pad to make a foot and hand print. That'll be an adventure.

    Well, that's enough chatter from me. Gotta love typing on caffeine!

    I'll be back later.


    ps. Jess, I think those blister things are normal. Not sure what you do for them though.

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    jen - he stil hasnt stopped cryin lol, mum has offered 2 come in n take him 4 a walk so i can sleep but i dont rekin i would b able 2 sleep...

    kate - the newborn nappies r leaving marks but he stil has heaps of room in em

    k gota go again

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    Hi ladies,

    Man did we have a bad day yesterday. Amy had one good sleep but for the rest of the day she was so unsettled. I couldn't work out why. I think maybe she had tummy pains or something.....who knows with these little ones. She's fed every two hours this morning from 4am and has finally gone down so hopefully the rest of the day is ok. I wanted to go visit my cousin today but don't want to go if all Amy will do is cry. Not much fun at all!

    Just wanted to say too, thank you all for your supportive words. I never thought I'd get so much out of this forum but you ladies are something else. I've decided that I'm going to speak to the naturopath today and tell her I don't want to keep taking the herbs and we'll see how my supply goes without it. I'm going to start weaning really soon. I told Mark that I will try to make it to 12 weeks but I don't think I'll make it that long just cos Amy is taking bigger and bigger top ups and I feel like I'm wasting my time putting her on my bb's. I'm going to give her a formula only feed today for the next one and see how she goes.

    Jess - that sucking blister is nothing to worry about at all. Amy had one of those and I did nothing and it went away on its own. A little bit of dry skin came off her lip yesterday and now its totally gone.

    Kate - nice one on the purchases! Amy didn't like her baby carrier at first either but now she doesn't mind it. Mark just kept putting her in it and it only took a couple of goes before she realised it wasn't torture.

    Jen - that's great that Amber is sleeping but I know what you mean about worrying. if it's not one thing it's another! I'm the same.

    Sazz - i hope you haven't got mastitis but from the sounds of it you do. go to the dr just in case!!!!!! sending you get well vibes.

    Well, better go have a shower and see if my cousin is up for a visit. Hope you all have a wonderful day ladies. speak to you soon xxxxx Nik and Amy
    PS thanks again for your support :-)

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Jess, maybe I'm putting them on wrong, again! pmsl I hope Jaylen goes to sleep for you mate. Billy is having a cr*p day too. Has been awake all morning screaming his guts out. He just brought up a heap of wind and seems a bit more settled now so we'll see.

    Nik, I agree, I didn't realise how much I'd get out of this forum. I truly feel like I've made some good friends here. All you girls have been so supportive and understanding. I think we've all done a great job of looking after each other actually. I hope the naturopath goes well and thanks for the carrier advice - I will persist. He can't hate them all! (can he? )

    Back later girls.


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    well i thought i might try the dummy again and try and settle him, it worked, so he went to sleep for about an hr and a half, so i got a little nap lol! fed him and hes just sittin awake in his bouncer so hopefully he will stay quiet or go to sleep lol!

    kate and nik - i have gotten soooo much out of this forum, i dont think i'd be coping so well if i hadnt found it! and i feel like ive made some good friends too!

    nik - the blister seems to have gone down... lol i think it was from him feeding every hour!!

    kate - with the nappies they come just over his belly button and theres about 5cm gap in between the ends of the tags the stick the nappy on if that makes an sence at all LOL

    well im off to have lunch, mum told me off for not eating well enough, ahh i havent got time to stand in front of the stove and cook.. so i think i will have some veggie soup for lunch!

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    Hey Jess, I'm dobbing! I told Mum you were eating well. ha ha ha... now YOUR mum is on your case. pmsl!

    Do you make the sides of the nappies overlap or not? OMG, why is everything so confusing. I suppose he can wear the infant ones if they are fitting him and he's not leaking anywhere. Maybe he just pees a lot!

    I just had blue cheese for the first time since before I was pg. I was DYING for it. Guess what... I don't like it any more! Oh dear...

    Oh, Michael and his g/f have broken up. He and I are getting along like a house on fire. Makes you wonder how much his behaviour had been influenced by her. Apparently she's been fairly harsh with sharing their daughter too - as in, if they aren't together, he will hardly get to see her. Not nice.

    Anyway, that's my news.

    What else can I eat?

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    ps. Jess, what is that "blog entry" thing that's near where your location and amount of posts are?

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