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Thread: Babies Born July 2007 #16

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    Default Babies Born July 2007 #16

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in July 2007.

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    Enchanted Guest


    Things here are going well! Oscar had his first swimming lesson yesterday and he LOVED it!! I can't wait to go back next week! Sleeping is going ok but he's not going to bed until 11pm at night!!! He is still sleeping until 9am which is ok but I would really like some "me time" to just wind down a bit at night.

    Zofia- I hope Diana has stopped being cranky and that another tooth has popped through Ewww on the ****roaches though! We have had heaps of spiders in our house, so I think we will be getting Dawson's in!

    Sara- I'm glad your DH like his canvas! I bet is looks amazing on your wall! Snapfish has 20% off canvas' this week! So I am thinking about which photos I am going to get done!

    Megan- How exciting on Lucas' first tooth! We are still waiting for Oscar's... I keep thinking it can't be too far away because we get all different signs that one is coming through but we never get one!

    Sacha- Glad Autie is sleeping a little better now. It's so tough when they wake up repeatedly at night.

    Mel- Hope you're enjoying your time with your DH before he leaves again on Sunday and that your gorgeous little kiddies and doing well!

    Raels- That's no good at all about Oliver having a sore throat Hope he is feeling better soon

    to everyone else that I missed! I will BBL to finish off personals

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    Hi everyone, I promise to be back later to read back and post. I just thought I'd share my happy news that Charlize has put on 1kg, I'm so very excited and proud for her. I thought we'd never move off the 10kg mark, so finally after 10 months we have moved on. yey for her. Jack put on some too (no surprise there), he is now 9.6kg. His growth rate is starting to slow down now, but the MCHN said that is normal, as he starts to move around and eat more solids. How funny is this though, he and Charlize have the same size head 47cm WOW!! I know, what a boof head!!

    Anyway just thought I'd share the good news, promise to be back tonight once DH is at work and type up big.

    Take care all.

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    I can see a tooth!!!! Oh my little man, he is not a happy camper today. It is one of the top ones too. It may or may not cut through just yet but it is seems to be giving him some grief. I hate this teething business.

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    Grrr!! I was almost finished a big post and the computer came up with the error message and had a spaz attack on me!! I was just saying how lovely it was to sit here and have a cuppa and catch up while T was in bed. Now i have to type very quickly before he wakes up! It has just started absolutely pouring here and its very black - knowing my luck the power will go off next! Ok trying to remember what i was writing!!

    Danni - glad Oscar loved his swimming lesson. What kinds of things did you do in the lesson. T started his first on Monday and i felt the teacher was doing things that were too old for the babies like crawling over mats in the water - obviously none could crawl - and picking up balls and putting them into a basket. Most of the babies once they had a ball, there was no giving it up! The teacher had never taught babies before so i wasnt thrilled with the way she taught. I know he wont get much out of it and we will definately keep going because he had fun, i was just interested in hearing another lesson. You sound like you have a little night owl on your hands - i know what you mean about needing 'me' time. I love it at night when Tom has gone to bed and i can zonk out on the couch.

    Yay Mel on Charlize's weight gain! That is so cute that they are almost the same weight. Look forward to hearing more from you tonight.

    Mel (AMM) - i was just on Facebook - love your new pictures. What a beautiful family and you are another one with a spunky DP! Well done on getting your job. What are you going to be doing with Lucas while you are at work? I am thinking about going back to work soon maybe 1 or 2 days a week. I absolutely love being a SAHM but dont want to be out of the work force for too long.

    Sara - i also love your new photo on F/b. Is it the one you got blown up? It is gorgeous. Thanks so much for the tip on freezing avacado. It worked and i am so happy because i love it and have some for lunch everyday. This way i just need to get it out and defrost in the morning. Tom has had it last 2 days and really liked it which i was abit surprised about!

    Becc - you mentioned the food at creche. Can you send your own or do they decide what he is going to have?

    I know i am missing people - will have to go back to the other thread and see what i have missed out on. All these babies getting teeth! Tom hasnt got any but his gums look a bit different although he hasnt been frantically biting on things at the moment. Some days it seems like he is manic with pain, others he is fine. It must be frustrating for them.
    Everything here seems to be going well - touch wood - his night sleeping has improved although instead of sleeping right thru from 7pm to 7am on 4 bottles, he is waking at 10.30pm for a 5th and stirring at about 4am for dummy to be put back in and a pat to sleep. I have tried to introduce a cuddle rug because one of the girls at mums group mentioned he may be getting separation anxiety. He now sleeps cuddling his blankie so it may have helped a bit.
    No crawling here - unlike Avaleigh, V her video is gorgeous. DH has decide to 'teach' him to crawl - he puts a tea towel under Tom's belly and lifts it up off the floor. Tom kinda of has the hang of it but just cracks up laughing the whole time and then vomits from the pressure of the towel on his belly. Without the towel he has all the motions right, just cant get his big guts of the floor!
    He is sitting quite well, starts off quite straight and slowly leans more and more forward until he is nearly bent double. He likes to sit and play his piano. His other favourite toy - apart from his 'testers' (Sacha that was the funniest story ever) is a pink bra of mine that he stole while i was folding the washing. He loves it - another reason why i have tried to introduce the cuddle blankie. He doesnt like to be parted from it - a bit of battle to make him leave it in the car while we do the shopping! DH is in two minds about it - one part of his brain is thinking 'oh yeah, he's a tits man' the other part is thinking 'oh god are we going to come home and find him dressed in womens clothing'..

    Speaking of clothing we had some tree guys (aborists i think they called themselves) come yesterday to chop down some of our trees and naturally T slept in until 8.30am so they got here and i was still in my pyjamas with horrid hair. I tried to do the right thing and offered them coffee, of course they said yes so i was outside serving tea and biscuits and talking about new growth stalks, while in my jammies and no bra. I was so embarassed .

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    Danni - Wow 9am! That's been unheard of here since Autie was about 8 weeks. Though I must admit, it's nice to have her down by 7 for exactly the reason you mentioned! Maybe you could try just cutting back by 10mins each couple of nights if you'd like that time. Of course then you probably wouldn't get your lovely sleep in...

    Great news about Charlize Mel. Sounds like Jack is going to be a front rower! Autie is still hovering around the 7.5kg range as of a month ago. When's your meeting with your client again? I've still got my pregnant forgetful brain Do any of the newspapers up there do a baby book each year? The Gold Coast Bulletin does one which came out last week and Autie is in there with all the other babies born 2007 - cute as a keepsake.

    Poor Oliver Raels. I never had wisdom teeth pain but I've seen others with it and wonder if it's the same intensity for bubs. Must make them miserable. You didn't miss any get together as far as I know of BTW. We should probably get off our a$$es and make an effort huh?

    Em, that's so funny with the crawling towel - sounds like something my DH would do! I'm glad Tom is sleeping better for you. The cuddlies do help a bit don't they? Autie has had a little elephant head one since birth, christened Johnson for some reason, and she loves to smoosh her face in it and tuck it under her tummy to sleep on. LOL at the bra - at least it wasn't knickers!

    Swimming lessons - if you google Laurie Lawrence and go to his site you can get 5 free swimming lessons done by video, and they explain really well what you need to do for babies. I want to start Autie on some real ones soon, but it's a good way to have an idea what to expect of them and for them.

    It's soooooo good having DH home! Today I got an afternoon nap while daddy and Autie played in the rain (apparently) And right now, dinner is being taken care of while I'm on here. I know it involves garlic and anchovies crushed in the mortar - whatever it is, I'm doing a Homer drool.

    Anyone with pay tv seen that show Jon and Kate plus 8? The mind boggles at 2 six yr olds and 6 two yr olds - that's gotta be a high stress situation no matter how well you seem to cope!

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    Em- Hope the avo works well for you. I remeber that you put lemon juice on bananas to stop them going brown. I figured it was the same principle.
    Thanks for the comment about the facebook pic. I now have paint shop pro, so I spend all my time fiddling around with pics. Gotta love digital and technology!

    Sacha- I love that show. I like watching it and thinking- Gee how good have i got it here? Its a crack up, she is sososooooo organised- but as she says- you hae to be with 8 children.

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    Hi everyone

    Wow, another thread already. I am finding it so hard to keep up!

    Diana did two poos in the potty today. (None in the nappy, woo hoo.) I have also finally finished a painting for Diana that I started shortly after she was born. (I put a picture of it in my photo gallery if anybody wants to have a look.) Now I need to find somewhere to hang it. Our stupid apartment has brick walls, so can't put a hook in anywhere. At the moment it is hung with blu-tack. Hope it stays up.

    I have been approved for a parenting payment, which means that if I don't get a job, I can at least get a benefit. Yay! Diana needs some new things such as a playpen, so having a bit of extra money will come in really handy.

    Em - LOL at serving tea and biscuits in your jammies. I'm sure that the arborists didn't care and were just grateful for a cup of coffee.

    Hi to everyone else. Will be back tomorrow with some personals hopefully.

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    Hi Ladies

    IM BACK!! and i have to say i am never ever moving again! It was so hectic, but we are here in the new house and loving it, mostly lol, there is an ant problem here and if there is something sweet around they will find it. Oh and some stupid person turned our hot water off at the meter box, so for the last 24hrs there's been no hot water so i have had to boil water so me and ethan can have a bath! I rung the electrician this morning to come and check it out, but im so glad he never turned up, i would have been so embarrassed if he had of said to just turn it on I only found out about half an hour ago when the lady next door came and told me about it and it wasn't only mine it was about 10 houses in the street!

    Well Ethan has been crawling for the last 3 days Im so proud of him, but i wish he had waited til we were organised here lol he had perfect timing the first day we fully moved in he was on the go! I had to rush around and get as organised as possible as he was getting to everything. He is also having solids now and eating so well, he has Rice cereal with fruit for breakfast, some yoghurt at lunch time and vege's for dinner, he loves zucchini and sweet potato. At the moment we have a frozen selection of Sweet potato, zucchini, carrot, pear, apple and watermelon. Also i feel like the happiest mummy in the world atm!! After 6 months of poor sleep, ethan is now sleeping well (a result of solids and crawling me thinks!) He goes to bed anywhere between 7 and 9pm (depending on his afternoon sleep) And sleeps till 3am has a bottle and back to bed by 3.30am and then sleeps till 8am!! He has two day sleeps, 2hrs mid morning and anywhere between 30mins - 2hrs in the arvo

    As i mentioned before i had my beloved cat put down lastweek, it was the hardest day of my life but she is pain free and at peace now. I still miss her being on my bed at night, but she was buried here at the new place so i put fresh flowers on her grave every 2 days and say good night to her everynight.

    Ok ladies i wont attempt personals, but willl keep up to date now. Just wanted to say Hi and let you know whats been happening around here! BBL

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    Megan76 Guest


    Hi all!!

    Well Lucas has recovered thank goodness......oops and has just woken up, always the way! BBL

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    Hi everyone,

    Bit quiet in here today again. You all must have a life! Not

    Well, no sign of the tooth cutting the gum yet. DF tells me he can't even see it! I told him he needs to have a womans look - like when he can't find his socks at 5am.

    TOJ - Great news about Ethan sleeping! You must be loving that! And on the crawling. And moving does suck doesn't it! So sorry about your cat too.

    Sacha - how was your dinner? And yes, we should organise a meet up. We could meet up half way.

    Em - that is gorgeous about your little man and your pink bra. Oliver is so bored with his toys - all 500 of them - that I have been emptying the cupboards and drawers of all the plastic spoons and bowls. He is having a great time with them.

    Megan - thats great news!

    Not much to say here, Oliver is having his second sleep of the day. Went up to the shops earlier to buy a new bikini but don't know why I bothered. I freakin hate cellulite! So I stopped at Hungry Jacks on the way home and bought a meal complete with the icecream. Might go for a swim, in my old swimmers, and work it all off.

    Hope everyone is having a great day!

    Raels and Oliver x0

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    Hi All
    Yes it has been quiet in here lately- with bec being back at work there seems to be hardly anyone in here these days. Raels- maybe you and I should make a chat date. Being on the computer is my downtime. I love it- wether being on BB, searching net, playing games. Gee I sound like a computer nerd (I am not really I promise!) I am not normally!

    Well at mothers group, Kaetlyn decided to show off her mobility skills and crawl around. The nurse lady was so excited she said, in 2 weeks when the occupational therapist/physio comes Kaetlyn can show off her crawling skills. I thought it was commando crawling but the nurse said, no thats classified as crawling. Oh I didnt want this day to come, now I cant put her down and leave her where she was put. Oh she is growing up way to fast
    I am so exctied though, I cant wait to show Aaron when he gets home tonight just what she was doing.
    Last edited by blueflower; February 7th, 2008 at 01:27 PM. Reason: fix my stupid grammer!

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    blueflower - Yes we should!! The computer is my down town too. Hey was it you who attends the ABA meetings? Barb suggested I join a group in my area and I was just wondering what they are like? What do you actually do there? Yay for Kaetlyn on the crawling! It is sad that they have to grow up but very exciting at the same time.

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    Hey Realene can I add you to my msn? U can add me if you like

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    Yeah absolutely!

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    You don't have a little icon thingy though.

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    I just realised that! sorry, adding you now

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    I'm online all the time.
    Just don't have anything worthy of typing.

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