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Thread: Babies Born June 2006 #20

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    Morning ladies.

    Well, nothing new over here. Kiddies still sick (not as bad as last week, but just bad enough i cant send them to daycare) And my tonsilitis is so bad i cant eat... Spose thats a good thing, doesnt give me a chance to comfort eat!! (Darn, i have a block of turkish delight in the freezer...) I reckon im gonna go crazy if they dont get better. For some unknown reason, Anneliese was up for the majority of the night, and im knackered. Anyone want a sick kid (or 3)?? Free to good home...

    Bath, I didnt think you were anything over about 30ish, you look so young My dad's like your DH, he's 42 (was only 20 when i was born) and now that he's single girls love his "youthful" looks, he has a couple of grey hair (courtesey of my teenage years) and most people think he's only in his mid 30's!! I hope i inherited those genes!!

    IK - Even though it was awful dealing with the birth of a premmie, im glad i finally got a "little" baby. With both my boys being big (9lbers) it nice to have sometihng that fits so well in my arms. And since she's only just started holding her head up while she's on tumy time, i think she's a while off anything else...

    Girls - thanks for your hugs, i needed them

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    Where is everyone?? Ill talk to myself then

    Just sitting in bed, watching Finding Nemo with declan, the other 2 are asleep.

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    New thread time girls


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