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Thread: Babies Born May 16th - 31st 2008 #2

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    Gee for awhile there i thought i was going to have to get some housewrok done when i couldnt get on here .lol

    NaNa we will miss you ... you will have to keep notes and post a 3 pages when you get back on good luck with the move. Hamish looked gorgeous in his top, i have posted a pic in the gallery.

    Hamish is now feeding regularly 3 hourly during day with last feed at night around 8 then sleeps to anything from 5 to 7am so i am very happy with that, He cat naps in the morning and has one bid sleep around 2 to 3 hours every afternoon, which is fab. Dp had a great fathers day and hamish was well behaved all day, we had tea at my parents last night so he got to play with his cousins (he has 11 cousins and 9 are boys) 6 of them were there last night so he was very spoilt by the older ones. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

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