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Thread: Babies Born May 2006 #46

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    sheree - hope Lachlan ended up going to bed okay. Can you still have baby brain when your child is 21 months old???LOL

    tania - its great that you are feeling regular movements in ther now, woohoo, not long til the big scan! Just remember that Chris is just a mere male......we females are strong enough to put up with them.

    sara - oh bum, having the flu on Valentines Day, not very romantic. tell Brent to cook tea when he gets home he he he.

    Happy valentines day everyone, hope you are being spoilt. We ren't celebrating it today, we celebrated it on Saturday night at the motel instead.

    Well i have gone and done it.....Archie is officially enrolled at childcare, 1 and a half days a week!!! I am dreading the first few days. He is starting in the first week of March, that way i have the chance to take him to childcare for a play several times before he starts to familiarise him with it all. I will be volunteering at a different centre one day a week for my course, wuite nervous about working again, as its been 2.5 years since i have worked anywhere and 7 years since i have worked in childcare, oh well back on the horse, so to speak. Feeling nervous about my counsellor appointemnt in an hours time....gosh i hope she makes a difference

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    Between you and I we will let you have baby brain Elissa. oh and gl for your appt today I am sure it will go really well. GL.

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    time for a new thread everyone

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