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Thread: Babies Born November 2006 #5

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    Default Babies Born November 2006 #5

    This thread is for parents who's baby was born in November 2006.

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    curlylocks11 Guest


    hi everyone, thought i would pop in and see how everyone is doing,w ill read back now and maybe post personals tomorrow... very busy at the moment

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    curlylocks11 Guest


    just had to say:

    kim - congratulations on your pregnancy, i noticed your ticker, wow, they will be close together

    also, my quick update...
    Samantha had her 4 month immunisations today and she now weighs 7kg, is 66.5cm long and has a small head, only 39cm...

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    hi Curlylocks - nice to see you. Samantha is doing great isn't she?

    I thought it might have been too good to be true, didn't have a good night last night at all - I think Aston was up more then he was down! Not sure what was going on. So needless to say I'm shattered this morning, and are not doing anything. the packing can wait. We got heaps done yesterday, so I'm having the day off. I hope he is more settled tonight...

    hope everyone is having a good day

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    Hello girls!!!

    Sorry been MIA. Just took ages to catch up reading and now Jovie's awake . Having some rest days here with not much movement. I've been just really working hard at going easy on myself. I will get there...

    Now I won't be able to do many personals...but I'm so glad to hear how all our babies are going.

    Kim - I hope your DH gets good rest this weekend while you are away!! Have fun.

    Vicky I hope you get some rest today, I know you have heaps of packing but you need sleep, I think they are all getting to an age where they understand more of what is going on around them, so maybe the packing made him unsettled??

    Us... we've had bad nights this week. I think it could be a growth spurt? I started taking some Maxalon to increase milk production because she was up every 2 hours for 4 nights and I am shattered... last night she slept through so maybe that was it. Who knows LOL.

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    curlylocks11 Guest


    i have a fairly unsettle baby at night as well, she goes down at 7pm, but then wakes at 2am for a feed, and then 5am... i get very tired

    Vicky - have fun packing, i remember that too well
    Christy - good luck with increasing your milk production

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    Coburg -Melbourne


    hi Ladies,
    Have been busy lately so just spent awhile catching up on everyone. I have miraculously gotten Logan through 45min sleep cycle so he is still sleeping -Yippeee! Mind you, he was up every 1-2 hrs last night so not suprised he needs more now.

    Vicky - was about to say yay to you for Astin sleeping through. Hope last night was a "one off". Must have been a weird night cos Logab was also even more unsettled than usual. Aggh packing! I haven't even started and we will be moving in the next coupleof mths. Dreading it!

    Christy - WTG on starting back at work. I still couldn' even contemplate it. a) no energy and b) couldn't leave Logan with anyone for that long. I used to love running puppy schools but became to difficult having a vet run them - to many people wanting a free consultation! How is Jovie's reflux? Are you still using hammock or is she in her own cot now?

    AJP - what a great job you are doing getting your girl's weight up. Must make you feel so much more relaxed. Hope you end up getting something out of the PND group. Did ou get along with any of the other women? or was it all to awkward? I'm still free to catch up next week if you would like

    Ann - The whole resettling thing is sooo hard eh? DS sleeps only 45min naps during the day and often only 2hrly at night. He is not happy about it either - wakes up screaming, obviously needs more sleep but difficult to settle. Mind you, every now and then he just does - like today, I just pooped dummy back in and bounced the hammock for few mins.

    Kim - how is your poor DH? Sounds like a stressful few days for you. Just what you need with a baby and pregnancy. Great at least that Chels sleeps well at night. means you can rest up a bit (hopefully)

    Blanchie - How's Emelia's arm doing? Great that she is growing so well!

    Not much news here. Still struggling with sleep but at least Logan seems a bit more settled when awake. Starting to grab at toys and tolerate tummy time a bit better.
    Oh, on Monday, guess what I discovered? ----- teeth!! Yep, at 3mths he has is lower teeth. Fortunately hasn't bitten mummies BB's yet!
    Oops - he is awake but can't complain - we have had almost 2hrs sleep!!!

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    Good on you Christy for taking care of you. Good luck with restocking the milk bar darlin - your preserverence is inspiring. I think you might be on to something about Aston being unsettled because he is picking up on what is going on around him. I have done absolutely NOTHING today. sat and watch telly, and listened to the rain...again!! think I'd better start building an arc!

    meredith - good to see you hun, been thinking about you, and wondering how you are doing. Wow on the teeth! They really play havoc with them you know, and that is what may have been bothering him for ages....3mths is early - look out for your boobies. I decided the best way to deal with the packing was to do it while Aston was sleeping, and leave it totally alone while he was awake! and not get stressed about it. and it seems to be not getting stressed, and the packing is getting done...

    Well the little man is obviously catching up on shuteye, or maybe he isn't very well??? going to have lunch with DH in a bit out, as a reward for getting so much done.

    take care all

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    Meridith - Teeth! fantastic. Ella's is still under the surface and arent breaking through yet but she loves her teething toys.

    Vicky - Ella loves the camera and i think the camera loves her.

    Christy - Ella had a growth spurt a week ago and seems to have settled back into her 3am feed before waking at 7am. But i looked into increasing my milk because she was coming off complaining. I've noticed the additional water and milk has helped a little.

    Oops she's awake now. Going to the hairdressers for a much needed hair cut. I'm losing quite a bit of hair these days as well but i've got a lot of thick hair so i'm not fussed.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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    Hi Ann

    Just thought I'd mention - Just before AF returned, Aston was coming off the breast complaining too.I wondered what was going on, if my supply was low etc etc..apparently the change in hormones can change the taste! Once it AF arrived it all made sense. anyway could be that as well...also losing hair - breastfeeding does that. Sorry if you know all this already.... Enjoy the hairdressers, its one of my favourite things to do having someone wash cut and blow dry my hair. very relaxing.

    Aston slept better last night YAY. I think it will make a world of difference him being in his own room. then he can sleep as noisly as he

    Think i am going to start packing up the kitchen today. everything that doesnt need to be used in the next week can go in a gad...a week, thats all thats left.

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    oh my god i'm glad i'm not the only one going bald!!!!!!, i'm loosing soooooo much hair it's not funny it's everywhere.

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    lol AJP - its horrid isn't it. I had my hair cut short so I wouldn't notice it as much. got sick of having long black hairs everywhere...

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    Hey ladies....

    Having a good time to visit my friends for lunch and my facial tmrw.... 2 hours of ME time?!!! Chelsea is going shopping with a friend while im having my facial.

    Dh is worse again... back up in emergency... and im 900km away....

    I will do personals when i return home on Sunday but i hope ur all doing well!

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    Kim - sorry to hear DH is back in hospital. Hopefully this time they diagnose it. Have fun with your ME time. I'd love t have a facial but i'll save that for another month.

    The hairdressers was great but when i got back Ella was really unsettled! She was so upset. We had tears and she was blowing bubbles with her nose (it was funny but so sad). I don't know what was wrong - she was with her dad at work. All she wanted was to cuddle so maybe she missed her mummy...! Made me feel so guilty for taking time off to have a hair cut.

    Vicky - Ahhhhh good point i'll keep an eye out and see if that's the problem. Happy packing!


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    Coburg -Melbourne


    Ahhh, the hairloss. Mine is shocking!! Hair EVERYWHERE. Between me, the dogs and the cats, I could fill te vacuum daily (if I had time to vacuuum that often...hehe!)

    Ann - glad you made time for "you" with a haircut. Don't feel bad that DD was a bit unsettled. We all all need to get over the guilt of leaving our babies - says me who has barely left Logan for more than an hr or 2 since birth!!

    AJP - how are you doing? Still having issues with the family?

    Vicky - GL with the packing. I am still contemplating it all!

    Kim - hope your DH is ok. Must be a worry being away from him.

    We've been out tile shopping today for our new bathrooms. Managed not to argue with DH and Logan was a real trooper only cracking it after several hrs. We didn't quite decide on everything but very close which was great.
    Now I have managed to get the young man to sleep after some screaming (overtired from the day out I think) and he got through 45mins again on his own... YIPEEE!
    I barely know what to do with myself if I get more than 45mins . I should be cleaning up the house.

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    Nov 2006


    Hi everybody,

    Just a quick hello..hope everyone is well

    had to take Emelia to docs yesterday she has a cold poor little thing all congested...doesnt understand wats going on..she will only sleep in her rocker (which she is way to big for now!!!) cos it sits a little bit upright it helps her breathing.shes really cuddly which is nice hopefully it will pass soon.

    anyway ill try get back on soon and catch up on things but atm im like a zombie !!!
    hope everone has a great wkend

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    Hi meredith well done on getting out and picking tiles - godf I shudder just thinking about renovating or building a house. The day will come I'm sure, but if I had to do it right now....eek.. just moving is enough. We have had lots of success on the packing front though, and achieved heaps this week. kind of at the stage where we can't pack much more because we are still using the stuff. come Thursday I am going to go the paper plate route I think, and takeaway, so I can pack up the kitchen entirely. The removalist arrive at 8am Saturday morning, so it will be go go go. DH and the kids have been out doing the yard all afternoon, and because someone has to be around to look after Aston I have been having a lovely time inside the aircond... naughty eh...

    Well done on the sleeping too. do you find yourself going into look at him after 45mins, because you have become so used to that time frame? Since last sunday Aston has slept thru 4 out of the six nights. I'm hoping that when we move and he is in his own room that the sleeping thru will be more often then not. He "talks" in his sleep, cooing away, and he is sound asleep!! lol funny boy.

    Ann - glad you enjoy your "me" time. very important that we get some when we can. So don't feel guilty about it...ella was just giving daddy a hard time, just because she Aston did that to DH when I went and had a massage...They just "KNOW"

    Kim - I'm so sorry that DH is not doing he any better today? How are you doing?

    We have family coming over this evening - what on earth possessed me to agree to that when we are surrounded by boxes I'll never know! so I best going and get ready... have a good weekend everyone

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    Oh Blanche - poor darling girl. Hope she is better soon. My big kids have colds at the moment, and I have the sneaking suspicion that no matter how hard I try Aston will end up with it ... try and rest when she is if you can. take care.

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