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thread: Babies Born October 2007 #10

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    It took me so long to type my last post (settling Kieran for a nap, making Joel lunch in between...) that there were three more posts when I finally posted!

    Rebecca - Sorry you had such a bad weekend. DH's can be such a pain sometimes! My DH got home at 2am Saturday morning which is annoying because I need him to not be sleepy during the day to help me out with the boys.

    Celtic - Great to hear from you again! Sounds like Ryan is going really well, how awesome are his sleeps?!

    Viv - We have an overflow problem as well. That's weird that it doesn't happen with EBM, maybe it is a let-down issue like you said?

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    Dec 2006

    Thanks for the reassurance ladies. I agree with everyone - I think it's unusual too as I said before on good days he is so, so content. And yeah I agree Viv - babies who are kept close normally feel very secure with their needs met, so something else has to be happening. Hopefully get some answers soon.

    Viv - Mateo vomits when my let down is really big (if he has gone 4-5 hours between feeds and my boobs are like rocks) so that could be it with JJ? The little poo vomited all over me on Sunday in Garden City and of course I had no spare clothes so had to walk around for the first hour looking like I'd wet my pants!! (Domenic said - don't worry people can see you've just had a baby and maybe your bladder control is not as good as it used to be! Didn't help the situation!)

    Miss Kate - Thanks for reassurance (your poor little unsettled nephew!! I wonder why some babies are like that?)

    Nickers and Becky - hope bubs are better soon! Mateo got sick at 2 weeks old - was terrible! We used vapouriser, Baby vicks on his clothes and saline drops to clear the snot which was excellent - especially just before a feed so he could breathe properly.

    Rebecca - I think that is really slack with your DH - I would be might angry too!!! Hope Caitlyn is having a better day.

    I had other things to say to people but now I can't remember!! *Sigh* So tired!!

    Mateo is lovely and content today.. here's hoping it continues. I am a bit excited cause I am about to start scrapbooking a baby album! Yey! Should be fun!

    Looking forward to Friday meet up too! xox

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    Nov 2007

    Hi everyone. Hope you are all having a great day.
    Ethan is driving me crazy. He is really tired but then only sleeps for 40 minutes and wakes up. It takes ages to get him back to sleep so I am getting nothing done. I love being a Mum but sometimes I wish I could turn him off for half an hour. Does that sound stupid?

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber & MPM

    Feb 2007

    Hi Alz, sorry to hear you are having a rough time with Ethan. Babies do 40 minute sleep cycles and sometimes they need help getting back to sleep at the 40 minute mark. My DS1 was a shocker and you could predict the exact minute he would wake up. He slept in a baby hammock (because he was unsettled all the time) and we would pre-empt his wake up and bounce him back off to sleep. Sometimes this would take AGES and would drive us bonkers, so no it doesn't sound stupid, I wished I could have turned him off for a while too! It is so frustrating when you can't get a lot done, I sympathise with you, that is my life EVERY day right now! It will get better and easier, I promise

    Star - Glad Mateo is more settled today. Good boy giving mummy a break!

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    Amelia Guest

    I hope he gets better soon cause he is suppose to be getting his needles this Saturday.

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    Jan 2007
    South West Sydney

    Been a while since I posted ladies so hello again.... seems like there have been a few sick bubs and mums lately which is no good - hope everyone gets well again soon.

    ggrr, just got a telemarketing call....i used Hayley as an excuse and hung up on her... I don't need half price shutters, i need sleep!

    Have my 6 week checkup tomorrow - not looking forward to it

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    becky Guest

    POO you Viv! Oh well - if something happens and you decide to come, you know where we'll be!

    Garr! Im sick of this cold already! My poor babies. It doesnt really seem to be affecting them at all, they just have constant runny noses at the mo.
    Took them to see Santa today. As soon as we got within 2 metres, Liam started bawling (if he is further than that away, he is quite happy to watch and wave and blow kisses etc.). So I had to sit in on the photo with them. He was ok. Chels is looking stragight at the camera, and so is Liam, but neither of them are smiling. LOL. Liam was to upset. Good photo though.

    Had Chelsea's baby clinic appointment today too. She weighs 5.15kg, and is 59cm. She has had a huge growth spurt in the last week I reckon. Still in 0000 though and newborn nappies.

    So who of us are coming Friday now?

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    Mar 2007
    Live from the Gold Coast

    hey y'all with bubs in newborn huggies...

    i still have a bunch that need a home. anyone want them? i'll bang them in the post for you.

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    Nov 2006

    Hey! I was giving away free nappies first:P LOL

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    Jul 2005

    well Viv funny you should ask. Yes it is quiet difficult at times to take EBM out if i need to feed Tyron.
    certain places these days will not give you boiling water to sit your bottle in because if i spill it and burn myself / bub i coul sue them. But you are not suppose to microwave ebm because it takes all of the good nutrients out of them. I come a cropper one day in westfields i went to the parents room, tried to heat it up by sitting in the bowl with boiling water. However the tap is set on a certain temp and no where near hot enough to warm it up.
    Luckily this happened the time where he was still on again off again and i went and sat down and actually breast fed him.
    But now i tend to take a back up. I have the bottle of ebm (kept cold in a cooler bag) and a bottle of cooled boiled water and some formula, so if its impossible to heat ebm up i can give him formula.
    He is basically having 1 formula bottle in a 24hr cycle because of this.
    So its still not easy lol!
    and its not like i can heat up the ebm before i go because if he doesnt want it then it goes cool again you cant re heat it....

    Im pretty much doing all that you guys suggested, Poor tyron sounds so aweful, when he cries its like he has almost lost his voice. His temp is still fine and the snot has turned green. Considering all this he is still o in himself. Still drinking, lots of wet & dirty nappies.
    He cant seem to keep sucking the dummy though cause he coughs in his sleep and he snorts because he is clogged.
    Doc wouldnt do immunisations while Ty is sick so theres another bloody visit to the doctors again next week....
    alz-tell me if you find the "off" switch to childen lol i'd like to have that ability also!

    i just manged to get some awesome chrissy pics of the boys which i am going to use for christmas cards, i'll let you know when i upload them.

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    Nov 2007

    Sorry girls. Can't find the off switch.

    I just got a call from the doc. Ethan has a urinary tract infection! He has shown no signs of being sick except for a slight temp yesterday but it was a really hot day. Maybe this is why he is not sleeping well. The doc has scared me slightly because she rang the paed (who couldn't see me for Ethan's first appointment until the 25th Jan) and they have pushed him in for tomorrow. I know I shouldn't worry because he is still fairly happy but I stress at the slightest of things. How could he have caught the infection? Anybody got any ideas?

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    Feb 2007

    alz- if you find the off switch let me know! Housemates work aswell have a friend staying with us atm who is becoming ryans 2nd mummy hehe

    trish-i know how u feel went to post and had taken me so long to type id been logged out and had 4 ppl post lol

    Katie-I know how you feel! We also had a bleephead doorknocker for JackGreen who tried to sign me over without asking for the sale and when I said I wanted to read abt it first said that I could read abt it during the cooling of period and wouldnt let me go with Ryan screaming in the background and came back another 4 times!! I trialled to work 4 them so I know their tricks was so annoyed!

    Immunisations tomorrow for ryan bet he's going to love it :-S

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    Nov 2006

    Good luck everyone who is having their needles, and check ups!

    My Nan is fine thank god! Thanks for your thoughts everyone!

    Had the man weighed today, was really hoping he would crack the 6kgs but was out by 100g or so!

    So friday is the day girls who do we have...Me, Kate, Becky, Amelia?, Star( so sorry have forgotten your name already ooops please forgive me)
    11:30 outside BigW!

    Have to go organise dinner, yummy veges mmmm!

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    Amelia Guest

    I was coming to the Bris Meet Up but I will have to see how Rhys' cold goes.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005

    The day started so promising. L had a feed at 11.45pm, settled straight away, slept until 4.45am, mind you took over an hour to feed and settle him, but we both then slept until 7.30am. I was so excited as looked like it would be a good day. DH returned to work today after 7 weeks at home with us.

    The day then went to carp. He hasn't had more than 30 minutes continuous sleep all day. I have tried everything: feeding, swaddling and reswaddling, burping, play time, letting him scream it out - with and without me in the room, putting blankets on him and taking them off. He spits his dummy out and I put them back in. He is quiet now, but that is only temporary. Anyway, DH will be home soon so we will bathe him, I'll feed him and then put him down. Hopefully that will do the trick. As far as I'm concerned DH can look after him for a while tonight - I've had enough. No can't find that off switch either.

    Star - sorry to hear Mateo is so unsettled. Hope the paed can provide you with some answers.

    Celtic - I like the photo of Ryan, very cute.

    Brissy girls - I'm coming on Friday.

    Hugs to those of you with sick bubs. Its hard enough when they are perfectly well, let alone when they are snuffly.

    Will post this now before anyone else posts, the internet dies or I am called away to mummy duties.

    Hi to everyone else I haven't said hi to.

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    Nov 2007

    Saffi - sorry to hear that you are having a tough time with your little man. A couple of weeks ago I was having that problem too. It didn't matter what I did Ethan would still cry. Hang in there. It does pass. I our case it was the formula that we were giving him. Once I put him on soy he became a different baby. It is a good idea to let dad have some time with him. I found that as soon as hubby got home from work I would hand Ethan over and take a break. It did help with my sanity. Remember you need to look after yourself!!!

    Hope you have a good night and a better day tomorrow!

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    Dec 2006

    A blissful day!!!! Feed, sleep, play, lots of smiles... no crying! :-)

    Yes, I am still coming Friday... Hee hee Amber - that's fine (it's Terri!) - I kept calling poor Nerida Saffi last time (felt so bad) so completely understand!!

    Nerida - That'll be bloody right, first day at home alone and little man plays up! It's quite exhausting when you've got no-one to give him to for a break isn't it? Put your feet up tonight and let DH take over!

    Viv - I definitely won't say no to some nappies if you can't think of any other use for them? I will be at the coast next week (my parents live at Burleigh) until after Xmas so can pick them up from you or you can post them - whatever you would prefer and is easiest for you.

    Nickers - I always wondered why you couldn't microwave breast milk! What a pain when you go out!!

    We tried to give Mateo EBM from a bottle yesterday and he just gulped and carried on like a pork chop and then screamed with a belly ache after only drinking about 20ml!! We used the Avent newborn teat - anyone got any ideas what's going on there? It would be nice to have one feed's break!


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    Feb 2007

    Ange have you been to the Christmas Lights in Frankston?
    Is it worth going to see?

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