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Thread: Babies Born October - November 2005 #21

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    Nikki - We'd love to have your house as wel!! But the prices just aren't like that out this way...we're already now going as south as we feel comfortable but we have a long wish list that we're trying to fill in the lowest price range there is...This was by far the biggest home we'd seen that had a garage...we looked at one 4br house that I fell in love with but only had a unuseable single garage that required digging the driveway up and no room for a carport or anything...
    In regards to sharing the boys will just have to live with it - Michael shared until he was about 15 or 16 and I had to share with my sister (who was 9y older!!) until she was about 17 or 18 and dad finally built an extension!! Thats really the least of my has 2 good sized areas so they don't need to be in their room really other than sleeping etc...
    I'd be more worried overcommitting ourselves financially...we are sacrificing with me not being at work...and we don't want to upgrade in 5-10 years because we want to buy land up the country - which will give them all the space they want - LOL!!!
    I agree with the ducted heating - on our to do list as soon as we move in...I'm hoping we can get carpet/paint/ducted done for under 10k???? Cross fingers anyway!!! Then we'll be well and truly broke!!!!! No cooling so thats another thing on the list....but maybe not straight away or maybe a smaller cooler up in the rumpus room...
    I know what you're saying about being nervous/excited...I think I'm nervous about the whole move over there...I feel like I'm moving interstate! Just completely away from everything I know and family/friends etc...It's not that far away but still a big adjustment...

    Rachael - Hope you had a nice weekend!

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    weekend was busy! I cleaned the skirting boards this afternoon

    Kristie, the house looks good. I think the size of the backyard is pretty reasonable compared with new houses these days, especially when you take the outdoor living area into consideration as well.

    our new place will have a nice 'alfresco' type area (well once we get a pergola/veranda up) thats about 20m2 but the actual backyard is only 5.3m x 16, so not much room at all. I think the amount of parkland and sports fields around will more than compensate for that though.

    Milo went to the footy (Melton South) with Neil yesterday. We thought it was the MeltonvMelton South match but thats next wekend and we cant go
    He had a ball but has come up in eczema from rolling around on the grass. Neil said the boys (his cousins kids) were really good with him, particularly at half time when they wanted to kick the footy, and Milo wanted to do handstands

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