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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #84

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    Haha Jodi, or if he's crying, he's just being naughty? And he cries in bed, and Rans checks on him, I'll be like 'so did he have a dirty nappy? Was he too hot?' and Rans is like, 'didn't check'. Well, what DID you check then? Ahhhh well.

    Oh I didn't think of the aquarium Ness! I bet Riv'd love that. That's in the city too (I can catch a train to the aquarium, but would drive to the zoo). Yet El Nina liked the zoo...Maybe we'll do the aquarium and Healesville sanctuary. And do the zoo when Riv gets a bit older. I'd gatecrash Helen's aquarium visit tomorrow, but I've got a midwife appt. And it'd be nice to go with Rans too.

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    not much happening here. Mum and dad looked after the girls for an hr and half and i managed some extra xmas shopping( cute dogs in handbags for the girls) and some clothes for me. Just 2 shorts and 2 shirts. Does anyone else laugh when they see girls with inappropriate clothing.I just think wait and see girlies in a couple of yrs when you have kids. Sometimes in my mindf i think i can do short shorts then reality sets in.You are 31. not 18 silly
    Nelle,your life sounds so nice.I quite liked it when i heard you and rans had an argument. U both were sounding like the perfect family.i was
    ok i will go.
    Anna i keep telling you please come and visit if you want a bike not that bad am i?

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    Time for a new thread found HERE

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