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thread: Babies Born September 2006 #87

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    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    Ness, the name Millana will fit in really nicely with your girls names I reckon!

    I've messaged Helen, so hopefully we'll hear from her! I thought she'd popped in recently though? Probably making that up.

    Ohh Maz a bike, that'll be so much fun!

    Jodi, I'd love a pool, sounds like you definitely have taken our hot weather from us! We've got a nice cool breeze here that's keeping things from heating up too much.

    I'm thirsty.

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    Aug 2005
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    jodi....tomorrow at 9.30 am..

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    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury

    Jodi.. i noticed that with Jesse last time we stayed at mum and dads with the porta cot. Will let you know the names when we find out the sex. Id still use the names if someone i knew used them, but im just a little paranoid about telling people i guess.. in the chance of me getting a bad reaction. Not that would make a difference.. just yeh.. we'll see Nah not yet. DH is going to set his bed up tonight and will have a go at moving all his stuff over over the next week or so (cos he'll be in a new room). Will move him in there in his cot to start with until hes use to the new room, then will slowly transfer him to the bed when hes ready. Have you bought Nina a big girl bed yet?

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Kell - im gonna make you something in a new born size now hon...ive had so much fun today dying stuff...wait until you see the colour!!!!!!!

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    Dec 2005
    Melbourne, Vic

    I texted Helen the other day, she is doing well, much better. I think she doesn't have internet at the moment?

    AnnaT- Glad everything is going well. I bet it keeps you busy with 2 little ones, hope you are getting as much rest as you can. So Jett is adjusting ok to a new bubba?

    Well Df left this morn and I thought he was gonna cry! He's very sad bout leaving Ash for so long (think he can cope without me all that time)
    My mum came over today and we had a nice day and my sister will come over and stay mon/ tues night.

    Maz- Yes I'd love to go out and play while Matt is away, I'll prolly be so tired by end of the day!

    Jodi- Good luck with your appt tomor.

    Meg- IL's are gonna watch her on Thurs for the whole shift then next sun I just gonna have a sicky. So we're all planned. Is it tomor you start work? How you feeling?

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    *Nessa* Guest

    Chrissy- best of luck tomorrow

    Jodi- you too!!

    Shell- hmm maybe you can look on the upside, does DF snore?? cause if he doesn you get snore free nights!!!

    Maz- glad youy liked it, i fell in love with the little hat i got and pray i am having a boy so i can get one to and dont ask why i though karoke soap on a rope was you

    Oh man i am absolutly hanging for next wednesday!!!! 1:30pm and we should be finding out the sex of bubs!!!!!

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    Dec 2005

    Yeah he's doing ok Shell. He's a bit more clingy and gets upset easily ie if he gets into trouble but otherwise he just loves his baby He gave Rips a 'hug' today out of the blue which was cute.
    The real test comes tomorrow when Ry goes back to work Im so scared. Im tired and Jett is out of sorts a bit so it may not go well.

    Maz, Woohoo 1 more day chica! I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday if I dont post before then. Great day for a baby (its my 3rd wedding anniversary )

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    Jan 2006
    The Hawkesbury

    Maz.. honey you are too good. You should be resting, not sewing! Though i guess you have to do what keeps your mind on track and keeps you happy. Naughty woman though! 8th is a great date! 8 is my lucky number, turn it sideways and its infinity

    Ness.. yay! Then 2 days after yours i get to see my bubs for the first time!! Wonder if ill be able to see any spuds and snags!

    AnnaT.. oh youll be right hun. Maybe plan somethings out tonight, some activities for him to sit and do? Does he like to colour or draw? Even if its just with a pen if you dont have pensils.. sit him in his high chair. Make yourself up a goody bag for him for when your feeding.. things like snacks, some special toys, anything he likes to play with that hes not normally allowed that is safe. Some empty biscuit boxes etc. So when he starts whinging, pull them out. Even set him up to colour when Rips is due for a feed. Youll get there hun.

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    Mar 2004

    All those are great ideas kell! I always had millanas fav dvd ready when i went to breastfeed! But the b/f didnt last long which was ude to coealiacs!
    Um i did have helens no but it has gone missing. Hoping bella is better and not sick.
    We went to whiteman park today and caversham wildlife park north of perth! It was great,especially whiteman park which is free and has a kids free wading pool so next time bathers for the girls! We went on a tram ride too.Ruby sat on aarons lap and was so well behaved.The breeze on the tram was great as it was warmer up there than what it was here.
    We are now going to watch the santa claus 3 with the girls.The last of the xmas fix.lol
    Not long now maz!! wooohoooo
    Goodluck tommorow for chrissy isnt it?

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    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    Yep it's Chrissy tomorrow, very exciting, and Ness and Kell not long after! And of course, Sunshine is scheduled for an appearance tomorrow too! Exciting times for us girls!

    How are you going Anna?

    Kell, those are awesome ideas, I will definitely be using those when #2 comes along! Colouring in the high chair's a great idea! Though I'm pretty lucky with Riv being so cruisy anyway, but who knows what he'll be like with bub. He might try to snuggle too.

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    Dec 2005
    not with crazy people

    Annat - OMG the 8th your wedding anni - its Ravens 8th wedding anni that day too and Elvis' birthday. glad that things are smoothing down for ya....your a tough cookie mate, you watch, it will be heaps easier then you think when its just the 3 of you (men get under your feet)
    Ness - pmsl how did you know I loike to sing in the shower and the hat...its to friggen die for. You know paybacks are a bitsH dont you!!! you need to text me to hon on wednesday cause I have to stay in hospital for 4 - 5 days after my c/s (its gonna KILL ME)
    Kell - I cant sit stil at the moment hon. Im always like this before I have bub...$hit I scrubbed my floors on my hands and knees the day I had Vy..just the way I am.
    Shell - your lucky you have others to give you a hand matie..i wish I had that some days.
    Caddie - what a fab day you had. I love the idea of the free pool for the kids....I wish there were more places like that, it would make you want to go out as a family more and enjoy your weekends a bit more. IM very jealous.

    mateauz bedroom is finished so I can have him any time now pmsl. Have to go to the anethatist at 12 tomorrow...and its gonna be a hot one again. Sit there for a couple of hours like a **** and come home to Jed's mum and sister here...ahhh HELP!!!!

    Better go and water my half dead plants out the front

    ETA - give me a day's break Nelle ROFL he's not here until tuesday or are you trying to tell me something woman do you have a feelign in your bones or something??????
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    Feb 2006
    South Eastern Suburbs, Vic

    Elvis' birthday? Is that where the 'Memphis' comes from? I love that part of the name! I love the whole name though!

    Oh, hehe, whoops Maz. Yeah, Tuesday. Musta got a bit excited.

    Forgot to say, I'd say Riv's comfy in his room now, I just put him down and there's singing and squealing and banging - just like old times. He's figured if we're in the new baby's room, to bang on the wall, and we'll bang back, like on school camps. Hope he's over that by the time the new baby comes!

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    Jan 2006

    lol at river banging ... they're such characters now aren't they! sam and I were just saying that we are so looking forward to going to see his family at Easter (in townsville, whoever asked me a few pages ago!) because Ainsleigh is so full of personality now. not looking forward to the plane trip back on my own with her though. on the way over should be fine, sam will be with us (he's staying longer) and it's night so she should sleep (fingers crossed)

    good luck with scans chrissy, jodes and ness

    glad things are going well annat, you'll be fine without ryan

    shell - good luck! if anyone can relate it is me!!!! you'll be fine, just put your feet up during those times when she sleeps... who cares if matt comes home to a messy house, at least you'll have your sanity!

    caddie - whiteman park sounds great. have not been out there for ages. might have to go. which restaurant did you go to the other night which had the gluten free options? i've noticed a few before, but they're all up this way...

    anna - hope you're doing okay. give chels a hug too, from clancy and me.

    ainsleigh did painting today... she painted the paper on her new easel, the outdoor chair, herself, me and the cat!!! Clancy (the dog) was nowhere to be found! Hmmmm, have never uploaded a photo to the gallery... maybe today is the day to try! Check it out and see if I succeeded!


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    May 2007

    Maz - Wow, you sound busy. I was so not like that before I had J. i lay in bed all day, and slept the days away before he was born. There severe 9 month morning sickness meant that I was too tired to do anything.

    Good luck to all the girls having their scans coming up.

    Kell - What awesome ideas for when you have to BF.

    All ready for work in the morning. I have sorted all j's stuff out, i have made my lunch, ironed some pants. (mental note to self - Need new work pants) Got my bank details and Super details ready. Picked out a book to take in. (There is nothing worse than being the newbie and sitting by yourself in the tea room, a book always means you have something to do during lunch) Hmm.... I am sure I will have forgotten something. I still don't want to go back though. I am very sad. On the upside DH has earnt $6,000 this fortnight, so if he keeps this up, I will quit and be a SAHM.

    Out of a matter of interest, who on this thread works (by that I mean paid employment, not our full time job of caring for child/ren) ,what do you do for a job and how many days a week do you work?

    I am a case manager. This job means that I will be case managing aged care people and adults with disabilities. A little different to my last job.

    ETA - I just got the best new ever. Some of you will remember my very best friends' brother committed suicide in October. Anyway she just called me, and she is 12 weeks pregnant. The baby was actually conceived the day her brother died. (the family didnt find out that he died till the day after.) It has given her so much solace, as she sees this baby as a farewell gift from her brother.
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    good luck tomorrow Chrissy I forget are you finding out the flavour and sharing ???

    Meg thinking of you tomorrow as well, I am one of the lucky and dont need to work, have only worked 1 year out of the 8 we have been here and then I only worked cause a job in my feild came up was supposed to be 2 days a week ended up being boss and working 5 f/t 2 p/t thank god I got pg ended that quick..........though I am starting babysitting a just turned 1 this week little girl starting the 14th but thats no different from having 2 kids at home but will be nice $$$ around 9 hrs a day 2-5days a week depending on her hubbys roster, $5 hr so is my tupperware, avon, magazine money

    anyway about to head off it has been hot today but I wont complain cause as I said we have been lucky am off to m/t at local (well only one) coffee/choc shop with Sarah and Brendan (the little fella I babysat last year) have to leave house for few hrs as we are getting pest people in so sarah and I decided to go out and have cake neither of us drink coffee so I guess cake and coke then Wed another mums group lady has invited me round for playdate and to pick up some avon, then Fri we having mums group at sarahs in honour of my bday (which is nice of the girls) so busy week foe me, somewhere in there I need to set up Jacks pool and this portable gazebo thing we got given for xmas...

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    Dec 2005

    meg, I work 3 days a week at a Real Estate doing odd jobs, just mainly helping out. I didn't want to go back to my old job, too demanding. I went back to work when Nina was about 7 months old.

    rikki - great to hear from you. Sounds like Ains is doing very well. Can't wait to meet you guys in April. This bubba of mine better not come too early!

    maz - have you ever heard the work REST! If not, it means to take a break and do something for yourself. You work too damn hard woman.

    chrissy - good luck tomorrow!!

    kel - we do have Nina's big bed in her room. She's slept in there a couple of times, but not recently. We're going to take her cot out of the room, and make it into a big girls room all together. At least then I won't be tempted to put her into her cot if it all gets too hard.

    It was soooo hot today. We got our elect bill for the past 3 months, and it's the most $$$$ it's been yet! Probably cause we have our a/c's on every single night. Too damn hot otherwise.

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    Meg- the first day I went back to work I cried when I dropped her off at IL's and then when I got to work I burst into tears again! Felt guilty like I'd abandoned her, now its much easier and its a nice break too.
    I work 2 days a week which I find enough, as you know I'm a nurse.
    Oh and big congrats to your friend, that is fantastic, I wonder if it'll be a little boy she could name after her brother.

    Rikki- That pic is sooo cute! I think I'll have to try Ash out with painting sometime when I'm game enough to deal with the paint everywhere. You know instead of putting my feet up I've gone into manic mode today and done all this stuff around the house!

    Nelle- Lol, I think when they are older and banging to each other all night it might start to wear thin. That Riv is so cheeky!

    Maz- wow, so close now, I'm looking forward to more baby news.
    Which makes me wonder how Ambz is going, she's due end of the month?

    Kell- Great idea, I'll definately be keeping that one in mind for the future.

    AnnaT- is your sister going to come down and help or is that off now? I'm sure you'll be fine, if it gets too much jump on here and chat to us. I bet it won't be long before you'll be so efficient at juggling the 2 of them on your own.

    I am hoping all these scans this week give us flavours (and re confirm yours Chrissy)

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    May 2007

    Shell - I think I am going to cry tomorrow [email protected] I can already feel the tears welling! My friend could name the bub after her brother, as both her brother and her hubby have the same name, so she could def use it in there!

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