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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #87

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    Weather up here is pretty good actually, poor Gold Coast/Sunshine Coast & Brisbane is copping all the rain. Fortunately the roads weren't too bad on our way home though.

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    Hi Maz - I am joining you on the holiday too!!!! My covers are going awesome. I LOVE them. you are the best!!

    Kell - You might be right. It could be teething. i have made myself a makeshift bed on the floor reading for tomorrow morning!!!

    Caddie - Do you ever end up with both of them in bed with you at once? That would be squashy.

    Nelle - Definitely darken the room. It worked for j.

    Jodi - I hope you had a good time away though.

    Just got back from my mum's. Her next door neighbour has a pool. We are very close with the neighbour. So J and I sent the day in the pool!

    Now watching The Nutty professor. Oh how exciting my life is!

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    Yeah we did have a good holiday. Bummer we had to come home though, another month or so away would have been lovely!! We've spent way too much money though. Those boxing day sales are a killer.
    As you can see from my ticker, we've now decided on the name Emily Jayne. This one we both agree on!

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    Ohhh. Emily is such a lovely name! If I have a girl that is what we would call her. Emily Rose. I 100% approve (ha ha, like I have any authority!!)

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    PMSL meg, well I'm glad you approve anyway,

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    mum3girls Guest


    Hi everyone.

    Finally re-installed msn on my computer ( it doesn't play up like it was doing the other night)! It's automatically added everyone on my hotmail contacts list, but don't think I've got everyone. Not sure who I'm missing, if you want to add me again, it's s_ *my last name* @ hotmail etc etc.

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    Nah they both dont come into my bed.Ruby has never once! She either sleeps in her own cot or when she was sick with toncillitus i slept in her room in a bed.
    Emily Jayne is lovely jodi! Has a good ring to it like emily bronte or that book? Whats it
    If i have a girl it will be Stella. But thats way off if it ever

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    Caddie- Stella always reminds me of that Seinfeld episode. have you seen it?

    Jodi- Emily Jayne does sound so nice, such a sweet sounding name.

    Df is leaving me tommor morn for 12 days! I'll be a single mum. He's going to summer school in Armadale, NSW. Only upside is he get $5,000 for it, not bad for the 100 hours he'll do there. My sister is gonna come stay couple nights keep me company.

    Ok just got home from work so better spend some time with DF before he goes!

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    Jodi welcome home, love the name we will be having a Ella Kate if jase ever knocks me up

    Nelle I haven't wanted to say anything bout the weather seeing as your all sweltering today probbaly was the worst day since late nov xmas was beautiful cool rainy overcast weather even now its only getting to 32c each day max when normally we would be sitting 39c + this time of year, we actually went a bought jack a jumper and some warmer jammies after xmas

    Caddie Jack loves sultanas he isn't so much now but a month back watch out he would eat and eat, I was told to be careful he didn't get constipated by CHN but as he drinks on average 1 ltre + water a day it seems fine yeah we get the whole sultana in the #2 but thats no biggie its something healthy he can munch on between meals

    Ok I need help I know I have always said I just go with the flow with Jack we are fighting bedtime now he will only go down if we lay on our bed with him and then it can take 1/2 hr he also will not settle before 9.45pm just before xmas he was going into his cot semi awake at 9pm and self settling but with being away sleeping in port-a-cots he is totally out of whack I hate CIO but tonight he was whiny as hell we popped him in cot a 8pm he screamed so much he was sick so got him up gae him shower change etc, ended up offering him a bottle and some infants friend at 9pm mad ehim lay on couch no playing tried putting him in cot again screamed and screamed even though he was half asleep on lounge when we moved him, so Jase had to lay down with him I just dont know what to do........
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    I thought sultanas kept them regular?

    Rach, that sounds like lovely weather! Our bedroom is boiling tonight, thank goodness a cool change should be here any minute!
    Sounds tough with Jack...perhaps get him self settling first, by putting him in his cot, going out, when he wails, go back in and start again. Something else you could do is sit in there with him, with a book if there's enough light, or just in the dark, so he knows you're there and see if he'll settle that way? Dunno. I've noticed they're getting to tantrum age though, so it's just a matter of knowing what is real upset, and what is just screaming because they didn't get their way but now they can't remember why they're screaming but they're all worked up!
    Whatever you do though, you're going to have to be persistent, til he learns what the new routine is. Perhaps some cues like a book before bed or something, so he knows what's coming? I'm sure the others will have some good ideas.

    Jodi, that's a sweet name. I really like Stella too Caddie! You'd best have another.

    Wow Shell, that's a long time to go without Matt! Glad your sis will be keeping you company.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelle View Post
    Annat, how's Ripley going? You recovering well?
    He's going great thanks for asking Nelle Recovery has been 100x easier this time round (not that it was bad the first time), I just seem to look and feel better, the bleeding isnt as bad. The exhaustion is though Last night was our best night, actually dont remember much of it. We do alot of our night feeds lying down in bed because Im so tired My milk has come in so although boobies are sore Ripley is feeding longer and going longer between feeds. Jett has had a few moments and is very clingy to me but guarantee'd the first words out of his mouth in the morning is "Baaaaaaaaaby".

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    AnnaT.. glad things are going so well for you! I always wondered what the recovery would be like second time round.. gawd, it couldnt be worse than my first time thats for sure!

    Jodi.. what a lovely name! I like the Y in Jayne too. We've picked some names so far, but are waiting to hopefully find out the sex before we make them definate. Funny thing is..i dont know if anyone remembers, but i had a dream that i had a boy and called him a certain name.. now thats the name we are having so far if its a boy!

    Meg.. how'd james go this morning? Did that bed get used?

    Maz.. i bet thats exactly what it is with Vy. With you going to hospital a few times, she doesnt know when youre gonna leave next so she's being very protective of you. Very hard indeed. I guess just have to show her you love her, as you do, lots of kisses and cuddles etc.

    DH and FIL picked up Jesse's new car bed yesterday morning.. its very cool. Have to set it up now and get his things moved into his new room.

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    AnnaT - Glad that you are going well. It is good that jett likes the new bub.

    Hot here too Nell. Still is. I just gave J his breakkie outside, he loves being out. Good to get out before it gets too hot.

    Rach - as you know from some of my previous posts, I am having the reverse problem, where he wakes up screaming. (easier than going to bed screaming though!) I have been at a loss of what it can be. he didn't wake up screaming this morning. The only thing that I did different was to leave a lullaby CD on overnight. THat seemed to make him calm in the morning. Maybe try putting the radio or a CD on? Worth a try??

    Shell - Hope you and Ash have a good time having a "girls week." How are you going to work while he is away?

    Caddie - at least you are not too squashed. I had these images of the whole family being in together. That would be hard.

    We are going to an engagement party today. (another expense) Terrible as this sounds, I am going to go through my stash and see if I can find a present from the reserve presents I have. I often buy things on sale and just put them away for these sorts of things.

    Hope everyone has a good day.

    ETA - Kell I hope Jesse likes his new bed

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    caitlyn was EXTREMELY CLINGY about a month ago screamed when i left the room, went to the loo, etc it drove me batty, but shes over it now, except now she does it for my daughter Jessica....go figure

    love the name jodi........we are having huge boy name delimmas..but we have a girls name!!!

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    Meg- glad that j didnt wake up screaming this morning, Annika used to listen to a CD all night. Maybe he has decided he doesnt like it being quiet?? I have one of those present boxes too!! Cept mine also has represents in it that i get and think yeah never going to use that. When you liveon a budget you gotta make do with what you can.

    Hi jodi- love the name too!! I also love names with y's in them, if ours is a Girl it will be millana Jayde. Glad you had a great time on your holiday you lucky thing.

    Annat- sounds like you are doing a fantastic job!!!! you go girl with the BF.

    caddie- i think if we swapped children we would stillgo through the same things. Annika will not sleep in bed with me but Teleah loves to come in halfway trhough the night, she only really does it when she is sick though.

    Maz- wohoo not long now til you will be holding little bubba in your arms. so have you opened the prezzie yet?? i need to know what you think.

    Shell- wow 12 days without DF, hope Ash doesnt miss her dadda to much

    Shar- you are still on my list!!!

    Hmm has anyone got a way to contact Helen, she hasnt been around for a while and I am starting to worry!!!! I might send her a email but i dont have her no.

    as for me we are finally getting a bit of hot weather relief today, its only going to be 29 instead of the high 30's!!!

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    well after going down horribly he did sleep thru first time since we have been home slept thru till 8am I think he would have slept later but we opened his door when we got up so he could hear us moving round which is what we wanted so Jase had had his shower I was getting in when he called out so jase got him and he had anice cool shower with mummy before having wholemeal pancakes for breakie

    I tried sitting in the room with him last night but I think he was beyond comfort buy then we stop play etc when he starts rubbing eyes etc, he has never gone to bed with a bottle and I reluctant to try that. we have tried story time etc but it hasn't worked I think will just have to keep trying slowly as it goes but a big step is the sleepign thru again the only thing we did differently was close his window means he is a little warm when he goes to bed, btu I think cause we have this temp drop between 2am-6am everyday it may have been a bit of the problem

    well you girls must have sent the hot weather back up to QLD it is steamy today inside is nice Ihave fans and air cooler on but jase is out in extension working and poor pet is sweating up a storm I have been doign washign and man out in the sun is torture nearly finished thank goodness also got half of it off last time I went out, just jacks clothes to wash and am going to hang them on airer and leave them in extension

    well best go thanks for the sleep advice

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    chrissy - when is your scan? Is it tomorrow? I have my app with the dr at the maternity ward at the hosp tomorrow.

    ness - I don't have Helen's number either, hopefully she's alright and having lots of family time.

    kel - what are the names you're thinking of? How have you been feeling, any m/s? Did you put Jesse in his big bed yet? We're going to change Nina's room around this month.

    annat - that's fantastic that everything is running smoothly so far. I bet Jett loves being a big brother.

    shell - hope you & ash don't miss hubby/daddy too much. I know when Heath went away for 2 weeks a few months ago it was pretty hard, and lonely.

    rach - sorry, I've got no advise for you. Not sure what is going on with Jack. Hopefully it's just a case of his routine being out of whack and things will settle down soon. How was the rest of the night for you?
    ETA: that's great that Jack slept through last night!! I know what you mean about the hot weather, poor Nina was walking around in the nude this morning and still had sweat dripping down her. Thank god for our pool and a/c though.
    caddie - I agree with the others, Stella is a lovely name. It goes really well with Millana & Ruby.

    Well we finally got a full night sleep last night. While we were away Nina was in our room, and she was waking one or two times a night. She's getting too big for her portacot so everytime she moved in her sleep, she'd hit the sides and eventually would wake up. But last night as she was back in her bed she slept 13 hours straight. As much as I loved being on holidays, there's no place like home!

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    ness - yes opened pressy, I couldnt stop myself. Thank you so much hon..something for me and bub. Your such a gem!

    AnnaT - glad to hear everything is running smoothly for ya matie. he sounds so wonderful...and thank god its not long cause I would be getting very clucky right now!!!! ust say you look great in your pic to mate...well done on being a hot mama!

    Jodie - LOVE IT!!! fabulous name woman. Gald your back home and not stuck in the flood.

    shell - make sure you get out for atleast one night while DP is away and PARTY!!!!!!

    CHirssy - im going to be sitting here all day tomorrow waiting for you news after you scan. Im so excited for ya hon!

    Bel and Caddie have Helens number....can one of you 2 contact her and see if she's alright please girls.

    caddie - thanks for the info to matie, im prepared a bit more now and im thinking Vy is going through the same as Millana is.

    hello everyone else - I cant think (story of my life) going to set the cot up today as the kids rooms are done (woo hoo)

    Went out and picked up wilhelms birthday pressies this morning (his birthday is the 16th) and nice shiney red bike he is gonna love.

    OK BBL need to get up again...someones headbutting my exit

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