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Thread: Babies Born September 2006 #98

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    HI guys just a quick fly by to send huge hugs to everyone who needs them. Life is hard at the moment but I am thinking of you all the time.

    Good news though I just brought a hug a bub on ebay for a bargain price so looking forward to the mail.


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    ambz - I am so sorry to hear of everything you are going through. Please know that you're in my thoughts. I hope everything goes well with the medication you're both on. Good luck with it.

    caddie - did it come through yet? I am so sorry about that, can I blame it on baby brain
    And a big woohoo on Milanna at gymnastics!! I did gymnastics growing up, and loved it!

    Happy 3 months to the gorgeous Mateauz!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be sending a little something for him in the mail tomorrow, I promise Better late than never hey!

    belle - will you be home tomorrow, I'll give you a call. Tomorrow is my day off from Nina. I have a busy morning, but free in the afternoon.

    shell - glad you had a good night out with DF and Ash.

    meg - Is what J has got serious, or just something that needs to be removed?

    We've had an extremely busy few days. Heath's best mate is in town for his dad's funeral, which we went to yesterday.
    On Sunday, I took Nina to Hi-5, which she absolutely loved!
    On Sat, Sun & Mon night we didn't get home till 8.30/9pm, but all nights Nina was such a good little girl.
    We think she might still have an egg allergy, as she had some quiche yesterday which had egg in it, and she broke out in a rash all over her face almost straight away. It didn't bother her, but it bothered me to look at it.
    Going to the dr tomorrow for a check up. My last check up with my gp before the hospital take over. Getting very anxious, nervous, excited and every other emotion you could imagine now! 5 weeks to go, not long at all.

    ETA: helen, what's a hug a bub?

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    Its a baby wrap, they sell them here on Bellybelly. A wrap that you wrap around yourself to carry baby.


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    oh, the name says it all doesn't it!!

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    Jodi millana use to get an egg ras until she was about 20 months.Would get redness all around her mouth but nothing else.Worried me too but grew out of it and now its her favourite for breaky!

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    That's good to know. I might leave it for a few more months and try again then.

    Does anyone know anything about Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease? A little boy in Nina's toddler's room at daycare was diagnosed with it last week. He's obviously not at daycare while he's got it, but apparently his mum miscarried in her 2nd trimester. The daycare ladies aren't sure if it's related, but the mother apparently wanted them to warn me, as I was talking to her and her DS last Wednesday when I picked Nina up.
    Anyone know how contagious it is, or is it life threatning to an unborn child??

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    Sorry Jodi - I don't know a lot about it. I know slap cheek can cause problems, but not sure about that. I would search it on this site and no doubt you will get your answer. Hopefully all is good.

    Helen - great that you got the hug a bub.

    The surgery that J will need is fairly minor, but still not that pleasant. It invovled injecting dye into his neck and then blocking the sinus once they work out where it starts. and the granuloma surgery is just a matter of quarterising (sp) it. At least I know what it is now. I had a very little panic thinking that it might be something life threatening!!!!!

    As far as my mum is going - She was pretty sore and sorry for herself yesterday. I haven't spoken to her yet, as she was too ill to take any calls last night. ButI am going in tonight.

    Glad you had a nice dinner Shell.

    Marni - I hope Tiana is better now.

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    mum3girls Guest


    Jodi - Hand Foot and Mouth Fact Sheet Check this out for info - it does say that there is no known risk to pregnant women or their babies.

    Meg - Good luck for the J's surgery. Hope your mum's feeling better today.

    Helen - Yay for getting a HAB!!! I love mine.

    Ow ow ow!!!!! Ambah's jumping on my foot! I think she wants my attention, so better fly love to all
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    Jodi ruby had hand foot and mouth last yr in august.She couldnt eat for about a week.Fluids was from the top of a bottle.It was awful.Her mouth was so swollen.It is contagious as far as i know.Millana got it too but only had blisters in mouth for a few days.Ruby had the whole shebang.I dont know how it affects pregnant mothers.Have you googled it?

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    Meg- I forgot to say, Ash had a granuloma and the did little quartirising, my GP just did it there, worked well after one treatment. The sinus surgery doesn't sound like much fun though, poor J. Say hi to your mum from all of us!

    Jodi- Ash had a mild dose of it last year, mainly caused some eating probs, like Meg said I think its more slap cheek that is prob, think HFM is minor? Check out that link Shar put up.
    ETA: I just found this on medicinenet website:
    "Information regarding fetal exposure to HFM during pregnancy is limited. No solid evidence exists that maternal enterovirus infection is associated with complications such as spontaneous abortion or congenital defects."
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    hi ladies

    thanks for your concern and kind words once again...

    Marni- the swing is my saviour!! we used one for savanna and i could not recommend it enough to my friends or people who are pregnant..
    Thankfully Tia loves the swing too and on her bad days its the only way i cant get her to have a sleep.

    Belle- i have been told to take half a tablet for first two days (25mg)
    then 1 tablet each day after that (50mg) Thanks so much for your advice. I'll start taking them at night now! Last thing i need is side effects hey

    meg- unfortunately we dont have private health insurance...can i still attend and pay out of my pocket?

    jodi- my nephews and sis in law all had HFM disease... its horrible thing to have..i was pregnant at the time and was told to stay well away from them as you can never be too careful. Its pretty catchy from what sis in law told me..i think her kids got it from a playground .. not sure ill find out.


    gonna try go lie down for a bit

    once again thanks ladies for your support

    luv ambz

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    Belle - That is terrible that Julia was bitten in childcare. What have you decided to do? Are you going to keep her in?

    Ambz - I just Pm'd you.

    Shell - they have tried with the GP to put silver nitrate on the granuloma, but it keeps coming back. That's why he needs the surgery.

    Visited my mum. she is doing really well. Much better than yesterday.
    I have a cold though (again) and feel like $hit. So I am going to make a dr's appt after work tomorrow, as my ears a blocked and as I am flying next Friday, I don't want blocked ears.

    Hope all the preggy girls are doing well.

    Kell - Are you around? I hope you are well.

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    Hi Everbody, hope you are all having a lovely week! I am talking Tiana to Australia Zoo tomorrow with my sisters and am really looking forward to it! I love animals and Tiana does too. Oh and TIana didnt have anything serious, just oral thrush but she couldnt eat or anything and I hate that!

    Helen - Thats great about your hug-a-bub! My stepfather bout me the other sling type, cant remember the name but I never figured out how to carry Tiana in it properly.

    Meg - Its great that your mum is doing better and I hope that your cold doesnt turn to anything serious before you fly.

    Jodi - Hope all is well and that everybody in your home stays healthy!

    Have a great Friday everyone!

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    Hi Marni,
    I am glad that tia doesn't have anything serious.

    Mum is going well. Still in hospital, but hopefully she will be home tomorrow or saturday.

    How is everyone else going? It is VERY quiet today.


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    It is quiet today, i expected to come home from work and have lots to catch up on! I guess with all these new bubs and bubs on the way everyone is busy busy.

    Meg, thats great to hear your mum is doing well, how are the new boobs looking?

    Marni- have fun tomor, we took Ash to melb zoo last week, she loved animals that moved, once that sat still she had no interest in. has Tiana's thrush cleared up?

    Ambz- How you doing?

    Hope everyone is doing well and all the new bubbas are going well.

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    Morning everyone!!!!!

    Marni - Have fun at Australia Zoo. Let us know how it is, we're going there next month sometime. How'd Tia go with getting over her thrush? Ambah had it a few weeks ago and it was a really stressful week.

    Ambz - How's things going now? Hope everything's settling down.

    Maz - How's your gorgeous little princes and princess going? And even more importantly how are you?? Hope you are all well, I bet you're busy sewing (I had a sneekpeak at your store, I'm thinking I'm gonna have to buy something from you again soon - it's all just too gorgeous!!)

    Helen - How's the pregnancy going honey?? Hope all's well

    AnnaT - How are you hun? I hope the boys are treating you well and the preparations for the move are going smoothly.

    Caddie - How's the opening of the store going?

    Belle, Chrissy and Kell - How are your gorgeous preggy bellies going?

    Jodi -

    Laurin - Sounds like your settling back into Australian life really well. Is it good being back here? When's hubby back again?

    Shell - Hi hun!! Sorry - gotta love that new emoticon!!!

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    Its not going well at all m3girls, there is only ONE house available and its not big enough for 2, possibly 3, toddlers and all the stuff they entail. I hate not having a choice and instead getting railroaded into taking something we arent happy with.

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    anna - bummer about only one house being available. Townsville is full of army people, so they're probably taking up all the housing. Hopefully something suitable comes up soon. You're probably really eager to get something organised and start moving.

    meg - that's great your mum is recovering well. How's the cold?

    shar - I'm glad someone is happy this morning, with that big green writing saying 'good morning'!! I'm soooooo tired, even though I slept well last night. Nina is still in bed, but I was too restless to sleep in. It's going to be a busy day for me today.

    Well I was just really naughty and had coco pops for brekkie. I bought them last night as I've been craving them and they were yummy! Could really do with a milo right about now ...

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