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Thread: Babies Born September 2007 #24

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    Just a quick hug for Marydean *hug*. I know you how are feeling today and even though you know 100% it is the right thing, you can't help but feel sad. And trust me, he wont be feeling like accepting any awards later today, that I can guarantee LOL

    Arte, DH had the snip - they cut the tubes and then double them back on themselves a bit and then tie it off.

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    Quickly dropping by to greet you Marydean.
    Sending you lots of hugs today. To me, you are a supermom indeed. On the positive side, its good that you have deferred uni. That means you can spend lots of time with little cutie E. Really sorry to hear about the work, sometimes office politics can be such a pain. I would be angry too!

    Off to the dr now. Hope to BBL for more personals

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    asha ended up having her dinner last night she went well with it, it wasnt her favourite but i suppose its a very different taste once u add chicken.. she didnt have problems through the night either despite eating at 5:30.. she did wake up because her nappy had leaked wee and she was all wet though.. damn i hate finding clothes at 2:30am lol
    md - biiiiiiiggggg you poor thing you sure have been going through alot lately.. with all these big decisions to make and then theres the ones out of your hands.. as i have said before and will happily say again to me and all the other girls on here hun you are a superwoman!! handling everything when dh goes away, raising two beautiful children, coping with ur sore hips etc and still able to jump on here to give fabulous advice to us on here who need you!!! and omg about the lego choking hazard times have changed.. i just got back in contact with someone from school who was sleeping her bub born a day before asha with a pillow and cot bumpers because her mum told her too eeep
    cassius - thanks for that bgood to know your on the right track iykwim??
    arte - yeah i was just gonna try some tuna or something thought it might be something very different taste wise..
    gotta go she up again bbl for more personals sorry to anyone i missed

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    oohhh thanks MD! you know i'll have to go out and buy her food book now! i was in fact going to ask you girls if you knew of any for food so this is awesome!

    no worries Arte: and yeah, the marmite is more fitting! LOL i have to say that i am pretty proud of myself this week; i have managed to get the ticker thing working and get instant messenger...maybe i am finally becoming technological and 21st century...egad, we can only hope!

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    hi everyone
    i am back from sydney, had a fab wkend and am also now the happy owner of the famous ikea highchair. was so happyit took me total 15 mins to get it and pay as a friend told me to go in thru the exit and it is right there.. was in and out in 15 and i swear 10 of those min was lining up to pay. love it! the highchair is great - so simple i love it!
    MD gosh you have had a hard time of late... i agree let DH get his own peas!!!! i hope the op goes well today.
    I have a book by annabel karmel on food - lots of ideas and tips - highly recommend. i must say most of the food i have given noah i do make up - but i also get loads of ideas from her, and esp around when to intro things and textures etc. i amhappy to post some recipes or ideas if people want? what i have done to now (but this will prob chg now as he is ready fro more variety and textures) is make a whole heap of vege purees and fruit purees and freeze them seperately in ice cubes... then each day i make a mix of diff things for him. good veges so far - carrot, pumpkin, sweet pot, peas, corn, cauliflower all favourites and brcolli and courgette - all ok... make them up and then mix 2 or 3 for lunch or dinner. fav fruits so far - peaches, nectarines, pears, plums - apple and cinnamon ok. the plums need to be mixed w something as i think they are a bit tart for him. he loves yoghurt (i use the jalna vanilla one) and custard too. have been giving him these things for a while now, i know no milk allergy so last week started every now and then grating in some full fat tasty cheddar. he loves it! and today i introduced chicken - i made chicken with leeks, carrot and sweet pot (this is an annabel karmel recipe) and then pureed it - went down quite well (left tiny chunks). i am going to start w finger foods this week, now that we have a high chair - what do you all recommend??? another idea if you want to cook your own is look at what the store bought mixes and copy - i have done this a bit! as you can see i do love to cook!!!
    i weighed noah on the weekend and he is 9.3kg!!!!!!!! big boy!!!! he is starting to babble now soooo cute and we have 2 teeth thru (now they need to grow). lots of development at the moment.
    I hope Cally is going well at QE2...
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    ohhh i still havnt gotten ashas 6mth needles lol oopsi probably this weekend is that too slack?? just she had the flue and everything and now that she is better we havnt had a chance to do them eeeep..
    pregpan - yes please post some recipes!!! i am so blank when it comes to things like that!! we have given yoghurt a few times too and no problem also yesterday an apple custard that had milk powder in it so maybe now i will think about cheese.. mmm she had chicken, corn and sweet potato last night and there is heaps of it but i wanted to make another one too so shes not having the same thing every night lol i feel slack haha i'm just being stupid lol i know..
    leanne - how cute olivia claps her hands!! have you had first words yet? i am dying for asha to say something!!
    sherie - did i hear right a few days ago A's first word was clock?? or was it just one of the first lol sooo cute
    cassius - ment to ask are u not blending ur pasta?? i dnt know if asha could handle bigger bits of pasta yet cpz she has no teeth though she does handle toast well hmmm..

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    Hi noni that chicken you made sounds yum - similar to what i just made w chicken, sweet pot,leek and carrot...
    here's another idea (though i dont think you need to feel bad if she has the same thing every night for a while...) if you want to stick w chicken... chicken, sweet pot and apple (annabel karmel recipe) - basically saute some onion in butter, then add chicken and saute then add sweet pot and apple and some chicken stock (i make my own so no salt) - boil covered for 15 mins and then puree to the consistency you like. i havent tried that yet but will prob make it later in the week. if you want to intro fish i also have a recipe i am making later which is fish fillet in cheese sauce (i would think using a white fish fillet may be less fishy taste for bubs than tuna??). i will let you know how that goes.
    i havent tried pasta yet but thought the little stars woudl prob be ok, and i am thinking later this week i may give him cous cous - you would think that would be pretty hard to choke on - maybe some couscous with puree stirred through...

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    cous cous sounds nice.. we have some of that mmm i might think of something i can add to it.. that chicken one sounds nice too will have to buy the ingredients when we get paid lol am working with not much atm as we are broke till wednesday lol makes it hard..

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    you could mix couscous with the chicken you made? that way she is getting something different but dont have to buy anything new. i am going to try that here!

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    LOL Noni, DH reckoned he said clock, but I don't think he really did, one of his noises he makes is 'gar' so I reckon he confused it with that.

    We are happy just poking along with the one 'meal' - breakfast, but I give him an arrowroot biccie in the afternoon if he looks like he might be peckish, so he doesn't have it everyday.

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    yep might give that a go.. or ive got some frozen vege cubes i could mix it with or even dp is having beef stroganof for dinner i was thinking she could have beef n cous cous n veges but i cant decide lol she had toast with vegemite and a piece of banana for breaky then warm apple custard and cereal for lunch followed by a bit of a chew on a rusk so we are doing alright today

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    Pregpan, all your cooking is giving me the guilts lol

    Noni, how is your DP's new job going?

    DH requested a roast for tea and then went out for a work dinner. So Will and I had chicken, potato, kumera and stuffing. At least someone appreciated my cooking lol

    I was visiting my cousin and her daughter 'Sophie-two-three-in-may', she can't say Williams name properly so when she sneezed she said ' I a-chooed on Wimily' It was very cute.

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    well i ended up going and making something new for ashas dinner lol and when i went to the freezer i noticed everything i have in there is orange lol sweet potato chicken and corn, pumpkin and mixed vegies and nectarine lol i thought i better make something not orange so we went for beef, potato a little pumpkin and peas just so it was more green and not orange haha.. it wasnt her favourite but she enjoys sweeter things better, she was happy to eat it though and still dosnt eat heaps at dinner time yet just a lil bit though shes a guts at lunch time lol and breaky too!! she has eaten sooo much today i cant believe it..
    arte - wimily how cute!!!! his job is going really well thanks for asking.. hes really happy in it, makes things alot easier..
    sherie - lol dh thought he said it how funny.. wow one meal a day asha is such a gutso!! i didnt think of milk arrowroot biccies...

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    hello everyone!!

    well, i tell you, you go offline for a couple of days and you miss so much action in here! LOL

    thanks for everyone who asked about the photoshoot, i think it went pretty well. i'll let you all know if they decide to publish any. i should be getting a disk with some snaps on it soon so i may put some in the gallery for you all!! i put one new pic in there of lewis in his new little winter hat. so cute!

    pregpan- the hills is totally trashy but so enjoyable. the characters have great names like Audrina and Whitney and Spencer. you'll love it! you sound like an awesome cook, i want to come to your place for dinner!

    renee- the clean up has been going well, we had a big bonfire on saturday to get rid of some of the fallen branches. it turns out that the winds up here were 117kms! where did you get that mushroom chicken recipe from? it sounds beautiful. i really need to use my slow cooker more. i can highly recommend the aldi nappies to you. they're about $15 for 50 and i actually think they're better than huggies.

    katie- i love getting my eyebrows done. it's the one beauty treatment i still keep up regularly, everything else has gone to the wayside! did you end up going to the bonds shop? yes i watched 'a shot at love' but i would never admit that!!! did you watch 'rock of love' with bret michaels from Poison? it was hilarious

    jaz- i'm into America's next top model too, i like the Aussie one even better though..will you be watching the new season of it when it comes on? i need someone to talk trash with i think i'm the newest member of the 'no sex' club. we just never seem to dtd anymore!

    hayley- did you get a good price for your hab on ebay? i think i might sell mine after the next bubs. i really only used it for about 3 months.

    md- i think foxtel helps you to be a great single mother! my dp pays for it so he can have the freedom to spend hours on end in the garage without getting hassled. he only comes in when he needs to do number twos! how did your dh go at the vet?

    sherie- oohh your hair sounds great. i don't think i'll ever get to the hairdressers again! do you give A a whole biscuit or do you break it up? i want to give that a go

    agnes- lewis is the same as W with refusing ebm in a bottle. it's a hassle isn't it?

    noni- well done on taking asha to the hairdressers with you! that's awesome

    arte- you did the right thing with the cat- put it out of it's misery, so don't feel guilty. what a horrible thing to go through...
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    Just a quick one from me

    MD how did your DH go today?

    Gracie I have only just got Foxtel so I haven't got hooked on much yet. I love the health channel though and watch that mostly. Can't wait to see the pics, how was the shoot?

    Arte I agree and think you did the right thing with the cat, how awful though.

    Noni sounds like you are going great with solids. We gave Logan some arrowroot biccies on the weekend.

    Pregpan I think we have the same book, is it 100 best baby purees (something like that), I love it.

    Hayley working at Portrait place was actually pretty boring, I had all the crap jobs lol.

    Hi to everyone else. I am tired again tonight (don't know why) so I will chat to you all tomorrow.
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    Its 8.30 and I'm only now sitting down, been on the go since 7am!!!!

    Is anyone getting the free flu injection for their bubs/kids? I am getting Maddie's 6 mth needles this Wed so I'm going to ask the doc if I can get the flu shot while we are there. I figure being in day care she will need it, and especially after last winter when all the worried parents were lining up at the hospital with sick bubbas.

    Katie - Cant believe Logan is 7 months already. He's growing fast!

    Gracie - I'm looking forward to the pics as well! I got $90 for my Hab but it was a limited edition one.

    Pregpan - Why cant I be as inspired as you when it comes to cooking!? My specialties are simple things like tacos. Yet here I am studying to be a home ec teacher haha! Mind you I did go on the search for yummy puree recipes today and I found a few that I will try later in the week. I'll let you know if they work out and we can all swap recipes. Re chicken, how do you cook it to make it soft enough for puree? Steam?

    Arte - Oh no so after your cook up DH went out anyway!? Grr bet he is in the bad books! Sorry about the cat, how distressing.

    Sherie - We are kinda plodding along slowly with solids too. The biccie sounds like a nice special treat, will have to keep that one in mind.

    Clare - The ticker looks great, well done!

    Marydean - You are supermumma in my eyes thats for sure. And you have two beautiful daughters, you must be so proud. How did the operation go?

    Leanne - Glad you had a nice night out! 3 will be enough for me as well I think.

    Hi to everyone else that I have missed! Hope everyone is well.

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    am having oats atm its so cold here and rainy!! thought i might let asha have some as long as dp replies to me about the ingredients lol he took the box to work and i wanna make sure theres no honey in them so i smsd him lol.. do u think i should mik them with formula? or would a lil bit of milk be ok? she has had yoghurt with no problems..
    i think i am giving asha too much potato lol everything i make seems to have potato or sweet potato lol do u think this will make her overweight?? i think i am being paranoid but all her dinners seem to have some form of quite heavy vege in it, she dosnt eat much at dinner time but still do u think thats bad??
    haley - i didnt know about the free fkue injection.. we probably wont get it though i only just cope with the ones they have to have lol i am more sooky than she is..
    katie - did he like the biccie? do they have sugar in them thos biscuits? i am a bit of a sugar nazi lol.. weve had foxtel for ages but really the only good thing about it is it gives us perfect reception there really dosnt seem to be that many good shows on it lol.. i was addicted to all the baby shows on dicovery health but now i cant watch them lol idk why makes me feel weird..
    gracie - hahahahaha no sex club u can appoint me president i think..lmao.. just not overly interested there no time to sit down and relax little own dtd.. i do wonder sometimes if this is how it will be forever haha i think it might be different if we ever manage to get our own place, still living with ur father and his g/f is a bit of a turn of lmao..

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    Hi Noni! we just use the small pasta stars (they are really isty bitsy so no we dnt bother with blending them). also there is an italian brand of baby food and they do a whole range of pastas in different shapes and sizes according to age, the brand is plasmon and it's in a pink box. you can get them from most italian shops/delis (well in melbourne and canberra anyway...). i wouldnt worry too much about the heavy veges. it seems that asha isnt a big guts, especially at night. she'll eat her fill and be on her way. leila tends to always have a bit of potato at night with her pasta (carb overload - shell blame me when shes a teenager no doubt!!). oh and cous cous is awesome. really easy and leila loves the taste (again with olive oil or her father passes out with shame!)

    yeah leila is behind in her shots. she has spent the last 3 weeks with a blocked nose, so i am hesitant to give her body more stuff to fight. i think i might avoid the flu shot for her as well.

    thanks pregpan for all the tips especially the chicken and apple idea....mmmm i might cook it for myself! and congratulations on the quickest ikea trip ever!! i am sure that it's almost a record!! and congratulations to noah on all that growing! it sometimes feels as if leila will never hit the 50 percentile!! (she was itty bitty when born - just under 6lbs - so loads of catching up to do. one bubba girl in group with me who is 4 months is already heavier at 6.9kgs! we'll get there...eventually!

    i agree ozstar, i am finding myself completely pooped again at the end of the day. and leila is even sleeping through again so i dont know whats going on. maybe the change of weather or the switch back to 'real time'...

    oh and a quick question: is it ok for us to take normal multivitamins?? i have been finishing off my pregnancy/breastfeeding ones and yesterday i went to buy normal ones, but the pharmacist wasnt sure if i could take the general ones. i thought it would be ok???

    oh gracie that bonfire sounds like it would have been fun! here the council is just leaving it all lying around, so some of the neighbours have been out there with chainsaws chopping it all up for firewood. and my dog has been bringing home humungous sticks!

    MD i hope DH found the peas!! lol. in fact, i hope all went well and he's feeling ok. big stuff.

    hi to everyone, i have to dash as we have mums group this morning in my fav cafe and i need to gorge on some well deserved cake.

    take care

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