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Thread: Flat nappy discussion

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    It's important to have the right size so they do they're job properly. I know it seems expensive, but once you're using them you'll realise a good cover is worth it's weight in gold! If it saves you from changing sheets, blankets, bubs clothes, your clothes etc etc a number of times a day, then it's worth every cent If it's too big it may gape around the legs, letting poo escape LOL.

    We used the x-small sizes for ages. Also, if you're using less bulky nappies like flannellette, snibs are a really good way to go in the early days. I loved the eenees snibs as they are elasticated.

    If you're looking at Motherease, go with the Rikki rather than the Airflow for a younger baby, you can get a better fit over the nappy because of the aplix. It's a great cover, they've saved me from many a disaster

    I personally wouldn't use terry towelling on a newborn, I think it's too bulky. And we found the muslin wasn't absorbent enough at times. But everyone is different, and finds the best way of doing things for them. Maybe consider having some flannelette as well, you can always use them as spew rags if not as nappies (and you'll need plenty of them LOL).

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    I bought a heap of flanny flats thinking I'd use them & snibs when DD was born but I ended up using terry & covers from the start, found using a snappi just so much easier & was shown a fold that wasn't that bulky, I think terry is more absorbant too?

    I had a Motherease Rikki & a Bummis Whisper Wrap, loved loved the Rikki but the other was fine too. *Edit, they were small covers but if you do go with muslin or flanny instead of terry, NB would probably be best.
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    What do you guys think of just folding a terry nappy into a rectangle and using with a cover? does this work? She;s nearly two so no problems with skinny legs or anything like that.
    Do you find that the cloth soaks up enough?

    I suppose it's kind of like a trifold? type thing? (I'm new to all this!!)

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    I just wanted to say that I have found the Rikki x-small covers are really great with flannel nappies. I just bought some nappy flannel from Spotlight and sewed up some squares to roughly the same size as the terry nappies I bought. Also I don't bother using pins or anything, as the snug covers hold it all together really well.

    They're not too absorbent though, and since he seems to be a fairly heavy wetter (though I dont' know, nothing to compare him to) i've decided to switch to terry cloth now, using them with the airflow small covers, which seem to be way roomier than the rikki ones. I agree with Jane that the rikki ones are great - they've saved us too!

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    hey everyone.. i just bought my first flats (big softies coloured ones) ive never used cloth before.. lol i was all excited and put one on her and not half hour later she did a big poo lol i was scared but it really wasnt that bad!! they are soo cute on her too!!! i just bought some cheap covers for now because i didnt have much money and dont wanna spend heaps unless i give up lol..
    any tips for a newbie? i was using triangle fold but have switched to the one with the pad in the middle coz she seemed to wet through that quickly..
    do u guys use liners or boosters at night or just a good cover? i worry switching from disposables she wont like to be wet against the skin?? might stay with sposies for tonight..
    atm i am just doing cloth at home i am a real novice lol so not confident enough to take them out anywhere lol..

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    i love the colored terrys !!! i use the fold with the pad in the middle , its great on my 19mth and dont get any leaks , and i dont use liners or fleece liners when im using a tt or a fitted nappy , they are not in them very long , we've never had nappy rash in cloth and he didnt seem to mind the wetness , just change as soon as your aware of wet or poop .....

    they say kids in cloth toilet train up to a year earlier than kids in sposies who cant tell when there wet so do really know the sensation....

    and if your looking for a great good priced cover a BabyBeeHinds cover are magic , they last ages and are about $11.50

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    thanks i love the cloth on her bum!! feel guilty when putting on a sposie to go out!!! so overnight do u just use that fold and change asap when bub wakes up?

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    QueenMab - can you share the fold you were shown for a newborn?? I have terry flats (heaps, so don't want to go buying flanny ones) and my little man is just nearing 6 weeks with skinny chicken legs! So I'm all for a less-bulky newborn fold!

    Still using up the disposables at the moment, but will be switching soon...

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    Default confused about prefolds...

    hi all

    I'm a lil' bit confused about prefolds work??? Do they have to be folded and then placed inside a cover, or can they also be used like a normal flat, put on bub and secured with snappi?

    hmmm i'm not sure....

    Please fill me in - thanks in advance

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    lots of questions for you all

    what brand of flats do you all find the best?

    I saw that Target has some coloured ones called "Big Softies" are these any good?? does the colour run in these??

    what's the general consensus about coloured flats? a novelty or a pain?? (only because I have some bright bots coloured but have heard now that the colour can run in the wash)

    should i only be looking at the white flats?

    has anyone worked out which is cheaper- making my own flannie flats for when the baby is a newborn or buying them??

    also how many pilchers/covers will I need for a newborn and what size? 000 or 0000?

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    I don't know if there's any real difference with flats - I have some white and some of those coloured ones and both are good. The coloured ones have not run in the wash. I made some flanny flats, but they're not very absorbent - bought ones are better (i've heard) as they're a thicker material. Don't know about price difference, but even if bought ones are more expensive, they may well work better.

    As for covers, I would say 3-4 in each size to be safe. Sizing depends on what you get. If Motherease rikki, for example, then xsmall is good with the flannel flats to begin with, then move up from there. The rikki's are very adjustable, so will actually last quite a long time (depending on teh size of the baby and bulkiness of nappies you use). For night covers you can't go past wool. Actually, we have 4 PUL covers and 3 wool covers that we alternate. That's plenty to ensure we're always 'covered' even if a couple get poo on them or just need a wash.

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    I'd agree with marcellus on the cover front. I did price the diff between making and buying flats and based on spotlight prices there was no diff (and yes, bought ones are thicker).

    The eenies snibs are a good cover too over flannie flats for newborns. No too expensive either.
    Good luck!

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    thank you so much for your advice!! and it's good to know that the store bought ones are thicker and around the same price, saves me the effort of cutting and hemming some myself.

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    A question....which has probably been asked before

    Do you need to wash terry flats a few times before using them? I have heard this about fitted nappies but not sure on flats?

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    Can you pad fold a terry and place in a PUL
    will that be ok for newborn liquid pooplosion?

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    There are heaps of great folds out there. I didn't end up using cloth for the first 6 months, many things going on. Try using a fold with a tonne of padding in the middle. I'll try and explain one.

    Place square in front of you. Fold the top half down, into a rectangle.
    Take the top layer of the bottom left corner with your right hand, and place your left hand flat between the layers.
    Bring the left corner over to meet the right bottom corners.
    You should see a triangle on top of the bottom layer.
    Pick up the whole thing, keeping the fold and turn it over onto its back side.
    On the left side, there is a square flap on top of the triangle.
    Fold the flap over towards the right, once and then twice until there is a rectangle of many layers in the middle of the triangle.
    Rotate the whole thing 180 degrees, and there is your nappy. There are several layers now in the middle.

    Hope that was descriptive enough. Add inserts or liners as needed. It is quite fat on a bottom, but is really quite absorbent.
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    The fold I use now is also layered in the middle.

    Place the square in flat front of you, with it turned in a diamond shape.
    Take the top corner to nearly meet the bottom corner, about a hand width too short.
    Pick up the whole nappy and turn over onto the back side, preserving the fold.
    Take the bottom corner straight up to the top, but keep the fold.
    So its almost a square again, but with a folded band through the middle.
    Take the left corner of the band, and bring it to meet the right corner, place your hand in the centre to stabilise the fold.
    Take the right point and rotate whole nappy 90 degrees clockwise, with the layered fold down the centre.
    Its now a triangle shape with layers down the centre.

    This is also quite absorbent, and can be boosted and lined.

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    thanks girls!
    i am going to try the pad fold in a PUL and if that doesnt work move onto the proper folds i think lol

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