thread: I feel terrible...

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    Jul 2005

    Hi there

    Have you tried Brauers Calm - it use to work a treat for DS when he would crack it - we've all had shockers - I try not to think about all the bad stuff/mother guilt that I endure throughout some days and look forward to the next hour/day where hopefully it gets better - baby's are HARD WORK!! but we keep going back for more - lol

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    Jul 2008
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    Aw hun...we have all been there and it feels awful doesn't it? But...you can't look after her if all you want to do is collapse on the ground.

    You did the RIGHT thing by walking away and calming yourself. Jazz is one lucky girl!

    Babies are HARD, HARD, HARD work. You are doing an amazing job!

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    Nov 2006
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    yep, everyone has to go through that hun, at one stage or another. once with dd1 i had a very similar day, couldnt handle it anymore so i put her in her cot, closed the door, put my headphones in and went out side and had a cigarette (i didnt even smoke ! i just "needed" it). felt like a terrible mum, but i just couldnt handle another 5 mins!

    i still feel guilty abouty that day

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    Dec 2006
    Out of my mind. Back in five minutes...

    Hope you all managed to get some sleep in last night... xo

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    Hi Leasha,

    I was reading an old thread of yours titled" I feel terrible" and everything you said in it was like I had wrote it (it actually made me cry cause it was so like the way I feel!)When you talked about eating toast as that was the quickest thing you could make thats something I do all the time.Your little Jazz sounds exactly like my little Conn.I too feed him to the point if he has any more "it will come out of his ears" He is the worst sleeper ever and really there has been no improvement,hes one in a few weeks and I don't see any end to it.I have got to breaking point like you,I feel ashamed to admit it but I have told him to shut up,then felt so bad,did some deep breathing and started again.Its just that night after night of it is just soul destroying.I just wish sometimes we could be given a break.My husband is going through chemo so I can't wake him at night he needs the rest,my mum who I know just wants to be here to help is on the other side of the world and my husbands family think its all my fault!But Conn is the most amazing baby full of spirit so he keeps me going.I did think about hiring one of those night nannies god I would try anything but they are so expensive.You definantly did the right thing leaving her to cry for a while.I too count the minutes until my husband gets home.I wonder how Jazz is sleeping now,has there been any improvement.Conn has got worse in the last week waking 3/4 times and not going back to sleep after 4am.I have given up figuring out if its teeth,reflux,wind,reaction to some food,hot/cold,hungry,wet I just don't know anymore.So you are not alone,there are lots of us out there.