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thread: Weight Loss Support ~ September-October 07

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2006
    Logan, Qld

    Hey I thought I should take the plunge and join you lovely ladies.

    Name: Ellie
    Start Weight: 82.9kg
    Current Weight: 80kg approx
    Ideal Weight: 60kg
    Realistic Weight: 70kg would be good to start with
    Notes:When I was 16 weeks pregnant with my first I weighed 62kg and haven't gotten back down there since. After DS I nearly got back down but then got depressed about things in my life and sat on my bu** all day eating. My first weigh in when pregnant with DD I was 86kg I didn't weigh in at the end of pregnancy but am having a guess that I hit 100kg. 2 weeks after I had DD I started Tony Ferguson weighing in at 91kg. I lost 20kg!! yes 20kg in 8 weeks I got down to 71kg. Then I stopped TF and started eating like [email protected] again and have put on 11kg in 8ish months.
    So I am now trying a different approach. I have been having a shake for breakfast and "trying" to eat healthy during the day. Every morning Before Breakfast I get on my exercise bike for 20 mins going 12 secs slow 8 secs fast for the whole 20 mins. (ok so I skip a couple days here and there:P)
    I don't own scales so I weigh in at TF every Friday as that's the only time I can get there.

    Congratulations on the weight loss so far I hope We can all get to our goals.

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    Taia's Mum Guest

    Wow look how quick this thread has grown! Good luck to all the lovely ladies! You are all beautiful no matter what weight you are!

    Well I've blown it already! hehe! I had takeaway tonight for the first time in ages! We are going away tomorrow and I didn't want to cook the night before as I already have ten million things to do! lol! So I will be quiet over the next week and a half - but will still weigh in when I can!

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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    OK must admit what I've eaten today....it's not good.
    Breakfast - porridge..... started out well....and then it went downhill!!!!!!!!
    snack - 50g packet of chips
    lunch - chicken and corn soup
    snack - a 90g crunch chokky bar
    dinner - a lean cuisine - only ate half of it cos one of the cannelloni pieces wasn't covered in sauce so it was crunchy
    after dinner - two large glasses of wine with a tiny pack of twisties cheesos
    The only veggies I've had was the spinach in the cannelloni......hopeless.... oh and I guess the corn in the soup......

    It's been a really stressful day with my ex calling me and hassling me a lot.

    I probably wont go to bed for a couple of hours so there's plenty of time to eat & drink more.... must try not to.

    I'm enjoying the wine as I'm no longer TTCing and it's been ages since I've had any.

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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    I've not been too good today either but I've joined calorieking & I'm going to religiously put my food & exercise in there - so lets see how that goes!

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    May 2004

    Name: Michelle
    Start Weight: 95kilos
    Current Weight:
    Ideal Weight: 50 ~ 55 kilos
    I weighed 95kilos the day i had Eleanor and i hope i can reach 55kilos by the time she is a year old. I am doing weight watchers at the moment but haven't followed my points for a while now.

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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    Well we have been busy here haven't we!!

    Don't be too hard on yourselves girls, it is such a hard thing to do. Especially if you are an emotional eater and are going through a [email protected] time. At least you're aware of your situation and can work on it from now on. Its not just about eating, if it was it would be soooo much easier and I wouldn't be fat!!

    I have had a pretty good day with eating.
    Porridge and a glass of aktavite for breaky
    Veggies and sesame seed stir fry for lunch
    Fruit bar thingy
    Fish, microwave pasta and salad for dinner.
    Lots of water.

    I'm pretty proud of myself!! But I didn't do any exercise because I had a uni assignment to finish and a baby to look after!
    Something I have found that seems to work for me (though might sound silly to some) is if I think about eating well the night before when I go to bed. I imagine what I will do with eating/exercise and how I will look and feel when I eat well/exercise/loose weight. I find I then wake up feeling positive about eating and my ability to so what I need to.

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    Jun 2007

    I managed to have a pretty good day food wise. Cooked a yummy veggo lasagne(ww recipe) that even the baby liked! Nice big salad, baked spud with only little bit of "lite" sour cream. All was looking good till after tea, and I NEEDED chocolate. Like now. So I compromised, had a packet hot choc (1 point) with 3 marshmellows, and ( Iknow this sounds gross) a weetbix with a little marg, and honey on top. Was actually really yummy and the crunchy texture hit the spot. Was still looking for chocolate mind you, but found a packet of chewy and have been chewing franticlly since.
    Need to break the habit of evening, tv watching snack attack. Pretty proud of myself tonight though, but must take it a day at a time. Maybe there's like a 12 step program for sweet tooths like me? (only half joking here....)

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    And the truth is we don't know anything
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    Jan 2005

    lol at the weetbix!
    night time are hard for me, especially if I am watchng telly. If I have a bath, read or get online (or heaven forbid leave the house!) its a lot easier.

    Though last night when I got home and mum and dad (had been babysitting DS for me) offered me a magnum! they know I am on tony ferguson, the know I have under 5 kilos to go, and they still do it!

    ETA: i was strong and said no. but its in my freezer. i hope DH eats it.

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    Sep 2006

    Morning everyone!!

    Its a new day and I hope everyone is really positive!! I know that I am.

    OK what did I eat yesterday??? I think I was naughty but my excuse is that I am breastfeeding!! LOL And Calorie King says I can have up to 2000 calories a day and I was no where near that because of my exercise!!

    Bowl of just right cereal for breaskfast with full cream milk
    a heap of choc chip cookies
    Ham and salad wrap
    Marinated lamb steaks with mash potatoes and steamed vegies
    small bowl of ice cream

    I guess I am going to get no where with those naughty treats! Atleast the bag of cookies are gone

    I had a great day of exercise yesterday. My sister is over from Sydney and she has a personal trainer over there so has shown me everything to do at the gym. I used to just do a lot of the machine weights but she has told me to do free weights. It feels so good!! A little sore today but atleast I know that things are working. Back to the gym today hopefully if we have time. Need to go in and get measurements taken for my wedding dress. I was hoping that I didnt need one made so they wouldnt take the bigger measurements but oh well, they say it takes a few months to make it and minor adjustments can be made later.

    OK just looked at the list and I dont have current weights for... Las (buying some scales), Kellie or Satya or have I missed them?

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    Mar 2007

    ok ill b honest 2. i had a deli choices bacon & egg roll 4 brekky yesterday n a chicken burger n chips 4 lunch. only really ate 2 meals tho as i fell asleep @ 5:30! had a banana n noodles around 10 n went 2 bed. did try 2 do sum exercise in the morning but emma wanted 2 feed 4 almost the whole class! she is taking heaps off calories off me tho. - Just a thought, r calories the same numbers as kjs?

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    Jun 2007

    Morning Rayray and Ngala!
    Woken up feeling pretty good, though my neighbour brought me over a box of Lindt balls to says thanks for watching her house last week. Nice thought, but LINDT BALLS. Crikey! Like little balls of heaven in a box......might be my first big test! Second test will be this weekend. We're going away on Thurs, and wont be back till Mon night (so will have to weigh in Tues). Should be a nice break, but we're staying with friends who are pretty big drinkers, and I envisage late boozy nights with lots of naughty food. Not a good way to end my first week!
    Rayray- dont you hate when people offer you crap to eat despite knowing you're trying to lose weight. Im glad you resisted the temptation.
    Off to the supermarket to stock up on fresh goodies. Have a great day dudes....

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    good morning all.

    the first week or 2 (or 3 or 4) can be the hardest but we have to hang in there.
    I was absolutely starving yesterday.

    Yesterday I ate:-
    Crunchy nut cornflakes whit soy milk
    Glass of banana big m
    2 pieces of toast with Vegemite
    steak with vegies and oven backed chips
    cheese crackers
    another bowl of cornflakes
    tined pear halves
    a banana
    and 2 more slices of bread.

    I only went over my calories a little but as V said I'm breast feeding too. Although there is a very tempting little morsel of cadbury caramello ice cream in the fridge

    Now everyone don't forget that sleep is a very important part of weight loss as well. If there is anyone esp with young bubs it mightn't hurt to have some nana naps, as I have heard that a lack of sleep can actually prevent you from losing weight, and not to mention make you crave sugar.

    Heres to a good day for all, might have to go and cut some carrot sticks up.

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    Jun 2007

    Hi Ali- try not to worry about what you did yesterday, and just concentrate on today. Im sure half the battle is just being conscious of what you're putting in your mouth. Its a bit harder when you're breast feeding too, cause you're always hungry. As you say though, youll be using energy making milk, so thats someting. And Calories and kilojoules are basically the same thing but calories are denser, in other words, like pounds and kilos. A kilo is more than a pound but measures the same thing. Did that sound like gobbledegook? Yeah, thought so, sorry...
    Hi Bec -Wondered if you're keeping a food diary? I find it the only way to keep track of where Im going good or bad, and can make improvements. I usually track pretty religiously till tea time, and then kind of guestimate the rest. What about you??
    Last edited by Beaksie; September 18th, 2007 at 11:41 AM.

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    Mar 2007

    how do i work out calories from kjs? they dont put calories on packaging!

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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    A calorie is times 4.18 to convert to kj's. So if something is 1 calorie, it is about 4.5 kj's.

    Sorry I didn't add my weight, I am 85.9kg as of this morning.

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    And the truth is we don't know anything
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    Jan 2005

    100 kilojoules = 23.88 calories, so a bit under a quarter.

    There is also a formula to work out fat as a % of calories I will try to find it.
    Basically though, most advertising on products that says things like 97% fat free could be implying that becuase the item weighs 100gm, and there are 3gm of fat, then its 97$ fat free. Doesn't work like that though

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    Mar 2007

    Put yesterday's food into CK, Turns out I was only 269 cal over my allowance! not too bad as I really don't think it makes enuf allowance 4 bf. now i feel better!

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia


    I agree alisando I don't think Ck allows enough for breast feeding either. when I went over yesterday I wasn't too fussed as I don't want any chance of milk supply suffering and ending up with a cranky little boy

    beaksie: i am keeping a diary using the calorie king online. i did this last time I did weight watchers using something different, and I find I stop after I've broken some bad habits and i'm fine then.

    just went for an hour walk and feeling good!!

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