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thread: Weight Loss Support ~ September-October 07

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    Sarah-William-And-Hayden Guest

    hi ladies how are you all

    im hoping that i can join in on this group

    Start Weight : 115kg
    Current Wieght 115kg
    Goal Weight 65 to 70kg

    back ground : i Was a size 12 when i left school to do a apprenticeship as a chef and then i got pregnant with my son Hayden who is now 2 and have put on more weight sao im now ttc #2 and have not done so yet so im ghoing to lose weight tho see if that help hayden was a SUPRISE and now we finding it hard to fall preggers and i hope that with some support i will be able to get to my goal weight

    thanks Sarah

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    Registered User

    Jul 2006

    OMG, look at this thread, i was the first to reply to Beaksie then forgot and look at you all now!! Excellent!

    Name: Megan
    Start Weight: 103.5
    Current Weight: 103.5
    Height: 160cm
    Ideal Weight: 65kg
    Notes:Have been on this TTC rollercoaster for 13 months now and i have just piled on the weight. When i started i was about 72kg so started out overweight anyway and now its worse. We are on a TTC break for 3 months so we started our diets today. We are trying the Sacred Heart Hospital Soup Diet. Yay.... Kim is on the diet with me, she is about 84kg and would like to be around 70kg. I think it would be too hard to keep track of Kim as well so I'll just do my weigh in's and will probably talk about Kim's weight loss aswell along the way. Best of Luck everybody!!
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    Mar 2007


    Have done some research on amt of calories bf burns, 600/day and have added it 2 ck exercise. HTH any1. so that put yesterday under allowance. today i am 102 cal over but i did drink 2l of coke instead of water . i will do better 2morrow!

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    Jul 2007
    Over the rainbow

    Hi guys,
    I can't understand why I have taken so long to get to this thread - Maybe I just did not want to see!
    I am joining. I have a blog, but this would be double the motivation

    Current: 74kg
    Goal: 65 kg
    Need to lose: 9 kg
    Height: 172m
    Target date: 26 Dec
    I am currently with weight watchers and has lost 2kg already. I have started gym at the begining of the month again, so that would help shift the kilo's. I love going to gym. I have never been thin, my whole life. I was always above 80kg in high school (heaviest at 86kg - met my DH like that) and has only lost the weight just before getting pg (go figure) I was down to 68kg, but my goal was always 65kg. So now I have given myself till end of the year to reach it, because I am not getting pg for nr 2 before nr 1's weight has come off!
    I am hoping to get some great tips here, especially what to do before AF, because that is my biggest hurdle. I get a very bitter taste in my mouth about two days before AF and then I am constantly eating sweet things to get rid of the taste.
    I am not breastfeeding anymore.
    Hoping to get to know you guys a lot better over the next few months!

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    Mar 2007

    Hi Nadine and welcome! i find weneva i get a yuck taste orange juice is strong enuf 2 get rid of it, mite b worth a try!

    b4 the mods know it we will b gettin a new thread every week after weigh in!

    Dont like the ck bolognese recipe as much as my own but who can b bothered working out their own recipe's nutritonal values! its a big step 4 me 2 even keep a food diary!

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    Jul 2007
    Over the rainbow

    Thanks for the welcome Ali, I will try the orange just next month!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2007

    Hi everyone,

    I'm just checking in and saying hi to all the recent joiners. Like Sarah, and a few others, I'm trying to lose weight to TTC. I've looked up a few medical journals and research shows that a loss of 5% of your body weight (so 5kg for someone who weight 100kg like me) can result in returned regular ovulation and better hormonal patterns that are condusive to conception! It seems weird to me that such a small loss would make a difference, but there you go!

    Today, I'm trying to be good. I've skipped the gym (doh!) but will go for a walk with DH tonight instead.

    Yesterday's food: 1 piece of brown bread and peanut butter, 1 x skim decaf coffee, 1 salmon sandwhich, 1 little diet jelly, 1 cup milk, 1 small serve of sweet potato curry homemade and 2 brownies (oops!). I would have been happy withoutthe brownies and the skim milk they were indulences. I never know what to have for a snack before going to the gym early in the morning so I normally end up with bread and peanut butter. Any suggestions girls?

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    Aug 2006
    Logan, Qld

    Ruth B- What about a fruit smoothie or similar? I find that having a shake in the morning is much quicker then making toast or something. They taste sooo good too.

    Well I need to overcome my bread cravings.... I LOVE bread If I allowed myself too I could probably eat a whole loaf a day. Yesterday I had 4 peices of multi-grain toast with tomato and cucumber on it. Yummy. I also find I'm a snacker, I'll be snacking all day without really thinking about it. Like yester day everytime I had a coffee (I had 4) I had a couple of bickies to dip in it. Another thing I should really stop. Does anyone have any tips to help me stop this?
    I got on my bike for 10 mins yesterday morning and 20mins this morning, so that's going alright. Tomorrow when I only have DD I might go for a walk up to the shops or something don't know.

    I hope you are all going strong with being healthy.


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    Jun 2007
    Chudleigh, Tasmania


    Hi ladies, is it ok if I join you?

    Start weight:82kg
    Current weight:79kg
    Ideal weight:55-60kg
    Realistic weight:70kg to start with
    Notes: Put on heaps of weight after having children 2 x DS. I must admit Iv`e been over weight for a long time, got down to 70 lots of times, my 2nd DS is 8.
    Had tubal reversal last year, just found out both tubes are blocked so its now in the hands of the gods !!
    Figure it`s me time now and I want to loose the extra weight.
    Think it`s great to be able to help each other out this way.

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    Jun 2007

    Hi girls. Welcome all the Newbies!
    Just wanted to drop in and say gday. Im off on long weekend tomorrow, so will be "off the air" till Tuesday or Monday night. What will I do? BB has become like a second home to me lately, Im not sure if I can manage that long without a hit! Oh well.
    Ruth- Just wondering. Ive been looking at what some of you girls are eating, and I wonder if you're actually eating enough? Im trying to roughly follow weight watchers points, and I eat heaps more than you guys while still remaining in my allowance. Example yesterday
    2 weetbix skim milk and sweetner 2.5
    1 slice grainy toast with diet jam 2.5
    cup of tea (no sugar) 0
    ww muffin from muffin break 3.5
    coffee w skim milk .5
    slice of homemade ww lasagne 3
    ww fruit bar 1.5
    home made low fat steak pie with filo pastry 6
    mashed spud w skim milk & low fat sour cream 1.5
    heaps of veg 0
    banana, kiwi and strawberries with ww yogurt 3
    total points 24
    Daily allowance 24 points
    As you can see, you can eat HEAPS, as long as its the right type of food, and being the foodie I am, theres no way I could do it otherwise. In fact if you dont eat enough, you wont lose weight because your body will go into starvation mode and hold onto the fat AND if your like me, you're more likely to binge afterwards.
    Anyway, let me know what you think.

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    Hi all,

    welcome to all the new people good luck on your jouney.

    Had a good day yesterday did lots of walking and stayed under in calories without going mental.

    alison, I add 10 mins of housework to everyday for good measure as exercise. I might add some more exercise for the bf now, thanks for the tip

    Nadine is the taste metalic? the taste might be connected to the health of your guns and your iron levels, do you normally use a mouthwash? it would def overpower any nasty taste. It got rid of the metallic taste i was having after birth.

    RuthB: if your after something quick and easy, sanitarium up and go is pretty good, but i'd probably still have the toast with it.

    ellsbells, don't worry too much about bread, esp not at the begining of starting a diet. if you want to reduce your carbs you'll have to drop the biscuits first and it will be a whole lot easier on you if you drop the coffee as well, switch to water. there really is no reason to drop bread from your diet, esp if you have other things you can get rid of iykwim

    b4 my pg i had pretty much stopped craving snacks, so am hoping i get back there.

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    Jun 2007

    Hi Bec - just saw you're from Bendigo. Im moving back to my home town of Woodend at the end of the year (hopefully anyway). Same neck of the woods. Sorta Kinda. Compared to WA anyhow!

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi girls,
    I'm here because I am seriously lacking the lost bit of motivation I require to get to my goal. I was doing really well up until last Thurs went for lunch with a friend ended up eating lovely healthy mexican and have been a little piggy since. Today back to basics and alot of water to get me to the finish
    Starting weight :110kg
    Current weight : 78kg
    Total lost so far : 32kg
    Goal weight: 69kg
    Started in Feb and really want to be finished by November

    OMG just realised that we are over populated with Bec's in here
    Ahh better go and chow down that water

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    Jun 2007

    Im a Bec too (heehee) Welcome Bec G.
    You've done an amazing job, congratulations, Im so jealous. What have you been doing?

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    I am doing Cohens (lifestyle)..if you google it, it was designed by an IVF doctor to increase fertility but had a great effect on weightloss...quick for those who stay 100% on it..lol something I did for about 30 kilos and then got excited that I could finally fit into clothes. So I have told DH that my reward is a bit of plastics if I can achieve 69 !! well after another baby

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    Aug 2006
    Perth WA

    Hi everyone! I am also lacking motivation at the moment! I started out strong, but have slipped again!

    Starting weight - 74
    Current weight - 70Kg
    Goal weight - 65Kg

    I was 78Kg about 3 years ago, then got down to 68Kg just before falling pregnant with Nicholas. I have since lost 4kg doing weight watchers (not going to meetings, just online), but am struggling to lose the last 5Kg. I love chocolate and this is my vice. I have been excersising, but am thinking about joining a gym with a couple of other mums from playgroup to keep my motivation. We are going on holidays in November to QLD so would love to lose it before then to get into a pair of bathers! Also, having some family pics done in a couple of months too, so want to look good for those.

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    Dec 2006
    Macedon Ranges, Victoria

    My god its gotten so big in here, Plenty of support now!
    Just checking in, did a 2 hour walk yesterday, then came home and pigged out! (oops!) But other than that going well. Its the weekdends that get me, my DP loves to cook and i love to eat
    Someone else posted about eating before AF, i find im constantly "empty" when im 1 week away from getting it - i just try to eat heaps of vegies to fill myself up.

    Beaksie - Woodend!? Im in New Gisborne!

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    Jun 2007

    Shell - Wow! We'll just about be neighbours! Amazing what a small world it actually is!
    Bec G - thanks for the info, I WILL google it...

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