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thread: Weight Loss Support ~ September-October 07

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia


    Yes there are a few becs around.

    Becksie, you certainly will be a lot closer than WA.

    It's probably a bit late this arvo but I've been putting my food into CK and mum is bringing around fish and chips for us for tea (naughty I know but it's grilled fish). well I am no where near meeting my calorie intake for today. That's not meant to be what happens.
    Any one got suggestions. I can only really think of naughty foods that would get me high enough to satisfy calorie intake recommended for me.

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    Jul 2007
    Over the rainbow

    I have been real good yesterday morning, but the afternoon got me. DD is not sleeping at night (I think/wonder/hope she is teething) so I am tired and if I am tired I need my sugar and all that lovely no-no's!! It started when I could not make up my mind about what to have for lunch, all down-hill from there. I am being weighed this afternoon. I know I would have picked up something, but hopefully not a whole kilo.
    My DH is sick, I hate him being sick! I think I am coming down with something, I am moaning! I just feel so down in the dumps and this is not healthy for my will power - I am an emosional eater!
    I do use mouthwash for that bitter taste in my mouth, but it does not last long enough. Maybe I should keep a bottel in my deskdrawer - Thanks for the advice!

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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    Evening Ladies!!

    Well today was a so-so day. Wasn't all out naughty, but could have been better. I did go for a walk for an hour with DH and DD, which was very nice, but my eating... well I had a mars lite bar and some of those new chip things 'Pitos' yummo! I could have had the whole bag but managed to stop at half... The rest of the day I was good but probably just ate too much. I also stopped myself from having a chocolate thickshake when DH said he was going to have one...must say I am very proud for that!! DH ended not having one either cause he said it was no fun with out me, hehehe!
    So all up not too bad, but will eat less tomorrow and exercise again.

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    Jun 2007

    Hi. I just wanted to let you know the devil got hold of me this evening! Did really well ALL day, then finished up with 4 Lindt balls. Mmmmm. Very yummy! Also very naughty......will do better tomorrow.

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Devil got me too..blahhhhhhhh tomorrow I will have will power

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    Aug 2006
    Logan, Qld

    Me too, I made DP go and buy me a magnum ego. It was soooo yummy. But in the morning was good. I was on my bike for 20 mins the in the afternoon we went for a big walk. We were gone for 1 and half hours but we stop for about 10/20 mins.

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia


    It must of been a naughty night last night, 'cause I too was a little naughty.
    As I said previously mum was bringing me fish and chips for tea, but then I was still hungry and asked DH to go and get some desert. He came back with 10 nuggets to share and 2 large sundays with flakes. (he was a little excessive) but I didn't complain. The good news is that I was still under the calorie count for yesterday.

    At least today I'm off to a good start and I hope, will stay that way, although no exercise for me yesterday, due to rain although I did vacume, and today I will be baby sitting my nieces and won't have time to do any. But I have to go out tomorrow so I'm sure I will make up for it, when I walk into town.

    Any one else naughty last night?

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    Sep 2006

    Hi Everyone!!

    Welcome to all the newbies. I will get you up on to the list soon. Just been sooooooooooooo busy with all my wedding plans that I havent had any time to even scratch my butt!

    I had dinner at my mum's yesterday - chille mussles and pavlova - is that classed as naughty??? hehehe No gym for me yesterday cause I forgot to take my shoes to mum's house but I did walk around the shopping centre for 2 hours.

    Still trying to work out this calorie king thingy, might need to ask some questions when I get some spare time.

    I seem to be hovering around 79.5 - 80.0 kg now. Which is great! If I can lose 1kg a week, I will be stoked cause I might be able to get to a great weight before my wedding.

    Have a great day everyone!

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    Jan 2005

    Hi guys,

    Well yesterday was a shocker for me. I have been doing TF for about 8-10 weeks now, and going really well, but last night was my first Tupperware Unit Meeting (I'm SOOO excited but thats OT) at my managers place, and she put on dinner for everyone. Well there was no way I could have got out of it without looking bad, so I had 2 slices of pizza and some choccies! At least I know how good I've been the rest of the week, and will be til Saturday when I go to Geelong to weigh in.

    I hope I'm still going to be on track to be at goal by my brothers party on 27/11

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    Jul 2006

    Hi girls

    Well the soup diet seems to be going well i havent weighed myself as i am only on day 3, i have cheated, i feel bad, but i had a slice of toast with marg at work last night with my soup, i was craving carbs after only having fruit, soup, veges and fruit juice for 2 days straight.... back on the soup fruit and vegies today, tomorrow is banana smoothies day...yay...

    Just reading all the latest posts, seems we all have been tempted...just get right back on the ol horse girls...

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    Sep 2007

    Yep get right back on the horse. (I fell off yesterady when I ate 3 pieces of brownie and a whole packet of gingernut biscuits - I bought them at the shops I know i shouldn't have).

    I saw an Oprah show about an american woman who lost a massive, massive amount of weight (like she couldn't walk before!), and the woman said that she's realised that the secret when you break your diet is not to go on a day long, week long, year long binge but to just go straight back to what you were eating before and pretend it didn't happen. I reckon that's pretty insightful....

    Someone earlier mentioned about making sure you eat enough calories and I totally agree. I reckon you get to know your body and what works for you. I am burdened with a very very slow metabolism and I need to exercise strenuously for 1 hour a day (most days) and eat between 800-1000 calories (on most days) to lose 1/2 kg per week! I know that's what I need to do but I haven't really been that good for the past 3 months so I haven't really lost much weight (on the upside I think I've gained muscle and I haven't gained any weight!).

    And thanks everyone for the breakfast suggestions, I'm going to try having a shake instead of the bread from now on...

    Hope you all have a good day and don't forget to move your bodies! I do squats while I unstack the dishwasher!

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    Apr 2007

    Hi everyone! I am new to this thread and am also trying to lose my pregnancy weight!! My baby girl is 4 months old and I still have 9 kilograms to lose to get back to a healthier weight. I eat healthy (most of the time) and I go to the gym about 4 times a week. I am also breastfeeding but my weight is still not budging very much! Very frustrating! My goal is to lose at least some of this weight by January 2008 as some friends of ours are getting married! I want to wear a nice dress and not feel self conscious.

    Name: Jane (Firstbub)
    Start weight: 93 Kilograms (day before I had my baby girl)
    Current weight: 79 Kilograms
    ideal weight: 68-70 Kilograms
    Height: 175cm

    Good luck everyone! Lets keep each other motivated!

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    Sep 2006

    hey everyone!

    I have updated post #25 with all the new people that have joined. I have counted and there is now 26 of us so that is lots and lots of support!!

    I've been totally off the wagon today. I went to a Perth meet and had some cake and havent really had anything for lunch and now I have a headache but waiting for dinner. No gym for me today, probably no more until next week. I want to go tomorrow but dont really want to leave Avaleigh in the creche cause I will be worried she will cry all the time! Its ok leaving her with my mum tho lol

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    Nov 2006
    Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

    HI all,

    Welcome firstbub, glad you came to join us. I'm sure you will reach your goal, but the last little bit is always the hardest, so hang in there.

    Veronica, 1kg a week is a really good and realistic goal. From what I've heard it's the healthiest way to loose weight.

    RuthB, I think I saw that episode of Oprah. I have to admit I've never stewed over eating naughty foods for too long. He;; I'd be depressed all the time. I can remember the last time I was loosing weight I started doing it in Feburary. Silly me I should have waited till after easter but I still had a few easter eggs that year, just not too many

    Well I've just put in all the food I have eaten already today, and the food I'm about to eat into Calorie King and I haven't even had half of my calories for the day. Oh well at least tomorrow is shopping day and I can stock up on some healthy snacks.

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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    I'm pretty happy as I've lost .5 of a kilo so far this week. At least the stress of my relationship break up has had one good effect.

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    Sep 2006

    rebecca - wth calorie king do you put down exactly what you eat or chose from the list of items? i havent quite worked it out yet

    ahhh just worked it out!

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    Sep 2006

    Ok... I think I have finally realised that I am eating WAY TOO MANY CARBS! Argh my sister has been telling me to cut down on carbs cause I am not going to lose the weight and now seeing it down in a diary that shows how much percentage is carbs, I know understand that I need to get rid of it!

    What do you suggest I do? If I cut out carbs, then I am pretty much cutting out everything that I eat!! I've asked my sis if I can make the portions smaller and she said no, everything needs to be out for atleast a week (I think).... and because I have a very fussy partner I would probably need to make two different meals. Ahhh I dunno!! Maybe I will stick to what I am doing by just having smaller portions and then once I finish breastfeeding I will cut out the carbs..

    Also, someone said that its important to stick to your calorie intake for the day?? Well I am not doing this, I am no where near to my daily calorie intake because I am always so active. If I go to the gym and do my workout then I have worked off half of the calories. I guess I just need to eat more..

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    Mar 2007

    Unhappy With Regert.....

    Hi all,

    I am having 2 pause my weight loss 4 a short time as Emma is in hospital 4 dehydration and malnutrition . She hasn't been sucking effectively and we are likely to b in till Wednesday. I do solemnly swear that as soon as everything is worked out and my milk supply is what it should be that I will return. The hospital are giving me a balanced diet so I'm not eating junk food all the time. We got here on wednesday. I will keep popping in 2 c how every1 is doing. please keep an eye on my blog 4 updates!

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