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Thread: Endo & Pcos :(

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    Default Endo & Pcos :(

    Hi Ladies,

    I was diagnosed with Endo (Stage 3) at age 23 (im 31 now) and i have just recently found out that i also have PCOS so im now even more behind the 8 ball with TTC.

    i just wanted to find out if any other ladies in here have the same problems and what treatments they are/were having to assist with conception. - DH and i are going into our 3rd month of TTC so i know its still only early days....

    i've had 3 lots of surgery over the past few years for the removal of the endo (last lot in August last year) and my GP (who's also an OB) has just started me on Diabex (metformin) to help with the PCOS as i am insulin resistant and my weight is a bit out of control atm which he thinks could also be a contributing factor for me not being able to conceive

    Any feedback would be great

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    Hi gill,
    Sorry to hear about your endo and PCOS
    I was diagnosed with severe endo just over 3 years ago and was told I'd never conceive naturally (the endo had completely blocked my tubes). I was told it would be IVF and then the chances given to me were around 30% success. Here I am today just weeks away from meeting my bubs - yes, I conceived naturally!

    When I found out I had endo, I use to hate hearing people tell me how a friend or sister, etc had the same problem and ended up falling pregnant and such and such as 2 kids now, etc, etc so I don't want to say that sort of thing to you. I just use to think "but they are not me! i am different!"

    I never went with any drug treatments for the endo, just the initial laparascopy where it was diagnosed and the obgyn removed what she could. But I am sure that my healthy diet and exercise played a big part in getting my body ready and also I wasn't expecting it at all. I've mentioned this book before in other posts but I really do think it's a great book and that is Endometriosis and Other Pelvic Pain by Dr Susan Evans.

    Sorry I don't think I have really answered your question but just wanted to say that you aren't alone.

    Good Luck.

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    Hi Laranna!

    Thank you so much for your reply

    Wow, when i hear stories like yours (about conceiving naturally) they really give me hope - i know what you mean about ppl saying "Oh such and such had endo and they fell pregnant naturally" - but i also take a TINY bit of hope out of each of those comments and cling to it!

    Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your bubs!! that is fantastic news to hear!

    Yes, i think my diet has a lot to do with the moreso the Pcos than the endo, not that i am unhealthy, but i certainly don't do enough excercise! - My GP is actually referring me to an excercise physiologist (what the??) - im not 100% sure what that is, but i am sure i will find out in the next few weeks

    thanks again for your reply and good lucky with the rest of your pregnancy

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