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Thread: Any ideas on what we are doing wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sushee View Post
    Sometimes it's not anything you're doing wrong. Often this caper is just a numbers game. Like throwing the dice and waiting for 2 sixes. Sometimes you get them first go, and sometimes it takes a lot longer than that.
    Quote Originally Posted by slyder View Post
    Same deal here, BG. Rip snorter embies, and no luck. If they were iffy or highly fragmented etc, I'd understand, but you sort of assume if you have a number of good'uns it should happen. We had this discussion with our FS recently, and she said it's totally normal, and that perfectly good embies aren't a free ride to pregnancy, and it's nothing to do with the ability of the mother to accept the embryo. In 100 years they'll probably know the factors why, but for now we have to play the numbers game.
    I love the above Slyder & Sushee. Sometimes guys & gals like us just forget that it may not be our fault after all. That no matter how much resting, meditation, positive thinking, medication etc etc you may have or take may not be the thing that brings about a pregnancy. It really is up to lady luck. Some may think this is a negative way to look at things but honestly it gives me hope and reassurance that my body or my embies are not failing us.

    The best of luck to you Slyder, BG & Farmgirl! Don't be strangers =)

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    Ps Sorry dusty I didn't include you in the above...oops...but you know I luv ya already xx

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    Hello I'm in the same boat, good embies, double transfers but none stick. Got told by the scientist yesterday it was just a numbers game. Third time lucky for me this time.

    Good Luck

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    Farm Girl

    This is the tough part and as other have said it is a numbers game and a wiating process we are on for our 5th stim cycle and our 6th transfer attempt.

    I read a wonderful book called spirit babies which helped me deal better with the BFN's. It explains to me that our babies live between the spritual plane and the earthly plane until they are born. If they are not feeling 100% strong enough or they are scared they go back to the spiritual.

    I can PM you more details if you like

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    Hmm might be interested in that book

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    Hi Tiggerlinda - the book that you mention sounds like a good read - pls PM me the details - it would be much appreciated. Good luck with this transfer.

    Country blue - I hope that it is third time lucky for you.


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