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Thread: Leave and IVF

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    Just ring and say your sick they dont have to know...i had the day off after they took the eggs and a day off on transfering them. They had no idea. Just get a doc certf from a gp saying you were not well...

    Some ppl are really inconciderate think thats how you spell it!!!! GOOD LUCK TO YOU....HAVE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Alex Guest


    Hi Jane,

    I am totally appalled about your boss's behaviour. It is absolutely disgusting.

    You should definately be entitled to sick leave - if the boot was on the other foot I wonder what the reaction would be? No one elects to do IVF, when we start this roller coaster it's because often it's the lsat resort and we have no choice. It's hard enough without the added pressures of work.

    For my first cycle I took 2 weeks off after the transfer, not that it did me any good as it was negative. Now I am working from home for 2 weeks as I have a project on which I alwasy do at home anyway, so I haven't been as stressed as I would be at work. If this doesn't work I am going to take 2 weeks off after the next transfer, and do nothing but relax!

    Work will always be there, once something is finished, there's always something else to do. And remember, there are few people who are ever remembered for the work they do!

    I think your boss needs a long cold look at reality - and less of the whinging. I really feel for you. Don't let it stress you out, as long as your DH is supportive, your boss really does come at the bottom of the pile.

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