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thread: Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF - August 2005 #3

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    May 2004

    Zap - It sounds like one of the satalite clinics. I think it is part of MIVF? Or could be part of Monash as well. All I know that there is clinics ie/ Sunshine, Epping, Ringwood and a few other places that might be closer to some peoples homes rather than travelling in to the city. However they only operate on certain days, for instances I think Epping was only open 2 or 3 days a week. Give them a bell and ask them.

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    Sep 2004

    Blue, I was told to do mine 12 hours apart and did but alas wasnt successful, so perhaps being closer like Sush did is a better way to go???

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    Sep 2004

    Sorry I havent been around so much lately ladies but no access to internet at work anymore has made things exceptionally difficult... will hopefully have some good news tomorrow as a good friend of mine is having her beta and I hope so desperately that she is successful - will make my failure feel like was for a reason.....(IYKWIM?)

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    Feb 2005
    Planet Earth, Apparently.

    An update for my stats -

    Name - Baby Bliss (Kelly)
    State - VIC
    My Previous Cycle Length - 34 - 45
    Cycle type - Synarel down reg - OI/AIH
    Months of TTC - 13 for son, 20 and counting for #2
    Medications - 1500 metformin, 4 puffs synarel per day (2am, 2pm)
    Important Dates - 22/8/05 - test to see if ready to begin injections, have injections class to learn to DIY!

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    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    where is everyone hellooooooooo

    Ness how are you ?

    It's too quiet in here today & tonight - emptiness that's the way we want it in a few weeks or so but it is too quiet atm

    Kelly - injections are easy and sub cutaneous belly shots don't hurt much at all -the needle is so fine. Good luck for Monday

    Keen I really hope you friend had good news and yours is in the wings

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    Apr 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    I'm here, just hiding upstairs from MIL (she can't climb stairs ). Am busy planning any kind of appointment I can get myself booked into (to get out of the house) - haircut, pap smear (yes I'm that desperate) etc.

    I have my appoint with SIVF nurses next Wed finally. I'm assuming I can start my FET this cycle since AF should show Sunday. My temps have dropped nicely so she can't be far off (it's nice to actually look forward to a visit from witchy-poo). Hope she turns up for you too Tam. I hope she STAYS AWAY from the rest of you lot though. Next week is going to be veeeery interesting indeed - I've been dutifully rubbing my stone every night.

    I wonder how long I can hide up here without appearing rude.......

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Kelly – Good luck on Monday with your test. Those 2am synarel snorts must be a pain!

    Keen – for your friend’s test tomorrow!!

    Thanks Keen and Sushee for your advice on the pessaries. I should call the nurses to confirm but it’s hard at work (very hard to have a private conversation) and by the time I get home it’s too late. Will try tomorrow.

    Zap – sorry, am not aware of a fertility clinic in Sunshine. As Joja said, it might be a satellite clinic. Maybe you could google the clinic?

    Shaz – you sound like you’ve got a real step-monster! That’s a little overboard to scratch the eyes out of photos?

    Cazz – I have those same thoughts. I don’t really “feel” anything, no different to normal. I keep looking for signs - even asked DH if he thought my bb are getting bigger… stupid move – he wanted to measure… Hang in there sweetie. I’m with Trish re the party. Perhaps have a back up plan if it gets too much for you? And maybe stick by those family members who you trust and they might be able to fend off some of the nosy insensitive questions? I’m in a similar sort of dilemma about a friend’s son’s 1st birthday party, though luckily it is before the bt.

    Hi Trish!!! Yes, it is a bit quiet in here… I thought maybe everyone else is out having a life?? Too cold in Melb tonight… brrrr.

    Humphrey – LOL to hiding upstairs!!! Ahh, maybe you could make an appointment for a pedicure and a facial? Hmmm have you had your tax done yet? Hows it going with MIL? I’ll rub my hope-she-doesn’t-get-on-your-nerves-too-much stone for you!!

    Hi to anyone I’ve rudely missed.

    Take care, cheers
    :bluestick: :bluestick: :bluestick: :bluestick: :bluestick:

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    Sep 2004

    Kelly, someone else who is much more on the ball than me has been in to update you. My lord there sure are efficient moderators on this site - arent there

    Trish & Blue, my friend unfortunately didnt get the good news I was so desperately hoping for for her. Am giving them some time to work through things and will then find out what she is up to next...

    Bet this 2ww is REALLLY dragging out for those of you stuck in its midst!

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Awww [email protected]!! Sorry to hear about your friend Keen.

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    Jan 2005

    Sorry to hear your friends didn't get the desired results Keen.

    Trish you're right it is very quiet in here..... I don't know for sure when my AI will be will know better after scan on tues. Hopefully next week though.

    :bluestick: inkstick: to all in TWW

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    Oct 2004
    WA y WA y A WAy

    Morning all
    just checking in !!!! it's all getting a bit much for me at the moment so forgive me if i go A.w.o.l. i just need to get my head and heart in some sort of happy place i hate this waiting i feel like i am going nuts :shock: :badgrin: 8-[ i near caved and brought a couple of dozen pee sticks yesterday ( but i was srong and resisted )_
    my fellow TWW er's [-o< [-o< inkstick: :bluestick: :bdust: dust: bring on those

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    Jan 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Babydreams and other TWWs - sounds like you need one of these and dust: and . Hope you all get something great at the end of the wait

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    Aug 2005

    Long Term TTC, Infertility & IVF August 2005 #3

    Hi, here are my details...

    Name - sue42 - Sue
    State - NSW
    My Previous Cycle Length - 26 - 28
    Cycle Type - ICSI#1
    FF Link -
    Months of TTC - 15 years!! GIFT x 2 and FET x 2 - all BFN
    Medications - too many
    Important Dates - ET 13/8 B/T 29/8

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    cazzoom Guest

    I AM GOING FREAKING INSANE!!!!!!!!! :smt016 :smt016 :smt016
    I have been through the 2WW before how come this one is making more batty than I have ever been??

    argh how are you all handling it???


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    Aug 2005

    August 2005 #3

    Cazz, hang in there!!! Where are you at in your cycle?
    I can't even begin to imagine how you have coped with 5 losses of the worst kind. Unfortunately, previous 2WW experience doesn't make it any easier. Your craziness is definitely understandable.
    2 things are helping me stay sane:
    My garden, seeing those seeds sprout is a great feeling.
    The other is mint slice bikkies!
    Roll on motherhood.....

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    Blue Sky Guest

    Hi all,

    Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Cazz - oh you poor pet!! Can you take yourself shopping? Or go have a pedicure/manicure/hair cut/massage/something nice? Catch up on some Zzzs?? I'm a bit up and down. am considering the dreaded POAS so when it comes up negative I can deal and move on. (not that I'm recommending that to anyone as I know their evil...)

    Hi Sue, I had my transfer on the same day and will be having the BT on the same day too. Wow, 15 years is a long time. Fingers crossed for a good result for you!! (only 9 days to go and counting!)

    Shaz - I can undertand the need to go AWOL. Hope you can find that happy place. Will keep fingers crossed for you, let us know how you get on (yes, bring on the BFP!!)

    How are you travelling today Trish?

    :bluestick: :bluestick:


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    cazzoom Guest

    thanks ladies.
    Unfortunatley the IVF ate up all my money............ #-o so not shopping trips or the like. DH is out today so I am just about to sit a watch a movie.

    I love mint slice bikkies. I am steering clear of the chocolate though cos chocolate is a miscarriage food!!! not willing to risk it!!

    I am 8 days past transfer. blood test next friday!!!

    It feels like its going so slowly. I wish I could sleep through it!!

    I, for a change am not going to POAS the last 4 times I got BFP's on sticks I miscarried!!! gonna wait till after my Blood BFP!!!

    question.......If this does not work I am supposed to go strait into another cycle. just to clarify....will that include a complete down cycle on the pill? I only ended up with the one emby so there will be no frozen cycle for us.

    meanwhile off to go continue to go stark raving mad!!


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    Nov 2004


    Good afternoon ladies wow it is a gorgeous day in melbourne today!!

    I am also keeping my fingers crossed for all you twwaiter's out ther i haven't even started mine yet not until wednesday but i am already dreading it!!

    Take Care all and enjoy the lovely day!!

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