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thread: LTTTC Two Week Wait Thread #9

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    Dec 2006

    Woohoo Shell thats awesome. I did abit of research when I got my blood done CAUSE I WAS JUST WORRING ABOUT EVERYTHING. Anything over 16 is a BFP.
    They may be abit low cause it may not have stuck right away. Sometimes they say it can take over a week. I had levels of 49 at 4wks 4days and that was a twins blood count so its meant to be ALOT higher then normal people. Wow wee Merry Christmas. Well done

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    Jan 2007
    Central Coast NSW

    Hi ladies - thought i'd pop in for a quick update, with Christmas just around the corner, i've been absent from BB for the last few days or so. I'm about 6 days into my tww, and everything is humming along as it always has in the past - temps are staying nice and high, which they usually do for me, even though i'm yet to achieve that elusive BFP! No obvious preg signs, but may be a little early for any to show - i have a cd 22 BT on Mon, to check prog levels, other than that, just trying to RELAX and enjoy the festive season for Shellyd and Curmon, hope all is well for the both of you and you receive a special chrissy/new years gift of BFP!! I had a dream a week or so ago, where i saw two lines on a hpt...... heres hoping.... xx

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    Apr 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Hi All
    Its been a while since I have been here, but just thought I would pop in and say hi. Had FET on Thursday last week, so am on day 4 of TWW & so far it has flown by. Have lots planned over the christams break so time should continue to fly! BT 02.01.08, luckily my clinic is opening for a few hours that day, so I will be able to call for the results.
    I'm finding that I'm very blah about the whole process this time. I think I have come to realise that if its meant to happen it will, if not, we try again. OF COURSE I would love to get a BFP for Christmas & New Year - how fabulous!!
    Anyway girls, I will try to catch up on who's here & where you're all up to, but have a very merry christmas on Tuesday.

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    Jun 2007
    Berkeley Vale Central Coast NSW

    Hi All,

    Well 2nd BT was this morning, and my levels have dropped down below 2 so that's it for me this cycle. Unfortunately as these used my last little embies I'm back to a stim cycle next time round. I hope that you all get your BFP's for christmas / new year

    Have a great christmas tomorrow (I will get to have a nice big glass of wine at least).

    Sticky Vibes & Baby dust


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    Apr 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld


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    Aug 2007
    Macarthur NSW

    Hi everyone,

    Hope you all had a great Christmas!!! Well for some strange reason I decided to POAS and i almost died when 2 lines came up. Yep I am still in shock. With my BT not till the 2nd of Jan its still really early on but fingers crossed that it sticks and all goes well.....far out man i am freaking!!!!


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    Apr 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Hey Claire - that's fantastic! I will cross my fingers that this one sticks for you.
    I have BT the same day (02.01.08), but as much as I want to do a HPT now, I think I should wait. I'm on "lovely" progresterone pessaries ("PP") and have heard these can give you a false positive. The count down is on though - 6 days till BT after today!
    Well have been feeling very tired lately & many AF type symptoms, trying not to read too much into these as they are also side effects of the PP's. It would be fabulous if this one worked, but if not, onwards we go. The worst thing is, Nurse told me while on PP's I won't get AF anyway, so will not know positive or negative till BT.
    Anyway, I am blabbling, will speak to everyone soon.

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    Jan 2007
    Central Coast NSW

    Merry Christmas all Shellyd, i hope you enjoyed your glass of wine, sorry that your levels dropped Claire, a huge congrats to you! What a wonderful Chrissy present! Keep well Now for me... cd25, sometimes i think i've been feeling different 'feelings' or 'sensations' in my tummy, but trying to not think about it too much!! Temp is still lovely and high, and i compared temp charts yesterday, and this cycle, it looks like there has been less fluctuation since ovulation..... we will see...... sometimes i think i analyse too much! Goodluck for you BT Peta

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    slyder Guest

    Peta, our clinic inferred that the PP can give a false positive but as far as I can tell it's rubbish as HPTs look for HcG in your body, and not progesterone. But with your test being due on 2/1/08 I'd be inclined to wait a bit longer.

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    Jul 2007
    Sydney - Inner West

    Thought I'd pop in to send you all some sticky vibes! had my EPU not been cancelled would have been here with you in my 2WW and waiting for my BT around the 2nd of Jan as well.
    Shelly D so sorry to hear it didnt work this time around!!! Big Hugs!!! I hope you enjoyed your red! I know its not the same though, even though I said I would go to town and drink, I havent really! I hope next cycle will be the one for you! When do you think you will go back again?
    Curmon - sticky vibes and praying you get confirmation of BFP!
    Peta, theresp and to all of you, hoping you get some good news and keep us inspired!

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    Aug 2007
    Macarthur NSW


    My clinic encouraged me to POAS as my blood test was originally due on the 31st but with them being closed they told me do a HPT if i wanted around that time as the pessaries would not affect the result but to have a BT on the 2nd to confirm.


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    Apr 2007
    Sunshine Coast, Qld

    Just wanted to say thanks for your good wishes everyone. I was 2 seconds from picking up a HPT today, but then at the last minute, I didn't. I decided I don't want to know yet if this is +'ve or -'ve. Then still have to wait for BT to confirm. PLUS DH would kill me if I did HPT (we promised in the very beginning we wouldn't do these). Feeling really Cr*!py today. I have somehow got a cold (bizarre, I have been eating more healthily than normal & now I get sick) & feel so run down. Please don't tell me this is how it is to be Preggers.....or at least if it is tell me it won't last long!
    Take care all & enjoy the festive season.

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    waiting1 Guest

    New to site at 12 dpo w BPN on HPT

    Hi. I hope it is ok for me to join here. This is my first time to this site.

    My quick history
    Me 35 apparently no issues
    DP sperm issues so needed ICSI

    TTC since June 2007
    IVF #1 in November 07 got 26 follicles, 15 eggs, 11 fertilised w ICSI, 1 fresh transfer and 7 frozen BFN when AF arrived 12DPO 10pt.
    FET #1 unmedicated at all currently 11 dpo but have major AF cramping tonight. Believe this will be a bust too unfortunately and expect AF at 12 dpo which is tomorrow - just feels the same.

    I am keen to meet others from MIVF that have had completely natural FETS and to see what the restults are and how many goes it took. We are using Dr McBain. To date we don't know anything about the quality of our FE. I am a little disillusioned today and a bit depressed knowing that AF will arrive tomorrow. We really thought that this cycle might work.
    I did a HPT this morning but got BFN... i think given I have been pretty text book along the way that it is a bit late for implantation...... feeling very sorry for myself tonight. Interested to meet others in a similar situation...

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    Dec 2007

    Dear waiting1

    I am sorry that you haven't had any luck with your ICSI yet. Although we haven't had our first round due to have 1st ICSI in Feb) we are in a similar position to yourself. I am 26 and apperantly fine, DH has low count hence to ICSI...

    I know how hard it can be ttc - we have been trying for four years and now begin our assisted conception journey.

    I hope AF stays away - she is a wicked rotten cow sometimes, isn't she! The good news is though that you have more snowbubs waiting for you. Also don't feel bad about feeling like crap sometimes you just do and you have every right to feel dissapointed and upset. Feel free to vent - the girls here have a lot of experience and will give you comfort and great advice.

    I don't even know if that helps, sorry. Any way :hugs: to you!
    Rach x

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    Oct 2007
    Rural England

    Hi waiting1

    Welcome to BB. As Rach81 said, everyone here gives each other a great deal of support, advice and empathy. It's a great place to meet people who are in the same situation (or as similar as you get) and understand as closely as possible how you are feeling. There should be so other ladies going through the TWW who'll be around this thread atm.

    I'm also with MIVF and although I'm not with Dr McBain I have heard he is very good. I'm in the same boat as you, like Rach also - I'm fine, but DH has 94% abnormal forms that required ICSI (at the last minute) on our first cycle. I am currently going through my second cycle back to back off the BFN of our first one. We've been TTC since Feb 07 and our first fresh cycle was in November too. If this current fresh cycle is unsuccessful, we will have one more chance at a FET before we are due to move overseas permanently.

    Were you given any information during your first ICSI cycle about each and every embryo you had before your transfer, and the embryos you have had transfered? If not, maybe you can give the clinic a call an ask to speak to a nurse in your team and explain to them that you want to know the grade of all your embryos when they were put into freeze, or transfered. I think it's important to have this information in your mind as it stops you from second guessing what your embryos are like and whether they are ok. 7 is a great number to have frozen from one cycle - congratulations on that!

    I can tell you some information that may be useful as I asked questions of my FS at MIVF last appointment after my BFN and received good information. The majority of MIVF's pregnancies are achieved on FETs, in fact over 50% of the births resulting from IVF in Victoria in any one year are from MIVF's FETs alone. This in part has to do with their freezing and thawing technique, which I've been advised is very good because of the quality of their embryologists. I found this information quite encouraging at my appointment the day after my BFN. My FS said it is just a matter of time, and waiting to have the right embryo implanted - unfortunately no one can say which embryo it will be, but the fact that MIVF do less than 50% of the egg collection procedures in Victoria, but still end up with over 50% of all births from just their FETs certainly gives me hope that it will happen sooner rather than later.

    So from the point of view of FETs, you are in good hands with MIVF. I know that it is disillusioning and disheartening to go through another BFN, but I'd like to put out there for you that your BFN isn't confirmed until you have a blood test - women have been known to have AF during the first part of pregnancy, and it's not uncommon for it to take time for HCG levels to develop in women who should be showing up on HPTs at 14dpo. I certainly am not trying to give you false hope, but just that there are circumstances that happen quite regularly that defy the usual run of events.

    I'm sorry that you're feeling so disheartened by it at the moment - you are entitled to grieve for the cycles that don't work as we really are so close when we already have an embryo there inside us. Perhaps you can talk to your clinic about your embryos and the statistics I've given you if it helps, and talk to all the lovely ladies and gent here on BB - they're all so understanding and have been through it too. Hopefully there will be some other people who are with MIVF who know other stats.

    I wish you a beautiful new year with the right embryo if this cycle is bust, and we are here to support you as much as you need.

    Miss C :hugs:
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    slyder Guest

    Waiting, we're in a similar position. I have poor sperm morphology and DW apparently has no issues. We used straight IVF, no ICSI. We've done one fresh transfer and one medicated FET (that's how they do it at our clinic regardless) both with BFN. We have two more blastocysts in storage.

    There's lots of other people at various stages of IVF in this thread. Please feel welcome to come and join us.

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    waiting1 Guest

    As expected from cramping all bust.. AF arrived this afternoon right on time day 12.....post ovulation......feeling very despondent today....
    oh well - try again round #3 I guess..... I must admit at the moment I feel like just giving up.
    Thanks for all the support ! It really does help - as DH does not seem to understand and I even told him he should move out today - a but AF ish and grumpy I suspect !
    Thanks for the info re MIVF.
    Ill get onto my FS for information on what grade my embryos are etc and why he is not taking them to blast and why he is not doing medicated. Will get the requisite blood test tomorrow instead of waiting until the 3rd now..... my friend just did her first ivf and is happily at home pregnant first go.... I am just so worried that I will use all my frozen's - there are 6 left and say they all work which is not really likely that I will get 5 or 6 months down the track and be another year older and no closer to a baby. I am really starting to doubt whether I have an issue with the implantation.. I know they say it is usually the embryo and I do have to get specifics but they keep telling me how wonderful and beautiful my embryos are - if that is the case - why isnt this working?
    I am just frustrated and upset and over it all today.... Today I have been thinking what is the point of having a 3rd go after 2 months there is nothing and feeling like this all the time certainly isn't healthy..... sorry about the whinge...

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    slyder Guest

    W1, we've been feeling a bit the same. Somewhat despondent after the two failed cycles and DW worrying it's an implantation issue. If it helps, one of the ladies who has just joined the thread I mentioned above told us tonight that she had success with her second FET, after failed stim and FET cycles.

    It really is a roll of the dice as to whether a perfect embie will implant. Try not to get too ahead of the game and just go with the bad feelings you are having now. They do lift in time.

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