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Thread: LTTTC Two Week Wait Thread #9

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    waiting1 Guest


    where is everyone? You are all very calm. Im 5dpo today and going crazy !!!!! I dont know what I need to talk about to feel better.. but how are you all feeling any symptoms?

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    RH76 Guest


    Hi Waiting1

    I have BT this Friday (25th). I'm dreading this week, but I've only ever got AF once before the BT, all the other times she hasn't arrived until 2 or 3 days after the BT, and they've always been BFNs

    I've had cramps and twinges nearly every day since the IUI, but as it was an IUI I don't even know if there's an embie. The TWW is the worst part I think. I wish they could just do the transfer, or IUI, send you off for a coffee, and then do a BT half an hour later to let you know!

    Yesterday I actually felt sick and thought I was going to be. I wasn't, and it passed, but it was weird. But, this whole waiting thing makes me nervous so it was probably the nerves.

    We all really need to relax I think! but I don't even know if I can go for a massage in case I am pg and I'm not supposed to! Grrrrr.

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    jbub Guest

    Default first 2WW

    hope everyone is doing ok.

    This is my first time in here. Had my embryo transfer yesterday. BT 2nd Feb. I am feeling a little bit nervous now. It is hard not to think about it all.
    What are some tips on surviving the 2WW???

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    waiting1 Guest


    jbub I wish i had the answer for you - there are no tips. Its horrid. The first week is frustrating as you can't tell a thing - then as it gets closer to BT you are fearful of AF and anxious about whether it may not come. I had my transfer last thursday - today is sunday and I am already thinking about it every 2 mins. The only good thing this time is that I haven't had the urge to Poas - after spending $400 last time - doing multiples per day for an answer and getting low hcg so not a complete negative i have given it. It will be what it will be - so I am trying to forget about it and pretned its not ther e- very hard as you over analyse every single twinge, movement ache etc..... the only thing you can do is chat here to be around people going through the same thing - except its been exceptionally quiet..... I dont think there are too many Jan people probably because of lab closures and xmas etc.
    I had some cramping last night and was a bit concerned. Last month didn't have any symptoms really - a bit of a cramp after a week from memory. This time just the faint cramping last night now nothing. Boobs not sore or anything - so who knows.

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    slyder Guest


    New [URL=""]thread[/URL] time, gang.

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