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Thread: Tubal Reversals #13

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    Harmonie, welcome and sorry for the late greeting. I too was also in the same position you were in. My last preg i had a grade 4 placenta previa and a DVT in my left leg, so i practically lived in the hospital. They wanted to bring my daughter on at 24 weeks, then every 2 weeks i begged for another 2 weeks. I felt that if she was in there longer, the better her chances are at survival. She made it 38 weeks and a VBAC birth at that. The day i was due to go home for the weekend after another of my long stays while preg, i got up from eating my breakkie and my waters broke, so i had to stay. 25 hours later and still nothing not even a little contraction, they said it was now time to put in the drip and start the contractions and antibiotics. She was born that night had 6.10pm and perfect healthy baby, even after everything i went through. The next day the dr came in telling me that the only form of contraception i could use/have was to have a TL. I was never told anything accept that i had to turn up at hospital at a certain on a certain day. I was never told of the side effects of having it done and i still have them to this day. A few years ago i was diagnosed with endoemetriosis and the specialist at Ipswich hospital said that the dr performed the TL under false pretences and that it was a contributing factor to my endo. They also during my recent op for the endo once again found that my tubes were damaged and that even if i had a TR my success rate would be minimal. They said i had more of a chance with IVF. I am planning to start my IVF shortly all going well. Thankfully while they had me open they said the only good thing about having a TL is that it preserves the health and age of the ovaries etc and that they are still quite youthful, which will be a plus for the IVF regardless of my age of 37. They are still around the age of 30 when i had my TL. WOW that was a lot of info for me today. LOL Cheers kiya

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    Sounds like they got you when you were most vulnerable (thats a big word for me and probebly spelt wrong).
    I personally think that having a T/L should be Illegal for at least the 1st 6 months after birth, as most of us at some stage or another have difficult pregnancy's, and when we go through them we are more prone to think Irrationally while the memories are still fresh on our mind.
    come on, everyone after giving birth usually say's "nope not having any more, I'm not going through that again" but we do have more when the memories of our labour/birth fade's.....
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    Jen....Very true thats why im not doing anything rash this time.
    Right at this very moment i would say "HELL NO" no more kids but thats only
    cause im feeling so uncumfy and fat and horrible and im so over being pregnant.
    But I know all these things will pass real soon(thank god) and i may want to go again(bl00dy crazy woman i know).
    But for some reason i keep holding back this time and keeping my options open!

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    New thread time ladies


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