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Thread: Mirena IUD?

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    Has anyone ever noticed any EWCM while they had a Mirena?
    I noticed some yesterday and since I read on the little booklet that they give you that the mirena affects your CM I wasn't expecting to see it.

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    I get it too Dach, like my cycle is still there, just without AF.

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    Ghada Guest


    I get it too, but like Jennifer without any AF.

    Its kind of weird getting used to not having AF, its been 10 weeks now. Hope you girls arent having any complications with the mirena.

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    I had a bit of a bleed for a couple of days after it was put in but nothing else.
    i haven't noticed any side affects. I was worried about the low libido because I noticed a few other girls had it but DH and I were so anxious about having another baby that it was a toatl libido killer anyway. I think we've been having sex more since I got it put in and definately enjoying it more without the stress of hunting down condoms and worrying about getting pregnant.

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    Ghada Guest


    Dachlostar - if there's one thing i like about the mirena its the freedom it gives you, both mentally and physically. Just a tiny thought - have you taken a HPT just incase you are PG? Seeing as though you havent had AF since the initial bleed (and youre seeing EWCM) Id do a test just to make sure.

    I still have a low libido, though not as bad i must admit. I guess caring for 3 children, running a business and trying to run the household would all contribute to it aswell so i shouldnt completely blame the Mirena.

    Brooke - i got AF every month for the 1st 5/6months, but nothing ever since. How are things going for you?

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    Ghada Guest


    Thats excellent Brooke! Good thing you have found something that suits you better. I will probably still have a chat to my GP as im not entirely happy with the mirena in, im only keeping it for now because me and DH havent yet decided on what to do. Like you, i dont want to risk anything at the moment so am putting up with it hehe.

    Good to hear that your libido has improved too...30% is better than before!

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    Ghada, I might POAS but i don't think that I'm likely to be preggers. I think the no AF is because I'm still breastfeeding. It took a while to come back after I had Yasin too although not as long as this.
    So far I'm loving the Mirena. I haven't noticed a single side effect other than the bleed and a bit of cramping and nausea when they inserted it and I really like the freedom not having to remember pills or find condoms.

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    crockerclan Guest



    I haven't been around for a while now. I had my IUD in now for 10 months now and I had only minor problems with it. I still get my periods each month, some months it is heavier than others but generally speaking it is lighter but lasts up to 10 days each month. I think my libido is down as well but it could be that I have 5 kids and not to do with the IUD. Occasionally I still have the cramps but it has settled down from when I got the IUD in.

    The one problem is that the week before my period is due I get PMS really bad. I am really irritable or very emotional which was not a problem before the IUD. I am not sure whether I have a bit of PND or it is because I am sleep deprived. My youngest who is nearly 12 months old is still waking up a few times a night. I find it tougher the week prior to my periods up to the time I get them, than any other time of the month. I also find that my irritable bowel plays up at that time of the month as well as feeling very nauseated , but that is no different to when I was on the pill and that is why I went for the IUD because then I did not have to worry about falling pregnant every time I lost the pill.

    I am going back in March to see my Gyno and considering having it taken out to have another baby. I have been told that if I don't have any more children because I have a prolapse than he is considering a hysterectomy, which could mean no more contraception. I rather keep the IUD in then have a hysterectomy.

    Mother of Christopher, Luke, Melissa, Jayden and Ashleigh(nearly 12 months old)

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    AliceR Guest

    Question Sick of Mirena, what now

    I have a Mirena IUCD in at the moment, i have had it for 7 months now and have only just looked into it a bit more on the net. Since i got it put in my periods are non existent (yay) but i have no libido at all. My doctor even did blood tests to see if i was going through early menopause at 27 years old. I also just found out that you are not supposed to have the Mirena if you have had breast cancer and some other cancers recently, and if you have not had kids yet it can make you sterile.
    I am going to get my Mirena IUCD taken out but can anyone help me with ideas for contraception. Im allergic to latex or diaphragms and i cant take the pill or have depo provera due to sensitivities. I also used to have a non hormone IUD and that expelled itself after a month. If anyone has ideas i would really appreciate your input

    Liam 2/12/97
    Aiden 27/1/06
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    Hi there Alice, Welcome to BB .
    Have you ever looked into charting and the billings method? Most BB members who use it do so to get pregnant but you can also use it for contraceptive purposes. We have a forum dedicated to charting [url=]here[/url] and you could google billings to find out more.
    Once you understand the billings method it has high rates of sucess for contraception but its important that you have areally good understanding of it or it can fail. I geuss its like most contraception in that way - if you don't use it properly its effiacy is lowered.

    BTW - if you want to add your kids in you can put them in your signature. Just go to user profile and then click on the siganture option.


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    allyfield Guest

    Default Considering Mirena IUD

    I have my 6 week check up soon and I am considering getting the Mirena IUD inserted. I have been doing some research and was told you have to wait to get your period before they implant it what about if you are BF sometimes you don't get a period. Also I read somewhere if you have had a c-section you have to wait 12 weeks has anyone else heard of this. Any information would be helpful.

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    crockerclan Guest



    It is true that you do have to wait until you have your period, the reason is that your cervix is slightly open during that time and it will be easier for your gyno/gp to put it in. I am not sure about after a C/S because I delivered normally but I also read somewhere that it is 12 weeks. The best thing is for you to contact your GP or Gyno and ask them.

    Mother of Christopher, Luke, Melissa, Jayden and Ashleigh

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    I think that Jennifer got hers put in at her 6 week check-up. I hadn't had my period yet when I had mine inserted.

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    allyfield Guest

    Default Mirena IUD

    I am having the Mirena IUD fitted next wednesday and my OB is going to give me an local anaesthetic. He said it is injected into the cervix? Has anyone had this fitted and done with the local if so did the local anaesthetic hurt? Bit nervous.

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    Hi allley,

    I haven't got a t IUD - i'm TTC but i i had abnormal cells on my cervix and had to get them lasered off- so i needed a local.

    It was pretty painless - My gyno told me to cough and aas i did it gave me the local.- so it's okay. it hurt a bit after it wore off- just like a period pain so i took the rest of the day off.


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    AliceR Guest

    Default I found another option. Yayy

    Well after all the problems with the pill, mini pill, Implanon, IUD's and IUCD's I have been given a cervical ring to try out. Novaring is on trial through family planning at the moment and is apparently getting favourable reviews from women who have had lots of problems with contraceptives like myself. My doctor said that 85% of those who tried it wanted to continue with it. Its a plastic ring that settles around the cervix and is left there for 3 weeks to exude hormones and is removed for one week to bleed etc before another is put in to start the cycle over again. Its a combined hormone thing but apparently at 1/2 the dose of the lowest dose pill on the market. If anybody out there is having lots of troubles then maybe this is worth a try. Fingers crossed it works for me, im allergic to or get nauseated from everything else.

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    Theresa, so sorry you've had troubles hon. That doesn't sound like a normal amount of pain, when you had it put in. I had a small amount of stinging and a few cramps, but nothing very much. Have you had it checked to see that it is in properly? My ob mentioned that one of the risks of having it inserted is that incorrectly done it can perforate the uterus. I'm sure that's not the case with you, but there's obviously some risk that if it's not positioned properly I guess it would cause pain? Not an expert, so I'd have it checked! He also said my GP could remove it, so if it's that simple I'm guessing it doesn't require the local anaesthetic he used when he put it in.

    Brookey, giving in to the temptation to have another baby b4 we're ready is probably the main reason I went with the Mirena too!! Although thankfully I've had no trouble from it and no period either, making it well and truly worthwhile. Must get off the my gyn to have a pap smear and I might ask him how long I should have it out for b4 TTC#2.

    Let us know how you go Theresa.

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    Ah Theresa, that sounds logical! Ouchies, don't like to think what it would have felt like without the local!!! My gyn was telling me how brave I was not making too much fuss even with the local! I'm sure you'll have no troubles having it removed.

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