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    Jul 2007

    Folding up prams

    Just started the pram hunt & realising it is really hard!!!! DH seems to be quite interested in finding something you can fold/ unfold with only one hand (eg: the Graco Quattro Tour Deluxe). But this pram is sooo heavy I definitely wouldn't be able to get it out of the car with one hand, so what is the benefit of being able to unfold it with one hand? Sorry but I am completely new at this baby thing- is it normal practice for you to leave the bub in the car whilst getting the pram out? What about folding/ unfolding the pram when you go on public transport (not that I would imagine doing this too much).

    Any help appreciated : )

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    Jun 2007
    ...not far enough away :)

    We don't have to fold/unfold often as I walk everywhere, but that's the great thing about living in a smaller town. But yeah I would leave bubs in the car, get the pram out & yourself organised etc otherwise it's a little too hard. I don't really see much benefit in the one hand thing....though having said that I can lift mine open with one hand & one foot on the wheel (I have the Valco runabout), but then I need two hand to ensure it's locked into place - if that makes sense.
    In regards to public transport, not that I use it often...but that's what we bought our cheap stroller for, it folds smaller but still not that easy to do so with one hand. I wouldn't choose a heavy pram just for that reason, if you can fold it with one hand but then can't even lift it onto the bus with bubs & a bag of shopping then doesn't seem worth it to me.

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    Mar 2004

    OMG, the first time we took Yasin out in the car with the pram we forgot how to fold it. I was going nuts trying to figure it out, swearing like a crazy lady and told DH to just leave it in the carpark and I would buy a new one. i felt like a bit of a doofus when he finally found the magic button.

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    Mar 2007

    most prams r either both hands or 1 hand 1 foot. this is a safety measure to ensure that u cant easily fold it with bub inside. If ur public transport has disabled access u wouldn't need to fold it unless u were using it on a very busy bus.

    What sort of car do u have? if a wagon, u may not even need to fold it! Sedans are a bit harder bcoz u have to make sure the pram folds down small enough. HTH

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    Mar 2006

    I have the Mountain Buggy and I can put it up with one hand (but you need two to collapse it). For me, how many hands it took to dis/assemble it never played into it as I figured that if I was driving somewhere, I would leave DD in the car until I had the pram ready for her and when leaving, she would go into the car before I tackled putting the shopping and/or pram away.
    The Mt Buggy weighs less than 9Kg (I have the Urban Elite) from memory. We bought our pram for its weight (amongst other things) but I do find the width can make it a little challenging to lift in and out of cars... even my friends 4x4! But I do love my Mt Buggy!



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    Jun 2007
    ...not far enough away :)

    What sort of car do u have? if a wagon, u may not even need to fold it! Sedans are a bit harder bcoz u have to make sure the pram folds down small enough. HTH
    LOL, we have a Holden Rodeo Duel Cab, we don't fold here....DH just lifts it onto the tray & off we go. We've had some funny looks, but we are never going that far, would laugh if we lost it one day

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    Sep 2007

    As mentioned before I don't think folding with one hand should be a major factor when choosing a pram.

    I have a Red Castle Shop n Jogg. It's easy to fold and is light weight for a 3-wheeler (only about 10kgs). We have a VW Bora and it fit's comfortably in the boot along with shopping, golf clubs etc.

    I'd definately recommend you check it out. Happy Pram Shopping!

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    Aug 2007

    We bought a Quinny Buzz - it goes down with two hands but puts itself up with gas lift - think like an office chair. I don't care about putting it down as I figure you have to take the baby out and load it in the car first before trying to put the pram down anyway. We bought the Quinny Buzz because its easy to fold down and dismantle and it fits in the back of our Mini Cooper.

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    I have a P&T sport and love it - I take it on the buses (complete with bub) and buses that are disabled access aren't a problem, and the other buses you get on the back door - the driver should help you.

    P&T down with 2 hands, up with one (for me). Bub stays in the car while sorting out the pram and other stuff.

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    Jul 2005
    Perth Western Australia

    My pram is a 1 hand 1 foot colapse, I have a Love n care victory II. When DS arrives I am going to have to start using a twin pram (valco trimode twin runabout) and I practiced putting it up today, it took e about 5 mins, I think I am going to have to practise collapsing, assembling it a few moe times before he arrives.

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    Nov 2007
    Off with the fairies.

    When we got our pram for our first baby, I practiced putting the pram up and down before he was born. I think it helped me alot, cause everything is just so new and somewhat confusing when they're first born, so I was glad I had practiced beforehand.

    We have the brand Mother's Choice, with the reversible handle.

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    OMG, the first time we took Yasin out in the car with the pram we forgot how to fold it. I was going nuts trying to figure it out, swearing like a crazy lady and told DH to just leave it in the carpark and I would buy a new one.
    ROFL Chloe, I can just picture this! I was the same in the early days with the P&Ts. Sometimes the buttons aren't quite lined up properly and until you're used to it you can't figure out why it won't fold. I felt a bit silly until I had a friend with the same pram ring me one day from a shopping centre car park with the same problem. I wonder if anyone's ever called the 24hour Child Health Nurse help line with that problem?

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    Dec 2007
    Sydney - Hornsby area

    The Maclaren Tehno XT is a dream! It is a stroller but can be used from birth as it reclines all the way. Folds easily (one handed if need be) and fits anywhere even in the floor area of back of car. Also have a Valco Jogger which is hell to put up and down and very heavy and takes up all of my boot when in it. Having said that it is a fantastic walking pram!!!!

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    Jun 2007
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    I had my heart set on the Graco Quatro Tour Delux until I saw it in person and realised just how big and heavy it was I agree it would be bulky to get in and out of the car. I ended up going for the Steelcraft Acclaim reverse handle for a few reasons one it was lite and easy to fold down (one hand one foot) and the handle reversed so I could see bubby when he/she's newborn and change direction when bubby is older, it also has 4 wheels which Is just a personal preference for me and the wheels are lockable both back and front so they don't wobble when your in the shops.

    I feel your pain it took me months to decide and I got so overwhelmed with the choices. It might be hard since it's your first but if you can think of what you will be using your pram mostly for ie walking in the park, jogging, shopping etc then you might have an idea of what's important. For me jogging wasn't on my list so the 3 wheeler joggers were out and I'm only a small person (5ft) so I really wanted something lite and easy to push not too high plus it will be me pushing the pram most of the time so getting something that dh liked and I didn't wasn't a good idea either.

    Good luck, try checking out the pram review sites too if you search for nurseryworld they have a huge list of prams with detailed descriptions.

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    Jan 2007

    I agree with creesmum the Maclarens are fab!! I have the quest which is 3 mths plus but if I was doing it all again, I would get the techno from birth! they are super light and I can fold/unfold mine holding Iz. Having said that when she was little I would put her in the car then pack up the pram, or leave her in til it was set up.

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    Apr 2006

    I've got the Mountain Buggy too and like MG said, its fold down with two hands and then sort of fling it open with one. I leave Iz in the car while I get the pram out and up, and then loaded with the ever increasing amount of stuff I seem to take out (!!), then put her in and go. Back at the car I unload everything from the pram, then Iz into the car, then the pram in the car. I'm finding as the weather heats up I need to open doors and unwind windows for a bit before Izzy can go in, so it works well to unload everything else first.

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