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Thread: First trimester bleeding?

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    Default First trimester bleeding?

    Has anyone had serious bleeding in thier first trimester? A couple of weeks ago we went to the emergency outpatients thinking we had miscarried but after hours and hours of laying down waiting to see an obstetrician -the bleeding stopped. the next day we had an ultrasound and the baby was ok ( even had a reasonable heartbeat) .Last week I had a little spotting for a day and nothing since. I have been told that this is not that uncommon and was just wanting a little reassurance . Could anyone share thier experience with this please?

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    Just wanted to let you know that I bled off and on throughout my third pregnancy after having miscarried twins for my second pregnancy so I was terrified but everything was fine. I know it is so easy to say but try to relax and don't think too far ahead, take it one day at a time and enjoy it, it's so easy to worry yourself sick and miss the beauty of being pregnant. Take care and enjoy.

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    Thanks for replying missya. It just makes this baby seem more vulnerable than my others. I find myself triple thinking everything I put into my body. If I`ve been sitting on a firm seat for too long and start to get an aching butt or with the heat wave we are having, I worry that it might start more bleeding that won`t stop this time. I know this can`t help and it`s so hard to stop. But you are right, I don`t want to miss a moment of my pregnancy. Any tips for staying in the moment?

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    Hi Crystalilly,

    It's so easy to give advice but so difficult to act on it in this situation. Unfortunately I had kept everything inside when I lost the twins, I didn't understand that I had the right to grieve so I would do it in secret the shower or car. This then affected me in my next pregnancy, I held back from bonding with my bump, I was terrified to feel.
    And now I have guilt about that, it's silly I know, my daughter is now seven and here I am bawling about it like it was yesterday. I feel like I let her down.
    I was probably five months pregnant before I talked to my belly or gave baby a nickname.
    I don't want that for you because when everything works out fine for you I don't want you to have worried all the way through and not enjoy the magic of being pregnant.
    Smile for baby, talk to baby, plan for baby, baby deserves it. Many women bleed during early pregnancy, just take it as a sign that you have to be good to yourself and take everything one step at a time.
    Let me know how your doing, and take care.

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    Hi Crystalilly. I had significant bleeding with my second pg at the 12wk mark and I was terrified I was about the lose the baby. I called the hospital and they said so long as it wasn't accompanied by painand cramping, then things were still looking very good for a viable pg. The midwife I spoke to also told me a few different reasons why I could be bleeding and that put my mind at rest a lot. I just stayed in bed for a day until the bleeding had completely stopped (it was heavy when it started and then it petered out to nothing within 24hrs of it starting). Luckily for me I had my nuchal fold u/s booked for 13wks, so I didn't have to wait long to see if the baby was OK, but I reckon I hardly breathed at all for that week as I was so scared/tense/nervous of what the u's would show. Never have I been so relieved as I was when the OBGYN picked up her heartbeat as soon as he put the wand to my belly. Turns out it was a bleed from the placenta but it had healed itself. She is now nearly 5.5yo and thriving and it might just be a coincidence, but she is also my most headstrong and defiant child.

    Also, there is a great article on the main site about bleeding in pg (the main site is down temporarily, but check it out when its up again) and there is a chatter thread here for bleeding in pg too.

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