thread: Pregnancy Symptoms in the First Trimester

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    Sep 2008
    Bunbury, Western Australia

    I had a tape measure in my mouth the other night and my Gums bled..............I clean my teeth daily and use Savacol!

    Can anyone tell me does this happen!!???????


    I'm really tired,
    slightly sore nipples
    Buckets of clear C.M
    blood stained sinus waste after being blocked!
    LOTS of low sugars , Eat eat eat but keep having hypos!!
    A coldsore popped up yesterday........
    I have to ask... what were you doing with a tape measure in your mouth?

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    I have to ask... what were you doing with a tape measure in your mouth?

    Tee Hee........teeth are a good 2nd pair of hands some times!
    Still don't know if I am positive though? Day 26 still no HCG in urine?????????? But got sore BB's cramps and fluro urine!????????? Unless its my imagination???

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    Jun 2008
    Abbey, WA

    Has anyone ever had pg symptoms that get worse at night? Like bb's are more sore at night and when you first wake up, and you have to pee a lot more during the night than you do during the day? I don't know if I'm pg yet, but these are the symptoms I've been having so just wondering.......

    Thanks guys!

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    May 2009

    I am so relieved.

    I'm 5.5 weeks and for the past few days have had brown spotting and cramping. Was starting to feel worried but glad to know its normal. There's no mention of either of these things in any of my preggy books.

    Have also got fluoro pee - had been wondering what was causing that! thirsty all the time and very emotional.

    Has anyone had bad breath? DH has told me mines been pretty rotten a few times in the last week. Wondering if thats a symptom?

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    Nov 2006
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    Kity Kat,

    I find symptoms are more noticeable when I'm tired, so night time makes sence.

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    Dec 2006
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    Clearly the only reason morning sickness is called morning sickness is becuase someone first commented about it in the morning. I can handle the nausea in the morning with breaky as soon as I get up. What I hate is barely making it in the door after coming home from work and throwing up I hate it. I know it's a good sign and I should be grateful... but I really hate it.... I've tried all the tricks - grazing over the day rather than meals; drinking ginger cordial and eating ginger sweets.

    the fluro pee is odd.... can anyone explain that(fluro yellow that is!)?

    soooooo tired all the time

    Is it 12-13 weeks this normally eases off?

    8 wks down.... many, many to go!

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    Sep 2009

    I'm so glad that period pain type cramps are on that list as I am 5 and 1/2 weeks along and have been getting it intermittently everyday for the past week or so.

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    Apr 2009
    Hawthorn, VIC

    Sorry double post *oops*

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    Apr 2009
    Hawthorn, VIC

    Ok I'm 5 weeks 3 days past LMP.

    I am scaaaaared as anything, as I have an increased risk of mc, and I'm too scared to go to the doctor or mw in case I jinx myself! Don't want to 'count my chickens'!

    But I am feeling all sorts of funny twinges in my abdomen (nothing crampy really) and my bbs are biiig. I'm also so tired, fell asleep on the sofa FOUR TIMES yesterday during the day! And feeling just blech mildly sick all day, a bit gaggy, particularly in the mornings.

    Also very emotional! Crying all the time! But it might be stress over worrying about mc. Also vague! I keep leaving things in the wrong rooms of the house haha!

    But, in good news - my skin is GLOWING! It literally looks like it's shiny and glowy! And my eczema has started to clear up quickly all of a sudden.

    Hmmmmmm after 2 faint positive pee tests on the weekend, I am too scared to test again. I'm just trusting my body, that I 'feel' different.

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    Jul 2009

    Talia -=- Hey there.. I had 2 mc's before and its taken us nearly 2 yrs of ttc before ive fallen too this one.. When i did my first pee tests they were so faint you could barely see them at all.. But i can garuntee you a bfp is a bfp

    At 5 and a half weeks I started bleeding heavy and broke down at the shops thinking it was all happpening again, but after 3 weeks of hospital visits it turned out everything was ok Try not to wry too much.. Im sure you will make it ok through this one! <3 Ive still got another 3 weeks till im in the "safe zone" but ive got high hopes this time!

    AFM with all the symptoms.. Yeh night time is definately more full on then during the day.. Between weeks 6 and 7 my nasea got to breaking point and I could barely take care of our 2 y o son between hanging my head over the toilet!

    other then that sore boobs for sure, and LOTs of Weeing! HAHA!

    Im so excited that im fineally having our 2nd and final BABY in 7 months time our lil fam will be complete!

    Would love to hear from anyone about whats going on with there pgs and how far u all are

    <3 Kyra wolfe

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    Aug 2009
    Glasshouse Mountains


    Hi there, I was wondering how long people have continued to have period type pains? I'm getting quite regular pains at the moment - i can't remember how long they've been this constant for - at least a week or more (pregnancy brain anyone??) and have come and gone throughout pregnancy. I'm thirteen weeks pregnant tomorrow and though i've read about pains from the uterus stretching in early pregnancy, i can't seem to find much information on it continuing.

    I have some lower back pain and a dull ache comes and goes on one side or the other..

    any feedback would put my mind at rest.. btw this is my first pregnancy..

    cheers :-)
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    Oct 2007
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    Well I only just got my BFP... so only just over 4 weeks preg

    didn't really have many symptoms, felt like AF was coming.... quick run down though!

    6 - 8DPO - cramping (not unusal) but also a tugging type of pain)
    around 7DPO - fumes from bus made me dry reach
    9DPO - caught up with a friend, she was smoking and nearly threw up (doesn't usually worry me)
    10DPO - light pink once when wiped, thought it was really all over
    11DPO - had to sleep all day, luckily it was a Saturday, could not move! Major cramps
    13DPO - again pink when wiped, felt really guttered, major cramps
    14DPO - CM back to white, did an expired test, BFP. couldn't believe it!!!! Did another one after work another strong BFP. Felt a bit queazy.

    My boobs don't really feel any different.

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    Feb 2009
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    Thumbs down

    Healthy Chick - With my pregnancy with DD I experienced dull, period like cramping and twinges for almost the whole first trimester. If it is very painful or sharp get checked out by your Doc just in case, but dull period types pains are normal from the uterus and after your first trimester you can get different kind of pains from your ligaments stretching.

    Enstar - Ok - so I got my unplanned BFP on Sunday so I'm only I put myself at 4 weeks 4 days so we're close I was pretty sure I was UTD when I tested because I had been bloating and cramping and then slight colour on Friday and then it didn't turn into AF by Sunday morning when AF was due on Sat (and I have never been late). Not as much implantation bleeding as with DD but same "I'm definately getting my period" cramps etc - same as you.

    Symptoms - I felt very queasy all day Sun/Mon, but nothing now, I didn't start with the constant nausea with DD till 5 1/2 weeks though. But here's the symptom I picked up on straight away, that drives me BONKERS and is not listed on the front page symptoms - total breathlessness, seriously I am not an unfit person and walking up the stairs leaves me huffing and puffing. What is that?? I got it straight away with DD too? Anyone know what causes that?

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    Oct 2007
    Inner West, Sydney

    Hey sas! yes we are very close apart!!!

    about your brethlessness... me too! I'm actually pretty fit, run etc but the last couple of weeks walking up the hill from the ferry (which is less than 100m) I can barely move! I just want to have a lay down hahah! our bodies must be working hard

    I'm now 6 weeks, boobs are becoming super tender and feeling exhausted and more queazy... counting down til 12 weeks!

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    What a relief!

    Wow I'm so glad I found this thread!

    I'm only 5 weeks and this is my first pregnancy. I'm so worried that something will go wrong as it seems too good to be true and reading other people symptoms has really helped to put my mind at ease, well a little bit anyway . As for symptoms I did have some nausea before pg was confirmed by bt but I think that was just nerves as I havn't really had it since but that was only 3 days ago haha. Also having cramps very low down and usually at night around 11pm which I take as a sign to get some sleep, been very tired. Also have that yucky metallic taste in my mouth so even water tastes bad. Umm what else? bbs are a little sore but definitely not any bigger, weird kinda pain near my belly button, very emotional and irritable, GIANT coldsore!

    Actually I could probably go on all night but I did want to ask if anyone has had pregnancy symptoms that are similar to their mothers? I just told my mother and she said all her pregnancies were really easy (no morning sickness, no sore bbs etc) so i'm hoping this means I'm in for an easy ride but I don't know if it works like that! Also is 5 weeks to early for 'pregnancy brain' as i have been so vague and scatter brained lately

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    Nov 2009

    Hi all,
    I just signed up & really confused about early symptoms. Been TTC for 6 months after being on the pill for 12 years. Did an early response test on the day AF was due - BFN. Two days later started what I thought was AF - heavy & dark for 3 days then lighter for 6 more days. Have been charting BBT & it was all over the place after being really consistent since stopping the pill. DH convinced me to do another HPT...BFP.
    This means I am about 6-7 weeks pg, bbs a bit bigger (didn't have much to start with though ). I have been experiencing a bit of dark discharge for the last 2 days & I don't feel i have any other pg symptoms.
    GP said it is normal & should only be concerned if there is fresh blood. I almost wish I had morning sickness. Not sure I can wait another 4 weeks for a scan.
    Fingers crossed.

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    Aug 2009
    Glasshouse Mountains

    hey JMO & welcome

    I'm not much help on the bleeding stuff as i didn't have any of that but what may help is to speak to your GP about having a dating scan now. the first doctor I saw didn't suggest one (and really wasn't much help in any area) so I went to a different surgery & found a lovely GP who referred me for a dating scan as I said I didn't really know when I conceived due to irregular periods etc. I went for the scan thinking I was seven weeks & turned out I was only five! We couldn't see much, more of a flicker on the screen, but it was reassuring to know there really was a baby there as I'd not had many symptoms at that point. i'd just started feeling sick the day before the scan.. Best thing was that the dating scan was covered by medicare at the place I went to (don't know if that's standard).

    good luck

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    Nov 2009


    i had pretty much everything thats mentioned so i cant add anything, the main one i had though was tender boobs and had fluro yellow urine

    wow same here and I was starting to get worried about the bright urine. It's so bright, I almost don't even have to turn on the light and it smells much stronger too

    it's so great to read that everyone has simular experiences. This is my first and I'm scared as anything.
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