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Thread: Bleeding During Pregnancy - Women's Stories Of Bleeding In Pregnancy #3

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    I agree with Alx, try and relax and see what your GP says. He may send you for an ultrasound to see things in detail - which would be great! My experience is similar to Alx, when i had a m/c there were very very large clots.. and sorry for being graphic, it looked like clots with 'extras' iykwim. Things that shouldn't have been there (yes i had a good look) - so i'm hoping yours isn't anything to be too concerned about.

    I also had bleeding with this pregnancy, on and off up until 16 weeks, and it was similar to what you're describing. I ended up stopping DTD in the first 12 weeks, just to be sure. And i'm due to have bub in 3 weeks! Hope you have a story like mine xxxx

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    mejulie - my situation sounds a bit similar to yours... pls let me know how you go!

    I had a vaginal ultrasound on Wed at 6.1 weeks preg, saw the heart beat and everything looked great!

    friday night went to the loo and noticed lots of brownish red bleeding and started bawling, no pain or cramps. Phoned the hospital and they said the fact they heard a heartbeat meant a good sign and no pain.

    24 hours later still bleeding a bit brown/red when wiping. Going to phone ob on Monday

    I'm wondering whether the vaginal ultrasound caused disruption?? I'm so scared of it all going wrong

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    *double post*

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    I thought I should post in here given the title of the Thread. It's really just a record of my experience, not meant as a reflection of anyone else's experience or anything.

    I had some minor light-brown spotting at 9dpo, and thought the cycle had failed. I had no more spotting that week, did a HPT at 12dpo and it was positive. Blood test at 14dpo confirmed pregnancy.

    I then had some more tiny, light-brown spotting at 18dpo, and totally freaked out. It was awful. I had a repeat blood-test, which confirmed that my hCG was doubling nicely.

    I then had some more, occasional light-brown spotting every few days. I had a dating scan at 6w3days, which was a vaginal scan. That night I had a very small amount of red blood. No cramps, but again it was very upsetting and distressing.

    I had a repeat (external) ultrasound two days later and the heartbeat was strong and everything looked fine.

    I've since had a little bit of the light-brown spotting, which ended about 2 weeks ago - I'm now almost 10wks pregnant. I'm hanging out for the 12 week scan, but everything is looking okay.

    Fyi, I had two embryos transferred for this cycle, obviously through IVF. I've read there is more reports of spotting from IVF pregnancies, something to do with the embryo/s being implanted lower in the uterus.

    Also, despite us having two embryos transferred, there is only one heartbeat. There is, I suppose, some evidence that perhaps my spotting is/was related to the other embryo 'dying,' but nobody can say for sure.

    Oh, and the bright red blood I had, I think that was related to the vaginal scan I had that day. The uterus is "vascular," which means it is related to blood vessels - so any bumps, interference, lots of movement, etc, can often be blamed for bleeding during pregnancy. It doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong, it's just the uterus doing what it does. Oh, and given that I'd had a vaginal ultrasound, which isn't technically much different to having sex, it was not unsurprising that I had some bleeding. I've heard of other women bleeding after sex during their pregnancies.

    I haven't had any spotting in over two weeks. I've had acupuncture which I think may have helped.

    None of the above increases or decreases my chances of miscarriage. It has however left me with severe anxiety, which has been made more difficult because I have antenatal depression (a result of a long IVF journey). I have however found that googling "bleeding in pregnancy" and "miscarriage" DOES NOT HELP ME because the chances are, the stories are negative. No google search will tell me whether I am miscarrying.

    I hope everyone reading this thread is doing okay - bleeding during pregnancy, even with a known and "normal" cause does not make it any less upsetting. I have for everyone and hope you all have happy and healthy pregnancies.


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    Unhappy really worried

    Hey Ladies,
    I need some advice here,

    Af is regular, 17th everymonth and this month on the 7th I had some brown bloodbout the size of a ten cent peice, just once. Possible implantation? So i went to the doctors (yesterday) to inquire what it was because it is the first time it has every happened and with all other symptoms like very sore bbs Doc seemed pretty convinced I've conceived so He booked me in for a BT a week from now. But today (two days before AF is due), Straight after we DTD it hurt a little and straight after I had similiar AF cramps and about two hours later there was blood, its not heavy, its just red and watery. doesnt look like normal AF blood but certainly FEELS like it. cramps and bloating.
    Could it be AF playing tricks and bleeding on the 7th was just spotaneous? or could it be breakthrough bleeding? damage to cervix during sex??

    Thanks, Im really worried about this one.

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    Just woke up and bleeding wasn't much overnight, and has stopped now.
    Still confused to what this is?!

    AF has never done this before so fingers crossed

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    hi everyone. i need some advice...

    im 6 weeks pg this wednesday, but ive just started bleeding. its not very heavy but its more than i would like to see (sorry for TMI) i also have cramps in my lower abdomin that come and go and can sometimes be quite bad i cant help but be really scared as much as i try to think positive. i need to go to the doctors and have U/S and all that but im only 19 and its really something i cant afford until pay day. whats do you all think it might be?

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    cn you go to your local hospital hun? Is it spotting or actual bleeding? I think going to your gp or calling your hospital is the best thing to do. Hugs hun.

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    Unhappy pls advise

    Hi All,

    I just found this thread when searching for bleeding during pregnancy. I am 9 wks pregnant. This is my 3rd pregnancy. My 2nd one I had MC when I was 18 weeks. I have a 3 year old.

    I have been having little bit of bleeding (streaking and when wiping)from the day I found I was pregnant (4 weeks). when I was 6 weeks saw more blood than normal. After my MC I was advised to take low dosage asprin to prevent clots and increase blood flow. And also I am taking the Progestrone pesaries.

    My spotting stopped totally for 4 or 5 days end of last week. Suddenly on Monday morning I started to bleed. It was like period bleeding. I did not have any pain or cramping. I was scared, cause the blood was dripping when I went to toilet I kept a pad and it was totally damp in blood. I soon went to see my OB he did an ultrasound and showed us the baby. There was good heart beat and the baby even moved a little. He said he couldn't see the cause of the bleeding and there is no clots visible in the scan.

    I still have the bleeding but its not like dripping, the blood is dark red and I see it when I wipe it .

    Did any of you experience something like this. I have been reading about this and trying to be positive. I have read that 50% of women who had bleeding do have a healthy baby. Keeping my fingers crossed hoping I am in that 50%.

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    Mum - how did you go? I hope that the bleeding stopped.

    Raffy - did you get your scan?

    Seph - hey hun. Wish we didn't have to see each other in here too!

    I am in a similar position, I have had bleeding on and off through this pregnancy and it is unexplained. They can't see anything on scans and my Ob keeps explaining to me that if they saw blood on the scan then we would expect me to bleed until that blood comes out but since they see nothing - I shouldn't bleed anymore. BUT THEN I DO! It is the most upsetting and frustrating thing. I am supposed to be 14W1D as per my Ob dates today and have woken up to a WARNING TMI - toilet bowl full of red blood. Since it's not the first time, I am not feeling that shocked, just scared and sad. I am calling the Ob at 8:30 to try and get an appt but I feel stupid because I was just there on Friday and everything was fine. We told my family on Saturday night and my sister was quite upset which in turn made me upset and then yesterday I did have a fairly busyish day but I can't understand why I would have bleeding. I know that bleeding in pregnancy can occur and lots of women go on to have a healthy and happy baby but I am struggling with the day to day checking and waiting and hoping.

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    I have my first appointment with my ob tomorrow. I'd always thought that you weren't supposed to bleed during pregnancy but it seems that people on this thread, and my own body, are contradicting this line of thought. I'm glad I found this thread as it eases my mind somewhat.

    It's been 31 days since conception and there's been intermittent but persistent spotting, mainly the brownish streaking stuff. You try not to think bad thoughts but you just can't stop them from creeping in.

    I've also been having a lot of pain in my lower region. I know I have an adhesion from my appendectomy which is tearing and retearing and it hurts like anything. I've had other ops through my stomach also and I'm wondering if the internal scar tissue could be contributing to not only the pain as my uterus expands but also to some of the spotting?

    My lovely husband also managed to give me what was for him a simple cold. Unfortunately it's had me bedridden for a week. The coughing and blowing my nose seems to have increased the spotting. Any sort of strain seems to do that.

    Has anyone else had experiences like this? This is my first pregnancy and I know I'm being overly paranoid but I can't help it!

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    Post Hopeful mum

    Hi Ladies,

    This is my first time to post in this BB. Just wanted to share my experience with regard to bleeding in pregnancy.

    This is our first pregnancy and we are really excited about it.

    I'm currently on my 6th week (as per our GP) and yesterday I experienced some spotting (sorry if TMI follows), it was light during the morning and became heavier during the afternoons to the point that I was actually having some blood clots when I pee, at that point I was crying and we were really distraught that we have m/c'd.

    My hubby then called our GP and we found out that their office was closed since today is a public holiday, we had no choice but to call our OB (which we are supposed to meet by next week) and asked for any advice. She advised us that we have to monitor the bleeding and expect the worse. We just prayed and then we decided that it's best if we go to the hospital and have it checked just to have peace of mind.

    They performed a couple of tests on me including Ultrasound since I haven't been into one yet. The doctor told us that the cervix was closed and there were a little blood on the vaginal canal but nothing to greatly be worried about. As with the sonographer he was afraid to tell me that he can't find anything in my womb (which was at that point we have already accepted whatever the outcome of the results are.). I was discharged and told to monitor since the doctor told us that we might just be in a very early stage of pregnancy (since there bHCG was very low .. about 55) or either we have m/c'd.

    Today, I'm still having some bleeding and I just noticed that the sore on my breasts are no longer there. We'll still hoping for the best by tomorrow's checkup but we are prepared for the worse.

    Thanks for listening and just include us in your prayers.

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    Cielo, Hugs hun. I hope things work out for you guys. I just want to say i bled at 6 weeks and am now 39 weeks along! Also preg symptoms do come and go so please do not take breast tenderness going as a sign.

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    Default bleeding in early pregnancy

    Hey guys, i'm new to this..

    Im apprently pregnant with baby number 2... I say apparently because a blood test came back positive, urine test negative. I was due for my period 5 days ago and started bleeding this morning so i really don't know what's going on. It feels like period pain and quite heavy but no clots or anything. I'd only b about 5 weeks pregnant. Called my doc but he wont b in till 2.30pm.. so i'm really worried and don't know what's goin on. Has anyone experienced this?

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    Hi, wasn't sure if people are still following this but I have only found it this morning. I'm stuck at home (bed rest) cause every time I move I bleed.
    My story started at 3+ weeks when we tested positive just before the missed period was due. It is a much wanted child we had been trying for. Everything was textbook perfect until w8 d0 when overnight there was a very big bleed (new mattress required). Raced to ER and told we had m/c and that hopefully we will be pg again in a couple of weeks. Decided more info was needed so we paid for a u/s next day. Bub appears fine. Happened again at w10 d3, so different hospital this time and u/s showed all okay again. At w11 d1 it started again but this time it happens every time I get out of bed and has been happening for a week. There appears to be no explanation and another ultrasound at w11 d6 still showed a growing baby.
    I find being isolated at home difficult, and the financial burden of not working very stressful. It is also hard when all the well meaning friends and family ask how things are and then proceed to tell you how wrong and selfish you have been when you insist on getting out of bed to use the bathroom or get a drink. I've even been accused of trying to m/c. Anyway just needed to vent my frustration about it all. Thanks for listening.

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    aterfloris - You poor thing . It must be so stressful for you. I hope the bleeding stops soon and your bub continues to grow nicely.

    Diana1 - I hope all is OK with you . Bleeding in pregnancy is so scary.

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    Hi sorry not a good news story. I wish it was.

    Had the tiniest amount of spotting (and brown colour) yesterday so went to emergency as recommended, to get my Anti D shot as I am O Neg. After 6 hours (was a busy night) and three U/S I finally got told there was no heartbeat to be found and the baby looked small for 18 weeks and wasn't moving. I heard his/her heartbeat only two weeks ago so he/she has died in the last 2 weeks.

    I am waiting on the call to go in for formal U/S this morning and then probably D&C :-(

    Is my first. I don't even get to try again till 2011 as got things going on.

    Hoping you have better news. I am little jealous but happy for those who have it all turn out okay. It seems so unfair I tried to do everything right and was so looking forward to baby.

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    Ok so here is my story my 1st preg went perfect no issues or bleeding ( besides pupps) a preg rash. So in Nov 09 I had a MC no symtoms except a weird left side pain.Close to my hip bone very sore to touch and sometimes sharp pain just in the left side i was worried about it being a tube preg and went to the ER they did blood work and a US the blood work came back fine but kinda on the low side i was about 6 weeks preg at the time. The US in the ER are not very good. They couldnt see a baby or heartbeat only a sac so they booked me for a US at the gyno office at the hospital the next day and more bloodwork. So the next day i went in and had a US done and bloodwork for hormone lvls.The hormone lvls went down from the day at the hospital so they said i had a expecting MC and about a week later I had very bad bleeding ( no cramps or pain ). So i went to the hospital and they did another US and had a full MC so they sent me home.

    Now I found out im preg again feb 2. Three days later after i found out i started having the same pain on the left hand side very tender and sharp pain. So i booked a apt with a Gyno and go in at this time i would ahve been around 5 weeks preg. She did a US and couldnt see anything anywhere and told me it might be to early or the preg might be somewhere else and if the pain got worse to go to the hospital. So a couple days after that one night i was laying in bed and the pain gt s bad i couldnt sleep so i went to the ER. They did a pelvic exam and blood test. The blood test showed my hormone lvl being rle high so they went ahead and did a bedside US. The US showed a baby and a heart beat this time. They told me everything looked fine and to go home. They next day when i woke up i was bleeding Just a lil on the TP i bearly noticed just a light pink. Later that day it became a dark red but still very light spots. So I called the hospital and they booked me with a gyno office for a better US. I went in and they did 2 US the abys was doing fine and the heartbeat was fine. And i started geting sick on my tummy so i figured my hormone lvls were stll going strong. And since i started bleeding the left side pain has stoped. The same pain i had with the MC and this one.stll bleeding a lil brown spoting now.( they said they sawblood next to the sac where they assume im bleeding from ) No one can tell me why iv had this pain on the left side that is so bad. And iv not heard anyone else having this. If anyone has any ideas? Or similer experince?

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