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thread: Cravings

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    Nov 2006

    Well it's been chocolate milkshakes & hot chips for me so far. When I was pg with DS I went off steamed vegies for a while - was still ok with stir fires, curries etc but a bit of a worry when your a vego....Door stops, playdoh, machine ice? man - hope I don't get any of these crazya** cravings

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    I can't eat anything at the moment besides fatty crap food

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    Mar 2004

    For a while I drank at least 2 of those hot chocolate drinks that come in the sachets (can't remember thier names sorry) every day - sometimes 3 or 4 or more. I refused to believe that it was a craving when DH bought it up and it was only in retrospect that I thought that maybe it was a bit OTT and that I have never drunk them since then.

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    Feb 2006
    Newcastle, NSW

    I remembered a strange craving I had when I was pregnant with Harrison... it wasn't for food though... it was for the smell of sunscreen!!! I would get the sunscreen out and have a sniff... I loved it!!!

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    MummyTrina Guest

    i am really bad with my cravings, i have been craving cheeseburgers, frozen coke, cinnamon donuts, wizz fizz and ovultenies... i think its gonna be a junk loving baby hehe

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    Jan 2005

    wrt the ice, playdoh and doorstops, there is a condition called Pica:
    Some women want to eat strange things in pregnancy that are not food. This is a condition called pica. Pregnant women with pica may crave substances such as chalk and clay
    apparently it can be caused by mineral deficiencies?

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    What are you craving?

    Just wondered what others crave while preg.

    Mine at the moment is the chocolate scones from Bakers' Delight...mmmm delish

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2007

    I have had all sorts of weird things I like eating, not cravings in the sense that 'i MUST eat that now' but weird phases of foods I have liked - pineapple, orange mineral water, mt franklin water, finger buns, pikelets, hot chips, weet bix, milk, milk and more milk, green apples... it is bizarre isnt it?? i like really simple foods more that usual, i am usually a bit of a foodie and do lots of cooking, now if it was left to me alone i would live off cereal!

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    Apr 2007

    mine was lemon slice form gloria jeans! they knew me so much they would say 'OH YOUR BACK AGAIN' so i would drive to other gloria jeans shops not far away and mix it up that way!!

    me 28 dad 25
    DDnovember 06

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    May 2007
    Canberra, ACT

    Give me chocolate milkshakes and Doritos with home made french onion dip... Poor DH had to go to the shops at 9:45pm last night for some sour cream and chippies... Earlier on was bananas... I couldn't get enough of them!!! Ooh ooh... and pizza shapes... Where's the cravings for healthy food??

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    Feb 2007

    I know!! I cant believe how much JUNK I have wanted since being preg.

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    Mar 2007

    SHAPES yummo. Cant get enough oranges atm and pickled onions. Cant stand Doritos .. yuk - hubby makes nachos and sends me running to the toilets. I cant get past a good cup of tea either.

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    Dec 2006

    potato chips and chocolate!

    Although, I think I'm always craving chocolate, and using pregnancy as an excuse now!

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    Tunsa Guest

    Im craving Kraft Cheddar cheese, milk and lots of chocolate. im a chocoholic tho, but being preg makes it worse, or better?

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    Jul 2006

    With DD it was Lettuce, passionfruit, mangoies, strawberries and smarties!!

    This time its been custard tarts, choc eclairs, pineapple and passionfruit!

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    Sep 2005

    Burger RAings, Toobs and Doner Kebabs with chilli sauce!

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    Feb 2004

    Just going to combine this with our cravings thread....

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    Mar 2007
    Darwin, NT

    I hardly never eat macca's, but lately its all i can think about!!! Mmm-cheeseburgers

    AND meat pies, but the nice ones from pie face!

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