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thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC #2 - 2009

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    Oct 2007

    Hi everyone,
    I've been MIA for so long and there seems to be so much going on in here - so sorry for not being on top of everything. Work has been nuts and I just have not had the energy for anything other than the necessities - so sorry.

    BG - cant belive how close it is all now, esp with your bubs size could be even closer still. Take care and hope that all continues to go ok - sounds like you have a great ob looking after you.

    TwoMums - glad that despite the bleed everything is going well. Cant imagin how scary that would have been, especially following from your earlier loss - not what you need. Fingers crossed that you are able to relax a bit more, but I really dont think that many/any of us here have the 'carefree' pg we wish we could - no matter how perfectly they go - it has just taken us all so long and so much to get here!

    bella55 - hope that everything goes ok, and even if they are identical, i'm sure that you will be well looked after and deliver two perfect little ones. good luck for the scan!

    Nicole - cant belive you are nearly there as well!

    To everyone else - wishing everyone well.

    AFM - not much to report - just starting to get some energy back, but guess that it will go again shortly. Put on way too much weight already (10kg) so trying to increase exercise - feeling pretty crap about it all, and poor DH is sick of me going on about it...but just feel like a lump of lard! Hate to think what I will be like full term... Mat leave request in and approved - finishing at start of July at 34wks - cant wait for that but till then extra busy.

    Will try and stay in touch with everyone a bit more...will try...but best wishes to those coming to an end - cant wait to here about the new arrivals!

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    Jul 2008

    Farmgirl, Try not to stress about the weight - quite possible that a lot of it is fluid. I have dropped from 81 to 73 in the last 11 days. I know it's not much consolation - I felt horrid towards the end of the pregnancy. Too sore and tired to exercise, but not wanting to just veg on the couch. Swimming was a great relief on the joints.

    Murph - All the best for the 25th - I'll be thinking of you.

    All the best to everyone else - BG and NicS - you won't know what has hit you once you precious babies arrive. Enjoy the last few weeks as much as possible - they are much easier to look after in there :-)


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    Mar 2008

    FG, was wondering how you were getting on. Glad to see you're doing alright - So nice when we have an end date of work to aim for. I finish on May 29th... 8 days of work left for me and counting (I work 3 days a week) Woo hoo! Hoping your energy boost lasts a little while. It's hard to want to exercise when you're working and feeling crappy. Just think of all the walking you'll do with bubs in a pram in a few months! It was almost therapeutic for me with our DD. I'd stick her in her pram and we'd go for the longest walks.

    Nixon, good to see you popped in again! Hope you're getting some sleep and enjoying your time with Asher.

    Belly rubs to all!

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    Oct 2008
    brisbane australia

    hi ladies!

    i forgot to mention i change my user name from 21andTTC#1 as it was no longer appropriate!

    anwyay not too much to report we have our scan on monday and will find the bubs sex

    also im still vomiting and i now truly believe it will be here until bubs is born, i also now often wet myself while vomiting from the pressure and its the worst feeling! now i know what incontinence is! bubs moves everyday now although i still do not look pregnant but should anyday now! im sooooo over it allready!

    sorry for the me post!

    2mums- im so glad all is well i also had bleeding in the first trimester but it all went away around 10 weeks. Your bub is a fighter!

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    Feb 2009

    Farmgirl - I was thinking about you the other day too. Don't worry about your weight. It's the one time when you don't have to! ha. it is what it is, and your body is doing what it needs to. Nixon, I can't believe you've lost so much in 11 days.

    how are you feeling about finishing up work kaydee? The 'woohoo' might have given it away.... I am counting down the time - seems endless right now - I have been so ready to move on for so long, but kept waiting until I was pregnant because the parental leave policy is so good! I'm glad it's finally happened - even if it is 3 years after I decided I'd stick around for it

    Good luck with your scans everyone.

    Me+ - I figured you had a new name, but thanks for clarifying. I wasn't totally sure and didn't want to get it wrong. really hope your vomiting stops soon. Poor thing.

    Nix - how's lovely Asher?? I hope you're enjoying it.

    AFM, the beans have been having a party today. It's so strange feeling them move about in there. But very cool too. I've laughed out loud a couple of time, and work in an open plan office, so I think my colleagues think I've lost the plot
    Can't wait until scan on 27th - just to see them again! I'm back into reading my preg books - I read so far ahead that it was boring going back to it, so I've had a little break and enjoying discovering them all over again.

    Anyhow, big belly rubs to all of you. Talk soon!


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    Jul 2006

    Hi Girls

    Just wanted to let you know that i have posted a video of our ultrasound on my blog. You can find my blog clicking on my username at the top of this post then clicking on "visit twomums homepage" !! Its a bit boring until the end, but then you see the baby moving heaps!!

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    Mar 2007

    Too Cute TwoMums ......love the little chicken arms flapping away
    Wait till the 19 week scan...that is truly awesome.

    FG, welcome back glad to hear all is well.
    Don't worry too much on the weight side so far I have put on around 13kg. Some weeks you will also find you will lose weight and then others you put on. As long as you are eating well just take it in your stride.

    Jen, it is such a great feeling when you feel the little wiggles in your belly. Just wait till you feel a foot or elbow in your rib cage

    Nic, thanks for dropping in hope your little bundle of love is giving you lots of cuddles.

    AFM, not much to report. 19 days and counting!!
    Seeing OB again on Monday just to double check BP again.

    Have a great weekend all and sending you all lots of

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    Jul 2008

    Hey girls,

    All good with my gorgeous girl. DH has been awesome with helping me during the night. He gets up and changes her nappy and then I feed her while he goes back to sleep. So far things have been a lot easier than I had first expected.

    The C/S went as well as could be expected. It was over so quickly - from being wheeled from my room to being wheeled back was a total of around 2 hours. I was only in recovery for around 20 minutes and then reunited with my beautiful baby. The worst part was the epi-spinal. Ouchy McOuch Ouch. Oh and the fact that I could kind of see everything that was happening by looking in the reflection of the big satelite looking lamp they have hanging out of the ceiling. Best part was when the Ob held her bits up after she was born and I then knew for sure after 9 months of thinking it - that I had a baby girl. I think the anethestist must have pumped some pethedine in by that stage because I did have to turn to DH and ask ' that was girl bits, right?'

    The hospital was fantastic and my recover was resonably quick considering. Note to those who have a c/s or end up needing a lot of pain meds.....constipation is not a good thing to have. Get your partners to bring you prunes and start eating them as SOON AS POSSIBLE. I went for 5 days without 'opening my bowel' - it was torture - especially with a c/s would to deal with. Anyway - just a tip that I learned the hard way.

    The midwives were fabulous with lots of tips for breast feeding and they have loads of patience, so my other advice is to get a midwife EVERY time you are about to breast feed and get them to help you with positioning and attachment. You will have plenty of time to manage on your own once you get home. Take the assistance while you can. I was trying to do everything on my own at the beginning, thinking that I was failing straight off the bat if I didn't have Asher in the room with me 24/7, if I kept taking pain meds that pass to her (1%) and if I couldn't get the attachment right etc. I soon learned that if I couldn't walk because of the pain i was no good to her, if my nipples were damaged - I was no good to her, if I had no sleep - I was no good to her.

    If your hospital has a physio session - attend and get your muscle seperation checked. I had no idea about muscle seperation. Turns out I had 3 finger seperation that required an abdominal binder to help my back while my stomach muscle repairs itself.

    Anyway - we have been home now for a week and a day and it has been a tough week. I have been in tears a lot - not for any particular reason but I'm guessing it's to be expected. DH goes back to work on Monday and my mum is coming to stay for the week. Then a week on my own (during the day)then mother in law is coming from O/S the week after. So, busy times ahead.

    That's about it for now. Hoping you're all travelling well and the bubs are growing strong.


    PS: One slight complication is that Asher has hip displasia which means that her hips aren't sitting in the sockets properly (most likely reason that she was breech). She has to wear a harness for 6 weeks - it's really hard to see her in it, but it's been cuaght early so hopefully this will be it in terms of her treatment. Hopefully no surgery or plaster casts.

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    Oct 2008

    Good afternoon girls,

    Just a quick post from me.

    I had my nuchal scan on Wednesday morning. The baby was on its head! So I had to go for a walk, drink plenty of water and some lollies in hope of making it move. Luckily it did so they were able to get the measurement.

    I got a call from my OB just before and the results are really good It was 1:2000 I was stressing alot about it and now feel very relieved.

    Hope everyone is well. Have a good weekend girls.

    Take care,


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    Jun 2008


    Jenc What books have/are you reading im reading Twins but I have gone to far in the book and it is starting to bore me a little so I have stopped.

    Nicole 19 days OMG sooo sooo close hope you are resting up, I guess I you are getting pretty board of resting. Are you ready and have you packed your bag yet.

    Missmagpie thas great news with my first pregnancy I had diabetes I controlled it through my diet so I lost 5kg. I had to check my blood levels 3 times a day that was the only pain. I will proberly get it again with this 1 but good news is it goes away straight after bub is born

    Bell how did youor scan go today.

    AFM I had my scan today and am happy to say they are stillt here I know sounds funny but thats what I worried about. 1 twin was nice and calm and did everything bub was surppose to do and the other twinwas jumping jelly bean it was so cute. I have to do my blodod test next then wait on results but staying positive. ooh they also found a membrane so I am over the moon it's going to make my pregnancy alot less stressful

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    Apr 2008

    Good afternoon lovely ladies,

    Just a quick post from me as i'm trying to get out of work!

    Azzrenae - great to hear your scan went well - I have finished the book Twins so i need another as well!

    I had my scan today and yay they are still there!!!!!! They looked so cute and we got a really good 3d image. AND they are in separate sacs like you azzrenae i was so excited it just takes the pressure and stress off a little - so i am having monoamniotic (same/one placenta) dichorionic (two sacs) so MoDi twins (i think thats the right way round - anyway you guys get the picture!
    Thank you for all your reassurring words this week - we are so relieved - now waiting 3 weeks for 12week scan.



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    Jun 2008


    Yah thats great news Bella our babies are behaving. I need another book too

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    Mar 2008

    Miss Magpie, Azzrenae and Bella, Congrats on the great scan results.

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    Oct 2008
    brisbane australia

    wow so many twins!!! im so glad that all is well with them! congrats!

    towmums - im so happy all is well with your bub, 1st trimester is sooooo stressful!

    Nixon - what a lovely story i cant wait to see my little one! i was born with the same thing and had a splint on for 6 weeks too, i didnt need surgery and that was the end, nothing else ever happened after. Im sure she will be fine, its still not nice to see her in that splint though. let us know how she goes.

    AFM - no change, bubs still dances everyday and kicks me in the bladder and its the worst sensation! sometimes it kicks so hard i have a little yelp! doesnt hurt though just strong.

    have a nice day

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    Mar 2008
    mid north coast, nsw

    Hi everyone, just popping and and am glad to read lots of good news in here and to see you are all going well

    BG- so close now! thinking of you

    Nixon- lovely to hear how things are going with you, and it's good to hear your advice too...good luck in the coming weeks, hope all goes well and I hope little Asher's hips are soon right

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    Nov 2008
    on the verge of greatness!

    hi ladies,
    just wanted to pop in and say hi. been very very tired and busy at work this week ;( just feeling a bit over it atm but i'm nearly there... out of the first trimester.

    good luck BG, just saw you haven't posted for awhile and after being so active on here... it made me wonder if bubs arrived??? thinking of you

    thanks nixon for sharing your story! enjoy your bubs!

    hi to everyone else and congrats on all the good news that seems to be in here atm. that's what we like to see.

    we've got our first ob appnt on wednesdya nd hopefully will hear the heartbeat for the first time. hanging out for there.

    must go, ave a nasty headache again and am starving hungry (as usual).


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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    no bub yet Grub! just a rather impatient mummy and not much to say really! last weekends fall seems to have messed with me a lot so i read but don't bother posting so much in some places cos i'm still sore! DH has also been home a fair bit to look after me so i have been distracted a little...

    Ob reckons we won't go overdue which is good - if we DO go over, it will only be by a day or two. my BP is borderline high, have been having pee and blood tests each week, and spent half of friday in hospital for monitoring again after getting some major dizzy spells. it's not been fun, but i'm getting through it

    DH leaves again today so Gremlin is under instructions she either has to make an effort to say she's definitely on her way before DH gets too far north, or, after about 8 tonight, she has to bide her time til Tuesday when he's on his way home again. Ob appt on Wednesday to talk about our options...

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    Apr 2008

    Good morning girls,

    Sitting by the computer eating crumpets and having a cup of tea! The last few mornings i have been feeling quite nauseous - i may have spoken to soon "that i only get it at night and that it's not bad!" Went to a 3rd birthday yesterday - it was the first time i have been involved in that kind of setting and i felt completly normal and happy (they all know i'm pregnant) it was so nice not feeling all upset and "out of it".

    I had been thinking the same BG when i hadn't seen you for a while! Hope she setteles in and waits for DH to return!

    Hi grub i hear you about being tired esp at work - i'm acting up for my boss at the moment and i'm exhausted - i slept 12hrs on Fri night got up at some b'fast - felt crap and went back to bed for 2 hrs!!!

    Me+him+bub - your little one sounds fiesty!!

    Missmag - great news on your scan result!

    Kaydee - congrats on almost finishing work - i can't wait til i get there!

    Hi to jen, nicole,twomums, farmgirl and azzrenae

    Hope everyone has a nice and relaxing Sunday

    Belly rubs for all


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