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thread: Pregnancy after Long Term TTC - Dec 2007

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    Pregnancy after Long Term TTC - Dec 2007

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    Jan 2007
    In my own little world.

    Hi everyone!
    nothing much to report, just wanted to be first
    Hope you are all growing little people in there nicely. Talk soon.

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    Jan 2006

    Hey Sazz - just caught up on your pg journal. How's bugs going?

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    Dec 2006

    Hi all,
    Back from our little travels and now countdown to the Christmas crazies! Have my parents, my bro and his fiancee, and my sis and her greyhound (!) all staying. Nice though. First time we have all been together in years. DH is working for the whole time - he is probably secretly relieved! Shift work is great sometimes but not at Christmas!

    Welcome back Marcellus - isn't it hard to catch up when you have a break!

    Kimbe - You made me giggle - those women who are REALLY pregnant and are REALLY going to have a baby - it's so funny. I think of you as being miles ahead of me - but wow, that's going to be me soon too!

    Tracey Lee - Welcome and huge congrats. Seeing the little heartbeat/s is amazing - a moment to treasure.

    Nic - hope you are feeling a bit better.

    Ltl Panda - have a great holiday. Please tell me your EDD ! I know it's coming up soon, but I need you to get a ticker!!!

    Lismith - Seeing bubs after what seems like ages is great. Enjoy the scan. I wasn't really sure if I was feeling bugsy at 18 weeks (or if it was gas!), but once he did start kicking he made up for lost time. When I wear tight tops you can see my tummy move. Sometimes I ask him nicely to please leave mummy alone - but it's quite a cool thing and reassuring too.

    Sazz - not long to go now girl! I read you bit about the gossips with interest. Can you believe that right in the middle of DH's Christmas party one of the guys (who was 1 of only 2 we trusted enough to tell about our TTC) starting blurting it all out to EVERYONE. How much we deserved it after all we've been though etc and I couldn't shut him up without causing even more commotion. I'm peeved at him - being drunk is no excuse. So many of the wives looked puzzled at me but I wasn't going to explain any more. Then later one of them made a comment which made me realize that all those who didn't know before sure knew now! It's not fair when people break your confidence - even though they might think it doesn't matter because we are pg now - it?' still matters!
    Oh, well that's my rant

    Big Hi to everyone else out there - especially our three new mums . I still love reading your stories!


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    traceylee Guest

    Hi All,

    Im booked in for the Amnio on 31st December now.....drats. I really wanted it done this week. I had plans of them telling my mum the results on the sex of the baby and her putting it in an envelope so DH & I could open it Christmas day and find out what we are having. Anyway, it will still be a nice way to start off the New Year. It rules out anything happening on New Years Eve though. Apparently, I have to rest for 48 hours afterwards.I didnt have the nuchal scan as I was on too many ivf drugs and they throw the results out. The amnio is the only way for me.

    Has anyone else had one? I am pretty used to putting needles in my tummy but Im not happy about a big one being beside my baby. I watched Discovery Health & the doctor stabbed it into the patient and it freaked me out. Tell me its all ok.

    Hope you are all well and not exhausing yourselves doing your Christmas shopping.

    Take Care


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    Jun 2007
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    Traceylee - that sounded like a beautiful idea, but yep, now it's just a New Years gift with your mum giving you both the envelop of surprise. As for the amnio, can't help you there, sorry...but good luck with it.

    Lenny, i feel like you disappeared for a while. How are you? How's the little kicker? And any other news like beginning's to a nursery etc. Oh, and yep, i feel the same about the time frame, though i feel like we're really close in EDD whilst Ltl P is so far ahead. It's really much of a muchness, particularly when some bubs are early and others late, reality is we could actually go at the same time!

    Marcellous, that's such a wonderful 3D pic on your ticker, really clear. It looks like jelly is hugging the placenta or your uterine wall or something, it's great!

    Hi to everyone else, hope you all have a wonderful weekend - i feel like i only wrote the same thing last night, not a week back. How fast are these week's leading up to Chrissy going hey! Have a good one.

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    Jun 2007
    Blue Mountains

    Traceylee, sorry, i just read my post and the way it's typed make it sound like getting the envelop for New Years is terrible, but i actually think quite the opposite and that it would be a wonderful way to enter the New Year, i mean, you'll be opening an envelop that holds so much importance together! It will definately be a New Years you wont forget.

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    Dec 2006

    kimbe - yeh, i was finding the twins thing very hard for a while - but i'm getting better at coping now.
    We 'relocated' a campervan from Adelaide to Melbourne for a week - which was great fun - and very cheap ($1 a day + a booking fee of about $15 i think). Found the campervan bed to be a bit tough on my hips - and I can't lie on my tummy or back now for obvious reasons - so I was a bit sleep deprived. Adelaide was nice, and the GOR was good - a few schoolies at the camp sites but all in all it was a nice break. We reckon that once bugsy enters this world - that will be a great way to have holidays. We just might need a bigger campervan!

    TL - Can't help with the amnio - i do know that there are plenty of BB girls who have had them done - but i'm not sure that anyone in this thread has. Actually, i think there is an article (one of the ones you can get to from the front page of BB) about amnios etc. Don't worry - there will be very little 'action' in this house on New Years eve either...family staying, big bump kicking me, DH getting up at 4am etc etc

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    Jan 2004

    Traceylee - Sorry can't help you out with the Amnio question, hope all goes well though, will be thinking of you.

    Lenny - I'm doing so much better now thanks Have still got a terrible cough, DH keeps getting up me and saying that I'll cough the bub out if I'm not careful. Scary thing is I think he is almost serious!

    Big hello to everyone else, I missed the last thread, so will go and catch up with it in the next couple of days.
    We had our last visit to our FS, he did another u/s and gave us a photo of the baby, DH protected the photo and didn't want me to even look at it! We were his last patient ever, receptionist said they were closing the books on me. We got our referral for another OB, and went to his office on Friday and managed to get an appointment for Jan 4th, which will be towards the end of week 13 for us.
    Got all the prices and was pleasantly surprised with them too. She asked if we had our referral for our nuchal, but I don't, so she squeezed us in on the 4th so he can decide if he wants us to have one or not?
    Does anyone know how far past week 12 you can go with a nuchal?

    Almost forgot... I get to stop my pessaries when they run out, which is Sunday night, and stop my provera and progynova as well. woohoo!!


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    Sep 2006

    Nic I think you can have a n/t up to 14 weeks.
    All the best for your upcoming appointments. I hope your cough goes away soon too.

    Traceylee All the best for your amnio test hun. I also can't help with any info on the test but I'm sure someone will be able to help

    Hi to you all. Its been a bit quiet in here of late. Maybe you're all getting ready for christmas

    I just want to wish you all a very happy christmas and a happy new year too.
    We are going camping on Tuesday for 3 weeks and I really don't think I'll get a chance to pop in tomorrow so please take care and I'll be back in the new year.
    All the best to those of you for any tests and appointments you may have while I'm away.
    Looking forward to seeing some B/A's in the new year too

    Monnie and Jo I hope you have a very special 1st christmas with your new babies too. I know I can't wait for christmas day with Sage.

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    Feb 2007
    Airlie Beach


    Hi ladies well I come bearing christmas news i am back from my scan and all is good bubba is growing exactly as it should, due date is still looking good and were having a girl!

    I am a little freaked out, not like im disappointed im having a girl just that now we know what were having it has just dawned on me, that were having a baby girl OMG and in like 21 weeks. Wow I think I have been in secret denial for the last 18 weeks!!!! But at least I can buy things now and am going to start on my lunch break hehehe. DH is very happy at the prospect of a little princess and I am feeling karma is about to unleash a mini me on me.....god help us

    Anyway sorry for the selfish post i hope you are all doing well. I'll be back tonight to catch up, better get back to work xx

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    Jan 2007
    In my own little world.

    Traceylee, sorry but I cant help either. Maybe try posting a thread in the pregnancy general discussion or trimester section?
    Mako, Merry christmas to you... I have probably missed you by now but nevermind, the thought was here. Wow, camping with a bub and at chrismas time, you are a brave and probably very organised gal. Gosh, I hope you are at least going where they have running water? Enjoy yourselves!!!!!
    Lismith, Congratulations on finding out about your little girl!!! I bet DH is smiling! I know what you mean about the realisation and denial kind of thing: I said to DH the other day that I spent at least the first half of the pregnancy going "I cant believe I am really pregnant" and have just now started going "I cant believe we are really going to have a BABY!!! OMG!!!" It is so funny how it just dawns on you one day. I guess thats why nature gives you 9months to get your head around it. hehe
    Me: getting sick of people going "wow, you are huge!!!". Funny cause some ppl have only just now realised that I am pregnant (at 37weeks). That just makes me realise they all think I must just be reallllly fat. *sigh*
    Hi to everyone!!! Hope you are bearing up ok with the festive season and not stressing or tiring yourselves out too much... We had one family do yesterday and the other next weekend and are having a lovely quiet christmas day to ourselves for the first time ever. We can hardly wait!!!!

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    Dec 2006

    Congrats Lismith I think we needed a few baby girls to balance things out.

    Mako - enjoy the camping...you are very brave. I'm not sure i'd go camping for 3 weeks without a baby - let alone with one!

    Nic - if i have sneezing fits DH always says "ooow, mind the baby!" It's never 'oh are you alright?' Not funny. I always think - what am i? Merely the oven? Hope you are feeling better. I can't believe you were on pessaries for soooo long.

    I am getting a bit sore at the moment - all the stretching of my belly and squishing of my poor internal organs. Sleeping is a nightmare. How are you all sleeping? I can't get comfortable at all, and everytime i move it really aches. Any sleeping tips would be greatly appreciated!!! Especially as i guess things are only going to get worse!

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    Jan 2006

    Hi gals

    You are so brave Mako! I'm not much of a camper, i must admit, but wow. i'm impressed. Hope you have a lovely time.

    Nic - my god, you were using those things for how long...!? good news to get off them finally! they are so icky-nasty.

    Good luck with your amnio tracy - hope it all looks good for you. Have you posted elsewhere asking about it? There'll be lots of ladies around who've had one.

    Thanks Kimbe. He's sooo cute...we think anyway. Yeah, i think he likes to snuggle up to the sides a lot. no doubt that's normal, but anyway.

    Congratulations on the little girl lismith. Very good for the statistics on this thread . I think it was when we found out we were having a SON that it actually started to sink in that we were going to have a BABY. so weird.

    Poor you Sazz, that's mean! I had a delivery guy tell me that i was going to have a 'really big baby' [shakes his head]. Like i asked him!

    Lenny, i can't sleep well either. Have a body pillow, which does make things a bit more comfortable, but don't know what to do about the aches and pains... Oh, and re your 'oven' comment, DH kindly refered to me as Jelly's buggy the other day...nice one.

    We did the hospital tour yesterday - along with about 15 other couples. i think we'll have to try again sometime when it might be quieter cause it was pretty crowded and we missed parts of what the midwife was saying cause we were at the end of the group.

    It's our anniversary today and we did something very special together this morning - spent a couple of hours at a car dealership. We are so romantic.

    Take care everyone

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    traceylee Guest

    Hi Ladies,

    Nic - Yipppppeeee no drugs. You wont know yourself. I was on them for a long time also and everyday kept thinking I had forgotten something. Took me a whole week and a bit to get over it. Hope all is going well for you.

    Lismith - A Great Big congrats on the revealing of your little princess - a girl, how precious. I cant wait to find out what we are having. I have a very, very strong instinct ours is a girl also. Wow, you must be so thrilled.

    Lenny - Sleep, what's that? Im only 14 weeks and I toss & turn all night. I drink milk which has been both a blessing and a curse. It gets me off to sleep sometimes within the hour but as I have been drinking nearly a litre of full cream milk every night, and the body slows down during sleep, Im sure I absorbed the fat. I have put on 8kg in 9 weeks which is pretty horrendous and am feeling it. But, Im sleeping better than I was without it. This week Im on the skim milk which is higher in calcium anyway. Hope it gives a good result. The body pillow is ok but I really just want to sleep on my tummy and I think that's the biggest problem.

    Marcellos - Happy Anniverysary for yesterday. Hope you were spoilt.

    Thank you all for your feedback on the amnio. I looked at the amnio thread, googles stuff & feel a bit better about it. I cant wait for it to be over so I can get over this last hurdle. Im so tired of "results".

    To everyone a Happy Christmas and an awesome New Year. Its been a pretty good year for all of us making it to this thread!! I hope that the New Year will continue to bless us all and finally we will get to start the lives we have wanted to start for a long time. 2008 is going to be a good one, Get Excited !!!!

    Take Care

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    Jun 2007
    Blue Mountains

    Lis- congrat's on the developing princess - we were like you when we were told a little girl, excited!!! But i must admit, i am now starting to have doubts. It seems the more people ask me, the less convinced i am that the scan was right (so am hanging for the 32 week scan for reassurances sake!)

    Lenny, no help on the sleeping issue, sorry! I'm kinda the same, sometimes a pillow between the legs and under the belly helps, but other nights its a hinderance. I do a 10 point turn just to move from my right to left side. I am attempting the on my back sleep cause there's less pain for me and nothing seems to be pinching (unlike for others i know of), but i can't for the life of me lay on my belly. I think this is our body's ridiculous way of preparing us for lots of broken nights feeding, changing and soothing (forgetting the fact that we need all our energy now to be able to cope with that...let alone labour!) The body is a weird and wonderful thing. Good luck with it.

    Sazz - you're 37 weeks, don't let people get to you, i'm sure your belly is beautiful, it is carrying the most precious of New Year gifts afterall! Obviously you haven't done what i've been doing for the last 2-3 weeks and thats the walk around holding my belly in the pregnant stance look, just to make sure people know! lol

    Nic - that's great news that you've been able to book all those appointments for the New Year. And yep, the nuchal for me wasn't done until 13.5wks and we still got a really clear result (and a fantastic photo of our little one!) Good luck with it.

    Traceylee - you're scaring me with the milk consumption, but i might give it a go myself, thanks for the tip...is it warm milk you're having?

    Hi to everyone else, hope you're all doing fantastic and the Christmas shopping is out of the way (or close to it!)

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    traceylee Guest

    Kimbe - milk is just cold. I dont warm it up cos of the "Listeria" bacteria thingamebob. I dont want to create it. Sometimes I throw a biscuit in with it. I know, it probably contributes to my weight advancement but hey, as long as I feel good to fall back to sleep hehehehe.

    Have a great day Ladies.


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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    Hi ladies. Can I join your group? I'm 41 and have been trying for a bundle of joy since I was 28. I'm almost 12 weeks pregnant now. It's been a long journey of TTC for me and having been over so many years it's been with two different partners. I've been through testing years ago which found nothing and was in the middle of more testing for m/c's when this latest pregnancy came along. I was in a waiting list for a lap and was then heading for IVF but it looks like nature took over. I'm hoping for a sticky one this time.

    I'm very nervous today as I have my NT scan. I barely slept last night. I had an early scan and all was OK back then but I haven't had a lot of the traditional symptoms I worry that something's gone wrong. I guess that goes with the territory of trying for so long. I've had no m/s at all. I had sore bbs but that went away at around 6 weeks.... they are starting to get heavier again now though and my nipples have enlarged. I've had bleeding gums and a stuffy nose since week 3. I either have sciatica or pelvic girdle pain (have had this for about 3 weeks now) so I guess that's a good sign. I read somewhere that PGP is likely in women with increased age for their first child and as all my other pregnancies didn't last past 6 weeks I guess I fall into that category. Will get it checked out when I next see the doc. I can feel my expanding uterus easily now yet still I worry.

    I'm hoping for a nice strong heartbeat today and a nice small measurement. I'm also hoping that if I see all is OK I will relax a little.

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