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Thread: Pregnancy after LT TTC #13

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    Hi girls.Just popping in to wish you all the best and hoping that all is going well for everyone.Belly rubs to all.
    Paula~ Am always thinking of you.Cant wait to hear of Tiana's arrival via FB.
    Ellie is doing great.She is now 3 weeks time flies! She is still so skinny and teeny tiny but putting on weight.She is just devine.We have just started on formula as after 2 weeks of painful breastfeeding,i ended up with mastitis and bleeding nipples but as guilty as i feel for not BF,she is so content and is on a 4 hourly routine with formula.She would easily sleep through the night but i wake her at about 3am,change her nappy and feed her.
    You girls will love being a mum.Ellie is wonderful.Its been very tiring,and i dont get much sleep but since we worked out the feeding issue,things have been really good.
    I dont have time to log on much anymore but will try to catch up on how everyone is doing.
    Please feel free to add me on name is Alicia Toner and my profile pic is of my little bubba.
    Take care.xoxox

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaggiePie View Post
    You know how you are not allowed to eat soft cheeses, does this include philli cream cheese? Is this stuff actually cheese or is it just called that so we feel better about eating it because it is sooo yummy?
    The issue with soft cheeses is that some places use unpasteurised milk to make them. Most (if not all) of the mass-produced cheeses you buy in the supermarket are made from pasteurised milk. The problem is that you can't be 100% certain the milk is pasteurised so they advise us to avoid them in case. But, even if they're unpasteurised, if you cook them, they are supposed to be safe (the cooking kills the bacteria that pasteurisation would have killed). I have no idea about the cream cheese. I suspect being mass-produced it is probably safe, but it's worth asking questions of those who know more about it and have reliable information (rather than my hunch).

    airline, great news!

    Alicia, good to hear you've got things sorted out. Sorry to hear you had some issues, but I'm glad they're behind you now.

    Afm, my DH seems to be completely oblivious sometimes... He has bleached the toilet. It is in our ensuite at the far end of the house and I can smell it from here. He doesn't seem to understand that, if I can smell it from here, I probably shouldn't go to where the fumes are strongest... Men!! Doesn't he realise I need to pee (and the other toilet is out of commission)?

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    Juniper my hubby is the same.... Today he cleaned the shower with 3 chemicals. Easy off bam, mould killer and tile cleaner!
    He also always sprays the toilet sprays like 10 times! Grrr

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    Congratulations Dusty, a beautiful little girl Freya Molly, born 14th August, 4kgs 51cm.

    Here is the most updated version!!!

    SonyaLouise ??.??.2010 - It's a ??? - ???

    Paula 14th Aug 2010 - it's a girl – Tiana
    Loula 19th Aug 2010 - it's a ???
    Nix76 24th Aug 2010 - It's a ??? - Lil Bub

    Emerald Star 26th Oct 2010 - It's a ??? - ???

    Miss K 5th Nov 2010 - It's a ???

    CK77 Dec 19th 2010 – it's a ??? - Munchkin
    Brunette Dec 24th 2010 - it's a ??? - Double Trouble
    Renee Dec 28th 2010 – it's a ??? - Little Bug

    Glenny C Jan 5th 2011 - it's a ???
    Leabie Jan 11th – it's a ???
    KitKat Jan 19th - it's a ???
    S’Rose Jan 20th – it's a ??? - Little Monkey

    Juniper76 Feb 2nd - it's a ???
    Maggie Feb 2nd -it's a ???
    MissAma – LHB
    Lairdoz Feb 24th - it's a ???

    Lisa B Mar 5th - it's a ???
    Maggie Pie Mar 22nd - it's a ???
    Jaki80 Mar 30th - Little Man


    Dusty---Welcome Freya!!
    Ninah---Welcome ???
    Seachange---Welcome Thomas!!
    Londonmiss --- Welcome Charlotte!!
    Wantbaby#2 ---Welcome Ellie!!
    Wishes --- Welcome Casey!!
    Mitf --- Welcome Luke!!
    Lise --- Welcome Finnian!!
    Mrs Slyder welcome two lovely girls!
    Persephone --- Welcome Archie!
    Kyrawolfe--- Welcome Tristan!
    LilMissHaveachat --- Welcome Ethan!
    Sammiejam - Welcome Colt!
    BOC - Welcome Jagger Dylan!
    BDT---- Welcome Sophia & Aria!
    Saph----Welcome Xavier!
    Greenslw---- Welcome Lincoln!
    Smithy---- Welcome Charlie!
    Ella'sMum---- Welcome Emme!
    Poppyfairy---- Welcome Robin!
    Grub17---- Welcome Ashton!
    Laniwantsababy---- Welcome Jett!
    Bella55---- Welcome Jack & Samuel!
    Miss Magpie---- Welcome Trent!
    Murph01----Welcome Jasmine!
    Neptune----Welcome Adam!
    KellyD---Welcome Tara Rose!

    Our thoughts and prayers go to those beautiful mothers whose precious babies have been taken too soon.
    Much loved & wanted son of Frosty'sMum, Benjamin born sleeping @ 14 weeks 4days. Our thoughts are with you.
    Much loved & wanted daughter of Hippy Mum & Hippy Dad, Georgia Ariela taken too early from this earth 12-03-09 @ 22wk 6d
    Much loved and wanted son of Chez67 & her DH, Ryan Patrick, born sleeping 17-03-09 @ 18wk 1d
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    Hi ladies

    Welcome to Sue and Shelly Belly hope you have a H&H pregnancy.

    Airline - great results honey

    Beachbaby -GL with your scan today hope it all goes well

    Juniper & Jaki - Ladies you are lucky your DH cleans those places in the house!!! My DH would not know where or with what to clean our bathrooms. He would prob just wipe it down with a cloth and think he had done a good job

    Maggiepie- like juniper said it has to do with unpasturised milk which really applies more in the states where they don't have to but here companies have to use pasturised milk. Philly cheese is fine to have according to my doc so i have had it on occasions. Hope that helps.

    Paula - Hope you are holding your beautiful little girl this morning!

    Ninah - hope everything went well with your induction and you and your bundle of joy are doing well.

    I think i remember reading about someone having headaches (sorry can't remember who) i have had the worst headaches during the pregnancy which i don't usually get. My doc has told me that panadine is perfectly safe to take while pregnant cause it is paracetomol based, so if they get really bad there is an option. Panadol did nothing for my headaches they were like eating lollies.

    Hello and bellyrubs to everyone else, hope you are all well.

    AFM - DH is starting to count down God love him. The weeks do seem to be going much quicker now. I finally felt the baby kick the other night, what a weird feeling. My placenta is at the front which is why it has taken so long, and will prob be a bit longer before it is a really strong kick. I don't mind though so long as i can feel it. Have started to buy more things now also, which is fun. Restricting cause we aren't finding out the sex so everything is white!

    Also to all the new ladies not on the list let me know your due date when you feel comfortable enough to have it up on the list. I know some people like to wait a bit before they feel 'safe' enough to put it up. Just let me know and i will update the list
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    Quote Originally Posted by Renee View Post
    My doc has told me that panadine is perfectly safe to take while pregnant cause it is paracetomol based, so if they get really bad there is an option.
    I had a long chat with my GP about this a couple of weeks ago since I only had panadeine at home and not plain panadol. When he looked it up in the book, it is Category A (ie safe for pg), but there was a little star next to it. The problem is that codeine, being an opiate, can depress respiration and other systems. In early pg that's probably not a big deal, but later on it could be inadvisable. His conclusion was that it was okay to take sparingly, but that plain paracetamol was a better option. I'm not saying not to take it, especially if your doctor has said it's okay, I'm just suggesting you might want to keep their use to a minimum.

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    Jaki and Juniper, I'm with Renee: count your blessings your hubbies are cleaning the house, esp the toilet! Just replace the bleach etc with something more friendly We have three toilets in our house, and even though I usually use only one, I am always cleaning them, replacing toilet rolls and the overflowing bins! Aaaaagh!

    Airline, with the HcG level you had, is it possible you're having twins? (Can you tell I'm hoping other ladies are also having twins )

    Ninah and Paula, thinking of you both. Ninah, hope the induction went well and Paula, hoping that not hearing from you is because you have Tiana in your arms.

    Renee, how beautiful you finally felt your baby kick. It's a great sensation, isn't it? Sometimes it feels a bit weird when Twin 1 keeps constantly kicking, then Twin 2 chimes and kicks back! Nice that your hubby is doing the countdown now, instead of counting up the weeks. I just had a look at the list and freaked out a little because I'm only about 7th or 8th from the top!!! I'm not ready yet; enjoying how quiet the babies are in utero hee, hee.

    Wantbaby, lovely to hear from you. Don't beat yourself up about stopping BF and using formula; you did your best and that's what makes you a good parent. Hugs and kisses to Ellie.

    Maggie, I too had really weird dreams in my first trimester. They've stopped since hitting the second trimester. Thanks for the tip on feeding, changing and sleeping newborns being all they really need. I think I had worked myself into a tizz from reading this book and its regimented methods of what to do virtually every minute of the day! It's funny how you say you really wanted twins; I am suffering singleton envy thinking how lovely it would be to get the sporty three-wheel prams to go jogging in, how nice it would be to just feed one baby, change one baby, wash one baby etc etc. Of course, in saying that I wouldn't have it any other way because I already love them both so much. I'm just thinking of all the extra work involved in two!

    Welcome and a H&H 9 months, Shelly!

    Sweetie, we'll have to wait till your 7-week scan to see if you have one or two in there, hey? How exciting!

    Re the discussion on soft cheeses, I would just like to add how everything these days seems to have soft cheese in it, or smoked salmon, or cold cuts of meat! At my best friend's wedding a week ago entree was a choice of smoked salmon and salad, or ricotta parcels in a tomato sauce. I was not happy, Jan. Had to settle for a bread roll with butter. I am over it and looking forward to the days where I can eat everything again

    AFM, I have sore feet, slight swelling too I suspect from sock marks I'm getting, a sore back, a sore coccyx, sore shoulders from lying predominantly on my sides .... Aaaagh! I'm seeing my OB this afternoon and have a list of questions to ask, inc how I can reduce swelling/soreness in my feet. A recent BT showed a higher than normal cholesterol level, too. Has anyone else been tested for this recently and had a similar result?

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    Congratulations Dusty on the birth of your little girl Freya!
    Brunette hope the swelling eases up but as long as your B/P is fine, Drs generally just tell you to keep your feet up as much as possible.
    Welcome Sue & Shell and hope this pregnancy ride is a smooth one for you both.
    Great news airline. Will be so exciting telling the parents.
    Alicia great to hear Ellie is doing well xx
    Juniper & Jaki you lucky ladies having your hubbies cleaning the bathrooms for you. As long as your not sniffing the bottles, you will be fine.
    Renee kicks surely are a great part of pregnancy.

    Well ladies, i am still here!!! Not feeling any different. Have lost my mucus plug but apparently that can happen up to 2 weeks before labour so doesnt really help me. Have my OB appointment in about an hour so will see what he has to say!

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    Lol, while DH is good at swishing some domestos around the toilet bowl from time to time, I should point out that he only does the bowl itself, so the toilet isn't completely clean. The rest of the bathroom is also a mess because I haven't felt up to doing it. I normally do the shower regularly, but that exit mould stuff is overwhelming in a confined space so I haven't even done that recently. I just didn't want anyone feeling too jealous when the reality is that your bathrooms are probably cleaner than mine.

    Paula, darn, I was hoping for different news! GL with the appointment. I hope it goes well. FX that your wait is almost over!

    Brunette, I don't know if that was one of the (10,000) things on the b/t our OB ordered. I guess I'll find out at our next appt on Friday. FX your OB has some good advice for helping your feet feel better.

    Renee, yay for feeling bub kick!

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    Paula, I had my BP tested a week ago and it was the best it's been since falling PG: 120/75, so that's good. I'll try putting my feet up whenever I can GL with you appt this afternoon. If they do that sweep thing, I hope it doesn't hurt too much. Surely not long to go now!

    Juniper, you made me laugh about DH cleaning only the bowl. Still a pretty good effort for a male, I reckon. If your OB ordered a number of BTs for you, no doubt one was a full blood count which should also check your cholesterol levels. If so, I'd be really interested to see if yours has been affected due to PG.

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the good advice on the philli issue. I seem to be addicted to philli on toast at the moment. And the morning sickness has kicked in big time (no vomiting FX) but seedy all day long. My DS wears cloth nappies but after nearly throwing up rinsing them off yesterday today I am using disposable and trying not to feel guilty.

    Brunette - I remember for swelling with #1 (born Jan so bad towards the end in the heat) a daily dip in the pool was great to get the swelling down. Standing in water at neck height is the equivalent pressure of something like 2 compression bandages on your feet. So if you spend 20 minutes in there the swelling goes down heaps. It will come back of course but it does provide some nice relief. Check your socks too, they shouldn't have a tight band around the top. "all day socks" are good, you can get them at Kmart. Also make sure that your undies / waistband isn't tight anywhere as this can slow down circulation in the lower limbs and make it worse. And so can lying flat on your back for longer than 10 minutes, as this can also slow down the circulation and also decrease circulation to the baby. Elevation will definately help too, whenever you can. Hope some of these suggestions help you...

    As for cholesterol don't know if it is a routine test, I asked my Dr to get it done as I needed a copy for work anyway. Didn't think pregnancy usually affected but unsure really. You would have known if you had cholesterol tested as you have to fast for 8 hours before the test.

    Paula - hope the appointment goes well. Bub will come when ready, but so hard to be patient after nine months hey? The sweep thing sounds icky. With #1 they broke my waters and it felt awful and I would never get it done again (plus for me it didn't hurry things along at all). I had some friends who had it done and didn't mind though so its probably just me. Hoping they just let bub decide when to come???

    Renee - glad you got to feel bub kick, how exciting!

    Alicia - glad to hear Ellie going great, sounds like you are a natural.

    On the whole cleaning issue - I can never stand the smell of all that strong cleaning stuff. We use ajax on the toilet and Enjo mits in the bathroom and kitchen. If we get slack and the shower is a bit out of control DH will use spray stuff which I feel is suffocating me! But he knows only to do it when I will be gone for a few hours! The way I am now I would probably throw up on him!

    Hope everyone is having a great Monday!

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    Brunette, in my case, a high result would more likely be due to bad diet... It's been almost 4 years since it was last tested (we went to the GP a few months before we started TTC), so hard to know if any change would be due to the pg or if it happened before. I know DH's is very high (his life insurance application was rejected because of it, but mine was approved without testing).

    ps My mind is totally not on my work today. I was trying to be good this morning, but now I'm looking for distractions, hence the repeated checking in...

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    Hi Ladies,
    It's hard to keep up in here at the moment! great to see some new ladies in here, welcome and hoping you have a h and h pregnancy

    Paula – hoping you get some updates soon, but babies seem to arrive when they want to rather than when WE want them to.

    Renee – great news you can feel the baby kicking – it’s such an amazing experience.

    Dusty – congratulations on the birth of Freya!

    Sweetie – If it helps at all, I have discovered that extremely high HCG levels DON'T necessarily mean you are having twins – although I know Brunette would love a twin buddy in here! My HCG levels were WAY above anything I could find on any website telling me anything other than I was having at least twins and easily triplets. I spent two weeks stressing about it (having a child already and then having twins was not the ideal) - but I only have one healthy little bubba in there. I only had one embryo replaced and with both pregnancies my HCG levels were way above any ‘normal’ levels and my due date hasn’t changed so they numbers just were ridiculously high all on their own! Make sure you are comparing the same dpo as people quote HCG levels without making any reference to their dpo which means you really can’t compare them.

    Hi to everyone I have missed!

    Drugs for headaches - Both Paracetamol and Codeine are class A, but like Juniper said, use codeine only when you need it and not long-term. I cannot stress enough that a GP is not the best person to ask about whether a drug is safe in pregnancy. In the past three months I have been prescribed three drugs from two different GP’s (one was a locum) and all are harmful during pregnancy, even though I told both I was pregnant. Doctors don’t generally know without looking up their ‘book’ which as I have discovered means they know not more than us. A specialist GP who deals with pregnancy, a midwife or OB is going to be much better than a GP but your pharmacist is the best person to give advice as it’s their job to know about the impacts of the pharmacy items they are dispensing. If it wasn’t for me asking the pharmacists to double check they are safe in pregnancy, all three drugs could have caused serious problems for me and the baby. I was talking about this on Saturday to one of my mother’s groups friends who is a lecturer in pharmacy and was horrified after talking to her that it is all too common for doctors to recommend in particular over the counter drugs that aren’t safe for pregnancy.

    Soft cheeses –As Juniper says you CAN eat pasteurised soft cheeses including Brie and Camembert which we are all 'told' not to eat. The warning for soft cheeses is aimed at countries where cheeses aren’t pasteurised. You can read if a cheese is pasteurised on the ingredients as they clearly say pasteurised milk on them if they are made from it - which obviously you check if you are out at a party. I had a big discussion with my OB about this as I had food poisoning at 29 weeks from eating cooked fish with my DD which is the reason I know this. I still won’t eat cold meats, cold cooked or uncooked seafood or food at parties etc where I don’t know where they have been though, going back to using good old common sense

    AFM – Had my scan last week and have one healthy bubba measuring the right size. I think it’s a boy but of course have absolutely no idea if it is! Still pretty sick but are starting to feel better which is VERY exciting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lairdoz View Post
    but your pharmacist is the best person to give advice as it’s their job to know about the impacts of the pharmacy items they are dispensing.
    This is very true. My SIL is a pharmacist and she has seen patients come in with two prescriptions issued by the same doctor at the same time, that when taken together would have killed the patient. Some doctors are oblivious when it comes to the medications they prescribe. When I called my OB about my cold, I was just told to speak to a pharmacist and find out what they recommended. The only trick is finding a good pharmacist (skip the discount chemists and go to a more traditional pharmacy where they are more willing to spend the time giving advice).

    Lairdoz, glad to hear bub is doing well. Good to hear you're starting to feel better too!

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    Checking in alot today but figured I should as will be busy at work the rest of the week!

    Lairdoz - great to hear that your scan went well, and that you are starting to feel better.

    All this talk about medications is a bit scary - I had a double course of antibiotics when I was first pregnant for my sinus infection. Dr said they were class A which is ok to take. I didn't check with the pharmacist as I knew the girl working there and had only just found out I was preg. And she can't keep a secret so didn't want to tell her. I suppose it's no use worrying about it now.

    Does anyone know how early you can find out the sex of the baby?

    After my DS woke up today I was giving him a cuddle and found nits in his hair. Gross. Found 4 of the little suckers. Went to pharmacy and got the 'natural' stuff as she said the chemical stuff can hurt the scalp. Then had to remove bedding for all our beds and remake them. Washing tonight and will probably take to mums in morning to put in dryer as there is no stop to the rain at the moment.

    Well might go and crash in front of tv. My head feels itchy!!!

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    Thanks MaggiePie - now MY head is itchy!!!!!!

    Hi to everyone, sorry I haven't been on for a while, this new job is 8hrs of staring at a computer screen and very much data entry, so I'm trying to do my share and not let the team down as I feel like I'm not up to their speed. I've always managed staff, not been one of the staff taking directions so this is really strange for me. I can't just take 15mins to slack off (and jump on here), and when I get home there's housework and couch time and napping to do.

    Won't do many persies, but Renee congrats on reaching the halfway mark and feeling those kicks through your placenta, mine's at the back but I don't know how much the placenta ends up shifting position during the 9mths?

    Brunette - glad you enjoyed your friend's wedding and mini babymoon. Hope it wasn't too cold down there for you, although with your two littlies you'd be running pretty warm body temp-wise wouldn't you? We also bought up a few things at the Big W sale, but unlike you I had to stick to neutrals :-( grabbed 2 doz cloth nappies, although I don't know how long I can keep up the the whole 'cloth' thing but I'm going to give it a red hot poke.

    Paula - good news that the mucous plug 'fell out' (um, is that the right term? maybe I should just say 'lost' your mucous plug!), so hopefully you should be posting your good news within the next week - yay!

    OMG I'm like 6th or 7th on the list - how did THAT happen so quickly!? I hope time with new baby doesn't fly as quick as the pregnancy has. Had my 4th nose bleed today, super gross, that's one pregnancy thing that I won't miss. Other than that, and a sore back (probably more from not moving from my desk for 8hrs) I am flying through this pregnancy and feel fantastic! I LOVE my belly, I've put on about 5.5kg so far and am on track for about 13-15kg all up.

    Welcome to all the newly UTD ladies and I hope your 9mths is smooth sailing.

    Chrissy xx.

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    Hi Everyone!
    So great to see so many new people! Congrats Sue and Shelly!
    Hope everyone's well.
    Renee, congrats on reaching halfway and feeling kicks. I wonder about that all the time, what will it feel like etc? It must be amazing. Also, feel free to add me to the list (EDD is 7 Feb).
    Lairdoz, so glad to hear that your scan went well!
    MaggiePie, I remember getting nits quite a bit at primary school and my mum using that really nasty "comb" which was just like a flat piece of metal with tiny slits in it. God, that was painful. We also used vinegar (and another chemical that's probably banned now - it was the 80s!). Anyway, the nurse used to try and comfort the kids by saying they only like "the best hair". Maybe say that to your DH! I'm sure he'd appreciate it! Also I think that you can find out the sex at your 20 week scan (or earlier, maybe even 14 weeks onwards, possibly?).
    Hi to everyone else!
    AFM, just feeling hungry always and a bit wiped out mentally.

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    Maggie, thanks for all the tips on reducing swelling. I'm at home today and about to go upstairs and find my swimsuit to see if I still fit into it! Then I'll have a dip in our local pool this weekend You can find out the sex of your baby at the 12-week scan, although it's probably not as accurate as the 20-week scan. Our sonographer was 75-80% sure of gender at the 12-week scan and 95% sure at the 20-week scan. You obviously didn't find out the gender the 1st time round with your son? Sorry to hear MS has started for you. Did you get it when PG with your son?

    Juniper, re the cholesterol issue, saw our OB yesterday and apparently the reason mine is high (or higher than usual) is due to being PG. Cholesterol is a derivative of oestrogen, or vice versa. So that makes sense.

    Lairdoz, you are right; I would like a twin buddy in here Good to hear your scan went well and MS is starting to ease for you.

    Hi Chrissy, was at my OB's yesterday and thought about you as I walked past your OB's office You sound really busy with work and home commitments. It is scary just how fast our pregnancies are going, isn't it? You're 6th or 7th on the list and I think I'm 8th (although I'll probably beat you and a few before me, as I doubt I'll get to my EDD of 24 December!) I'm starting to appreciate and savour the peace and quiet that no doubt will forever be shattered once the twins arrive! I didn't see any cloth nappies at Big W; damn, as I wanted to get some - not for the babies bottoms but for spillage purposes, burping etc. I'm not even trying cloth nappies; it's disposables all the way for me, as I doubt I'll have enough time to sneeze let alone wash 18 nappies or more a day. I've put on 5.6 kilos so far, so only 0.1 more than you I'm quite scared about how much more I'm going to have to carry around. My OB never seems concerned about weight whenever I bring it up with him.

    AFM, as I say above, had an appt with our OB yesterday and apparently I'm cooking these babies just fine. My BP was the lowest yet, at 120/70. Nothing much to be concerned about re sore feet, swelling, sore back and coccyx - just side-effects of being UTD, I'm afraid Quickly saw both bubs and heartbeats. They had moved a bit and both of their heads were quite close together at this look - how cute.

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