thread: Christmas Food

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    Jan 2005
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    I am going to Qld with the kids for a couple of days before Christmas, getting back on the 22nd, so I have the same problem of needing to be at least a little bit prepared prior.
    I decided for a dessert to make a raspberry ice cream cake, just soften a 2L tub of vanilla icecream, mix in a bag of frozen raspberries and a couple of roughly crushed meringues, and freeze in a lined cake tin covered in cling wrap. Then when you are ready to serve, turn it out onto a plate, and top with lots of yummy fresh raspberries.
    Easy to do while I am busy with packing and looking after the kids, and then easy and quick on the day. It also looks pretty!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Cailin- Love the turkey sausage roll idea, that's fabulous

    Ummmm, little meatballs, or make it a bit Cailin and do turkey balls with a cranberry dipping sauce. Ooooh I have a great recipe for a cranberry glaze that would actually make a great dipping sauce, I will try and dig it out for you later Other than that I will ponder and get back to you.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Grrrrr, I have lost the recipe for the cranberry glaze, but from memory I think it's as follows but of course you could adjust the recipe for a bigger quantity.

    1 jar jellied cranberry sauce
    1/4 cup onion, diced finely
    1 tbsp tomato sauce
    1 tbsp brown sugar

    Fry onion in a little oil until soft, add rest of ingredients and stir until the cranberry has melted and the sugar has dissolved. Put on low heat and simmer for 10 mins.

    I think that's right, but I can't be totally sure. But it's very yummy, I hope it's right

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    Oct 2005

    Christmas Tree Houses

    Really easy, yummy & can be a great gift!!!

    Cut out a circle of cardboard and cover in foil.

    Melt some chocolate and when melted add to it anything you like. Nuts, coconut, fruit ect.

    Then mark out crosses on grease proof paper with the chocolate, starting large and getting smaller.

    When the chocolate has set you stack the crosses on top of each other (sticking together with melted chocolate) to create a tree.

    Once the tree is made decorate with little lollies or what ever you like! Final touch is to sprinkle with icing sugar for the snow effect!!

    Wrap in clear plastic and add a bow.

    A beautiful gift for someone, that you have handmade.

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    Ooooo thanks so much for that... I was looking for something creative to put with a gift for someone... this is it 8-)

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    Sep 2005

    here is a good alcoholic punch its very potent so dont drink to much as i did and was sick all day

    2 bottles of vodka
    2 bottles of midori
    1 bottle of malibu
    4 bottles of champayne
    1 bottle of tequlia
    and 8 litres of pineapple or tropical juice!!!!!!!

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Just saw one on the sunrise show on friday. It's watermelon punch. You juice watermelon until you have about 1.5kilos of juice. Then you add some blood red orange juice (not sure how much, sorry) then lots of ice and champagne. Or you can half fill a glass with champas and then add the juice. Sounded really simple and yum. The recipe is on their website!! xo

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    oooh that does sound nice, might check that one out


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    kerry Guest

    Ok I have 1 for you... it is what I was drinking the night bigfoot was concieved.... (CONFESSION: between the 2 of us we polished off 3 batches of this.. don't know how we even managed anything else!)

    Strewberry Champagne ****tail.
    1 x punnet of strawberries
    1/4 cup icing sugar
    1/2 cup ****reux (sp) or grand mariner
    1 bottle Champagne

    Mash strawberries into a pulpy mess, add sugar and orange flavoured liquer. Leave in fridge for at least an hour but overnight is better.
    Add Champagne to strawberry mix and serve.

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    The watermelon-based punch sounds fabulous.

    Perhaps add pink champagne, chopped strawberries, pale ginger ale.

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    Jun 2005

    Christmas Nibblies help please..

    Hi all we are having a Christmas eve party at our house this year and was after some ideas for nibblies :shock: I wilol do all my usuals which are mainly pastries ie. sausage rolls, egg & bacon pies & savoury toast, but given the festive season I was wanting to be a little more adventurous I will be doing the home made ferreros has anyone else got any ideas for me please. thanks in advance
    Oh and also why I think about it receipes for mocktails would be great also

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    Dec 2005
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    This is always a HUGE hit at parties;
    Spinach cob loaf;
    1 large round cob loaf
    1/2 packet of frozen chopped spinnach
    300ml sour cream
    small packet philly cheese
    spring vegetable or french onion soup packet (whatever you prefer)

    Cut the top off the cob and hollow out the inside, leaving about 1inch thickness. Cut or tear the bread you removed in to pieces. Mix the spinnach (thawed), cream, philly and soup mix in a bowl and then pour into the hollow cob. place this in the oven till the mixture is warmed through. Put the bread pieces in the oven for the last 5 mins or so, just to lightly toast. Place on a platter and serve. YUMMO!!


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    kerry Guest

    Christmas Pudding Biscuits

    1 packet of chocolate royal biscuits
    white chocolate (to melt)
    1 tblspn copha

    * Take the biscuits out of the pack and put on a rack or tray (its ok to taste 1, or 2)
    * Melt white chocolate and copha together
    * using a tea spoon pour some melted chocolate mix over the top of the royals (so it looks like the sauced on a pudding)
    * Before the chocolates sets, stick a jaffa on the top of each biscuit.

    Cute, quick and easy.

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    kerry Guest

    Toblerone Dip

    You can use anything to dip into this (fruit, lollies, spong finger biscuits, panetone(sp), fruit cake)... it is also very nice as a topping on ice cream or as an icing for a cake.

    1 large block Toblerone (dark is best)
    1/2 cup thickened cream
    1-2 tblspoons countreux (or kaluha, or bourbon, or any spirit you like... OR leave out the alcohol for the kiddies sakes)

    Melt all incredients together, mix and serve. If using a microwave it takes about 1 1/2 to 2 mins on high.

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    Mar 2005
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    tomato and basil pastry puffs. THese are DELISH. You get some puff pastry and cut them in circles (top of a glass is a good size). Then spread tomato paste on them, then one slice of tomato sliced pretty thinly and then chopped basil mixed with oil on top. Pop in the oven for a few mins, until edge of pastry looks brown . Sorry can't be more specific than this. They are soo yum, easy to prepare before and just throw in the oven. My sister makes them for every occasion (thus the vague recipe). xoxoxo

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    Dec 2005
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    The Silly Season is nearly upon us again, so just bumping this for future reference

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    Mar 2006

    A bit off topic but has anyone else tried soaking watermelon with vodka & then eating it???

    All I can say is YUMMY ~ especially on a hot day.
    Kirsty - what can I say? YES! I loved that when I was younger (don't drink now). I have friends who take it to the Boxing Day Cricket. ROFL! Vodka jelly is another good one

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    Sep 2005

    I was after a recipe for a fruit and nut chrismas cake and instructions on how to decortate it. Thanks.

    hugs xoxo