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Thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss April 2007

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    *las* Guest


    Hi all

    I need your help! AF is finally here (CD 37) after m/c. I'm only spotting at the moment, but I'm sure by tonight it will be in full force.

    We are going to have one last, futile attempt at conceiving naturally before doing an FET in June (have to pay the darned car rego in May, so it's putting things back a month ).

    I've set up FF and stocked up on OPKs. With FF...even though I'm spotting, do I count today as day 1 or wait until full flow (like you do with an IVF cycle??). With temps, are they best recorded first thing in the morning??

    Sorry for the questions, we have never conceived naturally with DH. But going on the theory that some woman are fertile after a m/c, and DH has been taking zinc tablets, in hope it might help him a little..well, no harm in trying, right??!!
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    Heybacko Guest


    Hi Lisa

    I have always counted Day 1 as my first 'full flow' day although my spotting and fullflow are rarely more than 18 hrs apart.

    (Can I hijack this bit and ask: if I am counting the days until AF, do I start from the day I started to m/c naturally *and heavily) or from 4 days later, when I had the D&C????)

    Re. temping - I think I am right in saying that you need to test first thing in the morning, BEFORE you do anything at all - so literally wake up and lean over for your thermometer (don't get up, drink anything or BD!!! )

    I am so rubbish at temping as I am all over the shop all month so sending you lots of love and luck


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    Alex, sorry to hear you are still bleeding 2 weeks after your D & C - have you been for your follow-up appointment? I would count from the D & C, I think.

    Hi everyone else, nothing to report here (CD5) but have been following all your posts.

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    Heybacko Guest


    Thanks Sally, I thought the D&C as well, will check when I have my 2wk check on Thursday. I have just been to have the little ones Hep C imms done and the nurse said I may still be bleeding due the the fact that I lost so much blood before the D&C and it may be because my haemoglobin had dropped so low, so that reassures me a bit!

    Oh and Lisa: re. temping - forgot to say try and temp at roughly the same time each morning, and bear in mind drinking, stress and sleeplessness can all have a bearing on temping (although I don't know how ie higher or lower or what!!! )


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    Hi my lovelies it's time for a new thread. You can find the new thread HERE

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