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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ March 2009

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    Mar 2008

    LMAO MO3B! They're TYPING ---for now!

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    Oct 2008

    Well my ticker says day one of cycle but still no sign of AF. Just looked up and last month was a 35 day cycle so not getting my hopes....I hate waiting Not going to POAS as I don't want to burst my bubble just yet.

    BBL for persies.

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    Mar 2008

    meh--I've definitely seen some slackier slackers! So sorry to hear about AF.... big

    issy--Best of luck with your 19 week scan! Hope to see an updated pic on your ticker and some news on the sex--how exciting! Thanks for the b-day wishes! *hugs*

    sally--You deserve everything nice! Nothing that happened was your fault! Pamper yourself, spoil yourself rotten, after what you've been through, I think it's just what the dr. would order!

    Oops, gotta run for a few... be back soon to finish persies!

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    Mar 2009
    Inglewood, WA

    Slept nearly the night through for the first time in 2 whole weeks!! No nightmares, night sweats just very light (still horrible) dreams and about 5 hours of uninterupted sleep...

    So true about the how one sided the whole lifestyle changes is.
    My Hubby decided all this stuff last night, thankingfully anf luckily on his own.
    We are though very healthy anyway, he is going to stop drinking though for the lead up (1 and a half weeks plus seems so so long.... ESPECIALLY when I have no idea when that time of the week might actually start!!!!!)

    He has started taking multi's, Menevit and fish oil - with all our situations its the unknown un-controlable part that makes it so hard so it makes sense to try and control what aspects we can if for nothing more then piece of mind...


    P.s. Can anyone help me add the icons to bottom of my messages?

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    Aug 2008

    Toccara - I hope you get some answers soon, and that you find a new doc. Its so important to have a caregiver that you feel you can trust.

    Greenslw - Welcome. I'm so sorry for your loss . There is hope. Sometimes its harder to hold onto than others, but it is there. And as you've already found, this is a great place to come to for support and love. Goodluck with your TTC journey.

    Rhi - I hope you are feeling better and that DD is sleeping more normally.

    erybery - I'm at a loss as to what to say, except that we're here for you. It must be so terrible to be in the limbo you're in at the moment. But your baby has a good heartbeat and is moving around, so that has to be good, right?. I will for a happy ending.

    sally - Hang in there . You've have achieved so much by returning to work and soon you will feel that. Sometimes it can take a little while for our hearts to catch up with our heads. We just have to be kind and patient with our hearts in the meantime. You do deserve to do something nice for yourself, especially after all you've been/are going through.

    Mel - Thanks for your supportive words. (I'm sorry your fav pants got ruined this week too). I'm keeping my that AF stays away.

    boble - Goodluck for the FS appointment on Monday.

    charm - to you. I'm sorry you're having a rough time.

    MO3B - Sending loads of vibes your way.

    shortcake - I hope that packing and moving will help to keep you distracted.

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    Aug 2008

    jen - Thanks, you always managed to make me :smile:. Good to hear your back in your own bed and getting back into your routine, but I do hope you take time out for myself. If I have to do my homework, so do you.

    WTH - Is there a woof-whistling smilie? I love the new avi.

    megsmum - Look at that ticker go! Have you made a pregnancy announcement yet? Soon bubs will be able to make his/her own announcemet . Goodluck for your upcoming scan.

    meh - So sorry AF showed hun

    issy - Goodluck for your scan in a couple of weeks. I'm glad all is well.

    mrzbaby - I can't really relate since neither DH nor I smoke or drink much. But I do get resentful whenever I suggest doing something nice to remember our angel and his response is "Its not about me". It's not their body, so it's easy for men to become detached. But that doesn't mean they should. Maybe some time apart while he is off camping is a good thing. Hopefully you can talk to him when he gets back. He needs to know that you don't feel supported. Big for you.

    Karen van - Congratulations on reaching 12 weeks!

    Eliza - I know I was very apprehensive about sex following my m/c. I had a D&C and it was hard not to feel violated. I know I cried, but it was very important for DH and I to reconnect in that way.

    Mel & Mannie - Oh I almost forgot, its David Boreanaz who played angel, by the way. I tried watching Bones, but could never get into it. Give me a brooding vampire with a soul is over an FBI agent anyday .

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    Dec 2008

    Hi girls ok for a few persies then be back for more

    Hannah: I have a Chamila bracelet ( like a pandora) I bought an angel with a gol inital ( the initial of the name were were going to call him) As soon as I put that on I felt a small amount of closure. I haven't taken my bracelt off since I bought it. It makes me feel close to our bub still. As for my DH He was the one who asked me not to have the contreception chip as he still wants to ttc in a few months, but it is him that can't commit..go figure...

    Sally: As above ..As for my DH He was the one who asked me not to have the contreception chip as he still wants to ttc in a few months, but it is him that can't commit..go figure... we are healthy anyhow but the doc reccomened he quit for 3-4 months before we ttc again. ICON go up the top of the screen to user profil a little box will drop down and then clcik on edit signature. you might go to a ticker site create the ticker and then you copy and paste it into here. as well as normal tex... have aplay around with it.

    Issy: glad to see your doing well...can't believe 19weeks now how that time has flown...

    be back....

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    Jul 2006

    Hey all,

    Sorry for not visitng earlier. I did this massive personal post yesterday at lunch and lost the lot and didn't have time to re-post as I was at work. I'll be back soon, just have to help dh unpack the groceries and hopefully can hop back on soon

    Hugs to all

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    Jan 2008
    Clare, SA

    Hi Ladies,

    I read a while ago in one of these threads (back last year or something) that there is a powder that some people swear by when TTC? I think it started with 'M' or "P" or something. Not really giving much info here am i? Does anyone know what the powder was or where is can get it?

    I am going to give Preseed a go and this powder if i can get some...

    Thanks in advance

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    Sep 2008

    Hi all, thankyou for your support (once again!)
    My wonderful ob rung me last night to see how I was doing. I told him that since thurs night I'd had (sorry if tmi) brown discharge and clear discharge streaked with blood at times. He said from looking at the report from the other doctor (at the ultrasound place) it isnt going to be a good outcome. He thinks I will miscarry but cant say if it will happen soon or a long time. He said If I do start to bleed this weekend to go straight to the private hosp (cause he said the public wont do anything for me for hours) and tell them they need to call him. He even gave me his mobile and home phone number. Nice to have a caring and understanding ob, yet just can't believe this is happening. I go back and see him on weds for another scan but he said I can come in monday if I need to.
    Just soooo confused at the moment and I hate not knowing what decision to make. It was bad enough last time when the scan showed my baby had been gone for weeks, but to see its heart beating and moving its arm - well I know you all know how Im feeling about a very much wanted baby.
    Thanks for all being here for me.

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    Jul 2006

    Ok, sorry about that. Finished helping dh plus had a row of my fav, hazelnut chocolate. Not good for the diet, but it makes me feel good eating it! hehe. DD slept well last night, so got a good rest but this horrible cough won't go and I am sick of skulling cough medicine (not quite, but it feels that way). I also had a mini break down on Wednesday. My gf who is pg with her second, has a dd younger than mine and had posted pics on fb. Anyway I was having a look at them, then all of a sudden I had these feelings of resentment about her being pg. I am so mad at myself for feeling that way, particularly at a friend! Anyway, we caught up on the phone for social reasons & I was fine, so not sure what come over me.

    Meh - Sorry to hear AF is back, the witch doesn't get that she isn't wanted!

    Issy - Yay, nearly the half way mark. I loved the scans. Couldn't care less about all the other stuff, but the scans used to amaze me!

    mrzbaby - Hugs hun. Never, ever apologise for releasing tension/emotions. I am mad at your dh! I don't know if they don't get how much we give when ttc? My dh once told me (after a m/c) that he knows that his side of things work!? WT? Yeah, thanks for that you a**hole. I reminded him quick smart that it takes two to make a healthy baby and he might have the stuff that works getting me pg, but maybe it's not that healthy as I am not staying pg. Not the nicest thing to say back but I was p*ssed.I love your bracelet idea. I think I might get some charm angels or something too for my three angels. Might suggest that to dh to buy me.

    Karen - Congratulations! Not sure if I've said it before.

    Coco - Confusing isn't it? Why can't things be soooo much simplier? I actually avoided sex for a month and a half afte m/c. Just couldn't get my head around it plus I was spotting, which I was a bit freaked out, plus when we did dt, that's when af come (sorry of tmi).
    Ooh, ooh - yeah, the drinking! I told my dh he should give up in Feb, yeah right I think it made him drink more!

    Mel - I know about not wanting to test in case it's not two lines and then you are back to square one.... I hope you get your BFP!

    Sally - Glad to hear you had a good rest.

    Abbey - Sorry can't answer your question.

    erybery - What a wonderful obs. I hope that the bleeding stops and your pg progresses 'normally'. I don't know what else to say, but am sending you positive sticky vibes.

    Hello everyone else.... so sorry for being slack mid-week. I work part-time, so I can't pop in everyday, even though I'd like to!

    Sending positive vibes to all.

    Take care lovelies


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    Sep 2008

    Cool Bad dreams but good for the soal

    Haven't really had much trouble sleeping until last night. I was a tad naughty and had a shot at my brothers house maybe it's the alcahol as I've been off it for so long. Or maybe it's all slowly lifting from my subconsious. I'm not overly disterbed as I'm used to much worse in terms of death and distruction with my nightmares but it was a little ich.

    I think now I'm passed the one week mark I'll start sorting through the deaper feelings, I kept thinking last night one week ago I was sitting at my brothers house playing board games and being over the moon at being pregnant. I guess I'm still a little fragile. AF has stopped yaya can have a hot bath (can't do that when I'm pregnant) I also have enjoyed some soft chease cold meat and take away which is a little guilty pleasure but why not.

    Now I sound like a hipocrat (spelling?) all that stuff about DP and his health. He does have a physical job eats well and takes multi vit but does smoke and drink but not more than 2 a day. we had TESA so he's not real keen on round 2 if needed after frosties are all used up, let's hope it doesn't come to that my DP is a baby when it comes to pain down there, I do wish he could have felt what it was like with my ovary (only one) like a watermellon and then AF from H**L when ICSI didn't work.

    I'm being a real house wife today, washing cooking cleaning, while DP is putting up a fence oh so funny but I guess I'd rather not be putting the fence up.

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    Jan 2009

    hi there,
    don't have time for persies.... so so tired today. but just wanted to pop in and send everyone some love!

    for those having probs with dp's - i hope it all sorts out soon

    for those having a bad time - sending big your way

    for those waiting for their bfp's - sending and meet

    talk soon xx

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    Mar 2009
    Inglewood, WA

    mrzbaby -
    Had a look were you said, fingers crossed this works!!

    Can I ask after everyones D & C (if you had one) how long did it take for your cycle to start up again?

    Just starting to think about that now... Must be a good sign!!!

    Also from the abnormality my baby had (body stalk abnormalities) every one I have spoken to can't give a definate cause but some people think it may have something to do with an initial lack of oxygen to the egg at implantation stage.

    Im starting to think maybe to tone down the intensity of my workouts (spin and stuff).
    Any thoughts?

    I did get a Pedicure - feel really good looking at my pretty toes - just like they always used to be!!!

    Crazy I know.


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    Jan 2009
    Gold Coast

    Hi girls,

    This is the first time I've felt game to return to a forum since my MC of my 1st pregnancy in January.

    I am kinda new to forums but would love to share your journeys with you.

    I am right at the beginning of my second cycle (I don't know all the abbreviations yet, so bare with me). I just completed the first 28-day (normal length) cycle since the MC. Its good to at least be feeling like I am in a normal rhythm again.

    I only have one fallopian tube due to my right one being removed. It turned septic after an ovarian cyst twisted and was removed by surgery. Aside from that, I have had 2 Lletz procedures where part of my cervix was removed. This hasn't had an opportunity to present itself as a challenge yet and I am hopeful that it won't be one in the future.

    Last cycle I ovulated from my right side so that was never going to result in a positive pregnancy test. This cycle, I have my fingers crossed for a left-side follicle. Thankfully I can feel which side I am ovulating from. Whoever would have thought pain would be a blessing in disguise!

    I wish you all the best TTC! I will back-read to catch up on what's going on in your lives.

    Nice to meet you... Mel

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    Jan 2008

    Erybery - So sorry to hear what you are going through. Like all the other ladies i am that things will be ok.

    Sally, Greenslw and melissa So sorry to hear of your losses Glad you have found this forum ladies on here are a great support.

    Jen - Hope you doing ok,glad ds is feeling better.

    Mel - for bfp

    Karen - Congratulations! on 12 weeks

    hello to Boble,Mrzbaby,Rhi,Hannah,Abbey,Coco,Mo3b,Shortcake and anyone else have missed.

    AFM - Sorry been slack , still feel yuk with migraines.

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    Mar 2008

    I'm soooooooo sorry that I wasn't able to make it back for persies last night! I'm ready to catch up now, though, so here goes....

    mrzbaby--I'm so sorry about your feelings of frustration regarding DH's smoking! I so understand what you're feeling! My DF has been 'quitting' smoking for more than 9 years! The time apart right now is probably the best thing you could hope for--nothing good is ever said out of anger! Sometimes we just need to be alone to gather ourselves together, and sort things out in our minds. It's a much better avenue than spending the weekend arguing and getting nowhere. I hope you follow your counselor's advice, and not make any decisions now--especially when you know that you're feeling hormonal right now--that you may regret later! Anger and sadness have a way of distorting thoughts and actions, so it's never a good idea to make big decisions when you aren't feeling emotionally stable.

    My DF is a problem solver, and when he couldn't "fix it" after my m/c, he had to somewhat detach himself from the situation. I think it's just how men are... and yes, it's completely frustrating that they don't seem to suffer as much as we do, or give up as much as we do, but men are just wired differently. I found reading "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus" very informative on the differences between men and women, and how they cope with things. Please know that I'm not defending your DH, or his smoking... I just wanted to share my experience and what I've discovered. The anniversary of my angel baby was last week, and when I reminded DF about it the day before, he said "I'm sorry", and that was it! Not a word from him on the day of.... I think it's just how some men are, because they just don't know what to say or how to act around us when we're feeling like we're falling apart and there's nothing they can say or do to "fix" it. Just a thought... I hope it helps! Big *hugs*

    Karen--Glad to hear all is going well!

    coco--Sorry to hear about your misbehaving temps! It's so frustrating when ff changes things! Hope things get sorted out quickly! *hugs*

    Greenslw--The time difference is definitely confusing, it took me a while to figure out--sometimes I'm still confused! Especially with daylight savings time! Oz is about 16 hours ahead of California in case you were wondering! Sorry to hear about your bad dreams. I know what you mean about replaying everything.... I couldn't stop replaying the things I had done, or hadn't done, wondering if I was somehow responsible.... I'd look at the pile of clean clothes that I had worn the week before, and I would think, "last time I wore that I was pg", or "I bought that because I was pg".... It's so tough, but a normal part of the grieving process. It's good to share those feelings rather than keeping them bottled up inside--it's also helpful to others who may be reading and feeling inadequate or ashamed for having those feelings. There is SO MUCH for your brain to process, and it's so hard, but you just kinda have to roll with the emotional waves.... and know that it will get better!

    Mel--I've got my fingers crossed that biaaaaatch stays away! Sending lots of vibes your way--and some *hugs* too!

    Sally--Yay, you got your signature figured out! And good for you for treating yourself to a pedi!

    I believe it takes about 6-8 weeks for AF to show after a D&C--only my first was a D&C, and that was about 14 years ago, so my memory is a little vague.... however, I think that's what some of the girls here have experienced. HTH!

    Rhi--Don't be mad at yourself for feeling jealous and resentful towards your friend! It's natural and normal for you to feel that, and also very healing for you to be getting it out! Glad to hear DD is sleeping better, and hope you start feeling better soon!

    Abbey--Are you talking about Macca powder? I've never used it, but I think that's what I've heard some of the other girls talking about. Not sure where to get it, but I'm sure you could google it and find out everything you need to know. HTH!

    erybery--I'm so sorry for what you are going through! I'm so glad to hear that you have such a caring and compassionate OB. I'm still saying loads of prayers that your little one stays strong and healthy! Sending some extra sticky stickyvibes your way!

    MMelissa--Welcome to our humble little thread, although I'm sorry that we have to meet under such sad circumstances. Feel free to pull up a seat and join us on this bumpy TTC rollercoaster, you're sure to get plenty of support from these amazing girls! I hope your time here is short!

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    Mar 2008

    chappas! Sorry to hear you've been having headaches, hope you feel better soon! *hugs* So when are we going to get to see a shiny, new pg'cy ticker?

    Big for my 'fishy' friends, megsmum & babymiracles!!

    fifi & MO3B--Chatting with you girls is always a great beginning to my day! But, [email protected], it sure is hard to type with only one hand! Luv you both!

    plc--Hope you're enjoying your busy weekend! Loved the extra long chat! Yay daylight savings time!

    WTH--Any ideas yet, Nancy Drew?

    tutmae--Hey mama! Not long to go! Are you getting anxious? OMG, soon I won't be able to send anymore

    mollycat--Missed you on Fri! Hope your garage sale went well and you got rid of lots of junk! Super big *hugs* for you!

    Big hello and for Krystie, Hannah, Toccara, smi, issy, Tam, jenushka, Easha, boble, and all the other girls that I didn't mention! Please know that just because you aren't mentioned doesn't mean you aren't thought of!

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