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thread: Trying to Conceive after Miscarriage or Loss ~ March 2009

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    Jun 2008
    Cardiff Heights

    Hi everyone!

    I love reading your msg's after not coming in for a day it's halarious! tee hee!

    I dont think this is the month for me. I had aches this morning and I had slightly discoloured CM today, not a great deal of it so couldnt tell but it wasnt "white" or "clear" when i checked...only reeeeeaally light brownish. Being naieve and going to wonder whether it is from me obsessivly checking my CM internally every day hahaha

    I dont know where I am in my cycle. I think im CD28 OR CD21. But either way i think AF may be coming. Despite wanting the obvious, it is only the first cycle after MS..and tmo is the one month anniversary of learning we had lost our baby so if I get AF yes Ill be dissapointed but Ill also be happy it was a good length cycle, and happy I can start on a fresh slate.

    I do have one concern however Im hoping you may be able to help me with...

    When I had the scan done they told me that I had a 3-4cm cyst on my right ovary. This will be the ovary Ill ovulate from nxt time. Will that affect my ovulation do you think? Had anyone else had a cyst or been told they had one and gone onto being able to conceive?
    Hope you all had a great lazy sunday!

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    Mar 2008

    Rhi--Glad to hear you had a talk with DH about your feelings, and that you're feeling better! I say give the Chinese herbalist a shot--sounds like it could not only help you with TTC, but improve your quality of life overall!

    Angels 1&2--Hey, mollycat is teetering on the edge... she's already admitted to typing very well with one hand! And you..... we both know you secretly have gutter potential! LMAO!

    MO3B & Fifi--My gutter gals--and my kinky cyber twin! Sorry, MO3B... but innocent, YOU? Pfffftttt! And wild monkeys fly out my butt!

    Don't forget our pact--where's those hands, girls?

    mollycat--Hey, I'm 16 hours behind here.... I only got the crumbs from that scrummy sounding cake! And, hey--you don't gotta lie to kick it.... we know you dream of joining us in the gutter.... you just haven't "come out of the closet" yet, so to speak! Typing with your nose is a definite gutter quality! PMSL!

    boble--I have my that was implantation spotting!! Sending lots of anti-AF vibes!

    cherished--Did MO3B pay you to say that? Sorry to hear you were in pain yesterday--hope today is better! *hugs*

    Oh, btw, I'm a SAHM that doesn't SAH much! lol... I work very part time for pay at DS2's school (only 3 hrs./wk.), the rest of the time spent at the school is all volunteer.... sometimes I spend more time at the school than at my home!

    coco--Not sure about the cyst on your ovary... can you call and ask your dr? You should know if it's something worrisome that could affect or delay your TTC efforts! Big *hugs*

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    Aug 2008
    Somerset - UK

    MO3B: Innocent???? you????? pffffffffffff, i know you too well to believe that and so do the other friday girls!!! You are the worst out of us all!!! You have sores on your arms from spending so much time in that gutter!!!!!

    Angel1 and Molly: You know you girls wanna join us! the gutter is calling and you cant resist our little gutter family!!!!!

    Jen: We do indeed have 2 pacts!!! I just dont think we told any of the other girls about them and both need to be upheld!!! Especially where hands are concerned!!!

    To all other ladies, massive and hope you are all having a fab weekend!

    AFM: not much to report, I have 27 days left, its going so quick! I also finish work on friday so hopefully i may be able to keep up with persies a bit more! (Hopefully)

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    mummy_of_3_boys Guest

    Well it doesn't look like I will have time for persies right now. I have DH and 1 DS on the couch with gastro and I have carpets to scrub, drinks to give and all my normal chores and school work to do
    I hope everyone else is having a less Vomity Monday morning.

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    Jun 2008
    Cardiff Heights

    Hey Ladies, how early can you have a blood test done to check if you're pregnant?

    I thought that I ovulated 6 days before my chart picked up on it (it changed my ovulation date) and I had arranged to have an appt with my dr and have a blood test done but then my chart changed and is telling me im 10dpo (or possibly 11dpo) so should I still go??? furthermore whether to worry about having the blood test or not?

    I also want to have a scan done to see if the cyst is gone from my ovary and want to have a general checkup anyway.

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    Jan 2009
    A Pirate Ship

    Hello my lovelies

    coco1411 not sure on the cyst thing, I know one of my girlfriends has had many cyst on her ovaries and has had them removed at times too... She fell pg by accident (or so she says??? I think it was a perfectly timed accident on her behalf IYKWIM) Anyway she had no probs... But as suggested chat to your dr... RE the BT go and get one if you want to

    jen805 sorry I was a guts and ate 2 pieces of Mollycats cake!

    mummy_of_3_boys doesn't sound like you will be having much fun today... I will be thinking of you.

    AFM My pain is colic from the antibiotics I am taking after the D&C and it's not going to go away untill I stop taking them on Sat I am just on the couch AGAIN and not looking forward to the working week I just know my boss will ask a million questions (because he cares AND has to know EVERYTHING! so annoying) I'm just gonna fake it and pretend I am fine... Lucky hubby will be home in an hour and I can cuddle up to him and watch a movie.

    Hope you're all well, have a great day

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    Feb 2009
    Griffith N.S.W

    I got my bed Friday and Sat my af sort of returned for 48 hours and disappeard again?? So I went and bought a ovulation kit I have no idea how to use I have never used anything like it does anybody have any helpful suggestions or ideas this month will be a little difficult with my af being weird fingers crossed .

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    Oct 2008

    Hi everyone,

    Well I am back! Sorry I didn't post last night but after a few late nights I was tired and had to go to bed. I have been reading through to try and catch up so hopefully I mention everyone in my persies.

    Had a fantastic time in Melbourne apart from AF arriving the day after we got there - exactly a week late no less! Spent way too much money but retail therapy always helps me feel better.

    MO3B - Sorry AF arrived. I know exactly how you feel. To turn up so late is just cruel. I will join you in the I hate AF club! I think we could get quite a few memberships from this thread!

    HannahD - Hope you feel better and the side effects subside soon. It probably just takes a little while to get used to the meds

    Jen - No dancing on the tables (sorry to let you down!). Glad you got your coverline and you didn't have to bully FF Goodluck this cycle!

    charm - Sorry, I have never seemed to get o tests to work for me so I hope you have better luck.

    sally - Yes, I have tried maybe baby but it didn't seem to work for me. I was always confused about how much saliva to put on the microscope. I hope it works for you again this cycle.

    cherished - Hope you feel better soon

    coco - Sorry I can't help with either of your questions. Probably best to try and wait as long as possible for a blood test so you know the result is accurate.

    mollycat - Thanks for the cake, my favourite too

    boble -

    Kazaraz - Sorry abut your diagnosis but hopefully now you are fully informed it will help your fall pg with your forever baby. As for your question about fertility drugs, my auntie took them and ended up pg with triplets - I think there is more of a chance but not sure of the statistics.

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    Oct 2008

    Rhi - I can't help with your herb question but I totally get where you are coming form with just going through the motions. I think we can all relate. I too am impatient, especially this is the one thing I want more than anything in the world. Good luck with the herbs if you decide to try them.

    erybery -

    Abbey - Good luck with the preseed, hope it works for you

    Greenslw - Hope the new job is going well. Goodluck with the BT.

    Toccara - Glad to hear you like your new ob, best of luck with your BT results.

    Milbindi & Mandy - Welcome to our thread but I am sorry you both have to be here. I hope your stay here is short, in the meantime know that you are amongst friends

    mrzbaby - Don't know anything much about cars, sorry. Good luck with next cycle.

    Smi - Yah for your little baby girl

    Shortcake -

    Big hi to everyone else. Sorry I have a headache (had such a bad day at work) so have to stop posting now. I hope I caught up with everyone, sorry if I didn't

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    Aug 2008
    Cairns QLD

    Hi ladies sorry the has to be a quick one I'm on my iPhone again posting cause dh is on the of and it's too hard to log in at work everyone can see my pc now in this new job. Anyway we are now in our two week wait hoping for a little miracle here I used an opk last week and it was accurate those things are bloody marvelous. Anyway it was a bding marathon and now I can only hope we did enough!

    Will have to come back for persies lots of anti af vibes for those who want them and lots of babydust and stickyvibes for the others.

    Night night ladies xxx

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    Jan 2009

    Mannie- I hope you caught that eggie!

    Rhi- Sorry I can't help with the Chinese medicine! Hope things start looking up for you soon.

    erybery- How are you doing hun?

    Boble- Sending you lots of vibes!

    Sally- I hope soon you can quit your part time job!

    fificlaire- I'm so happy for you! I bet your really getting excited to finish work.

    MO3B- I hope DH & DS feel better soon.

    Coco- I'm not sure how early you can have BT done but if it would make you feel better then I say go have it done!

    Cherished- Sorry to hear that its your antibiotics. I hope you start to feel better soon.

    Mel- I'm glad your vacation went well. Sorry that AF arrived she could have at least waited until your trip was over!

    Jen- Hope you had a good weekend. Have you heard from the doctor of any cancellations?

    to everyone else!

    AFM- Still no signs of AF. I gave in and called the doctor again and they finally set me up for an appointment for April 10th... it seems like a long time away. I am having quit a few symptoms that i am believing to be my thyroid so I'm going to push them to check that. So for right now I'm just trying to keep busy.

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    Mar 2008

    fifi--Woo hoo, 26 days left! Tick tock.... you're on the countdown now! Lucky you--you get a temporary reprieve from crappy Monday's! Did you get bubs room all finished over the weekend?

    MO3B--Sorry to hear that your DH and 2 DS's were home sick! Nothing worse on a Monday than vomit duty! Hope they're feeling better today!

    coco--I think as far as BT's go, you should be able to get a pretty accurate result by 12 or 13DPO. If you think you may have O'ed earlier, than I say just go for it--it wouldn't be the first time that ff was wrong. At least you would have a pretty definitive answer... I also think it's a good idea to talk to your dr, and maybe even get an u/s, to check out that cyst. Best of

    cherished--I'm sorry to hear the antibx are leaving you in pain! Is there any way you can take more time off work? I hope you're feeling better today!

    charm--Hope the OPK's work for you! I've used them before with success--in fact those seem to be the only test I can take where I get those 2 lines! I lucked out for a while because my DF found some OPK's at the Dollar Store, but we ran out, and I just can't see spending the money when I usually have other corresponding O signs ( i.e. watery CM, O pain, high CP). However, I tend to have those signs for about 4 days in a row, so the OPK's help to pinpoint which day is the best. You just have to remember to get that BD'ing in before you get that +OPK!

    Mel--Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your trip, but sorry to hear that witch followed along--she must've hid in your suitcase waiting for the best time to strike! You really let me down, tho.... no table dancing? lol....

    Mannie--Hope your TWW flies by and ends with a BFP! *hugs*

    Shortcake--You should definitely push for those BT's for your thyroid if you think something's amiss! They should be able to get you a lab slip before your appt. in April--that way they already have the results at the time of your appt.

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    Mar 2008

    Oops, sorry.... double post....

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    Jan 2009

    Just a quickie for me. I called my family doctor since the OB-GYN cannot see me until April 10th. Well the family Dr said they can see me today at 4:30! So hopefully I will be getting some answers a little sooner with my thyroid! Wish me luck!

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    May 2008


    Fifi~ yay only 26 days to girl I'm so happy for you!!!

    Mannie~ hope get that BFP and your tww goes fast...

    erybery~ I hope all is going ok with you and your lil bub...

    Hannah/Mel~ Thanks for thinking of me I'm praying so hard this is it and I get my forever baby!!!

    Jen~ lol maybe they are hiding 2gather lol snice we are cycle buddies... I'm so hoping I get a BFP and my forever baby this year early next year!!!
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    Angels 1&2, or should I say Dr Angel?! – TTC certainly does put a strain on the relationship, although things seem to be better, we are joking a bit more & it’s a bit more relaxed. Not sure if that is good or bad as I don’t want to be too relaxed to the point where I don’t get pg! Thanks for the info re the Chinese Herbs.

    Boble – I think it is me just going through the motions because DH asks what I want and I am like, no I’m ready to go! (sorry TMI)
    I’ll have to read the maybe baby instructions, but from what I can remember you put your saliva on this glass thingy, wait til it dries then looks through a microscope. If you are ovulating it shows up a fern pattern and if not, it shows a pebble pattern (or the other way around). I am happy to post it to you – it is in good condition. Hope you get your bfp!

    MO3 – I hate AF too - hopefully she skips my house around the start of April.

    Cherished – I work part-time – a 5 day fortnight. (Mon, Tues & every 2nd Fri) Sorry to hear that you are sick with colic. I didn’t know antibiotics could cause colic!

    Sally – OMG, I didn’t realise you work 6 days a week – sheesh!

    Coco – I’m not sure about the cyst question, but I know I have…. ummm…. not cysts but like when I am suppose to o, the egg doesn’t always leave my ovary. I can’t remember what the sonographer said, but the naturopath gave me something to help with that. If I think of what it is, I’ll let you know. I don’t think it would affect your chances of pg, but maybe check with your dr. I don’t know how soon you can get a bt – I would assume the hcg would show up fairly quickly – you can get early poas tests that test before af is due, so you would think a bt would show hcg even sooner?

    Jen – You always are checking up on us, but rarely do I hear how you are – so, how are you?

    Charm – GL with the o kit. I never got that hang of them, so no tips from me are forthcoming!

    Mel – Glad you enjoyed Melbourne! Trust AF to find you – what a witch! Yay for retail therapy, you should have squeezed in a massage or facial!

    Marnie - Hello!

    Shortcake – No AF. Yay for getting an earlier appointment, hope all goes well.

    Toccara – Hello!

    Hello to everyone else.

    AFM – Going to see Naturopath next week; get more drugs, if not pg next month, I am going to get an appointment with the Chinese Herbalist for May. Thanks everyone for their continued support, it means a lot to me in more ways than I can express. xx

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    Mar 2009
    Inglewood, WA

    Good morning ladies!
    What a start to the week. I can feel this is going to be flat tac the whole week, good and bad, FULL of appointments that all have positive outcomes so thats a plus!!

    DH started acuptunure last night and slept so well, Im feeling very positive with this maybe being a good path for us to take.

    Have 2 appointments after school today, argh, its going to be flat out but I guess the up side is I dont have to make dinner!!!

    Mel - so glad your trip was fun. Im starting to feel maybe my best course of action is a bit of retail therapy too!! Thursday I think will be the best day for that....
    The lady said put it on you finger but I found it worked much better (clearer) when i licked the glass...

    Rhichichi - its not too bad, the outcome will be good, to take the pressure off when we do have a baby!
    Good luck with the herbs, like I have said before after all this happened so many people have said chinese medicine/acupunture is the way to go. Surprisingly LOTS of people I thought were a bit to straight laced for that kind of stuff.
    I have my second appointment tonight for acuptunure. YEAH!!

    Shortcake - glad you can get in sooner, no point waiting if you don't have to. There are enough things were all waiting for and dr'c shouldn't be one I thinK!! Good luck!

    Mannie - maybe Im not awake enough but what is an opk? Is that the ovulating stick?

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    mummy_of_3_boys Guest

    Hello Beautiful BB Ladies,

    Today I have 3 DS at home. They were all pretty sick yesterday evening but are full of bounce today. I just thought after their power chucking at school it was best not to send them today. I hate gastro!!!! My house has a lovely aroma right now! Tomorrow I will be buying shares in disinfectant and carpet shampoo lol.

    Righto here I go at persies, lets hope I get this right.

    Shortcake- I am glad you called your GP and was able to get an earlier appointment. Waiting til April for answers would have drivin anyone batty! Fingers crossed you DO get some answers soon.

    Sallyk61- Wow you will be a busy bee today, at least you are off dinner duty. Goodluck with your appointments and make sure you take a few minutes to relax somewhere in your busy day.

    Rhicicici- AF SUX AF SUX AF SUX Fingers crossed April is your month Hun xxx

    Jen Jen- Are you still around or did that horrible wind blow our Jen Jen away I agree that you keep forgettting to put in your AFM section!! We want to know what's going on in the land of Jen. If i don't talk to you before, I will meet you in the gutter on friday. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxox oxoxxoox

    Mel- I think dumb Af has gotten herself a GPS. She needs to stop tracking us down. A big WOOOHOOOO for the retail therapy.

    Mannie- iphone eh? That's a bit snazzy Fingers crossed you will have caught that egg! I hope your 2 week wait flies by and has a great outcome!

    Molly- What's this about cake??? Hmmm WHERE'S MINE???? You have been very quiet this week, I hope all is ok. Miss you. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

    Fi- Your EDD is almost upon us. Omg it is so exciting. I can't wait to see pics of bub's room and of bub. I am sorry to hear you were feeling useless, big hugs hun. Tlk soon.

    Charm- Bet you have fun using your ovulation kit teamed with your new bed just becareful, you don't wanna break it. LOL

    Cherished- I am sorry to hear you are in pain, I think it's time you got a break hun. The bad stuff has to end sometime, just hang in there.

    Angel- Always so supportive, you really are amazing! I hope you are taking care of you. Hopefully we will see you in the gutter Fri. xxx

    Plc- Missed you last week. How is little April doing? Is mummy getting enough sleep? *hugs*

    I know I have left a lot of you out, but my DS's are calling. I AM thinking of you ALL.

    OMG DS 4 has lego up his nose

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