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thread: 1-6 month General Chatter

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    Pietta Guest

    Hello everyone!!
    Tootie I sometimes laugh how similar our boys are! Ryley loves to suck on his hand. Mainly he keeps his favourite little fist and then sucks on it. Ithink he is trying to tell me he is hungry when he does that!!
    We had our 6 weeks checkup- all is well. Apparently Ryley is more developed than his age and is great with everything else so -YAY for my baby boy!
    He has started sleeping from around 11-5 now and I am stoked. Last night he woke up at 3 and i rolled over and said to him- it is too early and he went back to sleep for 1/2 hour! hehehe- what a good boy!

    I am going to keep trying the cot!! lol I dont want him to be out of our room!! He is cooing and talking so much- I am totally in love!!
    I think I will prob get him a play pen coz Mums still need to get stuff done around the house and I know he'll be happy in there anyway! At the moment after a grizzle i left him in the bouncer strapped in coz i knew he was just tired and he fell asleep! He will fall asleep anywhere that boy!

    I get to play netball in 5 more weeks! woo hoo!

    Good to hear your house is ready Michelle. I had a look at Jessica's site and her and Jemma are adorable!!!

    We dont have too many probs with the heat but i am sure i will be going to the shops like you Ambah when it gets like that coz our a/c doesnt have temp gauge it gets too cold sometimes.

    Take Care all!!

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    Hi Girls!!

    Matilda's been chewing on her hands for a few months now & no teeth...I was told a few weeks ago that she was teething & she cut one tooth & then its dissappeared again :-k ... so I dunno....LOL

    Matilda's refused to eat today... shes on some kind of hunger strike but I can't figure out what for... she woke up in the middle of the night but refused the bottle :-s and has had maybe 200ml total today so far & that is her usual size bottle for one feed.... its been hot & we've been out at work & mechanics, so I fed her a bigger than normal serving of rice cereal & apple puree I made before & she gobbled it all and then drunk 50mls.... so I'm not worried about her but its strange she ate solids but is refusing the formula... for one of her feeds I even made up three different bottles thinking the dilution must be off or the temp is wrong ](*,) but no... just didn't want it... go figure....

    On the play pen note, Matilda loves hers... I vowed never to use it but as soon as she was rolling I put it up and now we both love it! She spends 15-20 minutes in there rolling around &picking up toys, playing and then I can do stuff around the house like dishes & bottles etc etc...but sometimes she gets stuck with arms & legs stuck outside it, but thats okay... just move her over & off she goes again... started lunging forward today, getting her knees under her belly & catapulting herself... it hurts when her head smacks the floor but she cries & then does it again... I don't know how to stop that one, so I put her in her pram & strapped her down...LOL

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    spiddles Guest

    Liam slept in his cot last nite YAY!! Slept there from 4 to 6:30 yesterday and I thought I better wake him up or no sleep. He was so grumpy and I put him back in at 8:30 slept till 1 and then awake at 4 and then back to sleep til 8.

    DH noticed this morning I didnt have bags under my eyes. First time in ages. I guess out of sight out of mind so slept better.

    Am going to visit the in laws this week up the coast. Will be fun and they have a poo!!! DH will pock me up on the weekend. Liam will be spoilt rotten.

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    Melinda Guest

    LOL @ Ryley being similar to Jacob, Pee! I got some photos developed yesterday and in one of them Jacob is trying really hard to put his entire hand in his mouth....it looks hilarious!

    Re playpens...we've got one of those too...in fact we only just got it. I feel much better about having it considering we have pets and therefore need to ensure that the house is both baby and pet friendly!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Where did you all get your playpens from??(I know where you got yours Christy ) When you say playpens, you don't mean portacots do you?

    Christy - Aidyn has had a few days like that where he has been off his bottles... one of my theories is that it is too hot and the last thing he wants is a warm bottle.
    Have discovered this weekend that he loves cold water, so we are now keeping his water bottle in the fridge. I think he also likes the feel it on his sore gums.
    OMG at her smacking her head on the floor!!!!!

    Woohoo for getting the paving finished Michelle!!

    Spiddles - its great when those rings under the eyes dissapear isn't it!

    OK, gotta go settle my boy now, which will be a real task seeing as DP has been revving him up ever since he got home!
    MIL will be here any minute as well....

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    spiddles Guest

    Liam has been drinking all day. Already had 6th 120ml bottle and has had about 40mls of water inbetween. I keep expressed milk in fridge and just quickly run it under hot water so is probably still cool. Can you give them cool milk???

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    Hi Spiddles

    No you can't give them cool milk as it gives them an upset belly. Do you have a microwave ??

    Love :hbeat:

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    I cant see what the problem isith cool exprssed breast milk ... especially when iut is hot just so long as it is not cold from the fridge.


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    spiddles Guest

    Yeah I have a microwave but doesnt it loose its nutrience when heated up like that?? Have a pirex jug and usally pour hotwater over the bottle in the jug and let it sit there. I know the one this afternoon was semi cold cause he was hungry and tried breastfeeding for 30 mins and was still unsettled and hungry and I just wanted some peace and gave it to him. He seems fine (well at the moment anyways)

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    I've heard room temp is all good.... and that microwaving breast milk does cause it to loose some of its nutrients, so it is best to warm it up in a jug of hot water...

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi girls,
    I din't know that about breast milk, considering I've never breastfed that's not really surprising though.

    We had a playpen for Jordan and we loved it. haven't had one since though, I din't want to pay the money for a new one and couldn't find a used one so we don't have one now.

    Not much happening here, things are just cruising along. had a call tonight though with some sad news, a girl I know found out her 20mth old has a cancerous tumor pressing on her spine. It hits home as her and Jemma are only 2 weeks apart and the poor family just keep having bad luck. The BIL of this girl (who was a friend of ours) was killed in a car accident 3 yrs ago, the partner was in rehab for awhile before he met this girl, her cousin has been diagonsed with bone cancer, after having breast cancer and having the breast removed and it is terminal (she has 2 kids under 8). Some people just get the raw end of the deal. The whole family is devastated. I just don't know how we'd cope in that situation. it is their only child.

    My back is playing up, I think it's because of my posture when I am on the computer. I need a really good massage. I also have my first AF since having Jessica. I am back on the pill until Arron has his vasectomy adn I skipped the first period as I had only just finished bleeding and wanted a break, but I am planning ahead and so took the sugar tablets, because Arron's birthday and our party are coming up. So this week is the best week to have it. It's sort of good to be able to choose when it comes though. Wish I din't have to have it at all though, I think that's why I love pregnancy (not the only reason but a big part of it).

    ANyway gonna go and say congrats to Bon.

    Goodnight Michelle

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    Yeah sorry for the microwave comment there, for some reason I was thinking formula. I used to boil a jug of water and let it sit in there for a few mins with b/milk

    Love :hbeat:

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    YvetteE Guest

    HI Everyone,

    Back from holidays and thought I would put in a quick post. No way I can reply to you all, as I have missed out on so much!

    The holiday was great, but it rained nearly every day. Still, we got to go to the beach a couple of times which was really fun. My toddler adored going and Cohen was pretty happy while in the shade tent but hated the water! Still the water was pretty cold so I can understand why he wasn't too happy! He looked adorable in his little sun outfit though!

    He settled really well while we were away and because it rained a lot, he slept in most mornings (so did my toddler - yay!). He only got up once each night for a feed so I was pretty relaxed.

    He did really well in the car too so all in all a very successful holiday!

    Apart from that, nothing much new is happening here. Hope you are all doing well and that your bubs are good.

    Talk soon.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    oh Yvette thats great that you had a good holiday!! I'm hoping for the same, going to Crescent Head on Friday for a long weekend! So I'm trying to pack like mad figuring out what to bring for a 4 month old! And one thing we aren't bringing is the pram.... so I'm a bit scared of that as well!!

    We are meeting some of our close friends from Sydney there and we rented a 4 bedroom house for us & the kids! So we have to bring linen etc so that makes even more to think about... I can't wait to get to the beach though!!

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    Pietta Guest

    Are you allowed to use the microwave for formula? I didnt think you could use the m/wave for anything? How much easier would life be if i could use the m/w!!

    My little boy had his first night in his cot last night and it couldnt have gone any better!! =D> =D> =D> =D> for Ryley and =D> for me not freaking out all night! I put him in at 8 and then gave him a bottle at 11- he went straight to sleep then he woke at 3 and i gave him a bottle and he wanted to play but i said- Ryley it is sleep time call Mummy if you need me but I am going to sleep! (I am sure he understands me!!)
    So i put the monitor on and he played by himself cooing for about three or four minutes and went to sleep! I also had a GREAT sleep too!! He has just been sleeping so much today- woo hoo! Kind of had the same thing as you Kylie- we both had great sleeps while he was in the cot.

    So I am a refreshed Mummy who is having a great day! Not worrying about my house work today!! Mum is looking after Ryley tonight as Dh has a darts tournament and I am going to watch! I may even have a few beers or cointreau's!! hehehe

    Michelle I wish I could predict when I am going to have AF. I am sure that I will get her next week as I can feel my body changing. With my PCOS I dont really get a regular period so I hope having Ryley has fixed me up!

    Great to hear you had a good holiday Yvette! I cant wait to try out oneof those little swimsuits! How cute!
    I hope you have fun this weekend Christy! Wish we had a long weekend- i could spend more time with DH!

    I hope everyone else is doing okay! I think Ryley has grown about 5 cm recently- I am not kidding all of a sudden his legs poke out the end of the pram!!! (thats what forced me to put him in the cot 8-[ )

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    Pietta Guest

    Oh and by the way- before i had Ryley I was like- no way am i going to have more than one baby. Now I want to be pregnant again so we can have two close together!! I think i'll wait til he is at least 6 months old though!!
    I also said that I wouldnt feel fulfilled being a SAHM but now i think i will just go back and use one of my degress part time. I might go do part time management or HR somewhere!!
    I love being a Mum (amazing what some sleep does for you huh!)

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    Pee I always use the microwave for formula. Used to always do it with Kameron as well.

    If I am home I m/w the cooled boiled water first then add the formula but if I am out i just zap it all.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Melinda Guest

    Ambah - I got Jacob's playpen from a baby shop here in Hobart. It's actually called a kiddy cot. I also have a portacot but we've just got that for using if Jacob needs to stay somewhere else overnight (in an emergency) or if we go away somewhere IYKWIM.

    About m/w formula - I've never done it either as the hospital told me not too...interesting that you mention that you do it Kat as just the other day someone else told me how they also m/w it. How long do you zap it for? I thought the concern was that it can destroy nutrients etc and also heat the milk unevenly meaning that they might burn themselves? Interested to learn more about this as it would save time! We have to go to a park for a BBQ on Sunday so it will be interesting with bottles there.... what do you guys do there? Do you heat them up before you go or make them with boiling water and put them in a bottle bag? How long should you keep them in the bag for before tossing them? Sorry about all the questions...my mind has gone into overdrive!!

    We've got a visit to the CHN tomorrow afternoon so it will be good to see just how much Jacob has grown in a month. I suspect he's grown quite a bit LOL. He's quite a long baby!!

    Michelle - Jacob is 10w old tomorrow and I still haven't had AF. Mind you, I still have milk in the boobs! In fact I seem to have more than what I did in the first few weeks...not sure what's going on there?!?

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