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thread: 1-6 month General Chatter

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Pee - When Aidyn was exactly the age that Ryley is now, our CHN told us it was fine for him to be drinking 5x150ml bottles per day. But of course this was also based on his size at the time. He was 5.5kg at that age.

    Kelly - Good to hear that Asha is going to make a full recovery!!

    Spiddles - GRRRR at your real estate agent, they are such pains when it comes to things like that!! I mean how pedantic can you be? Must be a big power trip for them or something!! (No offense to anyone here that is an agent!!! 8-[ )
    Btw, you do look lovely in the wedding photos!! And little Liam is just gorgeous!

    Christy - How have you been getting on since you got back home? Did seeing the physio help at all? Such bad timing for Matilda to cry just when you were getting a massage!!!

    Carmen - Welcome!!!
    Having a cleaner sounds like a great idea... I am considering getting one in at our new house maybe once a month or fortnight just to mop the floors and clean the bathroom & stuff... But I guess I'll wait & see how I manage first... I'm certainly not doing a very good job here! All I have gotten done today is 2 loads of laundy, and the bottles washed & sterilised... and that is all that I'm going to do!!
    Good to hear everything is well with Luke!

    Ok, Aidyn is awake now... time for playtime!

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    Marcia Guest

    Argh! I have missed so much again!

    Pee - Hudson was having about 6 feeds/day of 120-150mls at that age. I basically just demand feed him, and I'm pretty sure that the CHN said that you can't overfeed at this age, even on formula, as they won't drink if they aren't hungry, and if they do they will just bring the milk back up anyway.

    Spiddles - Grrr at the real estate agent. We had an inspection today and they said we need to weed the garden and mow the lawns. We do need to weed, but we only mowed the lawns about 2 weeks ago! And I thought they would just let it go and check at the next inspection, but no, they are coming back in a week to check that it is done grrrrrr. Admittedly we should have done the weeding, but lets face it, weeding is not really top of my list right now, and I'm sure 1 hair and bugs in the garage light really isn't top of yours either lol!

    Kelly - Glad to hear Asha's sunburn is on the mend . That is a great idea to have her naming day at the zoo! I would never have thought of that. We didn't do a naming day, as we decided it was too much work to organise it lol. We are just lazy.

    Hudson is being so silly right now. He wants to sleep and he wants his dummy, but keeps spitting it out and then waking himself up and wanting it back lol! Silly bugga, sometimes I just want to tape that thing in so I don't have to keep putting it back in ROFL. Oh well, at least he is attempting to sleep. Better than we have done for the last few days.

    Sorry to those I've missed, but hope you are all having a good one

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    Vicsta Guest

    Hi everyone,

    This time it has taken me 40 minutes to catch up on all the posts! Its great to know that if I have any questions about Bailey that I can ask them here and know that someone would be able to give me practical advice!

    I'm turning 30 in a couple of weeks and I've asked friends to give me money as I want to buy a digital camera. We just brought a printer last night but does anyone have any advice about what type of camera (brand?) I should buy?

    Rose: the miracle wrap is made of t-shirt material. This material is stretchy and gives a little when Bailey moves but since using it, he has only had his arms out twice.

    Ambah: The Melbourne Baby expo was great! So many good ideas. We were there from 10am-3pm. Very busy but worth it.

    Christy: I too have a sore back right in the middle of the shoulder blades. I see an osteopath once a month and that normally fixes it as sometimes the pain can cause me to have really bad headaches. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Tootie: Bailey has been on formula since about 5 weeks old and his poo is always green with sometimes bits of yellow in it. And always smelly!!!!

    Bailey had is 4 month shots today and he screamed and went bright red. Another mum from mothers group had to get her son done too so we then went out for lunch to spoil ourselves on how well we coped!!!! Bailey stayed awake in his pram for most of the afternoon but was very happy. I put him down when I got home @ 3pm which was his feed time, but I think I'll just go with his flow for the next couple of days. No need for panadol yet, but I don't want to speak to soon.

    Well I hope everyone is doing well



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    katanya Guest

    Hi everyone,

    I am feeling a bit down tonight, I had Felix weighed today and he has only put on 20 grams in 5 weeks..yes that is right 20 ..so he is only 7.1 kgs still

    The thing is he is healthy happy and developing well, I was expecting a low gain due to breastfed babies plateau-ing at 4-5 mths but they said that is usually meaning a 40 gram a week gain. He has been sick and has had diahorea, which is what they said would probably cause it, but even so I feel a little sad. I would never doubt breastfeeding and I know my supply is great, just wish he'd gain a bit more..they told me he'd probably catch up in the next few weeks..fingers crossed..

    The hard thing was I had my mothers group today and everyone was weighed and they were like "oh he gained 800 grams in a month etc..what did Felix weigh?" they were really shocked at 20 grams..most of them are formula fed.

    wow this board moves faster than ever now..

    Felix his first tooth yesterday too...he did really well no grumpiness but he is pouring with dribble!

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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    [-( at those mums re Felix' weight gain!! As long as he is gaining, be it only 20gms that should be fine...he has been sick & usually they don't gain weight while they are in the midst of teething, so don't worry too much katanya!! He'll make up for it!! I mean he's not tiny at all, so you don't have to worry too much! My very good friend has a 9month old who didn't put any weight on for two weeks and even lost weight once! But in all has steadily grown & is doing well...

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    Dont' feel too bad Katanya. Lachlan is formula fed and his weighed has stayed around the same for quite a while.

    Love :hbeat:

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    katanya Guest

    yeah I know as long as he's gaining, and there are a million reasons for it but it still makes me feel bad..i just want some rolls on his legs and arms!

    I like my mothers group because I think it's important to be around all kinds of people not just people who do things like me. But sometimes I feel like I have to justify my breastfeeding and why I don't want to start solids till 6 mths even though Felix is showing the developmental stages..usually I feel confident, but today I felt like some of them were thinking..she's starving that child

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    katanya Guest

    Thanks Kathryn, I know it isn't breastfeeding, probably just Felix and his unique way of growing. It is probably as many of them had so many problems with breastfeeding at the beginning and seem to distrust it, now with Felix not gaining it's like it reinforces this thought..I believe in breastfeeding so much, it's like I feel like I have let the side down by Felix not gaining much weight..ridiculous I know..I'm sure I will feel better tomorrow!

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    Nov 2003
    Wodonga, Vic

    quick post.

    We went shopping today. Fed dd at 1.15 and put down for sleep at 2.15. Usually we would feed at 3.30 b4 going but I thought I would see if she would hold off until getting home. Left for shops at 3.45 and she was awake for most of the time. She made it until 5.15 when sitting in the car waiting for dh so I decided to feed while waiting otherwise she would be VERY upset once home. Letting her go that long made things easier because when we got home I put her straight to bed. She is still asleep although has woken a few times but gone back off.

    I didn't think she would go that long but you never do know sometimes unless you try. I think no matter how experienced some mothers are it can still be a trial/experimenting with routines.

    Hope all are well and babies are settled. No time for personals. Yay to all that need praise and sympathy to those who need it.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    :hugs: Katanya...
    Please don't let the other mothers make you feel that way!! Of course you are not starving your child!! As long as he is healthy and developing properly than that is what is most important!!
    Besides, isn't 7kg for a 5month old pretty average anyway?

    If it makes you feel any better, I feel exactly the same way as you, except coming from the other side. I am very worried that Aidyn has gained too much, and wonder if I made a mistake by starting him on solids at 4 months.
    I guess I compare him to other babies the in a similar way to which you are comparing Felix...
    But then when I look at all the signs I know he was ready, and even though he is so big now, his weight gain has plateaud out this past month (finally!)
    And in the long run it probably is just genetics playing a part as well... Every baby is different, and we all do the best job that we can for our little ones. We should try not feel like others are judging us!! (though easier said than done!)

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    spiddles Guest

    Pee - Thanks but if you only saw me at my wedding in March you know why I am upset. Should post a piccy on his website. i dont think you can overfeed at this age. Midwife encouraged me to give him 150mls per feed if he wants it and I thought I was over feeding when some day he had 120mls 7 times in a day plus boob but she said he is fine and happy with his progress. Has put on over 1 and a half kgs in 6 weeks. I had my check up too. Basically the same as yours. Blood preasure, felt my belly and gave me all clear. It made DH day.

    WOW!! I didnt realise how many of us have been ticked off by real estate agents!!!

    Ugh Marcia....Don't they know how hard it is to find time to look after baby or take your word for it that you will do it when you get a chance instead of coming back in a week!! Can't believe the dirt in the Garage thing either christy!! Maybe should have posted this in the punching bag!!

    Another thing I should really post there is Why don't huggies infant nappies come in boxes??? Newborn and crawler and every other one does (well I think) except infant which go to a 48 pack. Coles had the boxes on special last week (save $9) and didnt have any left so have a raincheck on 4 boxes so will have to get crawler 6-11 kgs and since Liam is nearly 5kgs no point in getting newborn box and infant 4-8kgs are the only ones that fit. So will get 4 boxes of crawler but doesnt help me out right now cause will still need to buy infant.

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Hey Spiddles, I have the opposite problem!!
    I could never find the Infant and Crawler size nappies in boxes!! They call it a bulk pack when it is only 44 nappies!
    I know the Huggies Newborn ones do come in boxes of 108 nappies for about $38.00. The thing is that Coles and Woolies are usually sold out of them. I used to get mine from Kmart.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    You girls are at it again.

    Kelly- glad Asha is on the mend, and the naming day sounds like it will be great, love the venue.

    Christy- hope your back starts feeling better soon. I too have the middle of the shoulder blades problem, my muscles tighten so much that I feel my breathing is restricted sometimes and I even used to hyperventilate when I felt like that, a sort of panic attack cause I felt I couldn't breathe properly, especially in the car or cramped up.

    Carmen- I agree with Christy that you do what works for you and gets you and bubby peace and sleep. We did hold our first to sleep, but the other 3 Jessica included went/go into the bassinette awake and then go to sleep. It is good that way, but if that didn't work then we would hold our kids too so don't worry

    Pee- what does your formula tin say about how much for Ryley's age? That is a basic guide. It is up to 120ml for up to 2 months on mine. But you can gauge it by offering a little more or less depending on what your baby wants. They will chuck up what doesn't fit, or stop when they are full.

    katayna- well done on Felix's tooth. Don't feel down on yourself, if Felix is happy and if he has been sick then there are valid reasons for him not gaining much weight. My MCH nurse has always worried about too much weight with my first 3, but they got sick at some stage and had stuff to fall back on. 7 kgs sounds fine. Keep doing what feels right to you.

    Jessica woke at 1am last night for a feed, then at 4 but I gave her the dummy till 5, and then fed her, she has been a bugger all day, barely slept, I don't think she likes the heat. She drank 125mls water at 5.30 and then had her last bottle at 8pm. I put her straight into bed and haven't heard from her since. I am sure she id exhausted. Hopefully I won't hear her till at least 5am. I AM TIRED!

    Sorry if I missed anyone.

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    Feb 2004

    Ugh. Had half a post writtten at 6:30 but didn't get it finished so I thought I'd check for new ones, and now can't remember all of what I wrote! lol

    LMAO @ Pee. I found a post this morning where you said something along the lines of "my little man will never do green poos"! :smt082
    Someone said somewhere it's to do with the iron supplement in the formula tootie.

    Carmen, Don't worry too much about whether he sleeps or not, unless he is getting cranky. My sisters all warned me about it being habit forming when Brandon went for two weeks only sleeping in our arms, but he was waking up whenever we put him down. I found he grew out of it, but do keep an eye on it. Maybe if you have somewhere other than the cot to put him in? We also tried warming the spitmat (terrry nappy) that went under his head in front of the heater while I fed him so that when we laid him done it wasn't so cold.

    Glad Asha is feeling better Kelly. I went and bought toddler milk this afternoon. It's sunsense brand by ego if anyone is looking.

    Grr at real estate agent spiddles. We had one that charged us $200 for cleaning when we moved to melb (while the unit was still under our lease) because he said he rang us to do it again and we never got the message. Took him to the tribunal but only got half back.

    Gosh Marcia, we have to mow the lawns every week here. But in the almost two years DP has been living here, they've only inspected once, and that was 3 months after he moved in.

    Hooray for Felix's tooth. I wouldn't worry about his weight either Katanya. Brandon is 6 months on sunday, and was only 6.9kg at his last MCHN visit. She didn't seem worried, but said we should start him on solids. As long as you start by 7 months he'll be fine. Its only after that that they start getting developmental problems. And I'm sure Felix would let you know in no uncertain terms if he was feeling starved!

    LOL rose, that made me laugh "Yay to all that need praise and sympathy to those who need it"

    Ah, you guys are my mothers group. Well, off to sterilise bottles now, make and feed the last one (last feed in about an hour) and folding nappies, then off to bed for me.

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    Marcia Guest

    LOL Susan- Yeah I know we really probably should have mowed the lawns 8-[ . But DH has not been here for the last two weeks so he will get to it when he is home this weekend. It just annoys me because we have always looked after the place really well and they have never had need to complain about anything at our regular inspections and the one time we haven't gotten everything done they are coming back in a week to check up on it! Anyway, enough about that whinge. Does Brandon feed to a regular routine, or do you just demand feed? Only asking as Hudson up until now has generally only wanted 5 bottles/day, and always almost finished them, and all of a sudden is all over the place now wanting a bottle every 2- 3hrs, but won't even get halfway through each one. I was just wondering how you get him to have a routine (if that is what you do?), as Hudson screams his head off when he decides he is hungry.

    =D> for Felix's tooth Katanya! Glad it was fairly painless for you both lol!

    Michelle - Hope you had a better nights sleep last night.

    Well I think I have the noisiest baby in the world lol! Hudson has started to chatter away when he is awake now constantly, but the funniest is when I put him on his play mat, he looks at himself in the mirror, and yells at himself! Very cute. He will yell at himself for a good 5 - 10 mins before he gets bored and moves on to play with his other toys lol. Well at least it is happy noise!

    On the weight gain thing, don't feel bad Ambah and Katanya. Realistically we don't really have much control over how much they gain. We just feed them when they ask for it and they go along at their own pace really. Having said that, I also feel bad about Hudsons weight atm because he doesn't seem to be putting on what he should. I think now his reflux is becoming a problem and that is why he hasn't gained that well, and now I feel like a bad mummy because maybe I should have done something about it sooner. The only reason I let it go until now is that it wasn't causing him pain and he was gaining really well despite it. I didn't want to be medicating him unless it was really a problem, as I have a thing about medication. I won't even take panadol unless I am really really in pain lol. Anyway, because of that I think I have let my little boy go too long with this #-o . The dr seemed so dismissive about it at his 8 week check that I didn't give it another thought until I weighed him last week and got a shock at how little he has put on. grrrrrrrr at me for not keeping a better check on it ](*,) .

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    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Yikes, sorry Spiddles!!! I must have misread your post back there!! #-o Don't know where my brain was lastnight!!
    I have never seen infant OR crawler nappies in boxes... so Icant help you out with the infant ones...

    Will write more later... I have been trying to get Aidyn to nap since 8.30am... it is now 11!!!! I have gotten absolutely NOTHING done and am meant to be going out this afternoon... HA! Good luck to me!!

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    Jun 2003

    Ihave just been out and bought Asha a shade cover for her pram! We have tee-ball again tomorrow and it is supposed to 27 degrees!!! Lathering on sunscreen, hat, sunshade for her pram and shaded area should be enough I hope!!!

    better go washing to get done!


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    spiddles Guest

    Ambah - crawlers do come in boxes checked out on the huggies website but infant dont *shrugs* Hope you managed to get everything done!!

    Liam woke at 3 and then 6 today after finally going into a real sleep and not catnaping around 10. Today he has been feeding every 3 hours *shrugs* DH got up to go to work at 6:30 and I finally had him settled and thought stuff this I need more sleep so went back to sleep and DH ended up putting him into bed with me. I kinda remember DH saying goodbye at 8 *lol* At 9 thought I better get up and as soon as I did he started. Was around bathtime so got his bath and everything ready and he had a bath and wasnt impressed. Screamed the whole time. He usually loves it. After another feed had settled down and is now finally asleep at 1 after having another feed at 12:30.

    Was good though after his feed around 9:30 he sat in his bouncer for over an hour and a half (longest he has been happy in there for) Happy and kicking and grabbing the toys. Thank gawd for that let me get 2 load of washing done, a shower, breakfast, dishes and take the rubbish out so I cant complain!!

    Hope it wont be too hot for you tomorrow Kelly. Everytime I hear the name Asha I think of that song from years ago Brim full of Asha *lol*

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