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thread: 1 Month - 3 Months, June '05

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    May 2004

    Yummo!! Banana Cake!! Aww kittens!! I lurve kittens! I hope Matty sleeps better tonight Dee, nothing worse than broken sleep (except no sleep at all)

    Trish, I forgo to say congrats for Teyah's 3month b'day... so congrats . I think I need someone to clean up at my house too... Just the Dishes and fold the washing would be good

    Yay for lots of sleep Deb!! I love kids b'day parties.. yummy food!!

    Fi, I hope your flight went well. I kept forgetting to ask how your mum was doing after she lost her cat.... so how is your mum doing? . I bet you being there is just what she needs. Have fun at HOME

    Violet did ok last night finally got her down at just after 11pm after only a couple of goes, but she didn't wake until 8:30am
    I have a bit of a sore throat, I have been using mouthwash to hopefully curb any infections.


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    Woo Hoo!! My thrush has gotten so much better!! I am so glad to see the end of that pain.

    Dee - grrrr I have just cleaned the kitchen after dinner and now I am thinking about banana cake!

    Deb - Yay on the lovely 9 hour sleep for Gabby!

    Trish - Glad to hear that Teyha is doing better. Woo hoo on getting someone to clean for you.

    Fi - awwwww on the jabs! Hope you have a good flight to NZ.

    Hope everyone else is doing well.

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    Feb 2004

    Trish - you are a lucky girl! Send the housecleaner this way thanks once she is all done at your house Oh and you'll pay - how sweet. lol Glad to hear Tehya has got the all clear. Happy 3 months to Tehya!

    Fi - probably too late to wish you a good trip as you've probably done your last post before you go but I hope that you, Shane and Jenna have a fabulous time, enjoy Hawkes Bay and I hope Jenna gets spoiled rotten!

    Deb - hope today went well for you.

    Nat - glad to hear the thrush has cleared up for you. Still doing BF's for Jacob?

    Dee - aaww at Matthew watching the kittens, how cute is that. Hope the banana cake is yummy. I'm sure it is. Yay at his laugh! Isn't that the best sound?

    Tanya - hope that sore throat doesn't turn into anything. Yay at Violets sleep!

    Sarah - how are you and Zander going?

    Lesley - how are you and Chole?

    We have been busy, DH has been home and we've be reorgansing things here as I haven't been able to do anything home alone. I'm pleased to say that we have done heaps.

    Matty's sleep patterns seem to change again! No more catnaps girls! He is doing the massive 3 hour sleeps in the middle of the day with 2 smaller ones either side so they may be the pattern for a little while now. He has his bum in the air now while on the floor, rocking on his forearms and knees, very cute.

    hope all are well

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    Trish - A huge YAY on the housecleaner...I have one too, but I dont pay, she is a godsend especially when I am overtired and cranky! I hope that Tehya is fine and all the bugs have left your house for good!

    Deb - I hope your cleaning job went well...horrible job but think of the $$!
    I hope that Gabby is being a good girl for you, at least she sleeps!

    Dee - I hope that the catnapping doesnt last too long for you! Hayley went for 2 days then back to a routine, well, sort of!

    Tanya - I hope the sore throat disappears for you!

    Nat - YAY for your thrush going away, and I am sure that it will stay away now!

    Nell - Matty has sleep patterns, that is brilliant! It must make things so much easier for you with DH home, I have to wait until July for my DH to have a week off! I am starting to reorganise my house too, must be the winter cleanout or something.

    I hope that I havent forgotten anyone, if I have I am sorry!

    I am trying to pop in here at least daily to read all your news but I just never seem to have time to post. Hayley is doing well, I am a little less concerned about her hearing now as she seems to be able to hear certain things so she is not totally deaf! I am really tired all the time, but hopefully Hayley will settle a little better soon. She's having her morning nap now, so I am hoping it will be the usual 3-4hrs of peace so that I can get the washing done.

    We have a huge weekend of reorganising the house and trying to get the girls to clean up their rooms, no easy task I tell you. I have to name all of Shannens stuff for camp, she goes on the 20th for a week to Roses Gap, bloody cold place at this time of year! I thought I would be organised and pack her stuff this weekend, that way I wont forget anything, well I hope not! Shannen arrives home on the last day of school, what fun! I have them home for 2w and then I have to get organised for our huge holiday to Qld.

    Okay I am now raving again, sleep deprivation is huge!

    Hopefully I will catch up over the extra long weekend, but maybe not with everyone home!

    Huge hugs to you all

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Dinky - I don't blame you for not having time to post! Sounds like a busy time @ your place. I hope Shannen enjoys her camp. It's good that you can see that Hayley is hearing some things. I am sure it is a load off your mind n e way!

    Nell - lol @ Matty putting his bum up in the air. They do the cutest things, don't they? That's excellent that he is falling into a sleeping pattern during the day. Now you might be able to get some stuff done! Hooray! It's great when DH can be home to help you out tho. Just an extra pair of hands to shove the dummy in or give a cuddle helps a lot.

    Nat - WOO HOO that the thrush is gone! No more painful feeds, hey?

    Tanya - that was an awesome sleep by Violet! Now... if she could just to that every night, hey? Hope the mouthwash does the trick. A cold is the last thing you need right now.

    Dee - I won't say yum @ the banana cake cos I hate bananas but I am sure you did a great job Sounds like Matthew is a noisey sleeper like Gabby - that's why she hasn't been in our room since the first night. I just couldn't sleep with all her little grunts and groans. Awwww @ the kittens entertaining Matthew. Sooooo cute!

    The cleaning went ok last night. It took me about 3 hours but that was because I was having to keep entertaining Gabby. I tried putting her to sleep in the office but I only brought her polar fleece blanket. It's reeeeeally hot in the factory where Neil works because they have big dryers to run the t-shirts through after they have been printed. The afternoon sun also comes blaring into the windows and they only have crappy blinds that do little to keep the heat out. I had to strip her down to her body suit! At least it will be nice and warm in the cold weather.
    She didn't sleep for very long but she was happy to play on the floor so I ran around and did my thing while she talked to the lockers, LOL. It will get easier and easier each week as I get a little routine going I imagine.
    We got home and spoke to yet another mortgage broker for an hour, had dinner then Neil ran Gabby and I a bath. She just loved having the big bath this time!! Huge smiles and lots of talking. I told Neil he has to do the next one if he wants to see the biggest grins in the world, LOL.
    Today will be spent packing because we are going away for the weekend. It's for business, not pleasure but it will be good to see how the Gabster will go away from home. I hope she sleeps!! [-o< It's Neil's birthday tomorrow. I don't have any money to buy him a decent present But, I figure I can do small things like cook him bacon and eggs for breaky and dote on him for the day - not really out of the ordinary though, LOL.

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    Feb 2004

    Sorry guys, I know I've been slack lately! It's Amanda's 21st party tomorrow night, so I have been madly organising things while mum's at work. Decorations, photos, changing details for us to pick up the cake, organising people to drive to the city etc etc - it's just endless!! I will be away for a bit longer as well - party tomorrow & my uncle's on Sunday. Sooo not looking forward to that one, it's a 2hr drive from home! But I promise I'll be back properly next week. Can you forgive me ???

    Yay for the big smiles in the bath Deb, we haven't had Zander in the big bath yet. How good of Gabby to talk to the lockers & entertain herself while you were cleaning! Oh yeah & have a good weekend away.

    Wow Dinky, sounds like you are super busy, no wonder you haven't posted! That's fantastic news that Hayley can hear at least some things, that's gotta be a relief.

    We're going ok Nell, last night we went to bed at 11pm then we were up at 1am, 3am, 5am, 7am, 9am -- hmmm anyone see a pattern there?? Not sure what the problem was though? Yay for Matty's change of sleep patterns, at least your change was a better one!

    Yay for Violet's good sleep Tanya. And I hope you aren't getting sick

    Awww how cute of Matthew watching the kittens Dee, just wait until he's big enough to play with them!!!

    Yaaaaay at Tehya finally getting better Trish & woohoooo for her being 3 months old, time flies huh?! Yay also a getting a cleaner, I wish!

    Hope you had a good flight Fi & that little Miss Jenna was good for you.

    Well I think that covers most things that I've missed! As for us, yeah Zander is not sleeping real well still, but I'm sure he'll work it out soon. I HOPE he'll work it out soon!! As for me, I'm thinking of cutting my hair before Amanda's party 8-[ It's down to the top of my bum now & all I ever do it have it tied back cos it gets in the way with Zander. Soooo I'm thinking of going shoulder length, I've only ever done it once before & it looked good, but it took me so long to get it where it is :-k What to do, what to do!!!

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    Feb 2004

    Look at that - not here for days & then 2 posts in a row!!

    Just popped back in to let you all know Target is having a really good sale at the moment. All Safety First stuff is 20% off, formulas are 20% off & the best one - buy 3 Fisher Price things & you get the cheapest for 1cent! Pretty good hey?! I'm going to take Aaron up on Monday to check it out & get Zander's chrissy presents sorted. Oh yeah, it's on until next Wednesday.

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    Aug 2004
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    Sarah - Thanks for the info on Target, the Fisher Price sale sounds VERY interesting. Does anyone know if they sell the Kick N Whirl at Target? When does the sale start or has it already started. Sounds like your having a rough time at those nighttime sleeping patterns, do hope he gets into a lovely routine soon for you, you must be exhausted I`m exhausted at night with Matthew`s sleeping patterns plus with Mark getting up at 2.30 and comes back at 4.30 disturbs me also, that`s if I`m asleep. Have fun at the party`s and don`t tire yourself out too much.

    Dinky - Sounds like your busy, busy, busy. Hope Shannen has a great time away at the camp and hope you get more information from her when you ask how was it and what she did, Alister went to Canberra a few weeks back and trying to get information from him about it was like pulling teeth LOL, he says it was boring, that was nice for us to spend $$$ on a boring trip.

    Nell - LOL at Matty sticking his bum in the air, things they do hey. Yay @ Matty getting into a sleeping routine.

    Nat - YAY @ your thrush getting better, hope that`s the last you see of it.

    Tanya - Woohoo at Violet`s great night, hope you got a good one last night too. I had a look at your photos of Violet, isn`t she just cute in those glasses. We brought some Baby Banz for Matthew, when he has them on I say he`s doing the Louie the Fly impersonation, we thought the sooner he gets use to wearing glasses the better.

    Deb - Glad Gabby was good for you and LOL at her talking to the lockers, things they talk too, Matthew often stares and talks to the wall. Would you believe I wasn`t a lover of Bananas until I was pregnant, I then had to have 1 on a daily basis and I`m still like that.

    Trish - Hope you and Tehya are doing ok.

    Has anyone heard from Kayla lately?

    Matthew is sleeping a bit longer today, so hopefully he`s getting out of this catnapping routine, makes it hard to do anything. I did a silly, silly thing yesterday afternoon, after giving Matthew a bath, I went to empty it, the stand got caught on the bathmat so I lifted full bath and stand over the mat and ouch I felt my tummy complain, I have had that burning sensation back on one side of my scar ever since, silly, silly Deeanne, I`ve got to the point where it no longer hurts and I forget I still have to be careful, now it looks like it`ll be another couple more days before the burning sensation goes even just sitting here I am aware of it. Mark`s first thought was why didn`t I move the mat, I don`t know why :-k

    Take Care


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    Feb 2004

    Ouchy at hurting your scar Dee, I hope it's not too bad. As for the Target sale, yes it has already started, apparently on Wednesday. I have aso seen the kick & whirl there for about $80 but that was a while ago.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hmmm... yes, you have to be careful, Dee. It's hard when it starts feeling better and you go and do things without thinking. Make sure you go and see the Dr. if it keeps hurting, ok?

    Sarah - wow.... busy, busy girl! Hope you have a fun time @ your sister's 21st. Sorry to hear that Master Zander is waking every two hours. Urrgh... that would be hell! I reckon go for it with your hair. You can grow it back if you don't like it. The best thing I did was get my hair cut. I used to have it pretty long (not as long as yours) but the shorter do suits my face better. Make sure you take some piccies to show us if you do!

    Speaking of the Target sales, I went in there to buy a breast pump because they had 20% off medela. Lots of people on here have said that the medela ones are great. I managed to get one for $35! Not bad. It's just one meant for occasional use. They recommend an electric one if you express a lot. Brought it home and had a go. I won't be able to express whilst feeding like I was before because I need 2 hands to work this one. Bummer. I will give it a go n e way. It's meant to help the let down occur so maybe I won't need to be feeding Gabby at the same time like I did with the electric one (the only way I would get the let down). I had a go this arvo but got the tiniest drop out. Ah well. I reckon it will work heaps better in the morning. For $35, I am not fussed if it doesn't end up working.
    I bought Neil a DVD for his birthday tomorrow because I felt bad that I hadn't bought him anything. I figure we could afford to spend $25. I also got him some bacon, eggs and muffins for breaky. I will make him breakfast in bed after Gabby's first feed. I just want him to have a really nice day. After all, it's not every day you turn 30!

    Hope you are doing well at home, Fi!! Have a grrrrrrreat time and get as much R&R as you can

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    Feb 2004

    Yay on the bargain Deb, I hope the new pump works for you

    Forgot to mention something funny I came across yesterday... The girls in TTC were talking about how many BFPs they can get in one month, so I told them about June/July last year. I couldn't remember exact numbers, so went hunting through the 54+ pages we posted!! So anyway, I came across a certain two people who mentioned at least 4 times each that they were definately out & AF was coming. It was quite funny to read back through & see these two people talking about all the AF symptoms they were having knowing that they both now have beautiful little girls!! Any guesses who I'm talking about?

    Deb, Tanya - does this sound familiar at all

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hehehehe... yep, Sarah. I was SO sure that AF was coming. I didn't test until it was 3 or 4 days late and, even then, it was just to bring it on (a sure fire way of getting AF to appear is to do a HPT, LOL). That's why I was so shocked when I got a BFP!

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    Feb 2004

    I had said the same thing though, but it was only twice 8-[ It was quite funny to read back through all the stuff we were talking about this time last year. And I also realised Zander was born 9 months to the day after he was conceived, how weird is that!!

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    There you go! A text-book pregnancy, LOL.
    Now I wanna go and read up on what we got up to. Wow... ttc seems like a million years ago now!

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    May 2004

    LOL Sarah, I do remember! If you can remember my BD wasn't exactly in the right place! I remember you and I got AF the same day but you O'd a week before me... funny how our bubs turned up on the same day tho! I remember nagging Deb to test too... she did finally!!
    Speaking of all those BFP, I wonder where Zola is??

    Dee, I was thinking how Kayla hadn't been on for a while too... I hope she is doing ok. How was the Cake?

    Been swimming today, Emily looooves it! Which is great! Also I picked up my certificate from the framers...looks good. Very proud of myself (Cost a fortune tho!! )
    Violet has been good. Lots of hand sucking! I have put a couple more pics on her site (more of Em than Violet 8-[ )


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - you inspired me to have a sneaky peek at when we all got our BFPs. Atm I am looking through June and omg... I hardly ever posted! And, when I did, it was allll about me and no personals! Hmmm... selfish bugga I was!! LOL Any wonder it took me aaaaaages to get to 1000 posts but then hardly any time to get to 2000. Still, it has been interesting to read through. Gosh... it seems like sooooo long ago!

    Tanya - good to hear that Emily enjoyed swimming! The new pics are great. I love Violet in her "I love Daddy" top. V. cute!

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    Sep 2004
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    Aww girls I feel left out. You know it took me a long time to find BB, I did google searchs on pregnancy and other stuff and the only way I came across it was a link from another site.

    So then what dates did you girls get your BFP. I remember mine was on July 5th it was the dat after my brothers bday.

    Sarah, I think if you are doubting cutting your hair then don't do it. I get mine done on impulse and usually regret it later. If however you are sure then go for it. My hair seems to always be tied back too so that it's out of Tehya's way. Buggar about Zanders sleep pattern too. I think the 2 of us need to hook up over night. We could keep each other company during those wake up times Hope that the parties all go off smoothly too.

    Deb, LOL @ Gab talking to the lockers. The simple things hey. I saw the breast pumps too, I didn't realise they were that cheap. I would love to get one but don't want to pay a fortune on it. I tried Tehya with a bottle of formula again last night and she just spat it out. Not sure if she didn't like the taste or the bottle in itself...

    Dee, try and take it easy and rest that scar. You don't want to do any internal damage to it.

    Dinky, Great to hear that Hayleys hearing loss doesn't seem too bad atm. You sound like busy little Mumma too. It's bad enough having to pack for kids when they go to camp, but much worse when they get home with ALL that washing.

    Nat, good to hear that your bb's have cleared up. When I first got it I couldn't beleive how much it hurt. Hope that Jacob is doing well too.

    Fi, hope that you guy's are having a fantastic time over there and you get some much deserved R&R.

    Nell, I'll share my cleaner with you, no probs. Make sure you get some pics of Matty airing his butt. Bubba's bums are the cutest. Yay on Matty getting out of his catnaps too. Can you get him to have a chat to Noah.

    Lesley, hope that you and Chloe are doing great.

    Tanya, I hope that your sore throat gets better real soon. Yay at Violets big sleep too.

    Ok I think I covered everyone. If not I'm truely sorry.

    Come home yesterday expecting to find my house sparkling and smelling great. HMMM. Now I know this lady keeps a spotless house but mine unfortunately wasn't. She mopped and vaccumed the floors and cleaned the bathtub and folded the washing. And yes I should be grateful for that, and I am. But, my toilet wasn't cleaned properly and the tiles in the shower weren't cleaned, still had signs of mould. Hopefully next time it will be cleaner.

    Got Tehya weighed and checked again at the chemist today. Just so I had a good comparison to her last weigh in there. She's 5.70kgs or 12lb 9 oz, 63 cms long, hc 39cm. She has grown 3 cms in length in 3 weeks. WOW. Funny on the growth chart she is in the 90th centile for length and around the 60th for weight, and her little head just under the 40th centile. So my little skinny butt is just getting longer and not alot fatter.

    She's been in a sooky mood for the last few days. I was sure that she's teething, been munching on her hands and drooling like mad. Anyway after checking out her mouth this afternoon during yet another scream fest I noticed 2 little teeth down the bottom in her gums. I can actually see dents in her gums where they are. Poor little mite. I gave her some Panadol and put some Bonjela on her gums. She crashed out straight away. Of course now that I am writing about her she has started crying. Actually better make that screaming.

    Better go. I can feel a long night coming on.

    Take care

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Awww Trish! I hope you get some sleep tonight. Sounds like Tehya must be teething. I was wondering that about Gabby too. She has been drooling heaps and knawing on her hands but no red cheeks or other signs so it's probably just beginning stages. Make sure you let your house cleaner know that she didn't do the best job on the loo and the bathroom. It's hard when you don't live in the place to notice the little things iykwim? She would probably appreciate the constructive critism. Like today, I asked if I did a good enough job at Neil's work. Next time she would like me to dust and empty the bins. So, there you go - it's good to know where I can improve. I reckon you should invest in a pump. Maybe you could try Tehya on some EBM to tell if it is the formula or the bottle. Are you warming the formula up? I know that Gabby hates it when it had cooled down. She will screw up her face with the last few drops so I just pop her back on the boob to top her up. Honestly, tho, I think Fi hit the nail on the head. She reckons that the formula isn't making Gabby sleep but rather the routine of bottle = bed time. A habit that we kind of accidently fell into.
    From looking at the old posts, I think I got my BFP on July 10th?? Have a look in the archives anyway. It's interesting reading!! I think there was 9 or 10 of us that got a BFP in the one month. Tanya and I got ours on the same day

    I think I have packed everything I will need for Gabby. It's probably going to get pretty cold so I have packed some really warm clothes and I will probably end up carrying her around in the hug-a-bub most of the time. Neil is still packing up all of his stuff. We are settling up a stall so here's hoping we sell stacks of stuff. We just need a few people to buy some t-shirts and wear them around. Hopefully people will see them and want them for themselves. That's the theory anyway! I know it works when I see people with those fake cow-girl hats on. That made my friend and I want one instantly! LOL

    So, that's me for the weekend. Hope you all have a productive weekend with plenty of sleep!! Chat to you on Monday hopefully!

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