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thread: 3 Months - 6 Months, August 05

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    Aug 2004

    Hey all,

    OK!! Personals here we come!

    Sarah - I completely hear you on the reflux thing!! Today I was off buying wine, and Shane went down to the Harley shop, andI went down to meet him. Well outisde the shop was a pile of white chunks, about a saucer plate diameter, and guess who's little girl did it!! And that was 2 hrs after a feed! Oh my little girl, she is soo good sometimes! I agree, I think the dr is just going to prescribe medicine, and I'm not convinced it helps much. I've heard it can make the spew thicker, but according to our dr, chunky thighs, no weight problem. Happy anniversay to you guys. 5 years is a great haul - may you celebrate many more happy anniversaries! \/

    Deb - frustrating doesnt begin to explain the spewing! I was trying on clothes on Wednesday for the 2 weddings this month, and I actually thought to myself, better not wear black, it looks worse with spew. Its tragic that I can't dress up nicely without worrying about whether it coordinates with white chunky cheese. I wouldn't worry about one chuck, maybe she was just jiggled around a little more than normal. She'll be fine! How great on the tax! If you need a hand spending it, I'm sure I can help out...... We will have that drinking session at my place soon - before I get pregnant again! We are planning to try and concieve in September/October if all things go well, so we only have August to binge drink together!!!

    Trish - a pot of water over the cats may do the trick. Have it ready by the window, and when they come around, just tip it over them. I acutally usually go outside and call the cats near, and then throw it at them. I'ma actually a cat person, which explains why I really dont like other peoples cats on my turf. LOL at you being the only breeder!!! And I hear you on the whinging. Although a long hot shower at the right time of the day can do wonders for drowning out a baby's screams I hear.....

    Dee - Its annoying how even though they spew the house down, it doesn't matter if they are big huh? Jenna is bang on the median for size. Socks do a really good job of cleaning up spew on the tiles. And they take uyp less room in the washing machine!! And you dont have to bend over.

    Nell - It sounds like Matty is really enjoying his solids. I can't wait!! Jenna is sucking on anything cold at the mo, today it was Shane's wineglass. She had her tongue all over the rim of it trying to either get the cold glass in her mouth, or get a taste of the wine. I think she might be following after her mum in more ways than one!! Well she has got my thighs.

    Dinky - LOL on the pharmacy! Hayley will be fine with your bugs I reckon. I've decided there is no point worrying about other peoples coughs and colds. Someone told me the other day, the more germs they are exposed to as a baby, the less chance they have of developing Leukemia.

    Bec - you look like more of a blonde than me!! I'm getting a littletempted to runa colour through too. Its been 3 months since my last haircut. I have the Deb thing going with me being looked after last in the house!! Roll on 26th August where I get $70k in the bank!! Well its already spent, but at least I can hide a little in my a/c huh?? I can feel a day spa coming on. Anyone in Geelong interested in joining me for a special day?

    Well I think I'll hit the sack and dream of a baby that doesn't spew! Sarah - you have me all inspired..... I wish!


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    Nov 2003
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    Hey Girls

    Thought I would post now before I finally drag myself off to bed again!

    Sarah - Happy Anniversary! I hope that you both get better soon.

    Deb - YAY on the tax return, gotta be happy with that!

    Trish - Hope that you feel better soon.

    Dee - Glad that Matthew is doing well.

    Nell - great that Matty loves his solids.

    Cant remember anymore, but hugs to you all!

    Our 14th wedding anniversary is next Wednesday and we were planning on going out for dinner, but those plans will be shelved for now, grrr!
    We have a hugely busy weekend, netball, shopping, netball then a sleepover Sunday night, girls have Monday off, so that shouldnt be too bad. Add to that going out for dinner tomorrow night and I am tired just thinking about it.

    Hayley has been a horror today, wont sleep at all, unless we hold her and we get at the most 15-20 minutes at a time. Cant work out what her problem is. Have started her back on solids again. She wolfed down gel tonight, so that is something and is finally in bed for the night, I hope.

    Hope that you all have a lovely weekend and if I get a chance then I will be back sometime on the weekend.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Fi - ohhhhh the day spa sounds like a fantastic idea!! Can they strip about 40kgs of fat off me too??? Yes... we will definitely have to have that drinking session soon. What's the bet it will only take a few drinks and we will be totally spaz! I have already spent my tax return in my head and a haircut is on the list! I am giving Neil some of it because his return was only a few hundred. That way I can spend the rest the way I want to!! Hope you got a good sleep last night!

    Dinky - 14 years! WoW! Congratulations for next week. Sounds like a pretty feral weekend for you. I hope Hayley slept well for you last night.

    Gab was up at 5:45am this morning ](*,) Doesn't she know it's the weekend?? It's almost like she sleeps better when Neil gets up for work and bangs and crashes around. He spent the night at a mate's last night once again. He better not be too fricken hung over today. I have told him it's the last night out for a while. I feel like a single mother!

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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Fi, I'd love to come to the day spa with you. Shame we're all so far away. A pot of water hey. Hmmm hot or cold Sorry not really a cat person here. I Hope that Jenna slept better for you last night. Yucko on her big power chuck too. LOL @ socks being great to clean it up. I could just see you givving it a rub with your foot then chucking your spewy sock in the wash.

    Deb, I had 2 glasses of wine last Sunday and I was half p'd. I went to stand up and had jelly legs and I'm sure my words were slurring. Can I blame it on the sun? Your a good woman letting Neil out for the night again. Even though Mark had a bucks night last weekend and the rest of them were staying out all night I told him he had to come home. Hopefully Neils hangover isn't too bad and he can give you some reprieve this afternoon.

    Sarah, sorry I forgot to say Happy Anniversary. Well done sweety. I hope the you guys had a great night and that you are both feeling better today.

    Dinky, I hope that Hayley slept abit better for you last night. What a busy weekend you have planned. Thankfully ours is going tot be a quiet one. Goodluck with the sleepover and netball.

    I've got chills, there multiplying - sounds like a song This flu is bloody shocking. Cold and shivery one minute and hot and sweaty the next. I am popping panadol every few hours but that isn't helping. Mark is trying to ban me from going to Joels last footy game today and I know that I should stay at home but like I said it is his last game....

    Ok enough of my whinging again. I hope that everyone has a great weekend.

    Take care

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Trish - I hope your feeling better soon. I hope those cats decide to take a hike,I`m like you don`t like other peoples cats tresspassing on our land.

    Sarah - Happy Anniversary to you and Aaron, Hope your both feeling better soon and perhaps you can have a rain check on going out for dinner.

    Dinky - Happy Anniversary for next week.

    Deb - You get use to seeing cottage cheese with these spewy babies, I hope the spew doesn`t carry on for you. Woohoo at getting $3000 back on your tax.

    Fi - Day spa sounds like bliss.

    Anyone want 2 feral children???? Michael and Alister have been ratbags from the moment we picked them up yesterday, grocery shopping was a nightmare, I`m sure all of Bi Lo heard Mark roaring at them not once by more like 5 or 6 times, they just wouldn`t listen then Alister decided he might push the trolley into the pram, still he didn`t listen to Dad and had to do it twice more, that child has no respect for other peoples belongings, it`s going to be one of those weekends.

    Doing a mountain of washing today and have decided to go out and look for a bigger front loader so I can fit more in, in one go.

    Take Care


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    May 2004

    Hey girls,
    Had a fantastic night last night. Alecia's production was EXCELLENT!! Honestly I was thinking of how I might have to keep myself awake... Was I wrong!! Although Alecia was only dancing in a few songs, but we managed to get a few glimpses of her lol.

    Had the girls looked after by my sister, we went out for tea b4 hand, which was really yummy!! We gave them a big tip cause we told them we wanted to be in and out in an hour and they didn't skip on any of the service while they fed us in a hurry

    Was great to get out without any kids

    Anyway, better go, I'm still in my pjs 8-[

    Sorry to be a snob, but I thought I'd better pop in


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Tanya - sounds like you guys had a blast last night! Yay 4 getting out without the kids, double yay 4 the dinner service and triple YAY for Alecia's production being a big hit! You must have felt so proud watching her up there!

    Trish - you sound absolutely terrible but I understand why you want to go to Joel's game. Come hell or high water, a mother doesn't like to miss those sort of things. LOL @ being half tanked after 2 glasses of wine. If I drank mine fast enough, I probably would be too. These days it takes me a good hour to finish off just one glass.

    Dee - sounds like you are in for one hell of a weekend with the boys. Isn't it so wonderful when kids that age go feral? Hope you manage to get your washing done. Sounds like a plan with getting a bigger washing machine. Ours is rather small too. It was ok when it was just the two of us. I can only imagine what it is going to be like once Gabby is bigger and starts going through her clothes more.

    So far I have done the groceries today and that's about it. Neil is on the couch with a hangover but it's not as bad as last week. He wants to take Gabby to the local footy today. I am not sure. It's pretty cold outside and I worry that he's not going to keep her warm enough. I am being silly, I know... but, uno... no one can look after her better than me!! I may just have to let her go just to push myself to get over it!

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    Jun 2005
    near the water

    Hi Girls,
    I'm up to my elbows in silly slice mixture...don't ask..lol
    I wish I had just gone to the shop again.. It's MIL birthday party and I am on slices, never cooked a dammn slice before and hmmm well we can all imagine the mess in my kitchen and Nick is driving me batty with silly questions "wheres this and wheres that" hmmmmmmmmmmm long breathe...yes I do still love him but today lol
    I am imagining the spa and it is getting me through the cooking experience.
    Better run glad everybody is kinda well
    Ooh I did go brunette funny thing no-one seems to notice" maybe the regrowth was that bad"

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    Feb 2004

    Bec - sounds like you are having heaps of fun there! I hope you managed to make some slices.

    Deb - did you end up going? I was almost tempted to go to the MCG with Pete today and take Matty but I am worried the siren will scare him.. so I went shopping instead! yay on tax refund!

    Sarah -Happy Anniversary for yesterday, hope you are both feeling better soon.

    Trish - hope you are feeling better too. Did youy go to Joels game? How did he go?

    Tanya - so glad that you had a good night all round, dinner and production. What did Alecia think of it? Did she haver heaps of fun?

    Bye Bye Scarlett and Emily for today - Happy 6 months Scarlett and bye bye Rob and Nate - where are you Rob? Hope all is well.

    Dee - Pass on the feral children thanks. Hope your weekend got better and not worse.

    Fi - yep, day spa sounds lovely, I'm sure you'll have heaps of fun.

    Matty has had a good day today after his horrid night last night. He was up the better part of it, DH and I did tag team. I think it was his teeth, thank goodness for bonjela I tell you! He seems to be better today.

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Nel - Glad to hear Matty is feeling better today, hope you have a good night tonight.

    Bec - Have fun making the slices

    Deb - Did Neil take Gabby to the Footy?

    Tanya - Sounds like you had a wonderful night on Friday.

    Thank goodness the boys have spent the better part of the weekend down on the farm helping Mark, I don`t seem to have the patience with them and their naughtiness at the moment, I think either I`m ovulating or AF is coming and it`s giving me a hard time whatever is happening. Have a Birthday Party to go to at Pizza Hut tonight, it`s one of Mark`s nephews 15th Birthday, I remember last year when I was there I felt so sick and my pants where too tight LOL The makings of Matthew.

    Take Care Girls


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    Scarlett Guest

    Hi everyone, thanks Nell for remembering Emily is 6mths old. I actually forgot until I was asked how old she was by someone. Cant quite believe it really. Now have to organise the needles.

    Hope everyones bubs are well and will see you all soon.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Hey Guys,
    I thought would have heaps more to catch up on. Obviously everyone else had a busy weekend too

    Scarlett - yay 4 Emily reaching 6 months! Wow!!! Congratulations and see you in the next forum!

    Nell - good on the Bulldogs, hey?? I was secretly very happy for them (don't tell Neil - he made me switch to the Cats a few years ago, LOL). Good idea not taking Matty to the MCG - probably still a little bit young. I am sure Peter will have him there ASAP tho! Neil already wants to buy Gabby a junior membership next year. He didn't end up going to the local footy on Saturday because he was too tired (the poor thing :roll so we just slothed around at home.

    Dee - I don't blame you for not having patience with the older boys. If I had to contend with boys that age atm as well as attend to Gabby, I would be one of those screaming banchie mother's that everyone cringes at, LOL. Yay 4 the farm keeping them entertained Hope the pizza hut party went well

    Bec - your posts crack me up! You have such a way with words. LOL @ being up to your arms in slice mixture. Hope they turned out ok. I haven't made slice before either. I should have a go at a caramel slice. Maybe we Geelong girls should have a "baking" day. That would be fun!

    Gabby was THE most cruisey baby yesterday! I went to clean Neil's work while she napped in the morning and left an EBM bottle. She slept for 2 hours and had the bottle then sat out in the shed with Daddy until I got home. I set up the cot in her room because the cradle was starting to feel too unstable (just psychologically). I think I did a pretty good job considering I had to use a screwdriver to put it together! Usually tools and I are not the best of friends and I end up putting a hole somewhere, LOL. So Gabby had her first nap in the cot after that and she slept so well that I had to wake her up to go to Mum's for her 48th birthday. I was getting her dressed when Neil came inside only to get some of the biggest smiles I have ever seen out of Gabby. She was giggling and talking to him like he was the best thing ever! It was so beautiful that I cried! Ain't I a sook??She had heaps of fun smiling and having cuddles with everyone @ Mum's too. Mum bought a little pram from the op shop to have at her place so Gabby had a nap in there. She was such a good girl. I wrapped her up, popped in the dummy and wheeled her into the spare room where she slept for another couple of hours! I had to wake her to go home. Ah, some days are just so easy! I'll put some pics up of her in her cot (she looks so little) and @ Mum's place. We caught a few smiles for once!!
    Not much on today. I have to go to the library so that's a good excuse to go for a walk. Gotta try and organise all of Gabby's clothes. They are all over the spare room. At least I can shut the door, LOL.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Trish - I love the picture of Noah and Tehya in the bath!! Just adorable

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    May 2004

    Deb, sounds like you had a good day yesterday Well done Gab . When you said your mum was 48, I though NO WAY!! lol... Sounds so young!! I guess when Alecia is my age (28) I will be 43!! Oh my!! Imagine if she is a teen mum...eeekkk!!

    Wow Scareltt! I can bearly believe Emily is 6mo!! Congratulations!

    Dee, I hope the rest of the w/e went ok, and you didn't kill the boys...lol.

    Nell, I hope you got more sleep last night and those teeth are giving Matty a break!!

    Bec... I love making slice!! I love the mixtures 8-[ Yummo... I hope your MIL's party went well.

    Trish, I hope you are feeling better.

    Sarah I hope you had a good anniversary

    Dink, Happy anniversary for this week!!

    Well had a bit of a drama over the w/e. We went over to Numurkah for the night so Wato could catch up with some friends, so I swas staying at mums the night so someone could look after the girls while I went to pick Alecia up at 10:30-11:00. Well Alecia went to go and get ready and realised that Wato had taken all her costumes out of the car and left them at home!! So I had to drive all the way out to Dookie (60km) and then all the way into Shepparton (30km), I had to be at the school at 6pm and I left Numurkah at 5pm!! Before I left town I had to go and growl at Wato (lol). But we made pretty good time, we were 15 mins late.

    Violet has been really good, sleeping thro again I wish she would make up her mind!! Now I am used to waking up at night so I have trouble sleeping #-o . But both yesterday and this morn she slept till 9am (put her to bed around 11pm), so we are getting there.
    I saw they have a photo place set up in the shopping cetre in Shep, so I might go and get the girls photographed today... bout time I did too!!


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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Tanya - oh no at Wato taking the costumes out of the car and all the extra driving you had to do. Yay that Violet is hopefully sleeping through for you again.

    Deb - I`ll look at Gabby`s site after I`ve finished here. Don`t you just love those days when everything goes so smotthly and bubs fits into your schedule and is happy about it. I`ve got to sort out Matthew`s clothes too and pack all the too small clothes away for next time.

    Party went well and Matthew was so good considering it was packed and so noisy, he even managed to have a snooze in Gran`s arms. Up bright and early this morning to take the boys back and missed Michael`s bus by 30 seconds thank goodness we caught up with it at the next stop otherwise it would be another 45 minute trip.

    Take Care and I hope everyones well


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    Sep 2004
    Sydney's Norwest

    Tanya, sounds like you had a good run around. Good to hear that Alecia's production went well too. Yay on Violet sleeping through again, I'm sure you'll get used to having a full nights sleep in no time.

    Scarlett, congrats on Emily's big half birthday. WOW 6 months already, it goes by so fast. See you in the next forum all to soon.

    Dee, I hope the the boys weren't too bad for you on the w/end. I'm sure my kids step mother dreads my boys going over there all of the time. Hope you had fun at the bday party.

    Nell, I hope that Matty is feeling better today and that you are catching up on some much needed rest. YAY for Bonjela.

    Deb, sounds like Gab was a right little Princess yesterday. Good girl to her. YAY on you putting the cot together too. Gab does look really little in it doesn't she. She also looks very happy with herself when she woke up.

    Oops, got to go. Visitors turned up ](*,)

    Catch back up soon

    Take care

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    Aug 2004
    Hunter Valley, Wine Country, NSW

    Deb - Gabby looks so tiny in her cot and I love the preofessional photos of her especially the first one - Pink Piggy.

    Scarlett - I neglected to say Happy 6 months to Emily

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Oh no @ Wato taking the costumes out of the car! What a doofus! Good to hear you made good time tho, Tanya. You must have driven like a bat outta hell! Wow, you will be a young grandma even if Alecia doesn't become a teen Mum. My Mum had me when she was 21 so, yeah, she is relatively young compared to most of my friend's parents.

    Trish - bumma for visitors turning up during your post. I hope you are feeling better. Yes, Gabby is quite pleased with herself when she wakes up from her naps. I get such huge smiles out of her.

    Dee - yay 4 catching up with Michael's bus! I remember a friend of mine having to chase the bus all the time because she was running late. Mind you, she lived right across the road from the bus stop wheras we had to walk 15 minutes to get there and we were never late. We would just laugh at her every morning. Sounds like the pizza hut party went well. It's amazing how resiliant bubs can be when there is heaps of noise and lots going on, hey? Thanks for the comments re. the photos of Gab. I was very happy with them.

    We went for a walk to the library only to find that it's closed on Mondays!! DOH! ](*,) Ah well... at least I got my fat bum out of the house. I decided to keep walking and we ended up taking the same route as another lady walking with her 3 yo in a stroller. We struck up a bit of a conversation. I have no idea what her name is but it was nice to have someone to chat to while we walked! It's funny... being a Mum now feels like I have joined some kind of club!

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