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thread: Babies Born February 2007 #7

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    Jan 2006

    Liebs has FOUR TEETH! Both bottom middle and top outer middle (if that makes sense) - his mouth looks so odd! BTW, I would say bottom first incisors and top second incisors if I could spell incisors... I can't come up with a better spelling but that just feels wrong.

    Liebs also has a cold, so I sympathise with poorly babies. I always take Liebs-only toys everywhere because I don't really trust group toys - I know, silly of me, I don't mind Liebs getting some germs but I don't trust toys at the doctors, for example. I am be really strict if he is ill, but only moderately if he's not. How are Monkey and Claudia getting on?

    Here is a question to make you sweat - how have you found Christmas shopping with a baby?

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    mummycate Guest

    That's correct spelling Ryn.

    Haven't done much Xmas shopping yet. I don't want to buy it all at once as then I'll be broke. But I will get the secret santa pressies I need before the end of the month. Everyone else, well, I have a month from now.

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    May 2006
    Port Melbourne

    Morning all,

    We did Christmas shopping yesterday and also got Quinn's first photo with Santa! That's a fun lining up experience! Quinn didn't crack it when he saw santa and was pretty chilled out during the whole experience

    We've done all of the shopping for all the kids we need to buy for and have only got a few adult pressies to get now!

    Quinn still has his 8 teeth, I thought he was getting another one there for a while - drooly, bitey, rashy etc etc, but no extra tooth to be found.

    Kel: Nice one for that mum letting a contagious baby play with group toys...that's pretty selfish.

    I'm loving the sound of those sandwich roll things - what a great idea, Quinn has just started eating toast, I just put some flaxseed oil (I know, I know. I am a hippy) on it and he loves it. He especially loves buckwheat and quinoa. Mango is his new favorite fruit, he didn't like it the first few times I tried him with it back when he was 6 months old. Now it's the best thing ever!

    Going to be 37 here today!!! How disgusting! we will be staying indoors with the air con on - I HATE the heat!

    Well we better go out and get what we need from the supermarket before it gets up there towards 37, so I'm off. Have a great day, I hope everyone who is unwell is feeling better oh and a big whooo hoooo to you Cate on the job! whoo hoooooooooooooo

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    Jan 2006
    Qingdao, China

    Good Morning,

    LOL, yes I know, tell me about it, I'm a champion on the invention of the vegemite roll for the bubs. I actually did it because I was sick of having to bath her each time I had given her a vegemite sandwich cos she rubs it into her hair & all over her face & then she drops it down her legs, etc... works a treat.

    KIRSTEND _ 8 teeth??? Geepers creepers, that's a VERY big effort on Quinn's part. Hope he handles the heat well for you today, if anything, might make him have some big sleeps! That's always a good thing! LOL WOW On the santa pic, I have been telling Jessica that her & Claudy are going to be having pics with Santa soon. I have a hysterical one of Jessica last year crying her eyes out. That's awesome that he didn't freak out!

    RYN _ I don't let my girls play with the toys at the Dr's either. I used to make Jessica a little picnic or take her drawing stuff to my OB appt's because sometimes we would wait for ages. When Jessica was in hospital, we wouldn't let Claudia on the floor either, it's just one of those things I guess. Today we are meant to go to playgroup & I have a feeling Jessica got the gastro from playgroup, so we are giving it a miss for today in case Jessica is still contagious or the children who she got it from are still harbouring the germs. I don't mind visiting people/children when they have coughs/colds, but not when they have more serious stuff - conjunctivitis, gastro, etc... WTG on Liebs new teeth! I have been meaning to ask, is there any sleep improvements?

    I have to go, CLaudia is SUPER GRUMPY today. I think she is getting gastro. I hope not.

    Love Jayne

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    Jul 2006

    i bring jemima's toys and feel like a dork... now i dont feel so bad!
    jemima woke heaps last night hot and bothered, and then woke at 5am happy as larry for a play - NOT COOL but benji got up and played with her, fed her at 6.30am and delievered her to me for a nap in bed with me til we went to the gym, JUST gotten her to sleep again a little while ago - man is here laying vinyl so obviously THAT is more exciting than a nap
    sandwiches will happen hmmmmm WEDNESDAY have decided that that is going to be sandwich roll day instead of yogurt after swimming she is having sandwiches.... very exciting...... usually it is pub lunch day but my pub lunch buddies - one overseas and one just had baby ho hum so going to call in on new baby and she can watch jemima eat sandwiches
    i hope jem is not sick too.... dont want to think about it!

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    Oct 2007
    Inner West Sydney

    Hello, How was everyone's weekend? Tobi had a very...fat...weekend. We tried doughnuts, cupcakes, icecream, lollypops, hot chips and Turkish and naan bread. And the winner is....Icecream. He was sooo funny. Just kept sticking his tongue right out as if to say 'more..more...MORE!!!' and any flavour is fine, he tried four different flavours.

    Meanwhile Tobi has starting to only sleeping to about 6am (on Sunday it was 5.30am). I know I shouldn't complain as he does sleep through most nights, but I was so used to getting up at 7am and now I am struggling every morning as I still feel so tired. I even went to bed at 8.30pm last night and still feel like I could sleep another three hours. But if I go back to bed now, then I wont get to sleep till late tonight.

    Oh and you know how I mentioned that Tobi has been getting a little blocked up. Well yesterday he was straining so hard, he spewed and milk come out of his nose.

    How does everyone feel about letting their babies crawl in public places (restaurant floors etc)?

    Kel - Well done Jemima. She is such a clever girl for sleeping through. How are you feeling now, refreshed? We have the dog problem too. Our neighbours dog just doesn't stop barking...at night...he is quiet during the day. Maybe he is scared of the dark.... Is Jemima better today? I hope she hasn't come down with anything too nasty. (Sorry I wrote that this morning before I read your latest post. I am sorry you had a bad night again. Fingers crossed for tonight).

    Ryn- Way to go Liebs. Four teeth. Thats insane. Great that he got them all out at once and not drag out the grumpy mood for weeks. How did he go? Was he turned off food/high temps etc? Do you think he was sick because of the teething? ... Christmas shopping with a baby. Well as often as I can I get a friend to come with me that doesn't have a baby so that if I can't take the pram into the shop, she can wait outside with Tobi. Tobi hates being in the pram all day, especially now that he is crawling, so I have been doing mine slowly over the last couple of weeks and only have 3 people to go!!!

    Jayne - That idea with the Vegemite rolls sounds great. I think even Tobi might eat a sandwich like that. Does anyone else have any great ideas like that? ...How are the invites going? Are you doing anything clever? ...Also tell Claudia I said congratulations for saying hello AND walking around the spa....I hope she doesn't get gastro.

    Catherine - How did WIRES go? Am very proud of you getting out and getting a job as well as being a mum and a partner. I am so lazy and scared to start work again.

    Kym - Glad to hear you had a great holiday. Poor Monkey for being out of wack. Tobi was all over the place when we were on holidays. They so badly need their routines. I hope she is settled and sleeping properly again soon and if not try radio static when you are putting her down. It always sends Tobi to sleep when he is over tired...We'll have to go to the movies one day and suss out these crying rooms. Although it isn't the crying that is the problem with Tobi, it is sitting still.

    Sally - How is Brendan going? Has he been rolling over some more?

    Lisa - Any news on the scan and pain yet? Hope you feel better soon.

    Kirsten - I have been wondering where you have been.... How are you and Quinn? 8 Teeth. I can't image. Santa. Thats awesome. I can't wait to get photos with Santa. Our local shopping centre gives you a free photo if you spend over $50 at any of the stores. So I am going to make sure I save up my dockets and get lots of photos between now and Christmas.

    Christie - Does DS enjoy his walker? Someone today suggested I get one. Does anyone else have one?

    Hope I haven't forgotten anyone. There is so many girls and babies to keep track of. I have been trying to finish this entry since 7am this morning (it's nearly 5pm).
    Take Care all

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    Feb 2006
    Newcastle, NSW

    Grrrr... I'm still sick
    Thankfully Harrison hasn't contracted it.
    It was my Mum's 50th Birthday yesterday... we went out for dinner on Saturday night for her birthday... and it was great... its not very often that all of Mum's kids and grandkids are together, but we all were and it was great.
    Then yesterday we had a BBQ at her house with all of us again, plus 2 other that have "adopted" mum as their mum too.
    Harrison ate everything he could get his hands on... My brother Murray couldn't stop laughing at Harrison eating everything that he eats, even though he doesn't have teeth.
    My brother played his guitar and sang to us all... and it was such a nice, layed back day.
    Tash - Harry has a walker... he loves it. He is trying to walk everywhere he can without the walker anyway, but we love the walker for when we need to keep him in the one area (such as when we're in the kitchen)... but it also comes in handy for us at my Mum's house... she has big verandahs around her house that we have the BBQ's on, and it is great to be able to put Harrison in his walker, and let him take off... it then doubles as somewhere for him to sit whilst we're having lunch... it is easy to put in the car because it folds down flat and doesn't take up much room.

    Well... I'm off to cook some dinner... we're having home made pizza's for dinner tonight and I haven't made the base yet!! Whoops... lol

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    Oct 2007
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    Hello everyone

    Tashie, Brendan is rolling some more, he's still trying to get the arm out of the way to roll properly from back>front! He's also sort of caterpiller crawling, he pushes himself back, with his hands and slides on his tummy. Very cute.

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    Jul 2007
    Still in Sydney

    Kel, IKWYM - I have been ultra careful to try to prevent her spreading it!

    It is much better now, however, the sleeping, not so much!

    And Jayne, what a cool idea for sandwiches - will definitely try, Thanks!

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    Jul 2007
    Still in Sydney

    Oops, forgot to "turn" the page again!

    Well, I hope I make you all jealous when I tell you that we don't really have to worry much about Chr. shopping this year, as we have informed all family and friends that we arent "doing" christmas this yr! We have cited financial reasons and are only buying for Monkey and her cousin and my best friends 2 kids. We of course want people to buy for Monkey but not us and I tell you, it feels fabulous if a little scroogy!

    I haven't really had to worry about the crawling in public thing, as Monkey isn't crawling yet, but I must say, in general I probably can't be too hypocritical, as our house isn't exactly a sparkling germ-free zone!! (particularly with Tilly, who is allowed inside)....

    Definitely keen for a movie..... maybe Rendition??? It might be a little loud and violent for the bubs....???

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    Jul 2006

    i wish we had room for me to get some kind of walking thing for jemima, not a thing she sits in with wheels though, i want one of the push around things for her, she pushes heaps of stuff around trying to stand up inthe middle of everything so i think she'd love it but the only area big enough for her to do it has a shag pile rug..... my house SO not baby friendly

    i'm trying to find the book that i have with kids recipes in it - they have pinwheel sandwiches so i am trying to remember what was on them.... avocado was sounding familar...... it has them cut up into wheels not just a big roll which i am going to try wednesday

    jem only just went to bed at about 8.30 tonight after another strange day today... had a nap this morning and was pretty good and then a wee little nap after lunch and then a sleep on me at 5pm but when she woke at 5.30pm she was SCREAMING and SCREAMING for 45mins, then she had a little burp and was "fine' especially since her daddy got home.... but the screaming was awful... i almost took her to the doc as she does not scream ever... poor little sausage..... she has done pretty good with her eating today so am hoping for another 7am wake up..... but will get to bed early so even if she goes 'back' to a 4 or 5am wake i'll be ready.... and yes 3 nights in a row of old jemima was awesome!

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    Jul 2006

    ps - lisa how is your mum anyway??? after her accident? did she fully recover??

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    mummycate Guest

    WIRES was great. I just hope I don't get a call too soon. Have to line the cage with mesh and shadecloth material so that the birds don't injure their wings. Oh yeah, and I think I might go on to do the advanced bird course at a later date. Possums are great and same with other animals around here but the young tend to need round the clock care that I can't do while working. Birds are ok, mum/dad feeds only a few times a day and they get kicked out of the nest pretty quick. With maggies and currawongs, and the birds of prey, they gotta fend for themselves and learn to fly damn quick. But yeah, I can be set up for birds for short term care within a month. After that, they need an aviary, I don't have a big aviary yet. Just put some on watch in ebay. If anyone in Sydney has one they don't want, please get them in touch with me. As soon as my number's in the WIRES directory, I'll get calls to get animals. And its not the fact of members collecting animals from vets or public, its the housing and healing that's the problem. Eg, 100 rescuers, 50 fosters. Or maybe less. I can't drive but Terry can, so he rescues, I foster. So I need to get set up asap or I have to turn down calls.

    Anyway, Ellie is getting 2 teeth. The second decided to wake up and rear its head. Some days she drinks more milk and less food, others, more food and the rest, not much of either. We just give her as much as she wants. And the poor sugarbeet has terrible nappy rash. So I just got some amolin cream and we're trying that. Mainly because we're almost out of zinc and castor oil cream. The amolin cream has salicylate in it, and that's the major ingredient in bonjela. That's the numbing stuff. So we got some no arguments. Its got oils, calamine lotion and salicylate. Looks like good stuff, we'll see how it goes.

    I've been under the weather lately. Been feeling dizzy a lot and no matter how much water I drink, even 1.5-2L a day doesn't help. I get headachey and grumpy and tired all the time and very *****y to Terry. I see the doc on Wed. I'm not pg. Did 2 tests, which were silly as I've not long had my AF and haven't dtd in 5 weeks. But then again, these rare things happen. Anyway, I'll get the doc to take bloods.

    Ellie is a fast little crawler, across the room in 2 seconds. Wow! Really gotta keep the boards across the doorways.

    Oh I hope all the sick bubbies get better soon. That was irresponsible of that mum to let her contagious bub play with community toys. She should be more mindful of the health of other bubs. Its not that hard to bring a couple of toys for your bub to play with. I try not to let Ellie on public floors, mainly as she's off like a shot and secondly, how many people have walked all over them? Too many. When she had the gastro, I didn't go to gym (I was sick too) but when I was well, I didn't take her until she was well for a week. Just to make sure she's over it and also so she doesn't give it to the other kids. Plus, she may catch something one after the other.

    Damn I'm tired. I checked BB this morning and read the posts then I have heaps to catch up on! Man you girls can talk all at once! Sweet dreams ladies xxxxx

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    Jan 2006

    Hi girlies!

    Kirsten! Hope you have a good one.

    Happy birthday to Lisa's Mum too! My mum has just turned 53 (easy to remember, she turned 50 just after our wedding).

    Sleeping, well, we were getting a good 8-3 or 4-7 out of Liebs, then he got his cold and teething... we got 3 hour stretches last night, but he was up until 10.30; in his room for 3 hours trying to get him to sleep. I let him just lie in his cot without me after an hour and he just talked and giggled for ages before demanding I come back, so I came back and the talking and giggling continued, so I sat down with DH again... so annoying! He also crawled in his cot, but won't crawl during the day. Strange boy.

    Walkers... Liebs has one where he sits in the middle, but that lasted all of 2 weeks. He now likes to walk around the outside of it. He will go in the middle sometimes, but not all the time so I save it until it is needed.

    OK, here is a really strange question... has anyone had green CM and not been pregnant? Please please please tell me it's not a sign of pregnancy along with nipples being sore, needing an afternoon nap and being a bit moody. (Don't ask about AF, she still hasn't returned and we've been ultra-careful.)

    Oh, screaming babies... when teething, DS was just screaming all day. DH complained he was being rejected so kept giving DS back to me but 2 minutes later he'd be screaming with me. No, it isn't nice, but let's face it someone has to at least try and soothe him.

    OK, think that's everything, hope everyone is OK!

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    Jul 2006

    OK, here is a really strange question... has anyone had green CM and not been pregnant? Please please please tell me it's not a sign of pregnancy along with nipples being sore, needing an afternoon nap and being a bit moody. (Don't ask about AF, she still hasn't returned and we've been ultra-careful.)
    Hey hey - Ryn this sounds EXACTLY like me last month but I also had hormonal pimples where I got them when I was pregnant with Jemima, AF has not yet returned for me either but I did a test and when negative figured PERHAPS all those signs were signs of AF coming back???

    another 3.30am wake up for princess this morning, ho hum, its all good still better than 10 and 3 or 12 and 4 then didnt wake til she heard me talking this morning after 7am (when my kitchen guy rang to say he wasnt coming again!

    mothers group followed by lunch and shopping followed by maybe going with benji to doc to get xray and then got to go pick up/ look at some professional photos we got of family and jemima trendy studio so i hope the photos look good (you know big white background and funky umbrellas and stools and things)
    am lookking forward to tomorrow where instead of publunch after swimming i am going to go see my friend who just had the little girl on Friday, newborn baby SO SO little so cute (same size as Jem was and seems so small)

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    Jul 2006

    ps - cate you need to take a breath! you are so busy AND dont forget you have a baby which is mentally exhausting in my opinion. and you havent dtd in 5 weeks.... theres the problem, great stress relief, i'm sure terry can see the stress you are under and "understands" that you will be being a little bit8chy to him, i think guys secretly get it but sometimes just pretend not to. it is not silly to do pregnancy test even if you dont think you are coz then at least it takes one big thing out of your mind.... maybe you are not getting enough iron or something.... blood tests good idea, dizziness with baby not a good idea

    hope you are feeling better soon

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    mummycate Guest

    We haven't dtd in five weeks coz Terry doesn't want to. He barely touches me. Which is hurtful. My sex life is now al my own doing. Yeah that's fun I have given him an ultimatum. Either he sorts himself out and soon, or I'm gone.

    Enough about me. Jeez I keep opening up my problems to you all. Its not fair.

    Anyway, Elouise constantly kicks me when I change her nappy. It hurts. Damn I really have to figure out a way to keep her entertained, still and not kicking me.

    Terry just got home and started talking to me and asking questions, to which I reply with I guess, ok and such, and I ask him to give me a few minutes to finish typing and then he says "obviously that's more important than me". To which I replied, "you just walked in the door and start b!tching at me and then you want me to pay full attention to you b!tching". Damn we have problems. And ages ago he kept going on about us going to counselling and when I suggested it yesterday, he doesn't even answer me. Its getting to the point where I want to just leave him. But Sydney is so damn expensive I will be struggling so hard, and also I've just started work and stuff. Its so hard. I don't want to leave as its going to be a huge struggle raising El on my own (of course he gets to see her) and pay bills and stuff, but I can't stay here and be unhappy. What do I do?

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    Jan 2006


    Catherine, you're going through a lot of what I went through over ten years ago! I wish I knew then what I know now, but hey, you can't change the past!

    Have you thought about booking a counseling session and going whether he goes or not? I've heard that this can still be of benefit because it teaches the person who goes how to deal with the person who doesn't. And you never know, he might feel that if the money's spent, then might as well go too!? Just a thought and I hope you don't feel I'm butting in. I really do feel for you.

    Another thing to think of is that a counselor will be able to point you in the right direction for resources etc that might help, regardless of what you end up doing.

    I really do hope you can sort things out.

    Us - Not much is new. Still no "words" as such spoken by our little angel. She continues to wave and claps madly when we sing "If you're happy and you know it"! Very cute. I can safely say that's her favourite song right now. I think I read somewhere that someone asked about putting bub on floor in restaurants etc. I personally never would. You just don't know what's on the floor, and especially in a restaurant there could be little shards of glass or anything. Not worth it. I'm the same with shoes in shopping centres (Kel knows about this!). I think kids should wear shoes in shopping centres for the same reason. I'd hate for Bella to hurt herself by standing on something dodgy and the floors in those places are disgusting and dirty! Yuk! I'm no domestic princess, but seeing people in shopping centres with black crap all over their feet is just gross.

    DH and I are off to Thailand in Jan which is VERY exciting! When I was working at the wealth creation seminar in October, one of the presenters overheard me helping one of the other presenter's wives with her website. He then asked me if I knew about that kind of stuff and we had a chat and he offered me a job on his technical support team. In return I get to do his course for nothing, and we go to Thailand in Jan to learn more stuff and only have to pay to get there and our dinners. Also, I will be mentored by him and his team to get my sites up and running and generating income, so it's all good. So far his course has been brilliant!!! I'm sooo excited! The last time I was overseas was in 1983!!!

    Better go and get stuff done before bub wakes - she's got a nice virus, kindly passed down to her by her big sister so she's been a barrel of laughs lately! ARGH!

    Will do personals next time - I promise!

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