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thread: Babies Born February 2007 #8

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    May 2006
    Port Melbourne

    Hi All,

    Kym: You poor thing, I had mastitis twice but not as bad as yours sounds. hope you start to feel better soon.

    Tashie: I have heard that there are pillow places where they measure you and test them out..I just can't think of the name of them - might be pillow science or something like that, if I remember I will let you know. And yes =- Quinn seems to be learning a new thing everyday, its so easy to teach things at this age too

    We just got back from MCHN and Quinn is 76cm and weighs 10.275 His weight gain has really slowed down but his height is up in the 97th percentile...tall and skinny like his mum.

    Hope everyone is well

    ooh ooh check it out - I make a fahncy picture ticker!!!!!!! So advanced for my age!
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    May 2006
    Port Melbourne

    Tashie: It is called pillow science and they have a website where you can find out your pillow number online...check it out

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    Feb 2006
    Newcastle, NSW

    Ohhhh Kirsten... Quinn is a little hottie!!! lol
    Well done on your fantastic ticker making skills

    Hi everyone
    I will do personals later, I was just popping in to try to catch up... thats almost impossible. Off to the post office now.

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    Oct 2007
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    Kym - I was talking with another Mum today about sleep problems etc. She said that she used a place called 'Hope Cottage' and they were really good and aren't that far away from us and it is a donation based system. Might be worth a go
    Anyway, storm....gotta turn this computer off

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    Jul 2006

    hey kirsten, your baby makes me feel like i gotta get more fat on my girl, she is the same height but only 8.4kg, oh well she looks alright to me just buying clothes is a pain in the butt.... your boy is so so so cute, love your ticker, did you say that quinn is doing music lessons??? or that he had some maraccas or both???
    i have heard about music lessons so am thinking about looking into that... especially at this stage bubs are going through when no toy is fun unless it makes a noise.... i think i was telling michelle that jemima found a stuffed toy and shook it.... no noise..... looked at me like "mummy it is broken" so mummy said "ding-a-ling" and then the toy was "cool" again , so now mummy feels like fool when she walks through the shops saying "ding-a-ling ding-aling'" in time with jemimas shakes of the toy..... the things we do

    jem is sick AGAIN, know the doc so well we gave him a xmas card, he loved it - it has a pic of jemima dressed like an elf..... she has some viral thing, hot hot hot head, snot all sorts of colours and thick and gross and then normal and slimey and coughing up flem which is gross!

    hubby just walked in with new sideburns, i LOVE sideburns!!! i got to go

    tashie - how is tobi's eating??? jem only eating stuff at the moment it is cold STILL and yogurt still a big winner - does he have a favourite meal time?

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    Jul 2006

    ps - tashie why does your mood say you are ****ed off?

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    Jan 2006

    Hi girls. Not going to attempt to catch up, but want to say that Jayne, you are a legend. DS has an ear infection (he's so kind, he shared it with me) and I don't know how you have coped with so many.

    Tree is up and decorated, we have 21 small daily stars and 3 big Advent Sunday stars left to place before the Angel goes on the top, I love all the counting down to Christmas! Seriously, it's better than counting down to Baby Jesus than Baby Liebling because at least we know we can celebrate Jesus' birth on 25th December, can't celebrate Lieb's birth on 31st of Jan when he was officially due now can we? I keep singing carols to Liebs, pointing out "no crying he makes. We love you, Lord Jesus... see, darling, we love no crying" and "Christian children all should be Mild, obedient, good as He" - although I hated the latter as a child. Plus any bit where Baby Jesus sleeps, that is bigged up too.

    ALL the ticker babies are GORGEOUS. I have never seen so many good looking babies in one place. You usually get a few ugly ones but not here! Well done us. I should get DS a ticker with a picture. But he's so gorgeous how do you pic just one photo? Oh, he joined a facebook group - Derek Zoolander's Group for people who are really, really ridiculously good-looking because he just is. All our babies should join!

    Oooh, DS is getting baubles off the tree again. Good old shatter-resistant baubles! I have large ones at the bottom so he can't swallow them or hurt himself. He's in the walker right now, he's cruising like a champion and getting better at standing alone, he has done 4 steps in a row before an almost-fall (I caught him) now and I am a bit too scared to let it continue - tbh, I don't want him fully competent at walking pre-Christmas because I want to relax a bit. And if he runs off my mother will give him chocolate and not stop him attacking the wine glasses (with wine in, obviously she'll take the empties away from him). But he doesn't like chocolate, I let him have a taste, so I'm thrilled about that: if I can't have it, he can't either.

    Kel, I have to walk around the supermarket grabbing DS's feet and putting them in my mouth making "rarrr!" noises and chanting "eat sweet feet meat" every now and then. He loves it, I get stared at.

    Best be off, love to all of you and all the beautiful babies!

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    Jan 2006
    Qingdao, China

    RYN _ Oh no, poor Liebs. I can safely tell you I know how you feel. We have had double ear infections for almost 8 weeks now. We are going back to the specialist tomorrow & he told me he's put a booking in at the hospital for 17 Dec but if they are bad, he'll do the grommets next week. I'm not sure if you have them over there, but we have some drops here called Auralgan. They are meant to numb the ear to block the pain. I drop them in when I"m feeding Claudia & the sucking action & being on the side helps them go down really well. I also put her up on a V-Shaped pillow when they are really giving her hell, like last night! She had her hands over her ears like she was at the speedway & screamed her lungs out for TWO HOURS solid. There was nothing I could do so I ended up sitting on the couch & holding her really tight until she exhausted herself. She also just cross-cut her top teeth, the ones either side of the middle ones, so she was a pretty picture last night with sore ears & teeth. I really hope he perks up soon & I bet that's just lovely of him to share the ear aches around! LOL @ Liebs with the tree, I can just imagine it! & YES, our babies are certainly the picture of gorgeous-ness!!!

    TASHIE _ I got a really good pillow from the Chiropractor & I loved it to death, but Alan took it to China of him! I couldn't believe the nerve of him! I hope you get it sorted too. I know I have your e-mail sitting there, I've just been so flat out I haven't had a chance & I have lots to write to you!!!! I hope you & Nathan are getting on.

    SMYLIE _ I"m sorry, but your post had me PMSL. You are a crack up. I have this mental image of you now walking around doing everything singing 'ding a ling'. It's priceless. But yes, I have the same problem, if toys don't have flashing lights or make music - BORING!!!!!! I'm going to make you gasp, but Claudia was 8.9kg @ 7.5 months. BIG BOOFA! It's weird, Jessica was sooooo skinny, like a skeleton & she was formula fed. Claudia is a booby girl & is soooooo fat compared to her sister & Claudia is still bad with food where Jessica ate like a horse from the word go! Weird!

    KYM _ How are you with the mastitis? Lucky for me I"ve never had it, but they say to put bubs on your boob all the time to unblock it? I bet that's freaking excruitiating! I cringe at the thought. I hope all is good VERY soon!

    BRENDANSMUM _ WTG on the rolling! That's awesome! Sounds like he can get exactly where he wants to with the rolling & so great that he's going up so big & strong!

    ME/US - We had a REALLY bad night. I was up to Jessica taking her to the loo twice & Claudia screamed for 2 hours solid with cutting teeth & her ears. We now have 4 teeth today & she has been a bit happier & went to bed with no drama's, so here's hoping. Claudia has her ENT appt tomorrow to schedule her grommets as her ears are still infected after 8 weeks of AB's. It's also Jessica's birthday. My goodness, my baby is THREE! It's unbelievable. So we have swimming in the morning, then we are off to Fremantle to take Jessica to McDonalds (she says Don-Don's or Old Macdonalds Farm) for lunch, off to Myer to get Claudia her first Christmas bauble engraved, then off to the ENT in Fremantle, then back to Alan's parents place for a family dinner. Phew! It's going to be MAD. I have just put together her musical stuff - hi-5 guitar, microphone, keyboard & drum kit so she can play it first thing before we leave otherwise she won't get to play it until Thursday. I also write her a letter each year & seal it & I will give them all to her when she is 16. I also buy her a gold charm every year, one that somewhat represents the year that she has had. When she is 16 she'll get a nice gold bracelet with all the charms soldered on. I'll do exactly the same for Claudy. This year she got a big sister/little sister break pendant which of course Claudia will get her half on her 1st birthday. Claudia is getting up & walking behind the walkers but won't walk IN the walkers? how weird is that?

    I must go & write this letter. Have a fantastic day tomorrow girls & babies!

    Love Jayne

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    mummycate Guest

    I feel like I've been run over by a truck. I woke Monday with a cough, it was bad but I was coping fine. Yesterday it was a worse cough but I managed ok at work. And today begins the runny nose and dizziness. I hope I'm ok later. I feel hot and cold a lot, so not sure what work will do with me. And the funny thing is, the sweet kids gave this to me.

    Jayne :hugs: hope Claud gets good news, ie grommets in asap. And to Jessica!

    Kym, oh damn about mastitis. Hope it clears soon.

    Sal, good on B for rolling! Now he's on his way to getting into everything...

    Ryn, :hugs: dang ear infections. Boy I hope the kids don't give me one too...

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    Feb 2006

    Hi Girls,

    Its been a very long time since I posted so I have just spent the last 1/2 hour reading back and catching up on all the goss. Well we have just moved back from the country where hubby was stationed as the Police Sgt and have just moved into our new house we have built. I was really sad to leave the good friends we had made but is nice to get back to our families and friends in Perth.

    Erin has just started sleeping through the night again since we have been back so we normally get form about 7.30pm to 6.30am so I feel like a new women. I had been feeling a bit flat and down last week then AF came back on thursday so that explained it !! Gave Erin FF for teh first time this week as it is hard to get enought from expressing.

    Other news I just resigned from my job. The company had been taken over whilst I was on maternity leave and I could only go back fulltime, It actually felt good to resign and made the decision about going back to work alot easier.

    Look forward to keeping up and chatting alot more.

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    mummycate Guest

    Welcome back Kristy!

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    Jul 2007
    Still in Sydney

    Hey Kristy, good to have you back; I had wondered where you had gone!

    Ryn and Jayne, hope bubba's ears are better soon - there is 1 mum in my Mo gp whose little boy has had recurrent ear infections for about 2 months now (it actually prevented them from going to UK for a family visit) and just had grommets put in this week - I didn't realise it was so common in bubs....

    Catherine, hope you are feeling better soon.

    I / my boobs are feeling better. After spending most of Sun racing around looking for an electric pump I could borrow or rent, I finally tracked one down and by the time I got it on Mon afternoon, Monkey virtually and finally was able to clear the blockages the very next feed, so I prob didn't need it in the end!! (Sod's law....!)

    We had our "sleep consultant" here today.... She was really good and understanding and supportive with lots of good ideas for us to try and I think well worth the embarassing amount of money we spent on having her here. I guess time will tell!

    Tired now, DH is out at a Christmas party, so I might go read my book......

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    Oct 2007
    Inner West Sydney

    Take Two - Yesterday I spent all day writing up a reply with the five minutes I had here and there, and then my DH turned the computer off before I got to finish and post it!!! How annoying...

    Why have I been ****ed off? My DH is in the dog house. The full story is in the punching bag forum if you want to read it, otherwise, the moral of the story is, he isn't getting laid for a while because I am fat!!!

    Thanks for all your ideas with pillows. I might go out looking tomorrow and see what I can find. Mum is going to get me one for Christmas. Yeah!!!

    Tobi is eating really well now. Still doesn't have a lot for breaky, but the other meal times, he is loving filling his little belly. I have just learnt to listen to what he wants. Sometimes he is happy to be spoon feed, other times he wants lumps and for me to pop them in his mouth, other times he wants lumps to feed himself (and his lap). His favourite foods are yoghurt, vegemite and cheese sandwiches, shepherds pie, burrito mince, cheese, beetroot, banana, avocado and of course anything that we are eating. He is loving water now too and drinks a whole bottle throughout the day, especially during meals. He only has boobie 3 times a day, but not a lot at lunch, so that one will be easy to drop when I wean him.

    It was a good thing I was on the ball this morning. He picked up a ****roach. We got pest control done yesterday, so it must have come out to die and Tobi picked it up and was about to put it in his mouth. On the bright side, his pincer grip is getting better.

    Another funny thing he did was crawl into my shower fully clothed the other day and then sooked because he got wet!!!

    Oh and he has been doing the indian thing for a while. We used to do it to him when he was crying in the car, just to lighten the mood a little, then he started doing it himself. He worked out that it would always get Daddy's attention. Now he has moved on to slapping his lips together so they make a pop pop popping sound. Very cute.

    Sally - I am sorry to see that you have added an angel to your signature. Are you ok? We are all here for you if you need us. How is Brendan going? He is growing up fast and a great weight for a prem bub. He is only a kg behind Tobi and Tobi was 2kg heavier when he was born. He must love his food. I wouldn't worry about not having any teeth yet either. Tobi still hasn't got any.

    Catherine - I hope you get better soon. How did you girls day out go?

    Jayne - How was Jessica's birthday. Did she like her musical pack? How is Claudia going? Poor thing. I am very proud to hear that you didn't freak out with all her crying the other night and just sat and cuddled her. I am sure there are a lot of other Mums out there that wouldn't be as strong as you, especially with Alan away... That is such a good idea about the charm bracelet, I might steal that idea for when I have a little girl. At my baby shower everyone did up a birthday card for Tobi for each year until he turns 21, with a story about me or advice etc in it. I can't wait to open them. Jessica and Claudia are going to treasure their cards so much. It is such a lovely idea.

    Kristy - Hello again. Hope you settle into your new home soon. It will be great to be closer to family and all these babysitters : )

    Ryn - I hope Liebs feels better soon. How is his walking going?

    Kel - I am glad to hear that I am not the only one that does silly things in public. I always thought some of the things that parents did was really strange, now being one myself, I am just as strange and pull myself up for it all the time. It is just like the rest of the world isn't there sometimes. Is Jemima settled down with her sleeping again or still fighting it?

    Kirsten - I agree with Lisa, you have a little hottie in your house. What out for when he wants to play doctors and nurses or the like when he is older.

    Michelle - Does Bella stand up when she is dancing? It must be so cute to watch her dance. Do you have a jolly jumper by any chance? I wonder if that is the first step to dancing? Tobi doesn't jump, just stands in it wondering what he is supposed to be doing.

    Kym - Don't worry about how much it costs to get a good nights sleep. It is worth it in the end... Have you tried white noise yet. You MUST give it a go. It really really works...well it did with Tobi

    Lisa - How is your diet going? I checked out the web page you suggested. It sounds great. Is it really expensive?

    Love and Kisses
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    My day out was great! Our feet were very sore by the end of the day though. I have to go return a dress though. I tried on the 14, too tight to do zip up over my chest (surprisingly!) so I bought the 16. And the straps are too long. I don't want to tack up the straps, I wasn't completely happy with the print anyway. I'll do personals later, this is my sickie day. I feel quite ok, but there was no way I should go to work.

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    Oct 2007
    Eastern Wheatbelt WA

    Thanks Tash. I am ok... just trying to keep busy. If i don't keep myself busy i'll get depressed and thats no place i want to be atm. Brendan needs me, so am i am strong for him.

    Brendan is doing really well... he is 9.5 months (7 months corected) i'm not liking this teething business. i'm findin i have less time to myself now. the teeth have ruptured the gum, 2 little splits in the bottom... so won't be long and i'll be replacing bottle teats!! LOL brendan loves food... hes a little piggy he's having 4 bottles a day of 200-250ml and 2 solids feeds. he gobbles it all up I've only just managed to get him onto vegies.... i found i wasn't pureeing them enough. haven't got to the lumps yet... he wants it all finely pureed. He's still only rolling. He's not yet even trying to crawl or sit... but he will get there! He needs to gain some balance first... lol.. he just topples over

    Catherine, I hope you feel better soon, :hugs:

    hi to everyone else

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    Jul 2006

    i heard some babies will ONLY eat pureed stuff until they are older than 12months so that makes me feel better when Jemima has her "off" days and will only eat yogurt or apple or whatever

    sally were you also single sahm as well?? sounds like you have been through a lot the last couple of months, i hope you and Brendan have an awesome christmas ready for a brighter new year

    jemima's sleeping different at the moment coz she is sick, basically just passes out so that is a little less draining than what she was doing.

    was my wedding anniversary yesterday and mum babysat, it was awesome, benji worked his butt off all day so that he could bring home my car that i broke at least 8 weeks ago maybe more and when i hoped in there was a red rose on the front seat and he took me to dinner and a movie when we got home jemima stirred so we let mum go and cuddle her and then put her backto bed and she slept til benji's alarm went off in the morning

    will when i have time put photo of jemima with new hair clip in gallery - CUTEST thing ever, i got stopped a million times today with people looking at her clip that just happened to match new dress, and these awesome little red shoes.... i am so glad i had a girl so i could spoil her and dress her up!

    gotta go find something for dinner, the cupboard is bare.............. ho hum

    is anyone going backto work soon??? the 12months maternity leave for some would be running out??

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    Jul 2006

    hey lisa - is harrison walking yet??? he must be close i remember ages ago you said he was standing up by himself..??
    jemima did that yesterday or maybe day before so so cool.
    anyhow i updated photo gallery with cutest ever hair clip pic! these ARE the important things....

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    Jan 2006

    Jayne, I have a charm bracelet, I asked for one for my 21st. I am now trying to backdate the charms, so it's great you're already doing charms for your girls, I am sure they will love them. I love the letter idea too, do you mind if I use it? I did write a lovely letter to my DH, a thank you letter after the wedding, but even though it is in the wedding memories box he has never gone in there and never found it. I guess he may read it after I die and he's sorting stuff out. I hope he does look in the box and not just chuck it now! Liebs also likes to walk behind his walker.

    Kristy, welcome back!

    Cate, you get well soon, do you hear? Look after yourself.

    Sally, yay for little Brendan, he sounds like he's really coming on.

    Kel, I'm glad I had a boy because of all the money I save not getting matching outfits and pretty bows! Saves me a fortune. Just one look in Disney Store and I can feel my bank account turning from black to red just thinking about having a girl LOL.

    As for us, just a couple of snuffles and that's it! Ears are all OK again. DS is back talking again too, I really missed that. He's on his mat drying out, he did a monster poo this morning during breakfast so needed a proper clean up. I'm a bit narked with my boys because DS woke up during the last 10 minutes of the last episode of Heroes (series 1) and DH was too busy watching Simpsons DVDs on his laptop to just see what happened for me. I'm so mad. We now HAVE to buy the DVDs so I can watch them properly without DS interrupting all the time. DS also clapped yesterday, he did it again this morning but is a bit confused by the whole business. I don't care, he's clapping before Christmas, no-one can say he's slower than Niece! Oh, I hate competitive families because I hate having to think what DS "has" to do because Niece did and I don't like him being put down already, but he does something earlier (like talk, she still doesn't) and it's ignored.

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