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Thread: Babies Born January 2008 #7

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    Default Babies Born January 2008 #7

    This thread is for parents whose baby was born in January 2008.

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    The Previous thread is here

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    G'day all,

    I've missed a few days and into a new thread so appologies if I forget people or topics!

    Karen, that is so sad about your friend's baby. You must be quite upset at present. I cant think of anything worse...

    Kate, I noticed Celeste was pale and tired for a few days after the immunisations. I gave her a couple of doses of panadol and that did the trick. I kind of guessed you and Michael were going to see each other again after you said how well you were getting along. That is great!!! Yeah those hormones have a lot to answer for. Poor DH in the first few weeks after delivery... tired, emotional, stressed wife coming down off preg. hormones!

    Speaking of hormones: did anyone really notice their bub with a big reaction to their pregnancy hormones? Celeste had tonnes of pimples (not just the little milk ones), really loose cracking joints which firmed up over a few weeks and even had a little period starting around day 3 and lasting for about 5days. She still has a bit of joint cracking which is normal for a while yet.

    At her checkup I asked about the stork mark on her face. She has very red marks in her hair on the back of her head and neck and I'm not worried about them because eventually she will have enough hair but she also has a fain one between her eyes on her forehead. It should fade by the time she is 1yr.

    Wow April, your wedding is coming up so fast. You sound like me: I like to be super organised. Glad its all under control. I bet Bodie will look adorable in his outfit!

    Bindy, I havent been poo-ed on yet but have managed to stick my hand in the wrong part of the nappy before and she did poo in the bath once too. I'm waiting for it though. DH has managed to get her vommit in his mouth twice, dont ask me how. :P

    Mary, I know how unsettled Celeste gets after just one big day out. I guess they really do like their routines hey? Hope you get yours back to normal soon.

    Jess, I know what you mean about how fast they change and grow.. I look at Celeste after she has had a sleep and swear she changed in the time she was sleeping! and it is totally freaking me out how fast time is going by!!!! How slow did the last 10weeks of pregnancy go ??? and now here I am with a 10wk old baby already, how did that happen? lol. Also, their daily routines change so frequently too hey? Just when you figure them out they change what they want.

    Celeste just did a funny thing. Dh was holding her on the couch and she has started to watch tv wherever in the room she is. He put a cushion up to block her view and she got cross and tried to push it away.
    She lets me read a whole book now and sometimes we go through 3 board books before she has had enough. I lift the back up in her pram now for a while on our walks and face her outwards so she can look around - she loves it.

    How weird is this weather. You know how we had the longest heat wave in Adelaide only a week and a half ago? Well today we have the heater on as it is cold. When DH was at work this morning it was only 2C!!!

    HHmmm, what are we having for tea tonight? I'm starving.

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    Billy Ocean Guest


    Sazz, pmsl @ Celeste getting cross about the cushion being in the way. That's hilarious! Billy has these little red marks on the back of his head. Are they called stork marks? They are blotchy kind of. I must ask about them. I'm actually starting to wonder if Billy might be beginning to get teeth or at least teething. He is chewing on everything, including his hand, my hand, his clothes etc. His cheeks have also been red and he is dribbling lots all of a sudden. Mum said I got teeth at 3 months. He's 9 weeks + now. We'll see. Geez, time flies!

    I'm with you on the weird weather too. Too hot then today was freezing. Took Billy down to Torquay. Went out for lunch with a dear friend of mine. She gave him all these pop up books and stuff and a gorgous little black beanie with a HUGE pom pom on it. He looks lovely in it. Even if he does get lost a bit. ha ha..

    Well, going to watch a special on Seal on the tv.

    Love to all.


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    Billy Ocean Guest


    ps. Sazz, is Celeste 5 days older than Billy or can't I count? So close!!!

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    Well, we have had a better day today. She actually slept for 3 hours- unheard of for day time!!!
    Not sure if the reflux meds are kicking in yet, or what.

    Sazz, we have really started noticing Addy watching tv- mesmerised by the lights. I feel like a bad mum already having her sitting in front of the telly! She makes all these noises at the tv too. Funny about the cushion!!

    Kate, hope things keep going well for you with Michael. You deserve to be treated right and get some happiness, so fingers are crossed for you!

    Better go, I am tired and my little one is still tossing in the basinette. Waiting for a wedge cushion I have ordered, tthen will move her to her cot. She has been in a sleeping bag for 4 nights now, and sleeping better than when she was wrapped. She seemed to struggle so much to get free, that she would wake herself upcompletely, now she just relaxes and has even put herself to sleep a couple of nights. Yeah!

    Hi to everyone else, hope you are having a good weekend. Two houses along from me are having a karaoke party and it is sooo loud, hope I can sleep!

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    sazz - yer Jaylen still has a few pimples! ohh i know the time is FLYING, like think back when we were like 30-35 weeks preg, that time went soooo slow...
    LOL so funny about the cushion in front of the TV, Jaylens starting to get a bit like that, loves the tv and full on moves his head sideways if anyone is in front of it hehe!

    kate - oh i know its freezing isnt it! would much rather this than hot though...
    yer i got teeth really early, i had a face full of teeth at about 9 months old i think mum said! and yer got my 1st tooth at 2 or 3 months.. i will have to check with mum. cuz Jaylen is chewing everything ect too...

    mary - yer Jaylen has always hated being wrapped, has to have his arms and legs out! got him a cute as sleeping bag from best and less, god its gorgeous!

    well i better go and do the washing while Jaylens asleep, hes such a good lil man, always puts himself to sleep!


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    krittle Guest


    Hi there my name is Krystal and I have a little girl who is just over 2 and a half months old and thought that I might be able to join your thread and chat to mums who might be going through similar things i am with my little angel, I hope thats ok?

    Well a bit about us, my little girls name is Keeley Sienna and she was born via C-Section on 18th Jan. We were booked in for C-Section as she was a breach bub.
    My recovery has been really good much better than i had expected to be honest, did anyone else have to have a C-Section?

    Keeley has come down with a cold at the moment the poor thing she is just not herself has anyone else's bub had a cold?, we have found giving her some panadol just before bed has really helped her sleep though which is good.

    Well I can hear Keeley now she is just waking up so I hope to talk to you all soon and get to know you better.

    Kind Regards

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    Hi ladies!!

    Nothing much to report here. Amy is growing up so much every day. It's just amazing. Have put some more pics up on my Facebook if you wanna check them out! Amy's started reaching out at things she's looking at, just today which is so great. She's a little behind all your bubs it seems which I can only put down to being prem....which is fine by me, as long as she does eventually start doing the things she's supposed to! i've been having trouble feeding her the amount she is supposed to be having but hey, I'm over worrying about it. She seems happy enough. I'm not going to get her weighed this week....maybe next week. I can't believe she's 12 weeks tomorrow!

    Jess - I love the pics of Jaylen. he is a very handsome little boy. You should be so proud of the job you are doing xx

    Kate - Way to go with you and Michael. As long as you and Billy are happy, that is the most important thing. Sounds like you are! Good on you :-)

    Sazz - Amy has one of those marks on her shoulder. It's kinda cute. It's really bright red and a little lumpy and looks like a love heart. Sounds like Celeste is growing up so fast!! Isn't it so adorable when they start doing things like adults do?

    Mary - hope you got some sleep. I've been thinking of trying those sleeping bags.....just not sure whether Amy would fling her arms about too much though and wack herself in the head. There are some cheap ones at best and less at the mo so might get one anyway and see how we go.....

    Krystal - Welcome!! Lovely to meet you and Keeley. Lovely name!! We'd love you to join us and get to know you x I had our little girl Amy Karen 3.5 weeks early which was a big surprise. I was expecting to have to go into the Babies Born Feb thread! Ended up being the second one in our belly buddies thread to give birth! Hehehe. Amy had a cold not long ago and we bought Fess Little Noses to try to clear her nose. It kinda worked but in the end we just had to let it run it's course. Hope she gets better soon xxx

    Well, better get going. Hope you all had a great weekend xx Luv Nik and Amy xx

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    thank Nik!

    welcome Krystal! i love Keeley for a name, my friend had a baby on my due date (28th jan) and called her Keeley

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    Hi all. I hope you don't mind me joining this thread too! I had my little girl - Claire Maree on 08/01/08. She was born just 3.9kg and 56cm.

    All is going pretty well at the moment. I am breastfeeding, and expressing. She decided at one point not to take bottles, but we have her back on them after many screaming matches. I needed to have her able to use them again before considering day care. I plan to get her started in day care in the next few weeks, for just half a day a week, and then a few weeks after that for a full day. I want to start back at one of my jobs one day a week.

    She has started teething already too. She dribbles all the time, and gets really pink cheeks every few days. Today she started chewing on whatever she can get in her mouth haha.

    Claire and I have done some traveling, we've traveled from Perth to Brisbane and back (at 5 weeks) and Perth to Singapore and back 2 weeks ago. She did really well on the plane, and if anyone needs advice traveling with bubs I'm person!

    She has slept through the night quite a few times (9-10 hours) but I never know when she will do it! For example, last night she woke up twice through the night, which is the first time since she was 2 weeks old! We put her in her cot at 2 weeks as she hated the bassinet, being such a long baby. She also sleeps on her tummy only at night. During the day (IF she sleeps through the day!) she sleeps on her side if possible.

    I hope all is going well with you ladies, and you are enjoying your Jan babies

    Anyway, I better get going to bed, who knows when she'll wake up next, and she's been asleep 2 hours already....

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    Oh yeh, I forgot to mention the birth. It was a 14 hour labour, and a natural birth. I had the full lot of pain killers as I just thought to myself, why go through pain if I don't have to! Claire was born with the cord around her neck (definitely not an issue though) and a hand stuck up around her neck, which caused me to tear a little bit. I really can't complain though, as I only pushed for about half an hour.

    She was born in a public hospital called Kaleeya, in Perth. I just had midwives in attendance, apart from when the doctor had to come in and break my waters (my hind waters broke themselves but the fore(??) waters needed to be broken. Oh and the anesthetist gave me the epidural. I am so so so glad I got an epidural

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    HEHE Kate, I cant count anymore either. I cheated and looked at out two tickers... yep Celeste is 5days older than BTK.

    Oh, BTW I love the pic on his ticker: gorg boy!

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Welcome Krystal and Kokomo! It's nice for newbies to come into this thread!

    Koko, 14 hour labour is good for your first, mine was 5 hours...hence why I didn't get time for an epi! I was induced so it hit me like a mack truck. You forget it all when you are holding your little one though don't you?

    Madeleine is now waking for a mid morning feed! Must be a growth spurt. She was sleeping from 9 or 10pm through to 5 or 6am! Not anymore...oh well, hope it passes and she won't want that 3am feed anymore.

    Just a question, who IS/ISN'T returning to work? Just curious what everyone is doing...

    Hi to everyone else...
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    HELLO and welcome Krystal and Kokomo. Glad to have you here.

    Nik, Just wanted to let you know our nephew was born at 32weeks and had to have checkups for his prematurity/development. By the time he was 18months old he was in the average range for everything and had reached all his milestones. He did have help with something (speech or words?) but I dont think that is necessarily anything to do with being early. So dont worry about it too much. It sounds like everthing is going great with Amy.

    Funny you girls talking about not wrapping anymore, as I have just started to wrap Celeste to sleep. I hadnt done it since she was about 2weeks as she hated it but now I realise she might have settled after a few mins if I had persevered instead of giving in straight away. I first did it the other day after her swim and she was tired but not sleepy (to keep her warm) and she liked it so much I have done it ever since. She does still struggle when really tired but by the time I have kissed her good night and tucked her in she is happy and goes to sleep soooo much quicker. Wish I had done it sooner... she often will go off to sleep without the rocking or swinging of her bed too which is something I was worried she was addicted to. And her hands are now warm all night whereas before she had blue hands/arms from having them above her head all night long. lol

    Celeste's latest thing is she has found she can actually control her hands now. She used to just wave them around and hit stuff by accident but now she explores my face or if feeding, my boobs/clothes which is very cute. Ah, I just love the kid. It really is amazing how much you can love someone hey?

    Krystal, I had a caesarian as did a couple of others in here. Some planned, mine emergency. I have been really surprised how well I recovered too. I started walking 4km a day at day 6 and although a bit slow, it wasnt too bad. I did have a weepy incision for a few weeks but thats healed really well (although sooo crooked and lumpy due to the urgency). Do you still get the stinging/burning sensations at the surgical site? The dr says its just the nerves repairing and could be there till 3months. Not much longer then. I still cant do ab strengthening excercises facing down on the floor cause of the scar tissue but who cares heheheh.

    Hello everyone else, hope you all get good sleeps.
    Celeste has stopped sleeping through the nights now. She did for almost a month but I think its the wonder week thing happening again. Last night I waited up till 11.30to give her a rollover feed but she still woke at 4.30 so now I will just go to bed when I want haha.

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    Thanks for the welcome Bindy and sazzafrazz much appreciated.

    Bindy - I can't complain about the labour in all honesty, it was long, but it could have been a lot worse. I don't class labour as the most painful thing I've been through, so I'd happily do it again if we have another baby. Sounds like yours was full on, I have heard that being induced can make things more painful.

    I have plans to get Claire into day care very shortly to get to work one day a week. I have a full time and a part time job, and the part time job is basically a "come in when you feel like it" job. So I want to get back in there. I'm returning to my full time job probably around October/November - I am not decided yet.

    It must be the age thing as they are all waking up again through the night again. Claire woke twice again through the night. I feel like a walking zombie. The weather here is also horrid, so I haven't been out all day. Nevermind, I think we both needed a day at home.

    sazzafrazz - I stopped wrapping Claire about the same time I moved her into a cot. No matter what or how she was wrapped, even by experts, she got her arms out and the whole thing just fell apart. I do put her in grobags though as she escapes from sheets/blankets too easily.

    It's hang out nappy time, although I honestly think they'll end up in front of the heater this afternoon as there's not an ounce of sunlight outside, and it's just so cold and miserable out there.

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    Hello Ladies,

    Lovely to meet the new ladies and their little bundles of joy... Krystal & Kokomo!

    Did anyone have a third degree tear?? Ive had my check up last week in regards to that nasty little tear. And the news was a little unnerving. Just wondering if anyone else has been told the same things.

    Its getting mighty cold here in QLD. (for us anyway) And on top of that we are travelling to Europe in May/June. Its going to be a little chilly there too! I want to invest in a couple of sleeping bags for babies. Now there are HEAPS available. And some with NASTY price tags. So I was wondering if anyone else had one? And where they bought plus the price maybe? Any help narrowing the field would be much appreciated.

    Joshua is sleeping well. DROOLING HEAPS... thinking maybe teething. But no substantial evidence yet. Still enjoying my boobies like a trooper! And YES.. thankfully they finally are healed and going great guns!! A HUGE RELIEF FOR THIS MUMMA!

    Thanks for listening!

    Tascha & Joshua

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    Hi Krystal and Kokomo!

    Hello everyone else!

    We are doing ok, had a nice weekend, lots of support and break- mil looked after bubs while Dh and I went out for breakfast. Of course she was an angel and slept for her!

    Bought a swing on the weekend, one of the battery operated ones, Addy really likes it, and has fallen asleep in it 3 times already. Yee ha!

    Anyway, hope all is well in your worlds.

    Kate- how are you doing? Have you got your iron levels checked yet? Feeling any more energy?

    Better go

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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Mary, good to hear you are all well that swing sounds terrific for Bub.

    Tascha, well done on the BF'ing! You are stronger than me! As for Qld getting colder, I agree, last night was chilly. I had a second degree tear...ouch...but all healed now

    Koko, being induced could possibly be more painful (but I've only had the one Bub so can't compare it to anything else LOL!) but it was quick and I just had gas and a peth shot so blitzed it. Not sure whether I'd go in for a second time though Madeleine might be it I think!

    Sazz, the last week, Madeleine has not been sleeping through either, may be a growth spurt perhaps

    Love Bindy and Madeleine xx

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